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Top Best Electric Guitar For Kids Are Essential Part For Them To Show Talents: Reviews 2021

Music is an important part of our life. For everyone, they usually enjoy music from famous singers or musicians. Or they show their passion by playing instruments such as piano, drum, trumpet, launchpad, etc. And also have the electric guitar.  Both children also need the best electric guitar for kids to have good condition for practising.

However, adults have hobbies and passion with the electric guitar. After a long time learning, they can play the guitar professionally is really wonderful. Therefore, kids also can do that like them. If a child likes music, like playing the guitar, he/she will find many ways to insist parents on allowing them to follow their dream.

But a full size electric guitar will be too big for kids, some producers created smaller ones for them to be easy to practise. It is an electric guitar for kids. Each of them still has enough function of a normal electric guitar. Besides being smaller in size, it also has its own points for each type.

We looked for so much. And finally, we totally found out some products of the best electric guitar for kids. Now go with us to watch which they are and what their highlights are.

Best Electric Guitar For Kids Comparison 2021

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Best Electric Guitar For Kids, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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Top 20 Best Electric Guitar For Kids Reviews 2021

Rise By Sawtooth ST-RISE-ST-3/4-BLK-KIT-1 Electric Guitar Pack

[amazon box=”B015YLZI7E” ]

To begin a journey in the pursuit of guitar music, you need a good guitar. And so are the children. Rise by Sawtooth ST-RISE-ST-3/4-BLK-KIT-1 Electric Guitar Pack can be a good choice for kids.

It has a size of 3/4 compared with a full size electric guitar making it look like a toy. But in essence, it is an electric guitar. Its sound is the sound of real strings. Just the size has been changed to fit children.

This will be a great guitar for your child to start learning. Rise by Sawtooth Electric Guitar comes with a lot of accessories for learning and playing such as 3 pick samples, guitar cable, guitar strap, gig bag. And a special thing is you will have an online lesson come with the electric guitar. You don’t need to immediately apply to guitar classes.

The highlight that we can skip when mentioning this product of Rise by Sawtooth is its flexible fit for all players. It has two designs: one for right-handed and one for left-handed. So if your kids with any handed hand, you can let them learn with that hand, it is not necessary to force the child to learn from the non-dominant hand difficulty.

Thanks to the smaller size, children can hold the guitar tight to play. And because it still keeps features of a normal electric guitar, kids can play with perfect sound easily. This is really the best electric guitar for kids.


  • Adjustable bridge.
  • Free accessories included.
  • Be designed to two types for both right-handed and left-handed.


  • Usually going out of the tune so users need to check and adjust each time playing.

YMC 30″ Kids Electric Guitar Pack

[amazon box=”B01M8IL1R3″ ]

The product above is just a small part in this list. Now we will introduce to you the second electric guitar for kids that we found.  This guitar comes from YMC brand – YMC 30” Kids Electric Guitar.

The length of guitar is 30 inches including 20 inches scale with 21 getting smaller frets and 10 inches soundboard. The medium size is fit for children.

The completeness of the frets is very convenient for the kids who are just starting to play the guitar. However, its design is only used for right-handed kids. The left-handed kids who want to try this guitar need to learn to use their right hand more.

Come with the guitar is a convenient combo consisting of everything necessary to play immediately. The accessories are cable cord, strap, gig bag, picks, extra strings. And the most important thing is the 5 watts amplifier. This amplifier helps the sound of the guitar be louder.

The special features are included in a volume control knob and a single coil pick up. They help users adjust the electric guitar for kids more easily.

Moreover, it was designed with an array of colors like sunburst, blue, pink, red, black. So this is the best electric guitar for kids because not only do they have good performance but also the appearance is attractive for kids.


  • A shorter scale suits children.
  • Includes many accessories.
  • 5-watt amplifier.
  • Easy to use with a single coil pickup and volume control knob.


  • The sound will only be as good as the amp.

Stedman Kid Series Electric Guitar Pack

[amazon box=”B00W9IVJCE” ]

Another item, the electric guitar pack which has almost necessary features. Let’s check the Stedman Kid Series Electric Guitar Pack.

The guitar was designed with 30 inches length. The size also includes a 20 inches scale having 21 frets and 10 inches for the length of the soundboard. It is really a

suitable size for kids.

The shorter scale helps children move and press the fret board easily. They don’t

need to reach too long and wide on the guitar neck.

With a volume control knob and a single coil pick up, children can adjust the electric more easily.

