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Top 5 Best Heart Rate Headphones of 2024

Headphones with heart rate monitors reduce the need to purchase fitness monitoring devices. The apps that come with the headphones are just as important as the headphones themselves.

These allow you to examine your heart rate data and modify your routines accordingly. Despite the fact that no device is perfect, these are the best heart rate headphones for staying in shape.

Best Heart Rate Headphones: OUR TOP PICKS

Wireless Bose SoundSport Puls Headphone

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The Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphone is an In-ear, power-red, wireless headphone. That is not distinctive in its look and characteristics. This headset has fitness measuring technology built in.

Best of all, the left earbud features a heart rate sensor. To obtain an accurate heart rate reading, the sensor window must make contact with the skin. Adjust the left earpiece and test the device’s Bluetooth connection if the heart rate monitor stops generating readings.

If the problem persists, however, clean the sensor glass with a moist cloth. Consequently, this sensor function enhances the usefulness of your headphones.

Additionally, it is compatible with several fitness applications such as Runtastic, MapMyRun, etc.

Additionally, you may connect the headphones wirelessly through Bluetooth and NFC connection. This wireless range is limited to about 30 feet. Additionally, the user may trace missing earphones via this link.


  • Noise suppression technique
  • Polylithium-lithium batteries


  • Never operate while charging

Wireless Jabra Elite Active 75T Headphone (EAR-BUDS)

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This is the most contemporary style of In-Ear earbuds. It helps a person look more refined. Its design is validated after a great deal of effort and scanning the ears of thousands of people. The ultimate size is then determined by testing. Thus, this is readily retained in the ear.

In addition, they are shown to be sweat- and water-resistant with IP57, and are hence protected.

Overall, the Hear Through Mode enables you to alter the background noise to your specifications. You may choose how loud you want your hearing to be. This may keep you aware of what is occurring around you.

Moreover, the microphone’s sensitivity is outstanding. It functions to filter out distracting noise and magnify the genuine signal. Form technology delivers superior call quality by utilizing digital signal processing and innovative beam. This standard of excellence is maintained everywhere. Additionally, it is compatible with Siri, Google, and Alexa.


  • Completely cordless headphones
  • A lightweight (5.5.g each earbud)
  • 4-microphone engineering


  • Tiny and spruce

JBL UnderArmour Bluetooth Headset

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This is a pair of On-Ear headphones. This is built using the most advanced approaches for amusement and fitness.

Specifically, it utilizes Fiber technology. This guarantees a crisp and seamless voice-over for audio tracks. It is truly designed for gym use.

Best of all, the cushions of its outer buds are resilient and hand-washable. If it becomes messy due to perspiration or other factors, you can clean it with your hands. Therefore, it is once again presentable, as it is composed of smooth, quick-drying fibers. Therefore, it is simple and pleasant to wear.

In addition, the headband and ear cushions are lined with a substance that provides traction. This delivers a comfortable sensation to the head and ears.

The headphones are rechargeable and have a long battery life. It can operate for at least an hour after only five minutes of charging. These microphones feature microphone technology that enables bionic communication.


  • Review your exercise regimen
  • 10 hours of battery standby capacity
  • Sensor for monitoring heart rate


  • Might seem bulky

LifeBEAMVi Sense – Bluetooth Headphone

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The LifeBEAMVi Sense Wireless Headphone is an exceptional pair of headphones that includes a Heart Rate Monitor. It returns the real result. It tracks your workout frequently. It also provides precise bio readings. It precisely detects your heart rate, mobility, and closeness.

First, it organizes and learns your daily routine and work based on the given or required material. Additionally, it monitors your heartbeat using a biosensor of aeronautical quality. During use, you will receive real-time feedback on your pulse. It will increase your participation in gym activities.

Whether you are training for a marathon or simply taking a morning stroll, this headset will be your new exercise friend as its bio-Sensor will assist you. Additionally, you will hear a great voice. The headphones will maintain your participation in both activities.


  • The one-month free trial of the Vi trainer application.
  • The 1-CR2 battery must be present.


  • Could be sticky at the neck

AmazFit PowerBuds

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The AmazFit PowerBuds are a set of versatile earbuds that do everything well and more. Designed by one of the gurus in sportswear, there is no way you could go wrong with this.

These headphones have a unique function known as Motion Beat Mode. This function was designed by Azamfit to let consumers fully enjoy their exercise music by boosting the bass. It also features a Thru Mode that heightens attentiveness, which is essential for joggers and runners.

