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Top 21 Best Beginner Guitar Amps In 2021: You Should Buy Today

There’s a lot to remember when it comes to choosing the best beginner guitar amps. The most challenging choice any player can make is to buy the right guitar amp for you. It’s not easy to find the next instrument, either, but there’s a guitar that helps you feel that it’s the right guitar. So much has to be taken into consideration.

It is essential to find the best guitar amps for your needs.  Inferior guitars can sound unbelievable with massive amps, but a duff amp makes a decent guitar sound boom. Not just that, the tones and the reaction of an amplifier will change your play.

To support you choose the right one for your needs, we has picked the best beginner guitar amps for you right here. Read our thorough analysis of the top 21 guitar amps below if you don’t know what kind of computer case you want.

best beginner guitar amps Comparison 2021

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the best beginner guitar amps, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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Top best beginner guitar amps Reviews 2021

Peavey Invective 120

[amazon box=”B06Y48BD5F” ]

There are few players and producers who play with such influence as Misha ‘Bulb’ Mansoor of Periphery when it comes to modern metal. The Invective is more than capable of providing if you’re looking for new metals from Djenty, but it is just as fascinating for some of its characteristics.


First of all, there are many power switch options, so you don’t need to run it at a top speed of 120W all the time. Secondly, on the Ibanez Tubescreamer, there is a boost button. This is because the front end of a tube amplifier is shattered with a pipe screamer with the ‘stage’ power up to certain modern metal shades.


Thirdly, auxiliary power outputs are available, so you can use an amp as a power source to operate your favorite pedals in the amp effects circuit.


Lastly, while the amplification base on the 6505+, a common criticism of the series is that it has become a rather mediocre clean tube; this is much more than part of the 5150 sides, but a much more multifaceted improvement. That is apt because EVH established the modern metal sound using its 5150 signature amps; maybe for a new generation, the Invective would do the same.


  • Excellent networks for clean and winning
  • Modern characteristics


  • Most don’t need 120W
  • Expensive

Marshall SC20H Studio Classic

[amazon box=”B07N27NDKB” ]

This mini JCM800 seems favorably deficient in functionality relative to some of the amplifiers on this list. It reminds us, though, that you do not need the whistles and bats. Maybe it’s better amplification with no disruptions that you need. Probably you are the amp if this thought resonates with you.


It is shaped like a tank, and the SC20H is a classic, for a reason, from grunge to doom and to rock noise. The SC20H is a perfect base for a guitar rig. Though the big version remains popular, the Marshall SC20H has been fitted with an impact loop and a direct output recording, making it a studio amp’s beast.


  • Tones classic 
  • Looks fantastic


  • A couple of extra shiny characteristics

Blackstar HT Stage 60 MkII

[amazon box=”B073WNS5ZX” ]

Wrap it up in rock, metal, and other heavier music genres with one of the finest guitar-amps. One of the highest-rated guitar amps that was found in 2021, the Blackstar HT Stage 60 MkII.


It bundles 60 watts, which are powered by the patented Blackstar tubes, over two tube spokespeople. Moreover, there is the overdrive of Blackstar, which artists who quest for hard sounds find in incredibly high esteem.


The HT Stage 60 MkII also has a large assortment of clean tones. But the vast distortion, maybe too punchy, is what makes it so unique.


Blackstar already made the best amplification for people who needed a better tone, but they seem to have outdone themselves with the HT Stage 60 MkII. It’s a nice, very pricey amp made of weighty materials.


  • Really strong sound-if you’re looking for crunchy overdrive/distortion, the HT Mark II is the amp for you.

  • Solidly designed, very durable architecture, clearly constructed to last.
  • Nice clean sounds, although used mainly by metalheads and rockers, this amplifier still has a lot to deliver in terms of cleansing. 


  • Most control knobs are fairly sensitive, so it might take some time for you to get used to them. It’s not the simplest amp to use.

 PRS Sonzera 50

[amazon box=”B06WVFN32Q” ]

Simply put, you can choose any model from our list if you’re searching for good guitar amps. When hunting for the top 50 watts guitar amplifiers, you’re looking for the PRS Sonzera 50 combo amp.


It is a genuinely analog guitar amp with EL-34 tubes and a Celestin V-speaker, meaning that it has an authentic sonic output.


