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Top 17 Best Bass Guitar Picks: Reviews & Comparison 2021

To a bass guitarist, seeking and buying bass guitar picks are not simple at all as there are a bunch of choices and a variety of guitar picks brands pop up nowadays. Nevertheless, once you read our review, you will not worry about this problem anymore as we are gonna offer you a list of 17 best bass guitar picks which are selected based on our research.

Bass guitar picks are the vital items and the important supportive tool for a bass guitarist. At the present, the demand in seeking, buying, and using bass guitar picks is increasing. Knowing that, on the basis of many research and surveys, we have found out 17 best bass guitar picks that can satisfy all the needs of guitarists.

If you are a bass guitarist who is looking for the best bass guitar picks, do not miss out our review as it will help you a lot in buying for yourself a suitable bass guitar pick.

Best Bass Guitar Picks Comparison 2021

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Best Bass Guitar Picks, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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Top Best Bass Guitar Picks Reviews 2021

Fred Kelly Picks D5TB-H-3

[amazon box=”B00JA4T6SE” ]

For all those who find themselves still losing their pick or wondering about switching from a traditional flat pick to a thumb pick, this is a fascinating choice.There are standard and broad sizes available for the wraparound thumb handle, and there is also a left-handed variant.

The Bumblebee can be used as a traditional flat-pick or with a more thumb-led picking style after you find the size for you.This pick creates a moderately rounded string touch and works in terms of tone identical to Tortex picks, but the model truly makes it easy for you to create your assault, change the thumb grip and the way it works in your picking hand therefore you can monitor how much the pick strikes.


  • Permits hybrid styles
  • No dropping picks


  • Just one shape

Assorted Celluloid Guitar Picks in Bulk

[amazon box=”B00LPHTLUM” ]

There are 50 fashionable guitar picks in the Tanbi Music Guitar Box, in four separate sizes. The picks are of moderate to heavy proportions. It is also offered in four sizes. The picks are composed of premium, break-resistant celluloid stock.Thanks to their design and comparatively wide range of choices, the right set you can quickly find while playing your bass guitar.

In addition, these picks bring a warm and rich sound to your songs. Its classic form is ideal for all players.You will be offered a sturdy case with the choices and take the picks with you without missing them. In your handbag or guitar case, you can put the plastic box in it.


  • Durable case
  • Celluloid material


  • Very slippery

Dunlop 445P3.0 Nylon

[amazon box=”B000EEJ9V8″ ]

It’s clear that we’ve had a lot of Dunlop picks. This is because Dunlop is now one of the biggest labels in the world for the manufacture of guitar string. To give a unique bass playing feeling, you can depend on their picks.This is another one that, in the Stubby line of options, produced our runner-up.

These are smooth and full-feeling picks that are great for those looking to get a bluesy sound from their electric bass guitar, but these are not rectangular and rather intimidating like that one.Such picks also have a relatively flat surface around the incision, which is very cool to the touch. To get the best strength and action out of their thicker bass strings, we would suggest these to anyone who is searching for a thicker pick.


  • Offer a unique bass playing feeling
  • Great for those looking to get a bluesy sound


  • The indentation makes them difficult to hold

Dunlop MHPT02 Motorhead

[amazon box=”B007G7IIU4″ ]

This pick is available in six packets. The pick is all in black with the logo of Lemmy. We especially like the branding structure and also the additional handle. The picks measure 1,14mm which is thin for most guitar strings.

The picks are, however, more durable than most of the other picks. The pick maker, which comes with a collectable Lemmy labeled tin case, is also a nice one.You can also consider thinner picks at.73mm or .88mm. Nevertheless, these include Motorhead branding with them. The thicker picks are definitely for you if you want a simple look and a single paint scheme.


  • Excellent grip
  • Perfect for bugging and fast playing


  • Not long-lasting branding

Dunlop 477P308 Primetone

[amazon box=”B0018O4IFU” ]

Dunlop 477P308 Primetone is just so dense that when you first use this, anyone switching from the typical 0.8mm moderate select would have a little freak out – but maybe even a picking epiphany, too. The thick design associated with the curved edge is a game changer when it comes to quick, precise picking.

