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Top 18 Best High End Bass Guitar 2024 And The Ultimate Buying Guide For Guitarfellas

Ever since the 16th century, double bass instruments have been contributing to some of the most beautiful melodies of mankind. After the invention of the electric bass, bass guitars have become a necessity for many music genres. They appear everywhere, from musical concerts across the globe to bands and solos in the street corners. Whether you are a music enthusiast or just started exploring the magic of music, you should equip yourself with the best high end bass guitars. 

In this post on Minimansionsmusic, I will talk about the top 18 best high end bass guitars that 2024 has to offer. These guitars are high-end thanks to the magnificent sound they create, which surely will satisfy your musical enthusiasm. Then, I will provide you the ultimate guide to purchasing the best high end bass guitars. Whatever stage you are in your journey of music, there is always a bass guitar for you. 

Best High End Bass Guitars Comparison 2024

NoNameImageBest ForRatingDetails
1[amazon link=”B01I90M460” /][amazon fields=”B01I90M460” value=”thumb”]Best overall [amazon fields=”B01I90M460” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B01I90M460” value=”button”]
2[amazon link=”B07FXMPKPF” /][amazon fields=”B07FXMPKPF” value=”thumb”]Best for the budget [amazon fields=”B07FXMPKPF” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B07FXMPKPF” value=”button”]
3[amazon link=”B0002CZU0G” /][amazon fields=”B0002CZU0G” value=”thumb”]Best for beginners [amazon fields=”B0002CZU0G” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B0002CZU0G” value=”button”]
4[amazon link=”B00XZ2U1WW” /][amazon fields=”B00XZ2U1WW” value=”thumb”]Best for quailty[amazon fields=”B00XZ2U1WW” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B00XZ2U1WW” value=”button”]
5[amazon link=”B003ETBR9C” /][amazon fields=”B003ETBR9C” value=”thumb”]Best for portability[amazon fields=”B003ETBR9C” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B003ETBR9C” value=”button”]

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the best high end bass guitars, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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Top Best High End Bass Guitars Reviews 2024

Yamaha BBP35 Bass Guitar

[amazon box=”B074F36WP6″ ]

Music lovers around the world could not get any more familiar with the name Yamaha. Being one of the world’s leading instrument makers, this BBP35 model has the best of both worlds: a classic, vintage look; and the most advanced technology to create excellent bass. The guitar is capable of “broad bass”, as the name has suggested, so you could expect a combination of a meaty punch and a refined voice. 

The construction of the instrument includes maple and alder for a midrange clarity of sound while appearing solid and pretty – and it is indeed solid, thanks to the six-bolt metal neck joint. The steel bridge gives more space for the strings to relax; hence, increases the vibration. Overall, the piece is awesome for jazz and funk. 

However, that vintage plus bridge also creates a rather metallic sound, which may be hard to adapt to other genres. The humbucker pickups are also not available. 


  • Sturdy construction. 
  • Beautiful vintage look
  • Great vibration.
  • Broad bass. 


  • No humbucker pickups.
  • Metallic sound.

Ibanez GSR200SM 4-String Electric Bass Guitar

[amazon box=”B00I6DOGIK” ]

Ibanez is a major player in the field of high-end bass guitars, and its Ibanez Sound Gear series has given music lovers around the world affordable, yet elite instruments for over 25 years. This model inherits the strong points that have gained Ibanez’s worldwide reputation: smooth sound, lightweight body, perfectly matched electronics. 

The famed Sound Gear comfort and sleekness are available in this model, allowing it to play the bass much better than its alternatives. There is a dynamic P neck pickup, and a Phat II active bass to give the melodies a more powerful tone, making the sound stand out in a crowd. 

However, you will need your batteries ready at all times since the pickups are attached to the Phat II circuit. Also, the strings are a bit disorderly, which may irritate those who prefer a steady experience.


  • Smooth sound. 
  • Aesthetic design. 
  • Better bass than most models of the same price.
  • Notably powerful.


  • Disorderly strings.
  • Pickups are wired to the Phat II circuit.

Fender Deluxe Active Precision Bass Special

[amazon box=”B01I90M460″ ]

This guitar is a living legend indeed. Other than coming from the famous Leo Fender – the one who invented the dynamic design that becomes the base for the bass guitar’s popularity – this model has an active split-coil and an active single-coil at the bridge, bringing the tone-shaping to a whole new level. 

