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Top 17 Best Budget Acoustic Electric Guitar 2021 Reviews

Guitars is the type of musical instrument that everyone would play and have fun with. People have long been familiar with those traditional acoustic guitars but those electric guitars have risen significantly in demand these days. Having the best budget acoustic electric guitar would definitely give you satisfaction and save your money as well. 

There are tons of guitar models in the market today, no guitar is the same, so customers often find it hard to find one. We would like to show you the best 17 budget acoustic electric guitar to help you with this trauma choosing process.

Best Budget Acoustic Electric Guitars Comparison 2021

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the best budget acoustic electric guitar, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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Top Best Budget Acoustic Electric Guitars Reviews 2021

Martin Guitar Standard Series Acoustic Guitars, Hand-Built Martin Guitars with Authentic Wood D-28

[amazon box=”B07629J68X” ]

The first one electric-acoustic guitar model we would introduce to you is this Martin D-28. Martin has been superior in making both high-end and standard guitars for 2 centuries. Each of the guitars is made through many steps of testing and innovation. 

This one is handmade from rosewood to make it a color of natural classic. Provides you with a unique deep bass, loud and heavy but very stable. Forward-shifted bracing.  It signatures the iconic design and tone of Martin. The shape and construction makes it most ideal for solo accompaniment and vocal performance. Moreover, high notes and midrange are also its advantages: sparkling and effortless. 

The more epic aspect of this is that usually guitars do not sound completely themselves at first but this one has no problem in delivering the best part of it. Very suitable for acoustic of every genre. Perfectly set up when shipping. 

In conclusion, we highly recommend this model for those pursuing a professional path in music or looking for a premium guitar to play lifetime.


  • Has every signature and advantages of a Martin
  • Martin
  • Classic look
  • Ideal for every genre

Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black

[amazon box=”B00HF4WI9K” ]

There can not be any list of the best guitars without a name of Taylor being mentioned once. The first model of Taylor we have for you is this 214CE Deluxe. 

We would say that this is for people who both like the traditional acoustic as well as the electrification at the same time. Having a grand auditorium shape, it is comparatively smaller in size than those with dreadnought shape. It can be felt from the pic that the guitar would give you a very comfortable and flexible feeling. 

Moreover, it has the “Expression” electronics system of Taylor to adjust the tone according to your preference. Generally, it has a brighter sound than other acoustic guitars. High-quality ebony fretboard. Very good in acoustic style. 

It is well made and set up from the box. However, some people find the sound when plugging amplified mode not very good so if you are more turned to the electrical side, it would not be the best choice for you.


  • Auditorium shape
  • Bright sound


  • Not very good sound while plugging amplified

Takamine EF341SC Pro Series Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar Black with Case

[amazon box=”B0002GXYDC” ]

The Japanese luthier has been very dedicated to its electric acoustic guitars. This EF341SC Pro model is made from premium cedar and maple wood, making it have rich and warm tones that can remain warm even when amplified. For mid-range, it is very strong and for high notes, it is very clear. 

As an electric guitar, its pickup system and the three-band EQ is very flexible and reliable. This is a very good guitar model for beginners as some chords and notes are easier to play than other guitars. Besides, the finish is just amazing. The plus point is that it is equipped with an equalizer that not every guitar has these days. 

The only thing to consider twice about this unit is that its size is a bit big, around 17 pounds with the dimensions of 48 x 20 x 9 inches so it would be a bit uncomfortable for some people.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Rich and warm tone


  • Size is a bit big

Breedlove Solo Concert CE Red Cedar – Ovangkol Acoustic-Electric Guitar

[amazon box=”B07CCJSS4L” ]

This is among some few American-based guitar brands that are common with the majority population. This Solo Concert CE is mostly known for its second soundhole located in the side of the guitar. This is very beneficial as the guitarist himself can directly hear how the sound is generating. 

Furthermore, the design is very elegant and modernized at the same time. The body is petite while the soft cutaway makes it very attractive and comfortable with the 20 frets. It is made from rosewood and mahogany so you can be assured with the body’s versatile. Glossy finish. 

About the tone, it is warm and dark, transitioning balancedly between low and high notes. It would always sound the same if plugging in the amplifier. The resonance is completely not affected by the second soundhole. 

It has a LR baggs system as well as the reliable quartz piezo pickup. Additionally, there are 3-band EQ controls and on-board tuner. People who buy this model are very pleased as it comes with some other accessories such as a bag, guitar stand, guitar strings,.. very useful.