The heart rate sensor is located on the right earbud of the AmazFit PowerBuds. When your heart rate becomes excessively high, the earbuds will alert you through audio notification, and the app will also alert you.

Regarding the app, the AmazFit companion app enables you to specify a certain heart rate, space, time, and additional workout alerts to track your activities.


best heart rate headphones
Top 5 Best Heart Rate Headphones of [year] 4

Music may enhance your training in several ways. It can, among other things, stimulate you, divert you from activity aches, and control your pace or body rhythm.

It is thus not unexpected that the demand for sports headphones has expanded significantly over the years. And so does the desire for more functions.

It didn’t take long for companies to manufacture heart rate headphones. By letting users to monitor their heart rate through the earpiece, they combine the finest features of smartwatches with sports headphones.

Monitoring your heart rate is vital, especially during strenuous activity. This guarantees that you are not pushing yourself to an unsafe degree. Also, for individuals with exercise requirements, monitors will be of great assistance in achieving their objectives.

However, as more manufacturers produce heart rate headphones, it gets increasingly difficult to select the finest pair. There are a number of essential considerations and issues that should be taken into account prior to making a decision.

How can the accuracy of a heart rate monitor be ensured?

PPG or photoplethysmography is the principal measurement method utilized by heart rate headphones and other wearable monitoring devices. It is an optical technology that detects various vital indicators by emitting infrared light of low intensity. PPGs can detect even the most subtle changes in blood volume and circulation.

Due to the sensitivity of PPG, precision might be an issue, particularly during vigorous activity. According to a research published in the International Journal of Exercise Science, fitness or stability is one of the most influential elements on accuracy.

Compared to wrist heart rate monitoring, ear monitors performed better during activities involving arm or wrist movement. This is due to the fact that heart rate headphones are not worn on the arms, preventing movement.

Consequently, you must get headphones that suit you optimally. In-ear headphones are available on the market, which bodes well for PPG. This style of headphones is noted for their adaptability in terms of fit, as the ear tips can be replaced to meet your ear size. You may also purchase memory foam ear tips for additional ear sealing.

Fitness app interoperability

Anyone who exercises or plays a particular sport is aware that a quality fitness software may make a substantial impact. These applications may be your one-stop-shop for all your routines, records, and real-time information, such as your jogging distance and heart rate. Some fitness applications provide AI-based personal coaching and activity reports.

The majority of heart rate headphones are manufactured by companies that already offer fitness companion applications. On one hand, this is fantastic and convenient since you can be certain that the app and the device are entirely compatible.

This might be a disadvantage if you are accustomed to using a different fitness app. You would need to either switch to the app for your headphones or utilize two applications concurrently. Although certain heart rate headphones are compatible with different applications, they may not function well or lose some functionality owing to compatibility difficulties.

Check whether a set of heart rate headphones is limited to the fitness app of its brand before purchasing. Alternately, you may verify the device compatibility of the app you are using.

Water-resistance and sturdiness

During your exercises, you will likely utilize your heart rate headphones. With any other pair of training headphones, water resistance and durability are of utmost importance.

Water-resistance refers to a device’s capacity to continue functioning despite being wet. In this situation, perspiration will be the primary worry. When discussing water resistance, we refer to IP ratings. When purchasing headphones for strenuous sports, you should search for an IPX5 rating or above.

Durability, on the other hand, may be evaluated in a variety of ways. These headphones should be able to withstand the wear and tear of daily activity.

Examine the materials and warranties to get an idea of the longevity of your headphones. Nothing surpasses a product that is well-made with high-quality, lasting materials, such as carbon fiber. In addition, a lengthy guarantee period from the vendors provides us confidence that the goods will not break for an extended period of time. It also demonstrates the makers’ confidence in their product.

In addition, it would be beneficial to examine the product’s shock resistance and customer feedback on its durability.

Comfort and Size

As previously said, fit is a major factor in the accuracy of the PPG, and it is common knowledge that fit and comfort go hand in hand. However, heart rate headphones provide a unique challenge.

On the one hand, for the PPG to monitor correctly, a close fit is required. On the other hand, you must also ensure that the headphones are not too tight. The key to achieving this equilibrium is to prioritize the following:

One of the greatest benefits of earphones is the ability to swap out the ear tips. There are a multitude of ear tip materials available. Rubber is the most durable yet least pleasant material. The norm is silicone tips, which are pleasant but not ideal for persons with sensitive skin. The most comfortable are therefore foam tips. And there are hybrid silicone tips filled with foam. Choosing one depends on personal preference.