This tone shaping, while capable of making the most beautiful traditional bass, could also create a range of tone including the modern clinical tones, turning the guitar into a versatile instrument. The hardware is standardized for your convenience. The body is made from alder, while it also has a maple fretboard. Oh, and did I mention that the pickguard is real gold? Now that explains the “deluxe” part. 

However, the pickups could be too high for some people, and the intonation appears to be a quarter-inch out.


  • Sublime tone shaping. 
  • Capable of making many tones.  
  • Dynamic design with real gold.
  • A legend.


  • High pickups.
  • The intonation is a quarter-inch out.

Dean E09 Edge Mahogany Electric Bass Guitar

[amazon box=”B0009XPMOM” ]

In comparison with other models, I have to say that this guitar by Dean is not smoking hot. However, the cover is satin, and more than its simple appearance, this instrument is an excellent player of bass. 

Using basswood as the main material, the guitar is significantly more lightweight than its competitors. Its maple neck is 34 inches, while the fretboard is from rosewood, equipped with abalone dot inlays. This model is contoured for playing comfort, with a deep cutaway that allows you to hit higher notes with ease. The soap bar pickup is passive, and there are controls for treble and volume. If you are a beginner, then this model is a fun way for you to get to know your music. 

Its downside comes from the fact that it only has one passive pickup, which could be a minus to flexibility.


  • Great for beginners.  
  • Simple yet classy thanks to the satin.  
  • Deep cutaway for high notes.


  • Only one passive pickup.

Fender Squier Affinity Series Jazz  Bass

[amazon box=”B07FXMPKPF” ]

Another model from Fender. Unlike the Fender Deluxe, which is legendary already, the Squier is more of an instrument crafted for beginners. Although it is a beginner-level product, it still offers you the impeccable technology and quality of Fender. 

The guitar has unique pickups that play a huge support role in your notes. The Precision Bass pickup enhances the sustainability of your notes while increasing the thrumming and pounding depth, and the Jazz Bass pickup – like the name suggests – converts your notes into gritty jazz notes. Also, it comes with a 15 bass amplifier for your in-depth experience. 

The downside is that its bridge has a rather simple design.


  • Unique pickups.  
  • The best bass guitar for beginners.  
  • Has a 15 bass amplifier included.


  • Simple bridge design.

Sterling By Music Man 4-String Bass Guitar

[amazon box=”B084GB57VZ” ]

Sterling by Music Man is a venerable name, specializes in high-quality guitars and basses. This model is no exception, with its quality reaching the level of excellence. Now, I have to say that this product comes in multiple colors, but I find this daphne blue to be astonishing. 

The fretboard is made from roasted hard maple, and the body material is mahogany. Hence, you could expect that this guitar will be solid and steady enough. Being the latest model of the iconic StingRay collection, it has a humbucker pickup and a three-band active preamp that gives you the signature big and bold sound of the StingRay collection.

The downside is that, with its price, it should have more finesse.


  • Big and bold StingRay tones. 
  • Highly sturdy build.  
  • Highly playable.


  • Lack of finesse.

Schecter Stiletto Extreme-4 Bass Guitar

[amazon box=”B001RIZ2V6″ ]

Any list of the best high end bass guitars must have a Schecter, and this list is no exception. Its active pickups allow you to hit the right tone for almost any kind of music, from slap-bass to R&B, and even midrange jazz solo. The pickups are diamonds, and so is the bridge, so you have a rather fancy bass guitar here.

Cosmetically, the guitar has a stunning wood grain finish in the see-thru black shade. It is highly playable thanks to the hardware and wood components. The two-band EQ helps you dial in heavier tones with ease, while not making it too metal.

Overall, it is a true bargain for its price range, and offers high-quality music to you, regardless if you are a senior player or just begun.


  • Active diamond pickups. 
  • Highly playable design.
  • Could play lots of music styles.
  • A bargain.


  • Not really suited the warmer jazz.

Yamaha TRBX505 Electric Bass Guitar

[amazon box=”B00GEBZTPU” ]

This bass guitar by Yamaha features an ergonomic design with a body from mahogany. Its mass-optimized 3D design ensures that you could experience the greatest comfort and convenience when you strap the guitar on. 