Jazz musicians, sharpeners, bluegrass cats, radical noodler’s – something will get out of them by some quick picker looking for note clarification and movement economy. If the gauge throws you off, there could be something in Dunlop’s Flow collection that could perhaps work simultaneously.

Dunlop makes them for about the same price in a range of five different shapes, with more pointed tips and jazzy, narrower profiles. And they’re cheaper than other luxury options, such as the outstanding yet super-expensive gypsy jazz range from Wegen.


  • Deep grooves, superb grip
  • Amazing pick for string action


  • Not good for strumming

D’Addario DuraGrip Guitar Picks

[amazon box=”B00NQR8VVO” ]

For newcomers or players moving from hand type playing to picks, this pick is suitable. The picks are regular shaped, but have an inventive grip layer. This is a marked surface, which ensures that with time it can keep better. This pick is the substance of option.

This is a substance with a strong abrasion resistant level, especially designed for performing on thick guitar strings. The picks are offered in three sets. For playing on the bass, both the strong and special strong gauges are fine. With some more versatility provided by the strong picks.


  • Available for multiple value packages
  • Higher resistance to abrasion


  • Not all consumers enjoy the vivid touch string sound

D’Addario Accessories Pearl Celluloid

[amazon box=”B07KWWXJS3″ ]

Since 1947, D’Addario has been an important manufacturer of musical instrument accessories. They also produce other outstanding guitar accessories such as tuners, belts, mobsters, and picks, even though they are best famous for making guitar strings. For any guitarist, D’Addario’s distinct Pearl Celluloid Picks kit is well worth consideration.

The picks are created from thin plastic compounds and are thus more slippery than the picks of the powdered cortex. A relatively soft and stable sound is created by the celluloid material. There are 3 separate indicators for this set of guitar picks; small, moderate and large. For strumming, thinner gauges are suitable, whereas the denser gauges are great for leads. These different guitar picks can be offered in 10, 25, and 100 pick sets. The best inexpensive guitar picks are here.


  • Cheap, and worth the money
  • Durable and excellent quality


  • Very slippery

Dunlop 431P1.14 Tortex Triangle

[amazon box=”B000PTO7K0″ ]

These picks are really fascinating as they are not as dense as other guitar picks. They have a wider grip surface that should give the player greater power and precision. The picks are specially crafted and produced to offer the special maximum memory and minimal wear that made the iconic original tortoise shell popular.The picks have very great preservation of form and edge. We really like the visual design, so it’s nice to keep it basic and convenient to use.


  • Durable
  • Rounded edge 


  • Thicker-than-1.44 picks not offered

Dava 1303 Delrin Grip Tips Guitar Pick

[amazon box=”B0002GOJZO” ]

For those who can’t quite decide between thin, moderate or heavy, this is an option. With shaped rubber placed on, the manner in which the picks are formed means that how you grip the pick gives all the contrast to its performance.

Near the tip, grip and it will work like a heavy pick – warm and accurate. Remove the strain from the center of the pick and it will act like a light pick.This is the kind of option that could entail a change of style, but being able to alter the gauge when you play just by squeezing the pick brings up all sorts of options.


  • Slip-free design
  • Smooth feeling


  • Small surface

Fender Wavelength Tortoise Shell Guitar Picks

[amazon box=”B07G3GWTMG” ]

Fender’s 351 celluloid picks are always awesome. The special thing is their vintage models, complete with the engraved logo.Newer designs have a written logo and you may like a bit more grip in humid, sweaty situations.

This is where the sequence of wavelengths can assist, a series of ridges cut to the pick that can provide you with marginally more pick.The celluloid makes a thinner pick using an operation equivalent to heavier picks made from Delrin or Nylon. Anytime you search for a mild to moderate pick, they might always snap you, so it’s worth it to scale it up a bit.


  • Warm tone
  • Great grip and feel


  • Not durable

ChromaCast CC-SAMPLE Sampler Guitar Picks

[amazon box=”B00BL6JDUA” ]

This pick is sure to be at the peak of your selection if you are a fan of bright colors. These guitar picks have 12 bits with a large frame with rounded ends. Bass-specific tools give you a lot of fantastic productivity. Less material use and decent consistency for the production of these picks.