The recovery and clean channels are entirely autonomous and can be customized using the six-band EQs. Once your preferred tones are located, you can conveniently swap between them with the additional 2-button footswitch.


While it costs a lot, the Sonozera 50 combo amplifier provides several advantages. It wraps an incredibly exquisite analog sound and makes it suitable for all forms of artists and concerts of all sizes on different platforms. This is one of the better models of our study of guitar amps.


  • Strong and durable
  • The tremendous analog signal, operated by EL-34 tubes and speaker style Celestin V


  • Expensive

Hughes & Kettner

[amazon box=”B01BPS8KGG” ]

There has always been some debate about the EQ profile of Hughes & Kettners flagship tube heads. It is still interesting how much cleaner the H&k’s cleanse is, even though the gains are fierce, with a tube shape similar to Marshall and agenesis of hot-rodding Marshalls.


The TuberMeister Deluxe can also be powered up to 0W for the right silent exercise and can provide enough small gigs strength. It has an optimized H&K Red Box DI, making it easy to achieve clear tones either live or in the studio.


It’s very lightweight, finally. It’s not as slim as Victory or the Orange, but since you can pick up the price of the victory for two-thirds, if you like the distinct H&K sound, it’s decent value for dollars.


  • Modern characteristics

  • Compact Scale


  • Only 20W

PRS MT 15 Mark Tremonti Head

[amazon box=”B0798CH4YS” ]

Mark Tremonti and the PRS are one of the longest-running collaborations in the history of guitar supporters. The PRS MT15 is the first time they have partnered on an amp, though they have offered stages of the associated Signature Gitarrist model.


The MT 15 meets the traditional amp blueprint with lunchbox packaging on two channels and switchable output power to provide the perfect tool for small shows, graphing, and rehearsal. The 6L6 power amp tubes accommodate a significant amount of the treacle-thick saturation methods, and it designs for more gain fans. The FX loop comes in a nice touch, just like the EQ controls on the two channels make the MT15 an acceptable kit for your benefit.


  • Rate tones for high gain
  • Separate EQ for each person channel


  • No reverb aboard

 Vox AC15 C1

[amazon box=”B0038MTH8S” ]

Launched more than 60 years ago, in this best guitar amplifier guide, the Vox AC15 is the veteran of the pack. Yet, people are always gravitating toward the iconic grille, drawn in by the prospect of one of the most familiar tones in the guitar world. Over the years, both the Beatles to Brian May have used Vox AC speakers, pulled into one of the hottest clean sounds.


For rock, pop and blues, the Vox AC15 is a perfect pick, and we especially liked the built-in tremolo and reverb sounds that make for some tremendous surf-rock tones.


  • Nails the classic sound for Vox
  • You’re going to love a tremolo!


  • Not one for high-gain backers
  • List Element

 Roland Cube Street EX

[amazon box=”B00JMU1RAG” ]

Roland Cube Street Ex is the perfect option for newcomers since this is straight out of the box. It just needs to be plugged in, and technical sounds like clean and crunchy tones can be produced straight away. An acoustic simulator comes with the amp, and all electric and acoustic guitars have an optimized AC preamp.


The Roland Cube Street Ex is a battery-operated modeling amp, but it produces a big sound and 50 watts of electricity. In comparison, the optimized speakers crank the volume well above what most amps are capable of delivering.

The amp still uses sparingly battery power and has three configurations: 50 watts, 25 watts, and 10 watts. The amp will operate in the 8 AA battery array in the lowest location for up to 20 hours. You will also connect to the power network.


The Roland Cube guitar amp is suitable in small venues or brief sessions for composing, rehearsing, teaching and performances. The two 25-watt speakers have 50 watts of sound, but that in larger environments, the amp can still be used. When connected to the stand, the amplifier may also act as an additional speaker or PA system.


A clean control panel separated into four channels contains the amplifier configuration. Two will use XLR technologies to attach to microphones. These channels are jack/XLR or guitar related. A valued COSM simulation was developed by Roland, which provides tidy, crunch, and leading effect options.