  • A lot of accessories
  • Warm and dark tone
  • A lot of accessories

Washburn 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

[amazon box=”B074W62B7H” ]

This is the type of guitar you should look for if you would spend a lot of time practicing and playing. The WCG55CE is at great value for your comfort. 

The koa body, comfortable armrest and the grand auditorium cutaway is always there for you to seek for convenience. Made from mahogany and koa wood, overly the Parquet style rosette. The finish also gives it a very gorgeous and expensive look. 

The next epic point about this one is the Fishman Presys+ 501T system that comprises the 3-band EQ and the versatile preamp system. Plethora knobs, built-in tuners. The top quality craftsmanship enables the tone to be both balanced and warm. The rounder tone helps it to perform any genre: rock, classic, to fingerstyle. Even the natural tone sounds better with this unit. So generally it is a very wise choice regarding the price and the comfort it would bring up to you.


  • Super comfortable
  • Fishman Presys+ system

Yamaha 6 String Series A3M Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

[amazon box=”B01MR6YSGJ” ]

We strongly recommend this model for experienced players for the best playing experience. Made from solid spruce and mahogany. 

The special aspect of this model is its SRT electronics, meaning that it can utilize a mic and a piezo pickup at the same time. Similar to other electric guitars, it is equipped with a three-band EQ preamp. Customized bracing and hand-rolled fingerboard edges. All lead to the natural but dynamic tone of this guitar. The novel bracing system makes it so much better at the low and mid range notes. 

In addition, the elixir strings guarantee a more durable playing time. The design and outlook is very simple and keeps the elegant atmosphere of an acoustic guitar. You are also able to choose the different types of wood and sizes with this model. Very suitable for stage performance as well as regular transporting. It is not very convenient to bring along a very big guitar wherever you go.


  • Best for experienced players
  • Customized new bracing type

Taylor 114e Acoustic-Electric Guitar 799

[amazon box=”B07RM35WRV” ]

Taylor undoubtedly has a long reputation in this line of industry. Besides the high-end luxury guitars, Taylor does make some models of affordable guitars. This 114e acoustic-electric guitar has a dreadnought shape, made from solid spruce for the top and layered walnut for back and sides. It also has the Taylor’s Expression System 2 as well as the unique EQ control.

The width is a bit narrower than classic design, making it more comfortable to hold. The volume and tone control center is designed in a very modern stylish way.  The sound is both flexible across the range of tone and also balancedly strong. Ebony fretboard that often has in expensive guitars, suitable for fingerboard and bridges. Most ideal for strumming and finger-picking. 

It is very pleased among our customers as it is able to last for a very long time and the more you play it, the better the sound becomes.


  • Product of Taylor
  • Flexible and strong
  • Strumming and finger-picking

Fender Newporter Classic – California Series Acoustic Guitar 

[amazon box=”B079LLP4GW” ]

We have two models of Fender in the list: this Newporter classic and the Tim Amstrong one. This is a typical mid-size acoustic electric guitar that has a solid-wood in all of its body. The Cosmic Turquoise painting is very outstanding. All the solid design contributes to the maintaining resonance.

It is obviously highly rated among the best visual guitars. Everyone would fall in love with this for its look and its comfort. The cutaway always make the playing process easy for all players. The sound is balanced to any tone so it is very good for fingerstyle and acoustic playing. However, it most reflects its capacity if playing high pace strumming. 

Another advantage is that there is a unique Fishman electronics, pickup, and preamp in this, along with a reliable built-in tuner and control system. Besides, they offer 3 sizes of this model: Malibu, Newport, and Redondo, each of them can satisfy different people. We highly recommend it for anyone who is so fed up with the traditional design and color. A deluxe stylish band is for you when you buy the guitar!


  • Mid-size
  • Best visual

Takamine GN93CE-NAT Nex Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Natural

[amazon box=”B00BM9K3JG” ]

Another outstanding acoustic electric guitar we have in the list is this GN93CE-NAT from Takamine. Anyone playing guitars would have heard of this brand before. It has a kind of cutaway modern design and rosewood fretboard. The back made from rosewood gives it a very attractive visual. The top is made from spruce and the body is made from rosewood. It is a guitar that can deal with very quick acoustic in a very comfortable way thanks to its high frets. 

As a Takamine, it is equipped with Takamine’s unique preamp system, including the three-band EQ and control system, the sound is more than great. It can be considered as extremely versatile with an electronic-acoustic guitar. 

Generally, it gets a big thumb up from us for its exceptional design of the body and neck, giving our customers a very satisfying experience while seeing and playing it. The price is undoubtedly very worth for a guitar of that quality from Takamine.


