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Top 17 Best Combo Amp For Metal Worth To Buy

Many performers contend that tube amplifiers are better than solid amps. But let’s face this—they’re not as loud as the pure phase, as a tuba amp can give you the soft, buttery and pleasant feel. The reaction is no. Solid state amps can be strong but can’t give you the same sound as a tube – the best combo amp for metal.

And no one would be pleased with your small sound while you’re performing metal. Would you like something strong and powerful, or would you need to surrender soft, full-bodied tones to energy. You can get the best of all worlds with the aid of an amp combo: a full-strength sound with a lot greater control.

Of course, the mutual attributes do not give you the best outcomes, but they will encourage you to achieve good balance between the two styles of amps. Thankfully for you, the best combo amps below are listed.

Best Combo Amp For Metal Comparison 2024

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Top Best Combo Amp For Metal Reviews 2024

Fender Champion 20 – 20-Watt

[amazon box=”B00EM5UOE6″ ]

Does a solid state amp never have to interact with a tube quality? Champion 20 of Fender will only change your opinion. This amplifier is more appropriate for beginners who train a lot.

It’s nothing fantastic; it’s really clean and basic, and contains all the fundamentals. However, regardless of the lack of gadgetry, the Champion 20 gives it a Fender consistency in contrast with the other choices on this list.

A selection of key effects and the option to connect with your MP3 player is given. This amp. This may be one of the most appealing features in my view, especially for those that are beginning.

Continuing to learn is perfect encouragement to play along with one’s favorite music. In summary, the Fender Champion 20 is a solid functional amplifier – simple, fundamental and consistent.


  • Sports a clean look Sports
  • Built with higher quality components in accordance with
  • Fender’s high standards
  • A beginner will need anything
  • Allows a perfect functional addition
  • Enables playability alongside an mp3 player.


  • Costly.
  • Owing to its lack of particular characteristics

Vox Pathfinder Combo

[amazon box=”B0000WS0RI” ]

The Vox Pathfinder 10 could be the nearest Fender Champion 20 opponent. The scale is tiny, but the consistency is high. Many people prefer to say little amps don’t go far but they are proved incorrect by the Vox Pathfinder. This amplifier creates clean, warm and rich colors – much like the main Vox models.

It also features a simple clean overdrive switch that enables users to switch to a warm Vox distortion from a clean tonic. Measures of gain and volume allow users to find the correct mood and the triple and bass EQ offers a number of colors.

Personally speaking, I think there can be nobody with a small scale such as the Vox Pathfinder 10 that is robust and more confident.


  • A big amplifier on your way
  • Limited but with a greater audio quality
  • Outstanding tone
  • Clean and tidy, but with much grain on the overdrive for an amplifier
  • Provides continuity rather than gadgetry lack and action sequences


  • For people working with reverb.
  • Their absence is a reverse.

Blackstar 10W Digital Stereo

[amazon box=”B00K5A2ST6″ ]

If you want an amplifier that will allow you to work and track easily, Blackstar ID:Core V2 is the amplifier for you. The ID:Core V2 is popular because of its special controls, but it provides a more versatile and programme-conscious user control for a standard amplifier.

This helps consumers to make their personalized sound a great deal more innovative. But it isn’t just about this amplifier to enjoy there…

The Blackstar now has improved Speech and six channels. And with the ISF control by Blackstar, the users will get the exact tone they want.

Personally, I get that the effects portion of this amp offers a modulation of studio efficiency. Users can concurrently store and store delay and reverb effects in the sound.


  • Provides much power and space for custom sound production
  • It has 6 specific sound forming channels and a particular ISF regulation for correct tonal consistency
  • Has an excellent feedback for quieter replication with dynamic EQ.
  • Includes tools for PreSonus digital audio workstation Studio Studio One of them


  • Clean tone is gaining more than 20 percent.
  • After long use, some customers started whirring sound

Marshall Amps Guitar

[amazon box=”B079G694KL” ]

Without specifying a Marshall, there is never an amp list. This time the industry has achieved its mark with the combo amplifier. The company never does not fail to impress. While this humble gadget may look like your average old amp, it’s a wide spectrum of tones is different. The MG30FX has everything from conventional to new tones.

Personally, I would suggest this to a newcomer who searches for his first real amp. Which has all the basic features that any newbie will require and can provide more as their skills develop.

The emulated headphones are available for simple silent practice and consumers can anticipate the same constant consistency regardless of where they play.