  • Many volumes of sound, even though using the lowest power setting
  • Extremely compact
  • Nice sound effects selections
  • Lots of instruments, microphones, and PCs input links


  • No controls for drives or delays
  • Levels of delay and feedback which are preset and not programmable

BOSS Amplifier Speaker

[amazon box=”B01N5Y8PJP” ]

This amplifier’s real name is Acoustic Singer Live, but it is more than just a term. The powerhouse consists of 60 watts from a 6.5-inch woofer with a 3-band equalizer and a host of additional premium features in 2 analog channels.


One of the essential aspects of ACS Live is a dedicated canal complemented by acoustic resonance technology. This platform provides a crucial overall change inconsistency such that you feel as though you are listening on the stage at home.


It’s also a powerful fitness amplifier. It features a built-in looper with great performances and new songwriting methods and is perfect for background tracks.


This is because it has all you may want from it. After all, this is one of the best live Performance amplifiers in 2021. The woofer is enormous, but it offers a powerful punch of 60 watts. But thanks to its unique acoustic resonance feature, you can retain tone clarity even with all this power.


In general, it can lead you wherever you like without unnecessary obstacles.


  • Unparalleled sound clarity

  • Very robust
  • Perfect for rehearsals and solo practice as well.


  • Not for heavy kinds of music.

Boss Katana 100 MKII

[amazon box=”B07YVNLH33″ ]

It helps learn guitarists to select an amp that will allow them to play with various sounds. They prefer to remain on one central mission as large as tube amps and work beautifully on doing so. On the other hand, digital effects allow the player to test out multiple sounds and variations of sounds to find the correct one.


In certain respects, the Boss Katana 100 MKII is the optimal ‘first’ or replacement amp for most individuals. It contains various boss effects and a range of great amplifiers and quickly handles the step from practice to small results. The Katana is attached to your computer and helps you to have a deep parameter edit. At the same time, the way we record it directly to a digital audio workstation is also very popular with us.


  • Wide variety of sounds
  • Great performance


  • Needs deep editing tools

Line 6 Spider V 120 MkII

[amazon box=”B07SV56HCH” ]

Instead of digital amps, many musicians tend to use pedals for their own ‘voice.’ Few people don’t want the system to be closely clamped with hundreds of pedals, but most tend to use digital amps over tubes.


The Spider V 120 MKII is one of the best digital amplifiers on the market if you hunt for any of the best digital amps. It’s a powerful 120 watts powered giant to be used efficiently for almost any kind of concert.


Not only is the Line 6 Spider V 120 MKII the most suitable digital amplifier for the price range you can find, but it is also an excellent amp for live concerts, sound transfer, etc. Possibly one of the best electric guitar amps for money.


  • Stunning level of sound
  • Capacity to double in smaller venues as a performance amp
  • Speaker Mode of organic tone
  • Remote Software for Free  
  • The capacity of 30 watts, which makes it ideal for small to medium-sized venues


  • Not compliant with older iOS devices and several devices running Android
  • No Bluetooth indicates that the amp is connected to an iOS or Android phone.
  • Without an FBV3 foot controller, it is not easy to get the best out of the amp.
  • The speaker of the amp doesn’t sound as good as the direct signal

Roland AC-40

[amazon box=”B00DJ3C3N2″ ]

Roland is typically one of the finest high-end amplifies of guitar, which this big business can do with the AC-40 amplifier.


The discovery of an amplifier with so many benefits – bright, not made solely for guitar, packs built-in stereos, particularly Roland’s proprietary chorus, and a digital reverb, is not famous.


While many people want analog effects, most common music wants sound and tones ‘digitized.’ No matter the music you choose to play with the AC-40, any music can access with ample power and punches.


A handy function is also an automated anti-feedback mechanism. It destroys the intrusive intrusion if it even occurs.


Essentially, if you’re looking for a lightweight amplifier with anything different besides weighing zero, you should shoot Roland’s AC-40.


The product comes with an expansive 6.5-inch woofer, which sounds solid and fit with many control systems, which would keep it from going crazy if you don’t.


  • Compact and does not weigh much
  •  It is great for traveling musicians
  • This amp comes with a 6.5-inch speaker, stereo effects, as well as a few optical ones
  • An automatic anti-feedback feature-you would no longer have a problem taking care of the intrusion and feedback


  • Very pricey, the AC-40 sure does cost a lot for a small amp of 35 watts

Fender Super Champ X2

[amazon box=”B006Y2FUW6″ ]

Before moving forward, you have to bring your chops together, which means continuously moving your fingers. We suggest Fender’s Super Champ X2 if you’re looking for a booter that makes your playing at home fun as much as possible.