  • Very beautiful design
  • Versatile electronics
  • Reasonable price

Yamaha FSX830C Small Body Solid Top Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar 509

[amazon box=”B01DW6ACPG” ]

The next model we have is Yamaha, one of the most well-known companies producing high quality music gadgets. The FSX830C is rated highly among those under 500$ from Yamaha. 

Its size is quite small, 25 inch scale, with cutaway design and shallow neck. Smaller hands people would benefit the most from this for the small body. In fact, this is an updated version from the 700 series, with the new scalloped bracing, enabling it to generate excellent sound as a budget acoustic electric guitar. 

There are more than 1 finish color for you to choose from so it is quite attractive. Equipped with the System 66 and an under-saddle piezo pickup with the unique 3-band EQ. It can adjust the mid-range frequency tone as well as the sound tailoring. Louder and stronger with low and mid-range. 

Every small detail is carefully taken care of by Yamaha. Nice and perfectly crowned frets. The saddle effectively spot on the intonation and all the cast tuners. The only small thing is that the saddle and bridge pin is plastic so if you are extra careful, you would need to replace them. 

Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic-Electric Guitar – Natural 

[amazon box=”B002MLS278″ ]

We hope that this Fender Tim Amstrong model, the signature of this punk rocker, would make your heart fall right away with its color: the dark mahogany top and those unique skulls on the 3 frets. It is invented for those who are edgy and in a rock band. 

The tone is nicely balanced with the scalloped X bracing and rosewood material. Besides, the sound is rich and full, very special for an electric-acoustic guitar. Every small detail is excellent: the neat tuners, the classy fretboard, and the cool headstock…

We guarantee it is the best money you would ever spend on a piece of music instrument. There are not so many options from premium manufacturers that are sold at this price, let alone this one has many signatures in it.


  • Signature
  • Well-spent money

Gretsch Guitars G5024E Rancher Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Sunburst 369

[amazon box=”B00I1SGX5Y” ]

This model from Gretsch is one of the best quality among those electric acoustic guitars under 500$. The most outstanding first thing you would notice is its triangle soundhole and the creative novel pickguard. The color is also mysterious and dark, made from solid spruce. Rosewood and mahogany. Sunburst gloss finish. There is an onboard tuner and a life battery indicator. 

The combination of the scalloped X-bracing, the Fishman Sonicore saddle, and the lsys+ preamp system makes it a very standard electric acoustic guitar. The sound is just amazingly warm. The sound volume is just right. As a result, there is no other need to set up as it is perfectly ready to go as soon as it is shipped to you! However, it does not come with a case so you might have to buy one for yourself.

Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar – Black 

[amazon box=”B00DYIIQ0Q” ]

Are you looking for the most affordable guitars from a trustworthy famous brand? This one’s for you! The Yamaha model of APXT2. It carries the quality that is worth more than what you pay for. It is one of the most compact acoustic electric guitars, weighing only 5,29 pounds and size ¾ of the well-known APX500III guitar. You can carry it everywhere you wanna go, for camping, for house parties, or on vacations. Moreover, it is so suitable for you if you are a small person. 

The strong point of this model is the very good electric built-in system. It is quite easy to play with and has most of the capacity of the APXT2. Best suitable for young people with an energetic lifestyle. Mid-boost EQ creates the precise chromatic tuner. Produce a low acoustic tone. Thinline body made from meranti, spruce top, rosewood bridge and nato neck. Equipped with the ART-based preamp and System 68. 

Some people are not very satisfied with its volume, saying it too small, but it is actually reasonable considering its size.

Gibson Acoustic 6 String Hummingbird, Right Handed, Heritage Burst, Square Shoulder (SSHBCNP8)

[amazon box=”B0758L42J5″ ]

The Gibson guitars have been around for a very long time that you can remember. Already from its name, this guitar has a unique square shoulder and a dreadnought body. The mahogany wood from top to bottom makes it very capable of delivering sound in all ranges. 

One of the most extraordinary features of this guitar is its finish. The guitar is super beautiful in its look. The hummingbird design would definitely capture everyone’s attention! We are confident that you would get the best of what you pay for. Ideal for professional stage performers and real music lovers. Gibson is not a very high-end guitar manufacturer but it always provides well-made products.

Epiphone PR-5E Acoustic/Electric Guitar

[amazon box=”B0002H0P8I” ]

The PR5-E model from Epiphone should also be a valuable consideration. The model design has been around for 3 decades and the epic quality is still the same. 

