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Top 5 Best Cymbal Cleaners of 2024

Cymbal cleaners perform an exceptional job of restoring cymbals with a superb finish to their original, sparkling sheen. Restoring this mirror-like sheen helps your cymbals look great on a drum set and can even improve their sound quality.

In this post, we’ve evaluated the best cymbal cleaners on the market to help you find the correct product. We have examined performance, usability, and affordability in order to provide you with our best picks.

Best Cymbal Cleaners:OUR TOP PICKS

Cleanser for Zildjian Brilliant Finish Cymbals

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Zildjian is the world’s largest cymbal maker and has been creating high-quality cymbals for almost 400 years. This Zildjian Cymbal Cleaner is particularly made to clean and preserve cymbals with a superb finish with a single application.

This superb finish cymbal polish from Zildjian is simply remarkable. It restores a cymbal’s natural luster and removes all dirt and debris from the cymbal’s surface.

Simply apply a tiny quantity of the recipe to the cymbal and use a soft, dry cloth to buff it in a circular motion. The chemical interacts with the dirt on the cymbal, allowing it to be easily wiped away.

We were able to restore the original luster of our ride cymbal after using a considerable amount of “elbow grease.” We recommend using a new towel for each cymbal if you have a large number of cymbals to clean because the solution is able to remove so much filth.


  • Excellent solution
  • Performs really good
  • Best cymbal cleaner for dazzling cymbals


  • Very small!

Groove Juice Cymbal Cleaning Solution

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This next item is the renowned Groove Juice Cymbal Cleaner. Numerous expert drummers believe that this is the best product available for restoring cymbals to their natural luster.

It is a sophisticated formula that is extremely rapid and simple to utilize. A thin liquid spray is uniformly sprayed on the cymbal, allowed to sit for 30 seconds, and then removed with a soft cloth or towel. Groove Juice produces excellent and immediate effects on all brilliant-finish cymbals.

Not only is this product effective and easy to use, but it is also a good bargain. Regular use of this product every few months will restore the natural brilliance and sparkling tone of your cymbals.

This product is one of the best cymbal cleaners on the market and operates quite well, thus we would strongly suggest it.


  • Collects all filth and grime
  • Restores cymbals’ original luster
  • One bottle will last for years.


  • We discovered that alternative cymbal cleaners are superior.

Music Cymbal Cleaner, Nomad

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The Music Nomad Cymbal Cleaner is a potent solution that removes all sorts of stains and residues that accumulate over time on all types of cymbals.

The solution is potent, so you only need a few drops of cymbal cleaner on a cloth before cleaning the lathing grooves in a circular motion. It is so effective that you will witness it rapidly remove any dirt from the surface.

When utilizing the Music Nomad cleanser, we need only a tiny amount of the solution for it to function well. It is applied to a thoroughly damp cloth. After polishing the cymbal and removing all debris, we used a dry towel to remove any remaining moisture.

With this cymbal cleaning, a little goes a long way, and you receive 240ml of liquid each bottle. It will last a long time and restore many dirty cymbals to their original condition!


  • Removes debris and maintains cymbals’ luster.
  • Highly efficient cleaning agent
  • A single cleaning bottle will last for years.


  • Liquids do not spread very easily

Sabian Secure and Safe

[amazon box=”B00IKEYWIY”]

The Sabian Safe and Sound cleaning is a lotion that is rubbed into cymbals to remove any dust and filth. This cleaner differs from others in that it does not seek to restore the cymbals’ luster. Instead, it seeks to preserve their sound quality while keeping them clean.

Cymbal cleaners frequently alter the sound of cymbals. This is a major reason why the majority of drummers reject cleaning cymbals. However, this cleaner is somewhat safer to use, as the sound of your cymbals will not change once they have been cleaned.

This cream may also be utilized on hardware, which is an additional advantage. Similar to cymbals, hardware tends to become filthy and dusty. Therefore, the Sabian Safe and Sound cleaner will serve as your all-purpose instrument for maintaining your drum set.

It is not effective on traditional cymbals, thus it should only be used on dazzling ones. Additionally, do not rub the logos!


  • Designed to preserve the sound quality of cymbals
  • Also works for hardware


  • Not applicable to traditional cymbals

Dunlop 6400 System System 65

[amazon box=”B00IKEYWIY”]

The Dunlop 6400 cleaning kit is just what you need if you’re the type of drummer who insists on impeccably clean equipment. This package includes three bottles.

It includes a cymbal cleaner, a drum shell cleaner, a bottle of cymbal extreme care, and a cleaning towel.

It contains everything necessary. The cymbal cleaner is effective on bright cymbals, while the drum shell cleaner is effective on any type of shell imaginable. The third bottle protects your cymbals and will prevent them from becoming too filthy in the future.

The included cloth is a nice addition, as drummers typically have to search the house for a suitable towel to wipe their cymbals.

Since this is a pack of cleaners, it is more expensive than the other items on this list. However, it is well worth the effort. Just remember not to use the cymbal cleaner on the logos.


  • Complete assortment of cleaners for drums and cymbals
  • Contains a cloth


  • Costlier than the alternatives on the list.


best cymbal cleaners

Utilized cymbals are susceptible to discoloration and grime accumulation. Numerous contributing variables render this unavoidable. Over time, grimy finger stains, air dampness, stick marks, and moisture can leave undesirable imperfections on cymbals.

The once-beautiful and sparkling sheen that your cymbal set proudly showed will gradually become dull and tarnished.

However, this is nothing to be very concerned about. There are several wonderful cymbal cleaning products on the market that will restore the luster of your original cymbal shine!

While many drummers store their cymbals in protective cymbal cases, you should also routinely clean your cymbals to remove oxidation, stains, and grime.

The additional patina caused by oil and moisture will make your cymbals unsightly and less expensive, and may even affect their sound.

What to Search for in a Cymbal Cleaner

  • A robust and efficient solution – It should be very concentrated and highly efficient in removing imperfections and filth from the cymbal’s surface.
  • A straightforward applicator – The bottle must have a simple spray applicator or an easy-to-open cap to prevent spillage.
  • Excellent value for money – If you don’t clean your cymbals every day, a high-quality cymbal cleaner should last you several years.


best cymbal cleaners

Should my cymbals be cleaned after each use?

If you have cymbals with a great finish, cleaning them after each use will prevent corrosion, extend their life, and keep them gleaming.

Do cymbals require cleaning in any way?

Many drummers do not believe in cymbal cleaning. According to them, an aged and worn-looking cymbal is lovely and inviting.

Can WD40 be utilized to clean cymbals?

WD40 is a petroleum-based chemical that was first designed to displace water. WD stands for water displacement in the name.

Some drummers have had success using WD40 to remove dirt and fingerprints from cymbals, but use at your own risk. WD40 is not suited for cymbal cleaning.


Whether you want your cymbals to be shiny or not, it’s a good idea to keep a cymbal cleaner on hand in case you require shining cymbals unexpectedly.

You never know when you’ll be required to participate in a photoshoot or music video in which your cymbals are prominently displayed. If you have dirty cymbals that are intended to be bright, the result will not be attractive.

All of the best cymbal cleaners listed above will perform well. Simply read the fine print to see if they are compatible with the cymbals you own.

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