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Top 6 Best Interview Microphones of 2024

Microphones are the equipment of choice for sound amplification, and if you choose an unreliable one, you may experience poor audio quality or intrusions.

If you’re searching for the best microphone for interviews, you should prioritize alternatives with an open polar pattern and straightforward operation so that the person you’re interviewing is not confused.

This article summarizes the best interview microphones available on the market, saving you many hours of research.

best interview microphones


Sennheiser MD 46

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The Sennheiser MD 46 is a dynamic cardioid microphone of superior quality. It is designed for recording radio and television reports on the field. The MD 46 is simple to operate. The microphone is consistently protected from contact noise (pops and bumps) and ambient noise by a specific capsule design and a double-layer protective mesh (wind, rain).

The mic is black and has a sound box made of high-grade steel. The microphone is easy to grip due to its balanced weight and ergonomically designed long handle.


  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Excellent rejection of background noise
  • Long handle


  • Generally suitable for loud areas

Rode Reporter

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The Rode Reporter portable microphone is intended for interviews and presentations in real-time. It has an omnidirectional dynamic capsule that has been carefully built for use. Devoid of the technical problems that plague the majority of omnidirectional microphones.

Moreover, the frequency range of the microphone is ideally suited to the reproduction of the human voice, making its intelligibility, clarity, and clarity excellent in practically any setting.

The mic’s sturdy die-cast aluminum alloy housing features an anti-reflective matte black covering. The microphone is shielded from ambient noise by a unique multi-layer mesh. No foam windscreens are required. The Rode Reporter microphone includes a specific detachable mount where your brand logo may be simply placed.


  • Wired
  • Captures sound effectively
  • The ride bag is good


  • Mic flag ineffective

Movo HM-M2

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The Movo HM-M2 Microphone is a revolutionary new item that is great for interviews. It comes with a one-year limited guarantee and is incredibly user-friendly. The noise reduction function decreases background noise.

It generates a signal that is devoid of distortion and extremely directed. This implies that it eliminates the most damaging background noise. It is ideal for conducting interviews, presentations, and other activities.

The Movo HM-M2 Microphone is ideal for on-location interviews. The lightweight design makes it incredibly portable and user-friendly in the field. Due to its omnidirectional hearing, it can pick up sounds from any direction around it without turning its head.

This function is perfect for project workers or meeting participants who may be conversing with someone behind a desk. This sort of microphone does not pick up echoes, making it ideal for public speaking.


  • Not requiring phantom power
  • A internal filter to minimize plosives
  • The soft carrying case


  • No cable is provided

Shure VP64A

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The Shure VP64A is the ideal option for video/audio production and reporting at sporting events, community meetings, and other locations.

There is no need for precise microphone placement. It is ideal for voice recording and operable even at extreme temperatures. The stiff mesh prevents moisture from entering the microphone’s body, allowing for recording regardless of the weather.

The VP64A from Shure boasts a low-noise floor and a wide dynamic range. Even at high SPL levels, outstanding professional sound quality is maintained.

The microphone is equipped with a professional XLR connection. Included in the standard equipment is a foam windshield for enhanced protection against wind gusts on open terrain. Unique style with an extremely ergonomic build.


  • Pierce through all ambient sounds
  • Lightweight
  • No need to have it in plain view


  • Captures sound from every direction

PoP voice Premium

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Whether you’re on the move or at home, the PVPoP Voice Premium Microphone provides you with everything you need for crystal-clear sound.

It is also lightweight enough not to interfere with your regular activities, allowing you to carry it with you wherever you go. A high-quality yet inexpensive microphone is also an excellent interview tool. It is ideal for your active lifestyle.

Dual-Head Microphone is ideal for those that require two microphones. This architecture is ideal for conferences and other professional applications involving several users on the same machine.

The PVP Microphone is equipped with a programmable volume control that allows you to adjust the level to your liking. When you are in a meeting and want to be heard over the conference call, this feature is ideal. Changing the volume during a business meeting is unnecessary.


  • Extremely lengthy cords (16 feet each)
  • Compatible with most mobile devices
  • Clips are robust


  • No method to deactivate a mic

The Alvoxcon UM210Y-E

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The Alvoxcon UM210Y-E Microphone is intended for those who work in live events, training, presentations, and conferences. This device’s handle is ergonomic. In addition, a warranty is included with the goods. This warranty covers any and all possible product problems.

This gadget is ideal for folks who are always on the go and frequently travel. It is incredibly user-friendly and comes with an extensive array of features.

In addition to a one-year guaranteed warranty, the Alvoxcon UM210Y-E has crystal-clear high frequencies, a wide variety of frequency ranges, simple-to-use controls, and a cardioid polar pattern for superior sound quality. Those in search of a dependable and budget-friendly microphone will likewise find this to be an excellent buy.


  • Range of operation up to 130 feet (40M)
  • Simple to assemble
  • Multi applications


  • The battery indicator is hard to see.


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best interview microphones

Professional media requires a microphone with high-end performance. Therefore you should be prepared to spend on it. If your needs are more modest, like recording podcasts, YouTube videos, etc., then you may look at more affordable solutions as long as they meet a minimum standard of quality.


The method via which you’ll be recording is the final consideration. You should always look for microphones that fit your requirements, such as a smart microphone that works with the smart device used for video capture or a type that can be connected to your camera if you’re also shooting video footage. You may also capture the audio and video separately and match them up later. Though it takes more effort, having more choices in microphones is worth the extra work.


best interview microphones

If you have a rough idea of your spending limit, using that information to filter down the selections from the list above will be much easier. You should be able to find something that works for you in the options up top, whether you’re searching for anything on the cheaper end or the very pinnacle.


The location of the interviews should also be taken into consideration. The microphone should be able to withstand the elements if the vast majority of the interviews will be conducted outside. As such, it must be mounted on your camera in order to be used with it.

Choose a microphone with effective noise cancellation if the places you want to visit tend to have a lot of background noise. When working in noisy environments, such as convention centers, a microphone’s pickup quality becomes crucial.


best interview microphones

What type of microphone would you use for an interview in a noisy environment?

A super-cardioid microphone is the most effective type of microphone to use in a noisy situation because it can isolate a single sound source from a loud backdrop. Due to its limited pickup, it is also effective in resisting feedback.

What is the price of a Lavalier microphone?

Typically, the costs of various brands fluctuate. A typical Lavalier microphone might cost upwards of $200.


A professional interviewer will tell you that a poor microphone may ruin an otherwise excellent interview. It might be difficult to know what to look for or how to choose the best interview microphones.

Lucky for you, our manual has all the data you want to make an informed purchase. You can give yourself a break and go for one of the highly-rated items we’ve included in our list.

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