All the options have different colors that allow you to differentiate your use.The pick offers a comfortable, broad structure and rounded edge to the modern, conventional guitar pick shape, which prevents scraping and offers a warm, rich, harmonic sound.


  • Nice design
  • Wide body


  • Picks wear down quickly

Fender 351 Shape Classic Thin Celluloid Picks

[amazon box=”B005SUT8Z0″ ]

Perhaps the world’s most popular manufacturer of musical instruments and accessories is Fender. Not only does the company develop exceptional guitars, but it also creates premium goods to promote them. This Fender 351 Shape Classic picks have a warm tone that is suitable for blues and rock. These plectrums are excellent for diverse playing styles and are common with specialists.

In results, the rounded point and standard shape are reliable and well-appreciated by guitarists. They can be used in a wide variety of moderate and large gauges, from thin to extra large, in a box of 12 picks. It is one of the best labels on the market for guitar picks.


  • Cost-effective and scalable.
  • High-performance provision.


  • The celluloid material makes it slick.

Fender 351 Shape Premium Picks

[amazon box=”B0002E2XOK” ]

The Fender 351 Form Premium Picks are made to be used with strings such as bass guitars. The picks often have a remarkably smooth surface and a warm musical tone. The kit contains 351 different shapes, styles and thick picks.

In specific, the hard gauget picks are stiff and tough, offering a superb assault on a bass guitar and a more smooth sound. In addition, these choices provide any actor with versatility and comfort to deliver an outstanding performance.


  • Smooth surface
  • Warm musical tone


  • Not very thick

ChromaCast CC-GF-H Guitar Freak 1.2mm Picks

[amazon box=”B00JWU6DI2″ ]

Do you want to own the bass guitar pick that works quick and looks awesome? These picks might be the solution. The picks have 4 sizes, but we just suggest a heavy one for professional bass guitar players.It doesn’t matter whether or not you play in a traditional tune. The longevity of the heavy version is great and the curved sides are resistant to slotting. On the heavier guitar strings, too. A seamless play style is promoted by the general design and helps foster a deeper guitar tone.

And if the edge of the pick is between oval and flat, you’ll not hear any loud touch noises.We like how solid they are while these picks are only 1.3mm. This illustrates that these picks are robust and allows them to withstand long sessions of performance. It’s worth buying whether you buy it to perform or just for training.


  • Solid design
  • Good for fast playing


  • No major textured grip area

Dunlop Big Stubby Picks

[amazon box=”B0002D0CKS” ]

If you’re looking for some additional comfort and a way to reduce the strain on your fingers, this pick is ideal. This pick has three different sizes for you to choose from one to three mm. It is solid enough to accommodate heavy bass strings and also 5-string guitars. Paying with a lower pitch with a thick guitar string? You can use them as well.

The indent model is what we adore the pick. It’s directly in the middle of the pick which makes it very easy to keep between the thumb and forefinger. The picks often come with packets of six or 24, and are inexpensive.


  • Extremely durable
  • Indent design
  • Offered in three sizes


  • The thicker ones could be too rigid

Herco HE211P Flex 75 Nylon Flat Picks

[amazon box=”B000EEJI00″ ]

One of the most famous guitar picks of the present is the Herco Flex 75. All of these are made from outstanding quality nylon and are long-lasting and versatile. Famous rock guitarists such as Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, and so on use these picks.

These picks have a uniform and clear depth. An excellent pattern on the pieces means that they do not slip while entertaining themselves.In a 12-bit kit, these options are expanded into 2 variations: Flex 50 and Flex 755. For blues rock songs, these choices are optimal.


  • Prolonged and permanent.
  • The grip is slip-proof and easy to work with.


  • The noise created is about the milder side of it.