It comes with a three-band EQ system that has some special features. If you are using the passive mode, the master tone control will be the treble control knob. This gives you a vast range of tones to play, making the guitar a versatile instrument. It also has two alnico-V humbucker pickups, each with four pole pieces to ensure the music flows without disruption. As a bonus, there is a battery alert LED to inform you about the battery level. 

However, reports are saying that there is fret buzz, and the neck could be quite heavy to the feel if you sit down to play the guitar.


  • Mass-optimized 3D design for convenience.
  • Three-band EQ system.
  • Battery alert LED.
  • Humbucker pickups.


  • Fret buzz.
  • Heavy neck.

Ibanez PCBE12MHOPN 4-String Acoustic Bass Guitar

[amazon box=”B00I0SDHKY” ]

Who says that acoustic guitars cannot become high-end? This mode by Ibanez offers you the highest quality, best acoustic bass guitar. Being a fully hollow bass guitar, you could expect its notes and tones to be loud humming, accompanied by strong reverberation, giving you the most aesthetic music ever. 

The body is from thick mahogany, the neck is from maple, while the fretboard is rosewood. There is an extended scale of 32 inches, offering you a wide playing range that echoes heavenly in the hollow chamber. The pickups, which feature connections to an onboard tuner, turn your notes into strumming chirrups, suitable for pop music. There is also a battery for active pickups, in case you wish for a dynamic stage play. 

The downside is that it does not include humbucker pickups.


  • Pickups offer a great range of tunes.
  • Semi-hollow body with a touch of electricity.
  • A deep sound, loud humming sound.
  • Strong reverberation.


  • No humbucker pickups.


[amazon box=”B00BEOHQA8″ ]

If you ever encounter that irritation when your guitar is too big to carry on to the airplane, then that problem is gone with this Ubass model. The U-Bass, also known as the ukulele bass, is a defier of natural law. Despite having a short scale, it could still provide you with professional tones that capture the crowd’s attention. 

It has built-in tuners, which are customized, and its pickup and amp connection are also custom. The fat strings are custom as well, making the íntsrument rather unique while giving it the ability to create strong, heavy bass sounds despite its small shape. If you are a casual player, then you will find this U-Bass to be a fun gear to have. 

Its small size, however, also creates some disadvantages. Your repertoire is shortened, and no preamp makes the sound limited.


  • Easy to learn.
  • Small, economic, indigenous design.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Offers lots of punch for a small instrument.


  • Shortened repertoire.
  • Limited sound.

Washburn T24NMK Taurus Electric Bass Guitar

[amazon box=”B0002KWVXW” ]

If you are looking for an upgrade, or you want a backup bass, then this model from Washburn’s Taurus series will certainly satisfy you. Its stability and pure tones all thanks to its neck-thru-body construction. The neck feel is comfortable enough as well.

This model is a perfect choice if you want to play jazz, funk, punk, and even rock music. It has passive Dual Washburn J Style pickups that give you two controls. If you prefer the active pickups, then this model also allows you to modify it and install the pickup that you like.

The downside is that this model is not really a versatile guitar like its competitors. It does not suit metal or hard rock. Its control knobs are also not the best. 


  • Stable, sturdy construction.
  • Suitable for jazz, punk, funk, rock. 
  • Modifiable.


  • Not versatile.
  • Bad knobs.

Epiphone EB-3 Electric Bass Guitar

[amazon box=”B0002CZU0G” ]

Although it looks electronic, this Epiphone EB-3 actually focuses a lot on the vintage music style. The combination of versatility and classic music rock style makes it so popular among beginners, and the sounding package is awesome. The axe is excellently reliable, enough to do justice to the tunes.

It has a mahogany body with a long scale neck of 34 inches. Using the NYT bass mini-humbucker pickups, the instrument could create some very deep, rumble sounds that touch the soul. If you want your bass to be the coolest and most profound, then you should take a look at this model. The fact that it is a bargain for its tier is another nice plus.

However, there are reports that the bridge is not well-made, and on top of that, this guitar is rather heavy. 


  • Reliable axe. 
  • Versatility meets classic style.
  • Deep sound.
  • A bargain for its tier.


  • Bad bridge.
  • Heavy.