The first thing you would notice is the florentine style with a very distinct horn. Therefore, upper frets are easier to reach and produce better resonance. The sounding is very incredible: bright and solid. Moreover, the gold hardware also makes this one a more desirable guitar. Slimline body, flawless finish. 

Has the eSonic preamp and Nanoflex pickup system are there for you to adjust the tone every time. Worth your money. No need to look for a Yamaha or Taylor to find a very reasonable price and good quality.

Ibanez PF Series PF15ECE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric

[amazon box=”B001R2K9G0″ ]

This one is also a type of popular model among guitar players recently. This PF15ECE line is famous for its mellow tone and the considerate bass sound. It has the Ibanez pickup, an onboard tuner, and an AEQ-2T preamp. Its sound is a bit small if playing it solely but when plugging in, the tone remained excellent and big. The volume would be even louder than you had expected.

This one has nothing to complain about: budget-friendly price, beautiful finish, comfortable body, quality wood. Very suitable for a gift in important occasions as this would last for a very long time with its quality.

PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Angelus A50E Full Size Single Cutaway Acoustic/Electric Guitar

[amazon box=”B07KRWGKNF” ]

It is a very updated model from PRS. This A50E is among the most outstanding. It obviously features a deluxe style by its Angelus body and the decoration of abalone purfling as well as the stunning soundhole. There is no control panel at the exterior side of the guitar so it would look just like a normal acoustic one. However, the under-saddle pickup and the Fishman GT1 preamp enables you to adjust the volume and the tone. 

It is beautiful for fingerstyle and strumming: bright and warm, thanks to the hybrid X bracing and the Fishman system. It goes with a hardshell case.

Things You Should Consider While Choosing The Best Budget Acoustic Electric Guitar

best budget acoustic electric guitar

A lot of people are interested in playing Acoustic Electric Guitars that the demand has been rising significantly. There are numerous models, designs, and price ranges for those. 

It is very complicated to find out the best guitars without costing an arm and a leg. However, we understand that purchasing a best fit guitar would give you many benefits, both satisfaction and economy. Hence, we want to reinforce your choices by our list of important factors:

Shape and size

This is a very important thing that you would look for first. Most of them have the form of dreadnought style that works very well with electronics so the majority of our guitarists choose this shape. 

best budget acoustic electric guitar

The size of the guitar is important because it affects how you feel, comfortable or not. Some of the guitars have been adjusted to make it bigger or smaller than the traditional size, in order to fit the target customers. Moreover, other things such as the neck shape also has big effect on your performance.


best budget acoustic electric guitar

The next thing in line is the type of materials. It is common that guitars are made from top quality wood such as spruce, mahogany, cedar… The type of wood really impacts the sound quality of your guitars. It changes the tone and alters the resonance.


best budget acoustic electric guitar

This one is very important if you are considering an acoustic electric guitar. You should look carefully at the preamp as well as the pickup. They are used to change the tone and add some effect to your sound. 

High-end brands are likely to have their own unique electric system that ensures the high quality of the sound.

Other considerations

Above are the most essential things you should notice beforehand. We do have some other factors that are not less important such as the fretboard, built-in tuner, the guitar brands… 

By this time, if you still have confusion of how your budget acoustic electric guitar function or how to play them as beginners, we have this video for you:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Budget Acoustic Electric Guitar

It is a very time-consuming and complicated thing to browse over hundreds of guitar models to find the best budget acoustic electric guitar for yourself. There are a lot of different things to know and consider. Needless to say there are more and more models every day from every manufacturer all over the world!

We have presented to you the list of 17 best models with budget-friendly prices. Whoever you are, you are able to pick the best one yourself among them. Below is our top choice:


Best budget acoustic electric guitar for top quality

[amazon box=”B07629J68X” ]


Best budget acoustic electric guitar for both acoustic and electronic combination 

[amazon box=”B00HF4WI9K” ]


Best budget acoustic electric guitar for beginners 

[amazon box=”B0002GXYDC” ]


Best budget acoustic electric guitar for creative design and accessories 

[amazon box=”B07CCJSS4L” ]


Best budget acoustic electric guitar for comfort 

[amazon box=”B074W62B7H” ]

It is absolutely possible to own a high quality acoustic electric guitar within a tight budget. It just needs the right buying guide and we are here for you. Each of the above 5 models are unique in its design and capacities, ensuring the best experience for you. 

We suggest you read carefully and purchase the one that you feel best up to your standards, requirements, and budgets. We hope we have been doing a good job helping you along the difficult road.

  • Don’t forget to share your thoughts about best budget acoustic electric guitar at the comment box below!

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