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Top 5 Best Gaming Headsets for Call of Duty of 2024

It’s almost the end of the year. Have you thought about what your resolution will be? Here’s a good one: Why not make a promise to get better at Call of Duty? Getting the best gaming headsets for Call of Duty is the best way to do this.

This blog post will give you tips on how to find the best gaming headsets for Call of Duty, explain why you need them, and give you a couple of suggestions to get you started.

Best Gaming Headsets for Call of Duty: OUR TOP PICKS

Headset for gaming made by HyperX

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The HyperX Cloud II gaming headset has precise 53 mm audio drivers that make clear sounds that help users figure out where footsteps and other game sounds are coming from. The headphones have big ear cups with memory foam earpads and a soft protein leather liner. It looks cool because of its unique red and black color scheme and the HyperX logo on the ear cups. The cord on this model, on the other hand, tends to twist.

The headband on this headset is made of high-quality material and is built to last. It’s suggested for a number of AAA games, like Call of Duty. The headset has virtual 7.1 surround sound, which lets you hear the sound in a 3D field. It has a high-quality microphone that can be bent and taken off. It also has passive noise cancellation to help cut down on background noise. The frame of this headset is made of high-quality aluminum that can handle regular use and being moved around a lot. It works on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and other devices.


  • A high-quality mic that can be bent and taken off
  • Cushions that are very comfy
  • 7.1 sound system


  • It is easy for the cable to twist.

Ziumier Z66 Gaming Headset

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The Ziumier Z66 was made with cross-platform users in mind. It works with PC, PS5, Xbox One, and a large number of other consoles and mobile devices. This headset has high-quality 50mm drivers that make sounds that are clear and smooth. It has virtual surround sound, which helps users figure out where footsteps and other sounds in the game are coming from. In eSports, communication is made easier with a very sensitive omnidirectional microphone. This mic has technology that gets rid of annoying background noise. However, this headset doesn’t get very loud.

This headset is very comfortable and has earpads made of protein fabric that let air circulate and are light. A 3.5mm audio plug makes it easy to connect to a wide range of devices, and volume controls and a mute button on the cable make it easy to customize. This headset has beautiful LED light bands and RGB lighting that flows on the ear cups and mic to make a good gaming environment. This unit has a headband that can be changed to fit different sized and shaped heads.


  • Exquisite white design
  • RGB lights that move
  • Mic that blocks out noise


  • Doesn’t get very loud
  • RGB lights can’t be changed.

Wireless SteelSeries Arctis Pro

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This wireless headset plays sound so well that it’s perfect for playing Call of Duty. With this product, you can get the benefits of wireless headsets without sacrificing quality.

It has batteries that can be charged. We strongly suggest that you buy an extra set of batteries so that you can switch them out before one of them dies. So that you can always use your wireless headset.

But it is a bit on the pricey side. But I want to say that if you want to get into competitive gaming, this is a good investment.


  • Lossless audio
  • System with two batteries is convenient


  • Expensive

Astro A10 is a Call of Duty gaming headset

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The Call of Duty artwork on the Astro A10 – Call of Duty gaming headset is a licensed design meant to appeal to fans. This headset has a headband made of anodized aluminum with a polycarbonate blend on the outside. This gives it a strong structure and a lightweight design. It has big ear cups with memory foam cushions that help air flow and make it more comfortable to wear. The mic can be turned off by flipping it up, and the headset has volume controls right on the cord. But this one’s cord isn’t very good, and it tends to get tangled up.

A microphone that picks up sound from all directions picks up the voice in clear detail. This model makes clear sounds because it has high-quality audio drivers. A low latency design sends audio in real time, which gives eSports players an advantage. This headset works with PS4, Xbox One, and PC, so it can be used in a lot of different ways, and its army green and black color scheme will make a statement. This gaming headset is good for the environment and made in a way that doesn’t hurt the climate. It connects with a 3.5mm jack that works with almost everything.