The Super Champ X2 is mainly a 15-watt tube amplifier that uses Fender’s patented tube 6V6 and 12AX7 and its excellent unique design mic.

It’s not as small and noisy as the Fender versions, so it’s decent for sound practice, although it might not be suitable for performances themselves.


It comes with a 16 amp voice knob, such as Blackface, Punk, Twee, British, plus 15 FX settings and TAP speeds. It has everything you need to enjoy an immersive play at home.


The Super Champ X2 is in every regard, for a home amplifier. It is a powerful portable amplifier with a tremendous range of features and ideal for beginners and experienced veterans.


  • Ideal for home practice
  • Superb analog sound
  • USB link- With this feature


  • Not exactly suitable for gigs-with only 15 watts

Marshall AS50D

[amazon box=”B001BET8IO” ]

In general, the Acoustic Soloist AS50D from Marshall is designed similarly to the Acoustic Performer, but the parameters are genuinely distinct.


The FX features are smaller, so choruses and reverbs are all available, but their sonic outputs are, in a way, superior to the performer.


The bass and triple answer of this amp are almost unprecedented because it designs for various instruments. Guitars, microphones, and even digital pianos can handle the rich soundstage.


Superior tone, designed like a brick home, plenty of good personalization opportunities – that would be the best way to explain the AS50D by Marshall.


  • Exceptional sound quality
  • This amp can power your guitar and your microphone at the same time, with two channels
  • The AS50D packs 50 watts of power and is decently strong


  • Not so well suited to heavier types of music, the Acoustic Singer’s entire idea is primarily for it to be used in acoustic shows

Line 6 Spider V 30 MkII

[amazon box=”B07SV56G3V” ]

The Line 6 Spider V 30 MKII is a modeling amplifier for beginners with a distinctive feel for personal style and a unique design with black vinyl and black and silver grill. The color-coded letters offer a futuristic look, but the diversity of effects and the amp’s high quality is appreciated by demanding beginners and amateurs. It is possible to customize more than 200 products and 100 presets.


You get a built-in tuner, metronome, and personalized Android and iOS sound apps. The integrated recipient for the wireless broadcast on this guitar amp accepts Line 6 connections and has an aux-in and USB-out port, enabling you to record sessions on a pc, tablet, or mobile phone.


  • For excellent versatility, there are various amplifiers and presets and hundreds of effects and drum loops. 
  • Integrated tuner and metronome, bundled with workshop essentials if you fail to have them. 
  • The Spider is incredibly powerful


  • Sounds completely digitized

VOX AC2 RhythmVox Mini Guitar Amplifier

[amazon box=”B071K8MRDV” ]

The VOX AC2 Mini Guitar Amplifier RhythmVox is the perfect home use option, beginning practice, and simple dock. The amplifier produces 2 watts of power and three sound types: crunch, clean, and lead. Five kinds of special effects that include delay, chorus, and reverb are also provided by the mini amp. Until you perfect the piece, you are making or learning to play, and you can use the headphone jack to practice silently.


The sound output of this mini amp recently doubled in watts from 1 to 2 watts. The compact amp has a variety of high-quality effects and rhythm patterns that allow you to learn how to make your sound more professional in recording time. You will use the amp anywhere – for up to 20 hours by using all 6 AA batteries – on batteries and sockets.


The guitar amp has such a good sound and so many musical options that it is a mini amplifier. The amp looks like a full-size VOX enhancer, with additional variations in a crunch, clean, and lead sounds: regular, flat, and scoop.


  • Low cost
  • Compact


  • Not a full tunnel
  • Not too loud

 Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 20

[amazon box=”B01NBAFQQ7″ ]

For beginners, the Blackstar ID: Core Stereo 20 is a perfect option as it provides basics at a low price. Several special effects and a nice EQ trick, called the ISF by Blackstar and flipped between American and British tones. Other specific results included distortion, overdrive, retardation, refraction, and modulation. EQ, gain, volume, impact level, tuner, and tap tempo are all control functions.