The guitar has many accessories including everything they users need to play at once. The accessories are cable, strap, gig bag, picks, wrench. And the special thing help the sound from the guitar board louder is the 5 watts amplifier

In addition, the appearance of the guitar was designed to be very stunning and colorful. Many colors include such as black, sunburst, transparent blue, transparent red, and pink. Therefore all kids like selecting this item of the best electric guitar for kids.


  • A smaller size is suitable for children.
  • Comes with many accessories.
  • 5-watt amplifier.
  • A single coil pickup and volume control knob help customers use more simply.


  • The tunes are just okay, not great.
  • Neck frets are sharp and dangerous so you need to sharpen it before letting kids use it.

WINZZ 30 Inches Real Kids Electric Guitar

[amazon box=”B07L648MQ6″ ]

Winzz is a brand of fretted musical instruments and always has innovation in every product. As a result, they also have an item of the best electric guitar for kids. It is a WINZZ 30 Inches Real Kids Electric Guitar.

The electric guitar has an appearance with bright color. Look at it, users can feel like the guitar gives them full energy, especially for children.

Mini size – 30 inches is completely fit with children from 4 to 10 years old. In that, having 21 frets and the scale’s length is 19.96 inches – enough to play almost all songs.

All the guitar parts were made from high quality material. From solid guitar body, fingerboard, bridge made of maple to the volume control knob and alloy machine head, everything is both so durable.

Besides the guitar, customers will receive some accessories consisting of cable, gig bag, strap, extra string, 2 picks. And also having an amplifier to help the sound be louder.

At once you get the product, you can play the guitar without needing to prepare many things before that.


  • High quality material.
  • Colorful design.
  • Perfectly fit for children.


  • The frets are sharp so it is dangerous for kids.

Squier By Fender Mini Stratocaster Beginner Electric Guitar – Indian Laurel Fingerboard

[amazon box=”B07BBW41Z1″ ]

Fender is the next brand which has electric guitars for kids. We are talking about Squier by Fender Mini Stratocaster Beginner Electric Guitar – Indian Laurel Fingerboard.

Like other electric guitars for kids, this product also has a smaller scale length than a normal electric guitar – 22.75 inches. Not only that but also the guitar body is thin and lightweight.

So that, for a kid, it is both fit with their hands and easy for them to lift or carry the guitar.

The shaped neck profile was designed like a “C”. This point gives users a vintage style feel. And they can play remarkably comfortably.

Another vintage part of this guitar is hardtail bridge. This design enhanced the stability and sustain of the tune.

To make the sound clearer and crisper, the guitar was engineered to add single-coil pickups following the Squier standard.

In all, Squier by Fender Mini Stratocaster Beginner Electric Guitar – Indian Laurel Fingerboard is the best electric guitar for kids which has every feature about size and function suit for them.


  • Having two types for both right-handed and left-handed people.
  • Thin and lightweight body.
  • Vintage style hardtail Bridge.
  • “C”-shaped neck profile.
  • Standard single-coil pickups.


  • (almost do not have)

LS Guitar Holiday Ornament

[amazon box=”B07L65D56J” ]

And the next electric guitar for kids we recommend for you is LS Guitar Holiday Ornament.

The size of the guitar is a medium level – approximate 17.5Lx5.8Wx0.8H cm. So that it fits with kids over 14 years old. If your children are younger, this electric guitar will be quite big and it will be difficult for them to play it.

The material used is wood, metal and brass depending on each part of the electric guitar for kids by the maker. Therefore, this guitar has high durability, users can play it for a long time.

Beside that, the stunning color red varnished wood creates attraction for customers. Combined with some exquisitely crafted ornament makes it look unique. Your children will look so cool and great when they take the guitar.

If your kids just start learning to play the guitar and they just perform at home, this is the best electric guitar for kids that suits them.


  • The guitar was exquisitely crafted.
  • Unique color.
  • Durability is quite high.
  • Come with a holder.


  • Suit with children over 14 years old.

KidKraft Lil’ Symphony Guitar

[amazon box=”B00JLGGR88″ ]

Another one we talk about is KidKraft Lil’ Symphony Guitar.

It is a perfect simulation of a real electric guitar. Because the guitar body was made from hollow composite wooden combined with some plastic parts.

About the strings, it is not like toy guitars. It is authentic metal guitar strings. Your kids can play songs with this guitar like a musician.

Moreover, thanks to the tune pegs’ function, you can also adjust the tune and sound of the guitar to be suitable for each song.