Schecter OMEN-4 4-String Bass Guitar

[amazon box=”B00740BEBI” ]

For a famous brand like Schecter, this model is rather affordable. However, although it is affordable, the guitar still carries features that make the reputation of Schecter. If you are new to the musical journey, then I bet you will be excited when practicing with this instrument.

 The Omen-4 features Schecter’s signature double cutaway shape. Its body is basswood, its neck is maple, it has inlays of semi-goth pearloid and a pair of Schecter diamond bass pickups. With overwound coils and a ceramic magnet, you could expect that the sound will be crystal clear, yet aggressive. If you love to play metal rock, then this guitar is a must for you.

This product, however, does not include íntsruction to players, so unless you are already used to playing electric guitars then you might have to struggle with it at the beginning. 


  • Signature Schecter design.
  • Diamond bass pickups.
  • Clear, aggressive sound.


  • No instruction. 

Fender Vintera ‘50s Precision Bass

[amazon box=”B07SKCSNC1″ ]

A model from Fender’s classic bass guitars, the Vintera ‘50s Precision is as high-end as it could be and extremely stunning to look at as well. Like the name has suggested, the Vintera ‘50s brings you a nostalgic feeling with the style and sound from the golden era of Fender.

It has an alder body and a maple neck. The style that defines the decade is vivid in this model, from the neck profile, the 20 inches fret, to the re-voiced, split-coil, P bass single pickup. The bass conveys all the seismic, punchy tones that have gained popularity to the electric bass.

However, the bridge of this model is incorrectly installed, and the guitar is improperly strung. 


  • Nostalgic, aesthetic design.
  • Golden tunes.
  • Seismic tones from the bass.


  • Incorrect bridge.
  • Improperly strung.

Fender Aerodyne Jazz Electric Bass Guitar

[amazon box=”B000GACXMM” ]

If you are someone who likes to have both J bass and P bass pickups in your hand, then this model offers you exactly that. Thanks to the presence of the two bass pickups, this guitar is capable of delivering to you a wide range of tones. The bridge is adjustable as well, so you could customize the tones to your likings.

The design of this guitar is rather cutting-edge and unique, with a C-molded profile and a rosewood fingerboard that has no trims to increase the reliability of the dim plan. Its smoked chrome, state-of-the-art tuners grant you control of the handles. Overall, this guitar is a true beauty among its competitors.

The downside is that for this guitar, the low-go tones are not as articulated, and you may need some arrangements first hand. 


  • Unique, cutting-edge design.
  • Double P bass and J bass pickups.
  • Capable of many tones.


  • Unarticulated low-go tones.
  • Need arrangements.

Schecter 5-String Stiletto Studio 2794

[amazon box=”B06XGXDZD3″ ]

This Schecter bass guitar with five strings is an exemplary guitar bass. Being fully electric, the instrument is slightly heavier than its hollow or semi-hollow alternatives, but the thicker wood also gives it better reverberation and a deeper tone.

The 5-Tek bridge grants you noticeably more versatility than other guitars and the scale is 36 inches, longer than the others as well. The pickups are dual-active EMG 40Hz that run on battery power; hence, gives you more power when playing music. The tunes coming from these strings are also pleasant and warm enough to satisfy the ears.

However, the included strings are also weak. In fact, they go out of tune quite quickly, so you may need extra strings of your own. 


  • Good reverberation.
  • Deep tones, soft tunes.
  • Dual active pickups.
  • Aesthetic design.


  • Weak strings. .


[amazon box=”B003ETBR9C” ]

The first thing that you could notice is the design of this guitar. It lacks the soft, hot curves that we usually see, and instead, it has a radical appearance with sharp edges, even spiky. As the appearance suggests, this guitar is the best for metal rock.

It offers you grover tuners and distinctive volume control to give you maximum control over the tones, suitable for both on-stage performance and solo. The scale length is 35 inches, combined with the neck-thru-body design and a single-coil active pickup for better sustainability and reliability. You could trust that this instrument will give the most metallic sounds ever!

However, the guitar does not come with a gig bag although the neck is extra long. Also, since the neck is so long, it may require lots of stretches from you. 


  • Dynamic, radical design.
  • Lightweight.
  • Metallic sounds, deep tones.
  • Great vibrations.


  • No gig bags.
  • Extra-long neck.