The modeling amplification is an inexpensive and compact business known for its valve and modeling amps, with ‘Super Large Stereo’ effects and an integrated Looper feature. The guitar amp’s output is 20 watts, and one of the better features is the headphone-out port of the starter amp, which can be used from the amplifier to capture the speaker’s voice.


  • Capacity to monitor the stereo field width
  • Connectivity to USB
  • Ability to use Bluetooth to download music
  • Six ‘Voices’ Electric Guitars
  • 12 sound effects built-in  
  • Nice sounds of “dirty” and a pure tone of excellent clarity  


  • Technology difficult to access
  • Effects that are difficult to master

 Fender Mustang LT25

[amazon box=”B07N29M92M” ]

Let us begin with Fender’s Mustang LT25, our review of the best guitar amps in 2021. It is named the most powerful amplifier for the buck because it delivers excellent audio adaptability from tons of presets and sonic effects.


It sports 30 synchronized presets at 20 open-ended sound banks, 20 types of amp, and 25 effects, including various reflections, speakers, modulations, reverbs, octaves.


The onboard tuner and the USB connection are available to help you do what you want – plug-in and play, log, locate tones, call it. Finally, the Mustang LT25 has a long-lasting situation.


Many would define this amp as a ‘home amplifier’ because it has just 25 amps. Naturally, if the drummer is not too loud, you might take this to a test, but it isn’t designed for larger venues.


If you want consistency, you need Fender. The Mustang LT25 is a stunning homeroom amplifier with plenty of tonal precision and good adaptability.


Even if it’s a little amplifier, it bangs for the buck, one of the most flexible guitar amplifiers in the price range.


  • Exceptional versatility
  • Nice sound quality and the tone coming from this amplifier is very powerful and durable, even if it is not especially noisy.
  • Fender’s Mustangs pack amazingly robust cabinets, constructed like a brick wall, and LT 25 is not an exception.
  • List Element


  • The only drawback with this amp is that it is not ideal for medium-sized and larger venue gigs. Only 25 watts.

Orange Micro Terror

[amazon box=”B00DV9H47E” ]

The Orange Micro Terror will remain surprisingly small with a tube preamp and power amplifier for 20 watts of power. It’s disappointingly huge from a 4×12, but it doesn’t have a particularly “clean” sound because it’s so limited in wattage.


Yet, at the beginning of our days, we had nearly one million times better amps, and at a push, you would possibly perform with them in small shows. Since technical trouble, in the past we have turned one of our amps off with the Micro (yes, it is small enough to place it in your case for backup), and we do not believe the crowd has heard it.


That said, it’s hushed, and when you play it, the Tiny Horror is much louder. Who can argue, however, for the price?


  • Compact

  • Low cost


  • Not a full tunnel
  • Not too loud

Orange Crush 12

[amazon box=”B00SG3LL10″ ]

The Orange Crush 12 amplifier is the smallest model on the classic Orange Crush amps, one of the most distinguished and excellent beginners. The Orange Brand, selected by thousands of successful professional musicians, makes the brand the most recognizable in this industry due to its distinctive basketweave style and orange color. The 12 watts of power offer unbelievable sound through the best technology in solid-state guitar amplifiers.


More than make up for having just one channel, multiple gain controls. Those who prefer the musical “no-frills” approach value this brand’s unique look and comfort. Except for multilevel gain controls, there are no special effects onboard. Serious musicians appreciate the pureness of overdrive, which combines stuff with crunchy tones, and it’s perfect for rock and metal performance.


In nearly any case, the equalizer can be used to produce the ton you need, and it’s enjoyable to create your smooth tones by checking your instrument’s tonal controls. The 12-watt amp is unpredictably noisy because of its superior architecture, many musicians and fans swear.


  • A perfect choice for a guitar amp used by world-famous musicians to practice
  • A distinctive style of Orange Crush with basket-weave vinyl, picture-frame edging, woven grille cloth over the speaker, and classic hieroglyphs since 1968 
  • Robust architecture with a high-quality tone 
  • Analog amplifier circuitry, which most music experts favor
  • Three-band equalizer


  • No impact of reverb 
  • No auxiliary entry

Fender Champion 20

[amazon box=”B00EM5UOE6″ ]

The best guitar amplifier for beginners is the Fender Champion 20 because it’s very portable, so that you can get it almost anywhere. Although it is 20 watts powerful enough for small gigs, it is not powerful enough for a large bar band, big stage shows, or an outdoor venue. However, it is ideal for practice to shape your sound with special effects and a bass and triple-function equalizer.