This product can be a good start for your children to learn about music, about the guitar and detail is electric guitar.


  • Small size for kids.
  • No assembly required.
  • Similar to a real electric guitar.


  • Seems like a toy because the tune is difficult to be adjusted.

Muslady 28 Inch Mini ST Electric Guitar Kit For Kids Children Maple Neck Paulownia Body

[amazon box=”B07RCGXJL6″ ]

You don’t like the electric guitars for kids above. Don”t worry, we still have many products for you to select slowly. ANd now, we go on introducing the next one – Muslady 28 Inch Mini ST Electric Guitar Kit for Kids Children Maple Neck Paulownia Body.

The main part of this kit of course is the electric guitar for kids. Its size was 28 inches. This size is very suitable for children to easily take and move their hands to press the fretboard when playing.

Even though the size has been scaled down, the basic functions of each electric guitar are still kept stable. 6 strings with 22 frets give this guitar the sufficiency tune for every song.

Come with a 5 watts battery powered amplifier and volume and tone control knobs. So that users always enjoy music with fun and freely without being worried about the problem of the sound.

This item is the best electric guitar for kids to play almost any song they like. And they can also bring it when traveling with a guitar bag included.


  • Specially designed for children.
  • The mini amplifier(5 watts) works by battery.
  • Many colors to choose.


  • (may be don’t have any points)

Peavey The Walking Dead Michonne / Zombie Rockmaster Guitar

[amazon box=”B00ENZDG72″ ]

Relax a little and we come to the next best electric guitar for kids. This product is of Rockmaster – Peavey The Walking Dead Michonne / Zombie Rockmaster Guitar.

We have information about its material. The guitar body was made of basswood, the fingerboard is rosewood and the neck is maple. So that this guitar is very strong and durable. It has a little feeling of luxury.

With the mini scale length size 25.5 inches, the guitar is fit with every child who likes playing the guitar. 

However, it still has enough frets like a full size electric guitar – 21 frets. Therefore, your kids still play songs easily with obstruction.

Thanks to a volume and a tone control knob, users can immerse in music with excellent balance, playability and tone.

With this best electric guitar for kids – Peavey The Walking Dead Michonne / Zombie Rockmaster Guitar, not only your kids but also you have many relaxing times.


  • High quality material.
  • Convenient with volume and tone knob.
  • Balance and stability tone.


  • (we didn’t find anything)

Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro Electric Guitar

[amazon box=”B00GXNRAG0″ ]

Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro Electric Guitar is the next electric guitar for kids we recommend to you.

The size of the guitar is smaller than others that were talked about above – just 22 inches. Nevertheless, it also has a set-up like the full-size electric guitars.

Therefore, it becomes a great choice for kids learning to play the guitar. No need to get too tired of using a guitar too big for them. Now, children can practice on a guitar that not only fits the size, but also has the full range of standards of a real electric guitar.

This is the first compact guitar of Ibanez so it still has disadvantages. However, its advantages are things users cannot skip. Therefore, it is worth having a place in this list of the best electric guitar for kids.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Colors attract kids.


  • Sometimes it can’t hold its tune.

Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar

[amazon box=”B00DYIIQ0Q” ]

If you are still not satisfied with a product. Join us to continue to learn the next products. And this is the Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar.

The APTX2 is about half the size of an ordinary electric guitar. Therefore, it is a great companion for children to pursue a passion for the guitar.

Despite its compact size, it is not weak. It does not have a bad melody, so it can still perform most songs without limitation.

It is loaded with an ART-based pickup system and exclusive Yamaha tuner. And of course thanks to that, users can quickly and accurately adjust the tune.

This is the best electric guitar for kids that you are finding, right?


  • ART-based pickup system.
  • Yamaha’s proprietary tuner.
  • Volume and Tone Controls.
  • Come with a gig bag.


  • (no thing)

Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Pack

[amazon box=”B00A6D50L0″ ]

Now, we will give you another choice of electric guitar for kids. This product is a pack including everything that your children need to start playing the guitar immediately. Its name is Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Pack.

The main thing is a genuine Les Paul Special-II LTD guitar. The guitar has a cable length of 10ft – a suitable size for kids using.

Come with it having 2 classical humbucker and an electric amplifier 10 watts. These things help the sound from your guitar be clearer, louder and more attractive with the audience.

When getting this item, you can also download free guitar lessons from the media. You can treat it as the most wonderful gift along with some accessories such as a guitar strap, gig bag, picks and headstock chromatic tuner.