  • Sports a plain conventional style
  • Crafted from high quality density depends on Fender brand specifications
  • Facilities fast and quick
  • Does not contain all the unwanted characteristics and consequences
  • It delivers outstanding sound quality and continuity


  • Speakers Poor
  • Amount of lacquers

Fender Super Champ X2

[amazon box=”B006Y2FUW6″ ]

Here, but for sound reasons, we are major fans of the brand Fender. The Fender Super Champ’s simple machine networking is what I enjoy most about.

This is the amp for those looking to change the sound to the next level. There are 15 watts of full-strong sound, versatile, tone-rich and best of all? Thanks to the advanced singing and sounds, it is so simple to develop your personal preferences of music with this amp.

A dual-channel tube amplifier with only 10′′ Fender style speakers is the Fender Super Champ. It has a handy voice push button that provides 16 types of amps, including Tweed, Blackface, UK, Hot Rod, Metal, and much more.

It also provides 15 effects and, naturally, dual channel changing. Having said this, I would also firmly advise this amp to performers who want to record at home. What else will you wish for with so many customization possibilities?


  • Excellent handicraft.
  • Reliable standard of fender
  • Has a selection of sound modification effects and voices
  • Enable quiet rehearsal but still reasonably loud to perform live.


  • Some users recorded a bizarre sound

Roland CUBE-10GX

[amazon box=”B00LFLAL98″ ]

The Roland CUBE can look like a simple box at first sight, but after you heard it, you won’t see it the same way. The 10 watt guitar amp offers a lightweight system of high output.

This amp from Roland is lauded for its quality and its high class sound and provides an excellent and transparent choice for anybody who wants more.

Three preset CUBE amplifiers (clean, crunch and lead), and three onboard effects, Roland CUBE has a tailor-made interface The fantastic fact about this amp is that users get a CUBE KIT program for iOS and Android phones to replace the default amps with customized COSM amps.

Moreover, users can also play with their favorite songs. The Roland CUBE is also fitted with a Rec Out/Phones jacket for still practice and an au in jack record for MP3 players.


  • The compact architecture is lightweight
  • Great to drive you on the street
  • Has a loud volume although it is smaller.
  • Simple and user friendly
  • Has not many distracting effects and devices


  • Part reliability needs to be enhanced

CRUSH12 12-Watt

[amazon box=”B00DQN5T40″ ]

Want more portable options? The Crush 12 is one of Orange’s smallest packed amps. If you are an analog-tone guitarist, that was the only amplifier you can look at.

A strong 3 band eQ and a special Overdrive monitor for a wide spectrum of sound. This combo is a single-chain amp. The Crush 12 has everything from the tidy and fresh to the classic Orange retro sound.

This amplifier features a 6-inch design voice from the world speaker which just guarantees continuity. And thanks to the CabSim headphone performance from Orange, consumers can have an enormous tone with a calm volume, making this amplifier a perfect functional buddy.


  • Includes a distinctly orange lightweight style
  • Provides several diverse choices for sound production
  • Provides high volume and quiet practice using headphones


  • You need a little more assistance to create a real metal sound

Vault Fury 15 Watt

[amazon box=”B07KFQSN2X” ]

The Vault Fury is among the underlooked, love-producing quality amps. Although the price tag can leave skeptical feelings, this amplifier will show you that cheap means no poor quality.

You can prefer the Vault Fure if you have a strict budget, but want an amp that will take you to lengthy days of blasting sessions and practice.

This amplifier has what a guitarist would need, considering its humble price tag. It features an integrated AUX input that allows users to connect MP3 players, laptops, and smartphones during their practice. It also encourages relaxed habits – just plug your headphones and silence your speakers immediately.

I like the performance you will get out of this amplifier. No better performing amp, with eight amp versions, can be found: 4 modeling effects (Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, and Tremolo) (Delay and Reverb).

Honestly, particularly if you have to deal around your budget, you shouldn’t have twice to worry about this amp.


  • Gives more space for imagination than the usual entry-level combination amplifier for beginners
  • Is available at a very inexpensive price
  • An outstanding alternative for those who have a small budget
  • Much enduring and well-made in its budget range for an amp


  • Not as loud as other amps listed

Yamaha THR5 10-Watt

[amazon box=”B007J0UWMU” ]

Yamaha is a brand known for creating some of the finest entertainment equipment and user friendly instruments. If you are a novice who wants to buy your first guitar amp, then it’s worth trying out Yamaha THR5.