Spector Legend 4 Bass Guitar

[amazon box=”B00XZ2U1WW” ]

A rising star in the guitar-making field, Spector is marking its name to guitarfellas around the world thanks to its tones, its features, and the overall quality. Spector may have the reputation of being highly pricey, but for this model, you could enjoy the famed quality of Spector at an affordable price.

It has an ergonomic design with its body featuring the well-known NS curve that has become popular ever since its creation in 1917, maximizing comfortability to the guitarist. The hardware is of high quality, while the electronics are state-of-the-art. The pickups are SSD INC humbuckers that are specifically designed, along with the active tone control to give your music a boost.

The control may be a bit hard to get used to at first. Also, the EQ is not the most versatile. 


  • Ergonomic design for comfort and playability.
  • Boosting options.
  • Professional-level hardware.


  • EQ is not versatile.
  • Controls are hard to use.

Ultimate Buying Guide: How To Select The Best High End Bass Guitars

Whether you are a master guitarist or a beginner who just started discovering the musical world, I am certain that buying a guitar makes you feel like you are a kid in a candy shop. The idea of being able to make stunning music out of an instrument is attractive to almost everyone, and that is why we put so much effort into choosing the best high end bass guitars that is guaranteed to do justice to our music.

There are tons of aspects that you could consider when choosing the best high end bass guitars. Since there are so many, you could easily feel overwhelmed, and do not know what you should keep in mind. The best high end bass guitar, as you could have expected, are high-end in terms of quality, features, reputation, construction, and maybe the price as well. Hence, you do not want to invest your budget for a guitar that does not suit you.

After a long list of the best high end bass guitars, finally, we have come to the part where you could actually bring home your dreamed instrument. Keep sticking with me for the upcoming section, and let’s see what you should look for when shopping for the best high end bass guitar.


best high end bass guitars

To be more specific, it is about whether you could hold the guitar and play some tunes. This aspect refers to the size and the weight of the bass guitar. Unlike acoustic guitars which are generally lightweight thanks to their hollow chambers, the best high end bass guitars will have some electronic parts that make the guitar heavier. 

Also, you may have noticed that the guitars on the list have different sizes. Some are of normal sizes, while some are longer than the others, such as the ESP LTD F-415FM. If the length of your arm is not enough, then you may encounter difficulties when playing your guitar. Models that are too heavy affect your performance as well. 

Hence, I advise you to consider the playability of the best high end bass guitars and check whether it suits your body before making the purchase decision.


9 1

The construction of the guitar is crucial to your experience. Surely you do not want to buy a bass guitar that is shaky or does not feel safe to use. To be more specific, you should have a close look at the body and the neck. The materials for these parts should be excellent. 

For the body, the best high end bass guitars should never be made with plywood glued to one another. The pieces of wood should be sanded and veneered, making the overall construction solid and steady to the touch. An exemplary example is Ibanez PCBE12MHOPN. Being a semi-hollow bass guitar, the one by Ibanez still offers sturdiness thanks to its full mahogany body. Lighter wood usually does not give good resonance, so you should consider that fact when buying a bass guitar. 

Meanwhile, the construction of the neck is even more vital to the overall construction of the guitar, not in terms of the materials, but more about the attachment. Strings for bass guitars are different from strings for regular guitars as they are heavier and longer, so the construction of the neck will be crucial to the strings. Bolt-on is the most popular style that allows you to adjust the strings, while the neck-thru-body design is for customized guitars.


best high end bass guitars

Surely you have to consider the types of guitars before buying one. The best high end bass guitars could come in different types, and for each type, there will be different features. How you play each type is significantly different, too. You should choose the type that could match your style the most.


This type gives your music a warmer tone than other types. Models such as the Ibanez PCBE12MHOPN are great for acoustic lovers. The acoustic bass guitars give you better resonance and are suitable for solo performance.


With fret configuration and extra strings, this type gives the guitarist more freedom to explore a wide range of tones. If the guitar has extra lower strings, it will be magnificent when playing metal rock or djent genres. 

Left Handed 

People tend to forget this aspect, but it is nice to know that some guitars are designed for left-handed individuals. You could find these guitars among famous brands, like Fender or Ibanez. 


11 min

Indeed, guitars with a fingerboard without frets is a type of the best high end bass guitar. Since these guitars do not have any frets, they create a distinct sound and allow the guitarist to be more expressive. This type is perfect for techniques such as vibrato and glissando. 