With a pack, you can start learning how to play the guitar right now when you receive it.


  • 10 watts amplifier.
  • Two classic humbucker pickups.
  • Guitar lessons online.


  • (in our opinion, it doesn’t have big weaknesses

Smartxchoices 30″ Kids Electric Guitar

[amazon box=”B01MV7JXNT” ]

The next product for you is Smartxchoices 30 “Kids Electric Guitar.

This guitar can be played by children 3 years of age and older. With a size 30 inches smaller than normal – a size suitable for children to use.

The guitar body is made of hardwood and the neck is made of rosewood. As a result, our Smartxchoice is very durable. The body of the instrument is covered in a dark blue color creating a very attractive effect. And the bright neck makes the guitar be more special.

The fretboard is divided into 22 frets, which are almost full for playing all chords. Along with passive electronics makes the sound fuller.

Included with the keyboard are a few basic accessories such as cables, plectrums, additional strings, amp strap and 5 watts mini amp. A normal amp, just enough for your child to use, not too expensive.

Small size for a child, great sound and good melody holding are the prerequisites to make this product become the best electric guitar for kids.


  • Beautiful appearance.
  • Not only small size but also light weight.
  • Strong and durable material.


  • It sometimes does not hold its tuning.

Fender Squier 3/4 Size Kids Mini Strat Electric Guitar

[amazon box=”B07YR1GMPS” ]

Another electric guitar for kids of Squier stays in this list is Fender Squier 3/4 Size Kids Mini Strat Electric Guitar.

The length of the whole guitar is only ¾ of the normal guitar. And the neck is only 22.75 inches long, divided into 20 frets.

The “C” shaped antique design is very special, creating a distinction for the product. Several settings such as five-way switching,three pickup trucks cascading a coil, and hardtail Stratocaster bridge have a vintage-style  help to complete the sound.

Therefore, children from 6 to 12 years old are suitable for choosing this herd. Both easy to hold, play and can perform most songs that children like.


  • Suit size for kids.
  • Many accessories include instrument cable, picks, strap, amplifier, Tuner, austin bazaar instructional DVD and fender play online lessons.


  • Just spend for kids from 6 to 12 years old.

Ibanez 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar (GRGM21WH)

[amazon box=”B0049SBV9I” ]

If you are having difficulty finding the best electric guitar for kids. Let us help you find it. One of all products we looked for is Ibanez 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar (GRGM21WH).

Ibanez sends you a super compact electric guitar with a 22 inches scale. Even so, it still has 24 frets – an unbelievable number. This electric guitar will not be because of its small size that causes many problems for the user.

The body is made from mahogany. Together with rosewood fingerboard help the guitar become more durable and strong.

Thanks to humbucker pickups designed for dual power sound, the sound from the guitar is louder than what we think.

There are hardly any big performance points, we think you should also consider this product.


  • High quality wood.
  • Small size but still have many frets for playing conveniently.


  • Easily chipped or scratched because of the bad paint.

Squier By Fender Mini Strat – Rosewood Fingerboard

[amazon box=”B06Y1W5M3G” ]

Another equally small electric guitar, perfect for kids to play, is the Squier by Fender Mini Strat – Rosewood Fingerboard.

It owns a size only ¾ compared to a full size electric guitar and the scale is only long 22.75 inches. Many parts are made from different types of wood to suit the function. The neck is maple, and the fingerboard is rosewood.

The neck is divided into 20 frets. That is a basic number of frets enough for the kids to learn to play from beginner to advanced.

The neck was designed with “C”. So that it creates a comfortable feeling when children are playing the guitar.

Even though the strat is small, the sound is extremely giant. A kid who has just started to learn or has learned for a long time also needs the best electric guitar for kids like this. Why not support them?


  • “C” shaped.
  • Vintage style.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • It takes a lot of time to adjust to having a wonderful sound.

Loog Pro Electric Guitar

[amazon box=”B073QY2FTH” ]

This is the only one electric guitar for kids which only has 3 strings instead of 6 strings like others. It is a Loog Pro Electric Guitar.

Compact design for children. Along with simple play makes it easier for children to have early lessons.

Of course the body and neck are also made from the same fine wood as any other instrument. This ensures that the guitar will last and last longer.

Getting this electric guitar for kids, users will have an accompanying app. As a result, your child can immediately learn the piano without waiting for classes.