While a regular model, this guitar combo amplifier has several advantages for newcomers or students.

First, with the Yamaha’S VCM technology, it contains five classic versions, with a wide variety of effects. It sounds fantastic, whether you are in search of a smooth and rich sound or of a warped, edgy tonality.

The THR5 has all of its brother’s rugged features, the THR10, but it is smaller and compact. The THR5 is also powered by AC or batteries, making it easier to play on the way.


  • A great guitar in the beginning
  • Great for beginners and preparation.
  • Clean and classic beauty sports
  • For retro enthusiasts, a must-have
  • It makes decent sound quality
  • Often included as an audio interface that reliably records sound


  • Sound output is subpar to the same price level as other amps
  • It has less functions than most amplifiers

Fender Mustang I (V.2)

[amazon box=”B00BTGMI5O” ]

No, we’re not bored yet of speaking of Fender amplifications – another range you can’t skip is here: Fender Mustang I.

The Fender Mustang series boasts the new flexibility of the guitar. Thanks to their special concept amp versions and the various effects which come with them, they are known for this iconic Fender ton.

The Fender Mustang I is another perfect way to play with effects. It offers quick USB access and the excellent Fender FUSE app. Users will mess around with 17 different voices, 24 presets for on-board sounds and a chordal tuner on-board.

If that is inadequate to keep you occupied, this amp comes with the program for capturing Ableton Live Lite 8, and the software AmpliTube Fender LE, two very good recording equipment.


  • Excellent recording choice
  • Provides a lot of sound adaptation choices
  • Comes with government tools for the molding of sound items


  • Complex settings for sound dials
  • Any amps are not of the same standard as others

Laney Amps Guitar Amplifier

[amazon box=”B00DO6ZZ0W” ]

Laney was founded in the Midlands region of Birmingham in 1967 and is a British corporation. Behind this new business, Lyndon Laney was the motor power. With his friends, he was well known all over the quickly expanding pub and club scene of the UK.

Those who often played the loop saw and played regularly with his band. Robert Plant and John Bonham were named in their line-up. Actually, interesting days. And there is another popular celebrity that influenced the name of Laney and that Laney contributed to his development, as you will eventually discover.

Instead of trying to crunch it, you can build your sound on any volume setting. The preamps are managed by a footswitch through all three channels and pre raise. The push and pull controls are a different EQ. A wireless reverb, which is a nice addition, is built-in.

In addition, the GX loop, the expansion speaker ports and an aux-in are given. It’s fantastic for a 25 x 14 x 21″ lightweight format. It is composed of a rough vinyl Tolex frame and a plastic grill.

It sounds as violent as it seems, full of features and a tone of consistency. However, it’s not an economical choice.


  • Well made with many realistic characteristics.
  • Compact combo with several possibilities for toning.


  • Very pricey.

PRS Paul Reed Smith MT15

[amazon box=”B0798CH4YS” ]

In partnership with Mark Tremonti, this PRS amp has been equipped with many brand sound choices. It was built with the stronger player style in mind. But as we can point out, the amp gives you an odd look.

It’s not unlike the Archon, another PRS amplifier with five stage gains before the primary volume in its design concepts. This produces a rich, heavy distortion level. It is operated by 15 watts from 2 6L6 tubes and six preamp tubes.

It gives you a variety of tones. And though in its sound design it is ‘metal-based’ it can work easily in other styles.

There are two mechanisms, one very clean and bright, but the other one which you might call the contrary. This channel provides you with a broad degree of drive and vibration and has a range of tones and controls.

There are also clean switches on the channel, but the sound is far more like a chimney. However, it does have the power of the triple pull and push to add a little more when you need it.

It’s ready for the lane, says the house. It has a steel frame of 14 by 8 by 7.25 pounds and weights 25 pounds with stroke troughs. A metal handle is located on top.

The valves are illuminated by LED lights after power up. When you’re on the lead channel, you will be blue while you are on the clean channel and red. We think a good touch, which certainly adds more to your success on the stage.

A strong amplifier, but note that your cabinet is still to buy. Therefore, for a 15-watt amp it’s not cheap.


  • Rugged metal is built on the valves with a good internal glow.
  • There are some good sound possibilities for two different channels.


  • No built-in reverb.

Fender Mustang GT 40

[amazon box=”B06Y27KJC5″ ]

We’ve looked at a couple amps that could really pound it out in addition to other stuff. However, this amp is a modeling amp exclusively. But there are some outstanding features that make it worth looking at.