An important part of the guitar that locates on the neck, it is vital that you pay attention to the fretboard. The fretboard could be made of different types of wood, but I find rosewood to be the best for the best high end bass guitars thanks to the fact that it allows the warmest cutting, also because it suits guitarists when learning techniques. 

You could expect two types of fretboards: fretted and fretless. Fretboards with frets mark the notes, while fretless – as the name suggests – has no frets. For most guitarists, I recommend the fretted bass guitars due to them being easier to use.


best high end bass guitars

Another important component. The best high end bass guitars could have four, five, or six strings. For beginners, I believe that the four-string guitars are the best. They have a slimmer neck, so they are suitable for those with small hands or at a young age. You could move on to the five-string and the six-string when you are more familiar with the guitar, and these guitars also give you more space to be creative. Still, four-string guitars could provide you with enough notes to make music. 


best high end bass guitars

Active pickups or passive pickups? Humbucker or single-coil? I believe you should ask these questions before buying the best high end bass guitar, as these pickups will be translating the vibrations of the strings into electrical signals. 

Both active and passive pickups have their advantages. Active pickups have a higher pitch than passive pickups, and guitars with active pickups usually have a built-in preamp. Passive pickups give you a classic warm tone, and its range of sound is dynamic, but your movement will be limited because passive pickups need a separate cord. 

Single-coil pickups create a sharp sound, while the tones from humbucker pickups are thicker. Also, the humbucker pickups do not create the humming sound like the single-coil. Then, we also have the split-coil, which is the single-coil but could act like a humbucker. 


best high end bass guitars

Last but not least, we have the money issue. Since we are reviewing the best high end bass guitars, you could expect the price to match the quality. However, please keep in mind that it does not have to be very expensive to be the best high end bass guitar. 

You could find some excellent models for less than $500, such as the Ibanez GSR200SM, the Schecter Stiletto Extreme, or the Fender Squier. Some models are more expensive, ranging from over $500 to less than $1000, such as the Fender Deluxe or the one by Sterling By Music Man. Finally, we have some fancier models, like the Yamạha BBP35. 

I think the sweet spot for the best high end bass guitars lies in the range of $500-$1000, and many well-known names have products in this area. Depending on your needs and passion, you could select the best high end bass guitars that suits you and your pocket.


If you struggle with selecting the bass guitar of your dream, then the most important factor to consider is the sound made by the guitar. The music coming out from those strings must satisfy your ears.

Choosing the guitar based on your style is also a good idea. In fact, you should consider your style before looking at the mentioned aspects above.

If you wish for visual instruction about how to choose the best high end bass guitars, then here is a short video:

Conclusion: So Which One Is The Best High End Bass Guitars?

Finally, we have made it to the final of the post! If I have troubled you with the very long list above, then here are my top three best high end bass guitars. These guitars have their advantages, but personally, I believe that they are top-notch. 

NoNameImageBest ForRatingDetails
1[amazon link=”B01I90M460” /][amazon fields=”B01I90M460” value=”thumb”]Best overall [amazon fields=”B01I90M460” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B01I90M460” value=”button”]
2[amazon link=”B07FXMPKPF” /][amazon fields=”B07FXMPKPF” value=”thumb”]Best for the budget [amazon fields=”B07FXMPKPF” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B07FXMPKPF” value=”button”]
3[amazon link=”B0002CZU0G” /][amazon fields=”B0002CZU0G” value=”thumb”]Best for beginners [amazon fields=”B0002CZU0G” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B0002CZU0G” value=”button”]
4[amazon link=”B00XZ2U1WW” /][amazon fields=”B00XZ2U1WW” value=”thumb”]Best for quailty[amazon fields=”B00XZ2U1WW” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B00XZ2U1WW” value=”button”]
5[amazon link=”B003ETBR9C” /][amazon fields=”B003ETBR9C” value=”thumb”]Best for portability[amazon fields=”B003ETBR9C” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B003ETBR9C” value=”button”]

Bass guitars are awesome, and we all love that feeling when we could create music that flows in the air. Music is the common language that is adored by people around the world while choosing the bass guitar that does justice to the music is a vital, yet exciting journey. Hence, I have written this post, in hope that I could help you on that journey that you will go when exploring the magically musical world.

  • Don’t forget to share your thoughts about best high end bass guitars at the comment box below!

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