In particular, the things that children learn on Loog app can still be applied on the 6-string guitar. So when you change another guitar, your baby will still quickly adapt and learn how to play.


  • 3-string electric guitars give children a simple way to start learning.
  • Come with chords flashcards.
  • Solid wood body and maple neck.


  • Sound is not really great.

Raptor EP3 30″ Kids 1/2 Size Electric Guitar Package

[amazon box=”B01IC9UJ6U” ]

You still haven’t found what you want. Now check out the next one – Raptor EP3 30 “Kids 1/2 Size Electric Guitar Package.

A complete package of this product includes an electric guitar for kids, an 3 watts amplifier, strap, gig bag, cable and raptor picks.

The first is an electric guitar, because it is a guitar for children, so the size has been reduced to only 30 inches. Moreover, its light weight makes it very suitable for children’s hands.

Solid basswood body combined with maple neck and fretboard gives it the toughness and high quality that it’s proud of.

The 3 watts amp is battery-operated, so your kids can use it anywhere without a main electric supply.

The convenience helped this product get its place on the list of products about the best electric guitar for kids.


  • Having almost everything needed to play the guitar at once.


  • The quality of the amplifier is not really good.

Taylor Swift Signature Baby Taylor Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural

[amazon box=”B00GYD2B86″ ]

This could be the start of a child’s passion for guitar – Taylor Swift Signature Baby Taylor Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural.

The top is made from solid sitka spruce. The fingerboard is made from genuine African ebony. Differentiation of this wood is based on the function of each part. Thanks to that, the longevity of the instrument is also enhanced.

The small size is divided into several parts: a slim neck – 1-11 / 16 “, a shorter scale 22-3 / 4” and a compact shape. Therefore the guitar is just right for kids playing.

It has 19 frets. For kids, these frets are enough for them to unleash the fun song.

Truly can’t help but say this is a perfect selection for the best electric guitar for kids.


  • Natural and classical design.


  • (may be don’t have weaknesses need to talk)

Muslady 28 Inch Mini ST Electric Guitar Kit For Kids Children

[amazon box=”B07RCGXJL6″ ]

You probably have a choice for yourself now. But don’t miss these final products. Now is Muslady 28 Inch Mini ST Electric Guitar Kit for Kids Children.

Specially designed for children, measuring just 28 inches.

Sealed-style latches prevent strings from loosening and better hold sound.

The neck is also divided into 22 frets. Therefore it will not be inferior to other electric guitars in terms of ability to help users play a multitude of songs.

The battery-powered mini amplifier (5W) has volume and tone control knobs. These knobs allow users to adjust and enjoy music freely.

Besides, it comes with a strap, a string and an audio cable.


  • Smaller size – 28 inches.
  • The amplifier works quite well.


  • Random color delivery.

Which features does the best electric guitar for kids need?

best electric guitar for kids

For each guitar player, quality performance of the electric guitar is the most important thing. For kids who play the guitar are also like that. You need to choose an electric guitar for kids carefully. Special about the sound of the guitar. The best electric guitar for kids needs to have a wonderful and stable sound.

The next point you need to pay attention is the guitar’s size. This thing depends on the age and appearance of your children. Because a fit electric guitar will help them feel more comfortable when playing. And they also must not be tired of taking and carrying their guitar during performance.

Moreover, the material of the guitar also needs to be cared for. Parents have to check, compare with many electric guitars. About the wood that creates the guitar body, guitar neck, etc. And also about the string. The metal strings are always better than the nilong strings. Finally, selecting the best one. Because if an electric guitar was made from good material, its sound is also greater.

You also ought to think about your kids’ favourite. From that, you can give them an electric guitar that has an appearance and design that makes them happy and like it.

Having many things you need to think about before getting one and giving it for your kids.

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Electric Guitar For Kids

Having many selections also makes it seem difficult for you to choose the best electric guitar for kids, doesn’t it? Therefore, after researching and checking more than 20 products. These are 5 best choices in our opinion that we recommend for you.



[amazon box=”B015YLZI7E” ]



[amazon box=”B015YLZI7E” ]



[amazon box=”B00W9IVJCE” ]



[amazon box=”B07L648MQ6″ ]



[amazon box=”B07BBW41Z1″ ]

Is your favorite product in this list? Or you found out the best guitar for kids after reading this article, didn’t you? We hope that this article is helpful for you and it does not waste your time.

Thank you for spending time reading our list.

The next article may be also useful for you so see you next time.

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