Fender 346 Shape Classic Celluloid Picks

[amazon box=”B003B06DAC” ]

The Fender 346 lineup consists of three selects – slim, moderate and heavy. We prefer the hard one, as when performing thick bass strings, it offers more longevity. While in terms of grip or layering, the picks don’t have that many interesting characteristics, the celluloid style has other advantages. Compared to most new pick styles, it has a classic feel and a substantially cleaner strike surface.

In addition, even at higher measurements, the picks are a bit more versatile than you would expect. We also like that a quick attack and a warm sound can be encouraged by the picks. This makes them more flexible and acceptable for use in different genres.


  • Durable and versatile
  • Smooth attack
  • Produce a warm tone


  • Not the best grip

Key Factors You Need To Consider Too Choose The Best Bass Guitar Pick

Best Bass Guitar Picks

Besides looking for a bass guitar pick, in order to make a good decision, you also need to consider certain basic elements of a bass guitar pick. You may select for yourself the best bass guitar pick that is fitting for your performing style, based on understanding these essential characteristics. With the details below, we believe that you will no longer find it difficult to select and buy a bass guitar pick.

The main considerations that you need to take into consideration when buying the right bass guitar pick are below. These are what a great bass guitar pick ought to provide. Read it carefully and do not miss out the information as it will help you a lot!

Pick materials

There has typically been a large range of content options when choosing composition. 

Some typical picks are quite uncommon nowadays, but some guitar players swear by their dissimilar sound and feel until now. When you are searching for these styles of picks, be careful, because picks made from irony material are unlawful.

Apart from these old style options, the new options are available today that are not difficult to buy.


Best Bass Guitar Picks

This is the kind of pick you’d use for hard metal, but they’re much more versatile than that, in truth. In view of guitar string repair, these picks are often one the most damaging; therefore you should get used to a lot.These kinds of picks certainly sound special, but the lack of this pick-like bending undoubtedly will easily fatigue your strings, so expect you to need to replace them more often.


This sort of pick might be what you’re searching for when you are an acoustic guitar player. Wooden picks sound very nice and warm, as you would expect.These are the silent picking choices and are also so good for acoustic basses. These picks are often very warm and more circular than most other forms of picks.

Best Bass Guitar Picks


The most popular forms of pick today are plastic picks. Every musician has used a kind of plastic range and these selects are typically the most flexible and simplest to use.

The plastic picks, Delrex, Delrin and Celluloid, are of three varieties. Let us take a closer look at each of them:


You’re probably dreaming of this kind of pick while thinking of a bass guitar pick. These picks are known for the crisp, vibrant assault you create when your guitar strings are strung. Celluloid seems fluid and brilliant and makes for a lot of pick sound. 


It is DuPont’s type plastic and an extremely tough acetal resin. This material is extremely versatile so that you can play comfortably without threat of preference. We’ve found that Delrin’s overall grip is too great when we’re doing the pick analysis; it practically seems that it would be very impossible to inadvertently miss this kind of pick while practicing.


It is also called Tortex, a material for plastic picking that emulates the shell appearance and feel. It’s also a material for DuPont. Delrin is present in Delrex with a pick tone and rugged texture, but it also has a rather crayfish feeling that is ideal for general grip and handling.


Best Bass Guitar Picks

This is a wonderfully extended pick medium that can be played effortlessly on the guitar. Nylon is also a very quiet sort of pick on a guitar that really benefits when you need to play a guitar riff at a fast speed.


To many guitarists today, this is now a very common pick. In fact, these picks are partly made from titanium, which includes many stone picks.

Stone picks offer an improved level of grasp and when you are playing, they are very resonant.

Common shapes of pick


It has a good stable grip and a sharp edge, which is suitable for swift and decisive attacks, and is the most common form.


This is a good choice. You can technically pluck the strings by using either end of them. We recommend these to those who constantly smash the edges of the picks.


Rounded picks have a sound that comes off as haunting, more fugitive. If you want to play with less weight on your guitar strings, these picks are ideal.


This is a trait that would rely heavily on your own personal choice. Your pick’s thickness will alter its versatility, weight, and overall longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are guitar picks essential?

Best Bass Guitar Picks

Although you might suggest that there is no need for guitar picks at all, certain music types are much smoother to perform with a pick. You can comfortably play some kinds of music without even a pick, and some kinds of music sound better without a pick.