Regrettably it has some frustrating functionality that we’ll look at a little later, like many things Fender these days.

This is an Amp 40 watts that suits all player levels. It is designed to create a wide range of sounds, including metal, in several different genres. Two speakers are 6.5 inch.

There are 21 voices with 45 effects inside. Sounds can also be generated abundantly. For your assistance, there is a color LCD monitor that displays your results and amplifies and effects.

Fender appealed to as many consumers as possible for this amplifier. They found this Wi-Fi compliant. In this respect. With the online functionality, all patches are downloadable, Fender presets can be reviewed and other users can chat.

Bluetooth is also available with the Mustang GT. This ensures that your phone or other computers will play video. For effects and choices, you can also link to the Fender Tone app.

It’s a lightweight machine with a weight of 17 pounds just 18 by 12,2 by 11,1 inch. It is easy to tell from the technologies on board that Fender wanted to create an amp for a variety of users.

This amp is “a lot of rage over nothing,” Shakespeare quotes and what Fender was trying to do exactly is impossible to remember. But that’s true for plenty of their goods these days. We doubt that this amp is going to call a serious metal musician.


  • Also sounds for picking and using.
  • A lovely price.


  • The really low-cost look.

Hughes & Kettner GM40DH

[amazon box=”B01M31G0CM” ]

Hughes & Kettner may not be your first title when you buy an amp to perform serious metal. But they know their qualities. But they know.

This tube amplifier is 40 watts and is defined as everything. You may be right. From hardest Death Metal to soft Jazz, all the tonal choices available offer you all.

The framework is resilient even though it may seem to be a little vulnerable at first. The exception is not. The chassis is made of aluminum and has two handles. It is 22.40 by 11.40 by 11.40 inches and is just less than 22 pounds in weight. That means that it’s not an amp head of light weight.

You can store the sound in one of 128 patches after choosing what you want. A variety of integrated effects, such as digital reverb, are available. And you might change the volume without altering the voice with a distortion gate.

You can use the wireless iPad app or you use settings on the front of the amplifier. The creativity is shot there enough. It seems to be the only question you can not get a fantastic voice.

Before you look at the offer, you have to take a seat. It’s pretty pricey, actually. It’s just the head, mind. You will also require a firm.


  • You can store infinite tonal choices.
  • A lot of built-in background music and applications.


  • Just the cost.

Orange Amps

[amazon box=”B015G2AFTW” ]

We come back to another 60s and 70s stalwart who always punch it out. Orange was founded by Cliff Cooper and they were the greatest noise on the market for a certain time.

They are like Marshall and Vox, which know the importance of a business picture. You don’t have to look twice whenever you see one of their amplifiers to know what it is. That’s something encouraging.

This is an amp head that’s behind it for a clear notion. To give you those great snappy effects. They can also, however, be used in a compact and basic unit.

It’s a little bigger, really. This small building is just over better established measuring 3.94 inches by 5.91 inches by 7.09. You can nearly put it in your pocket. Ok, not yet, but you know what we’re talking about.

The tones contribute to the wildness of orange. from meek, gentle and twangy. And everyone who uses Orange knows how crazy it is.

Controls on the front are clear and fast. The sound and acquisition controls and headset jack are different. You would of course require a fridge, since you are only an amp head. Anything we believe you can accommodate.

An easy-to-use amplifier with lots of shameless metal under the roof. A fantastic shopping and a more than enticing choice at this price. One of the finest metal amps, no matter how much you’d like to pay.


  • Mighty, high-priced searing metal sounds.
  • A lightweight construction that is easy to transport.


  • Nothing

Boss Katana

[amazon box=”B07YVNLH33″ ]

We wouldn’t assume the amplifier is made especially for metal. Moreover, it’s an amp with several choices that some depend on the metalcore bands. The name of the Katana game is polyvalence.

It’s a very well combo amp, like Boss usually. It has a 12″ speaker which drives power out and a solid cabinet ready for road use. It doesn’t look really “hard rock” but looks a little smooth.

Naturally, Supervisor has about all the results. You really have a digital audio comprehension.

What do you expect will be included, if you purchase a simulation amplifier like this and Boss has written on it? Just right. Sixty Boss effects from its own sound studio which can all adapt to your specific sound requirements.

Amp and sound effect editor for the Boss Tone studio. The measures on impacts and the obtain and EQ offer additional choices to get your own toning right. And the impact loop means that after the tube amp you can add additional pedals.