Chorus, vibration, delay and reverb, and British, Tweed, Blackface, and Metal are part of the amplifier sound effects. You can perfect each voice, and Fender states that up to 12 individual voices can be generated.


  • An incredible selection of settings for modeling guitar amps
  • Affordable, compact, and functional
  • Styling Retro Fender
  • Built-in effects spectrum


  • Inadequate power for bigger venues
  • Inefficient configuration for the power switch on the back of the amplifier

Things You Should Know To Choose The Best Beginner Guitar Amps

Guitar amplifiers play a vital role in success when you play a piece of music. It designs to accurately reproduce the guitar’s natural sound, meeting the requirements for a clean and precise tone. Each type of amplifier is suitable for each playing style, guitar playing purpose, and each different situation. So how to choose the best beginner guitar amps ideal for the needs? Join us to find out shortly.

Consider and define your needs

Best Beginner Guitar Amps

Amps are often compared and rated for power rather than physical size (although high power amps are larger). Strength affects the actual and perceived volume. In general, an amp’s power output has to be ten times to double the perceived volume. For example, a 10w amp would sound only half as loud as a 100w amp

Choose the right sound

Learn regarding the various amp forms which are ideal for multiple musical styles. For the most part, the amp doesn’t have to be ‘one size all right.’ While several forms of amps exist, they can be separated into two major categories: ‘classical’ and ‘modern.’ The signature amps are available in any form of music. Here are few general instructions: Classic amps generate the sound of the classic top amps. Classical sounds are known to be the finest for jazz, blues, or blues-rock players.

Modern amplifiers instead create a tone with a more significant distortion than traditional amps. To mimic this, amp manufacturers attempt to incorporate additional pre-amplification stages to the amp configuration to allow higher tones in controlled volumes at lower volumes. The need to make amps is growing as rock music progresses. Electronic amplifiers overshadowed classical amps for hard rock and rock music in the early eighties.

Other function

The biggest thing to choose is the amplifier’s tone and power, but you must still determine which more features are included in an amplifier. If you are not a fan of complicated arrangements, you can use integrated effects like reverb, delay, chorus, etc. However, the results available are much less flexible than a pedal.

Choose the amp with an Impact Loop port for higher specs if you require pedals or multiple effects. If you want the amplifier to be registered directly, choose the amplifier attached to the USB connector. The convenient amplifiers ease the preparation, but do not hesitate to spend too much on functions you never use.

Are you still wondering which beginner guitar amps will be right for you? Take a few minutes to learn and it will help you easier to choose the best beginner guitar amps in this video:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For best beginner guitar amps

A guitar amplifier is a device or electronic system designed to enhance the signal from picks up on an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or bass guitar, creating a guitar’s sound through a or multi-speaker system (usually located in a cabinet). Guitar amplifiers can also change an instrument’s tone by increasing or decreasing specific sound frequencies, using the Equalizer, which functions similar to the bass and treble knobs on the system home stereo hi-fi, which can add effect, distortion, and reverb while playing.

Besides, playing a good song depends on the guitar’s amps sound factor. The distinction in guitar amps of other styles is the electronics and the devices that surround the instrument. If you have not found a device that is right for you, please refer to the top 5 best beginner guitar amps that we will recommend below.


Best Beginner Guitar Amps For Overall 

[amazon box=”B06Y48BD5F” ]


Best Beginner Guitar Amps For Quality 

[amazon box=”B07N27NDKB” ]


Best Beginner Guitar Amps For Sound 

[amazon box=”B073WNS5ZX” ]


Best Beginner Guitar Amps For 50-Watt Amp 

[amazon box=”B06WVFN32Q” ]


Best Beginner Guitar Amps For Modern Style  

[amazon box=”B01BPS8KGG” ]

With all the details we have given above, we hope that you have found the best beginner guitar amps to suit your passion. We hope that our advice has been very useful to you, and we wish you every success in the pursuit of playing the guitar amps. We would love to hear from you and wait for your answers in the comments below.

  • Don’t forget to share your thoughts about best beginner guitar amps at the comment box below!

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