True wireless earbuds (TWS) and in-ear monitors with a neckband are the available solutions for this aspect. Because it consists of two separate sections, the first choice provides greater mobility. The second version features a neckband that provides more protection in the event that the components come off.

Audio Quality

Typically, heart rate headphones include an abundance of capabilities. At the end of the day, however, it is still prudent to consider sound quality as one of the determining elements.

It may not appear so, but sound quality has a significant impact on how pleasurable and effective your exercises are. A quality pair of headphones will invigorate every training session. It should never appear that you are only utilizing headphones for their own sake.

Although sound quality is subjective, the majority of individuals like crisp highs and robust bass. These two characteristics ensure that the music is immersive and energizing. In addition, the powerful bass provides customers with enhanced rhythm and beat during their workouts.

Bluetooth codec must be taken into account while evaluating sound quality. Bluetooth codec is responsible for compressing and decompressing audio signals sent wirelessly from your music player to your headphones.

Duration of Battery Life

As with any decent set of headphones, you can never go wrong with a device that has a lengthy battery life. Regarding heart rate headphones and sports headphones in general, you should seek for a device that can withstand several sessions.

Obviously, this relies greatly on the activity you will be performing. Currently, heart rate headphones have a battery life of 5-8 hours, which is sufficient for an average session.

Nonetheless, check that the headphones you choose will survive the duration of your exercises by calculating the number of hours you devote to physical activity. It would also be beneficial if the headphones could be recharged more quickly, just in case you need them again.


best heart rate headphones

Are the earpieces of these headphones magnetically attached?

For safety reasons, these headphones do not have a magnetically connected earpiece. Any damage to the outside of the speaker reverses the polarity of the magnet within. This decreases the longevity of headphones.

Do Heart Rate Monitor Headphones Work In A Damp Environment?

As it is meant to be sweat- and water-resistant, it functions effectively in humid and damp environments. So it retains all of its characteristics in all conditions. Moreover, these particular qualities are the most appealing aspects of the finest headphones with heart rate monitor.

Does Headphone Amplification Impact Sound Quality?

Yes, amplification improves the quality of sound. The input of sound with a low impedance is most effective after amplification. The Headphones with Heart Rate Monitor have a bass amplification technology. Thus, we obtained a clean and smooth sound output. Primarily, these Headphones with Heart Rate Monitor include a unique amplification method for optimal listening loudness.

Why Do Earbuds Come Out While Running Or Jogging?

While jogging or running, the earphones slip out because to profanity generation in the ear. Inappropriately fitted earphones will result in discomfort for the ears. Even you will be interrupted when performing aerobic exercises. In contrast, the over-ear headphones come with an adjustable headband and are great for jogging.

Which Headphones Have the Best Heart Rate Monitor?

Philips action fit offers the finest heart rate monitor headphones. These wireless headphones offer a sophisticated microphone, an excellent volume control, and a connection that will not tangle. In addition, the headphones contain echo cancellation, so you’ll enjoy the highest sound quality without distortion. These headphones may be used for receiving calls.

How do the headphones track heart rate?

The headphones include specific sensors for monitoring the heart rate. However, the accuracy of the heart rate monitor in headphones will not be comparable to that of chest strap or wrist-based monitors.

How long do headphones used for exercise typically last?

The headphones will endure for two years with ease. Careful handling of headphones can extend their lifespan.

Should I get the most expensive headphones that include a heart rate monitor?

The headphones with the most expensive price tag may not necessarily offer the best sound quality. Even headphones with a minimal price tag offer the most accurate heart rate monitoring and the greatest features. Our evaluation contains a limited number of high-quality heart rate monitors in a wide price range.

How Can I Insert The Earbuds Without Them Falling Out?

You may have sticky earbuds by affixing a little of tape to the headphones so that they don’t slip out of your ears. The tape should be placed on the earbud’s underside. You may now move freely and perform aerobics, yoga, and other workouts with ease.


Overall, it is difficult to choose the best heart rate headphones when there are thousands of alternatives available. However, you will choose the one that offers the best sound quality, mobility, and use for your money.

This article will help you determine what you want; all of the headphones include features that are compatible with all of the key audio devices—smartphones, tablets, etc.—and the terms and usage are appropriate. You will definitely discover the one that most appeals to you.

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