If you want to play in a reduced volume but in your very own sounds, you may. The power choice variable allows you to hit the complete sound in a limited volume.

This is an amp for people who want to vary in their tones and audio alternatives at a good price point.


  • Good made from a 12-inch speaker with great weight.
  • Lots of volume and sounds and effects bundled with Boss at a good value.


  • I didn’t really have the requisite punch for a full-on sound of metal.

BOSS Katana MKII-100

[amazon box=”B07YLNVWHM” ]

For decades, BOSS has always been a pioneer in engineering. The Katana-100 MkII is our best all-round modeling guitar amp for metal guitars below 500 dollars. This guitar amp has plenty of different sound shaping choices that make it one of the best rock amplifiers under $500. It has strong distorted tones.

The Katana-100 MkII is your best choice for a metal amp if you wish to have limitless opportunities. It has 5 crisp, crunching, leading, brown and acoustic characters. Newly spoken variants are also available for each! Five separate parts with three variations each have been included in this amp.


  • Tone-forming endless
  • Audio tones with distortion
  • Force that defies class


  • None

Complete Buying Guide: Best Combo Amp For Metal

What is the genre that you define? Today there are so many prog metal, perhaps more than any other kind of music. Anything else.

However, however you want to name yourself, it is a musical way that takes a great deal of your tools. Just volume and vibration used to be. Most of it. Much. But this has been somewhat modified and the tones are significant.

Nor does it just affect the extent of distortion. Thousands of pedals will rip off your ears. But the tone of the amplifier, we say, is more critical than anything.

Therefore it’s necessary to get the right amplifier. And some positive and not so good are on the list.

Best Guitar Amps For Beginners Gear Patrol Lead Full

You do not need 10 million watts with amps which have an incorporated expansion option. You can have a tiny model of 20 watts and only send it in. The sound of the amplifier is critical, as we say.

There are lots of choices and some stunning amps are on our list. Naturally, they differ in costs. You don’t have to waste fortune often, though.

Easy, we’ll pick. A sound generation amplifier. We require no innumerable speakers, cabinets or triggers for effects. Essentially we want an amplifier that can pipe the sound out.

c68ac598478aa9904f6465b2507abdec 1200 80

The high-gain sound and strength for concerts, blasting sessions, and test sessions could last the best kind of combo amp for metal. Learning the wattage from an amp is among the first things to remember when you buy one.

The climate is another thing you must bear in mind. You don’t want a heavy bass to lug around, if you’re looking for an amp that can follow you on many live gigs. A portable alternative is the best, but it’s not enough – you will need one which creates enough volume to hear you.

This video below is about BEST ROCK/METAL AMP for your BUDGET

Conclusion Here Is The Recommendation Best Combo Amp For Metal For You

If you are a metal guitarist and want a setup that won’t take a pain to install in your car’s back to have the best noises of metal, I hope you can get some thoughts from this article.

NoNameImageBest ForRatingDetails
1[amazon link=”B006Y2FUW6” /][amazon fields=”B006Y2FUW6” value=”thumb”]Best amplifier for performing [amazon fields=”B006Y2FUW6” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B006Y2FUW6” value=”button”]
2[amazon link=”B007J0UWMU” /][amazon fields=”B007J0UWMU” value=”thumb”]Best for audio for listening [amazon fields=”B007J0UWMU” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B007J0UWMU” value=”button”]
3[amazon link=”B00DO6ZZ0W” /][amazon fields=”B00DO6ZZ0W” value=”thumb”]Best features for quality [amazon fields=”B00DO6ZZ0W” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B00DO6ZZ0W” value=”button”]
4[amazon link=”B0798CH4YS” /][amazon fields=”B0798CH4YS” value=”thumb”]Best internal glow for relaxing [amazon fields=”B0798CH4YS” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B0798CH4YS” value=”button”]
5[amazon link=”B01M31G0CM” /][amazon fields=”B01M31G0CM” value=”thumb”]Best functions for practical experience [amazon fields=”B01M31G0CM” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B01M31G0CM” value=”button”]

These amps are actually the best of the best, and for that consistency you would have to pay. As I said at the beginning if you have a limited income, locating a modeling amplifier that doesn’t have pre-set metals is tough, but you lose the comfort of these smoothing infants.

The easiest thing to do, as usual, is to go down and visit the nearest guitar shop. See how your ears are sounding and how you play your own style.

  • Don’t forget to share your thoughts about Best Combo Amp For Metal at the comment box below!

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