For music types where there are a lot of complex or quick past like metal, guitar picks are required. There are restrictions on what the fingers can do and guitar picks make it easier for guitarists to advance their skills further.

Do bass guitar picks wear out?

Yeah sure, over time, guitar picks will wear out. Depending on the material, thickness, and performing style, how easily a guitar pick wears out. In weeks, some picks may begin to wear out, whereas others may be able to be used without noticeable wear for years.

When do I get a guitar pick replaced?

As opposed to a new pick, you can swap a damaged guitar pick when it sounds different when using. When the tip of a pick begins to break off, it eventually affects the way you perform and begins to feel strange. This is a subtle improvement, so when performing, we do not note it. It will be evident how strange a damaged pick looks to play if you equate a worn out pick to a completely new pick.

If playing is strange and you don’t like how it sounds, you can just think about changing the pick. If it sounds nice to play a stretched guitar pick, then you don’t need to change.

Are thick picks the best bass guitar picks?

Best Bass Guitar Picks

Thick picks are ideally best for types of music where you want an intense assault on the string, like rock or metal. This kind of pick allows you more flexibility when performing short harmonies or licks.

For beginners, which bass guitar pick is the best choice?

For newcomers, we advise having Dunlop Tortex picks. Such picks are pretty wide and have a good feel that is stiff. For beginners, this makes it easy to hang on to and perform. The range pack comes with picks of various thicknesses, offering a means for beginners to try and see what is right for them.

What’s the perfect size best bass guitar picks?

The guitar pick of the right size is one you feel good playing. Some guitar players choose tiny straps picks, whereas others choose wide picks without touching the fingertips to make it smoother to strum chords. 

By getting a couple various sizes and seeing what you want, you will figure out what the right guitar pick is for you. Each guitarist has various tastes for picks, so to see what fits you, you need to experiment with different pick sizes.

Conclude: Our Answer For The Best Bass Guitar Picks

There are numerous good bass guitar picks, and based on our research, we listed 17 of them as best bass guitar picks. The easiest way to choose a bass guitar pick is to consider your choices, you can choose the best bass guitar pick that matches your playing style based on the list we have suggested, we believe that they will not let you down. Below are 5 of the best bass guitar picks that we think are the best and appropriate because of their superb design.


Best Bass Guitar for Thumb-Pick-Using Players 

[amazon box=”B00JA4T6SE” ]


Best Bass Guitar Pick for Durable feature 

[amazon box=”B00LPHTLUM” ]


Best Nylon Bass Guitar Pick for Ideal Blusey Sound 

[amazon box=”B000EEJ9V8″ ]


Best Bass Guitar Pick for Right Thickness 

[amazon box=”B007G7IIU4″ ]


Best Bass Guitar Pick for Long lasting 

[amazon box=”B07KWWXJS3″ ]

Fred Kelly Picks D5TB-H-3 is the best bass guitar thumb pick as it can be used as a traditional flat-pick or with a more thumb-led picking style after you find the size for you, its model makes it easy for you to create your assault, change the thumb grip and the way it works in your picking hand.

Assorted Celluloid is the best bass guitar pick with a durable case. When buying it, you will be offered a sturdy case with the choices and take the picks with you without missing them. Dunlop 445P3.0 Nylon is the best nylon bass guitar pick in the list. These picks are smooth and full-feeling picks that are great for those looking to get a bluesy sound from their electric bass guitar.

Dunlop MHPT02 Motorhead is best for right thickness. It is not very thick and suitable for most guitar strings.D’Addario Accessories Pearl Celluloid is best for long lasting. These picks are created from thin plastic compounds and are thus more slippery than the picks of the powdered cortex.

After reading our review, do you have the answer about the best bass guitar picks for your own? No matter if you are a guitarist who wants to start a new experience with a bass guitar pick or wants to change a new one, do not hesitate to try these excellent picks! We hope that you can choose for your own the best bass guitar picks that are suitable with your playing style.

  • Don’t forget to share your thoughts about Best Bass Guitar Picks at the comment box below!

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