  • Great mic that you can flip to mute
  • Call of Duty artwork gives it a great look.
  • Memory foam ear cushions are very comfortable.


  • Cord prone to tangling

Bengoo G9600 Gaming Headset

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The camouflage pattern on this Bengoo G9600 gaming headset will make a strong statement. It has powerful 40mm magnetic neodymium drivers that help users figure out where sounds are coming from. With its noise-isolating microphone that works in all directions, this headset can record audio while reducing annoying background sounds. The mic can be turned around so that users can hide it when they need to. But this unit doesn’t make a lot of noise.

A USB cable can be plugged in and used right away, and its braided design makes it strong enough to be used often. The headset has a rotary volume control and a button to mute the microphone, making it easy to customize. Its cushioned earbuds let air in, so sweat and heat don’t build up, and the headband can be adjusted for a comfortable fit. This headset has beautiful LED lights on the ears that light up the gaming station. It works with a wide range of platforms, like the Playstation 4, the New Xbox One, and the PC.


  • The ear cushions and headband are incredibly comfortable.
  • Camouflage pattern that looks good
  • Almost everyone can use it


  • Doesn’t get very loud


Best Gaming Headsets for Call of Duty
Top 5 Best Gaming Headsets for Call of Duty of [year] 4

How to Pick the Best Call of Duty Headset

The best Call of Duty headset for your needs will depend on a number of things. To get the most out of your gaming audio, you should choose a model that fits your gaming style and works well with your favorite games and platforms. If you’re a competitive gamer, you should choose a headset that gives you more comfort.

Key Factors for Call of Duty Headset

Do you need a headset for traveling?

Headsets make it easier and more portable to play games than if you had a separate microphone and headphones. Still, if you travel a lot, you might want to think about a headset that folds up or one that is wireless. There may also be an easier way to connect wireless models to mobile devices.

Do you play against other people?

For competitive gaming, you need the best sound quality and durability, as well as the best ergonomics so you can play all day long. So, if you’re a more serious gamer, you should think about both the quality of the materials and the way the headphones are made.

Do you also play music with them?

Audiophiles will find that the best headphones for music have the same features that make them good for gaming. However, not all gaming headsets are good enough to play your favorite songs. But you can find great headphones for listening to music that are also comfortable enough to use for long gaming sessions.

What kinds of sites do you use?

When choosing the best headsets, it’s also important to look at how well they work with other platforms. Some modern gaming headsets can connect to the Xbox One by themselves. If you’re a gamer with a newer laptop or tablet, you might want to look into USB-C headsets.


Best Gaming Headsets for Call of Duty

Is it better to game with a wireless headset or a wired one?

Wireless headsets can be easier to use when traveling or playing games on the go. They also work well with newer game consoles. On the other hand, many competitive Call of Duty players prefer wired headsets because they tend to have less lag.

For Call of Duty: Vanguard, do you need sound isolation?

Noise isolation helps Call of Duty games because it makes it easier to figure out where sounds are coming from in the game. A good headset that blocks out noise can help you hear enemy footsteps and give you a competitive edge.

Does Call of Duty require a microphone?

A good microphone makes it easier for players to talk to their teammates. Even though you don’t technically need a headset mic, they are usually more convenient for gaming than microphones that sit on your desk.

What is the best headset for Xbox One?

You can play games on the Xbox One with any high-performance headset, but some are easier to connect to the console than others. Some wireless headsets are already set up to work with Xbox One. You can also use wired headphones, but you might need a dongle or adapter.

What does it have to do with anything?

How well the headphones can reproduce game sounds and voices depends on how well they respond to a wide range of audio frequencies. It’s important for the gaming experience to have strong bass and clear mid-tones with high definition.


In the Call of Duty series, good sound is very important for players to do well in their matches. So, not only should you have a good gaming headset, but these headphones should also be comfortable to wear even after hours of gaming.

If you want to buy a new Warzone headset, you might want to think about the best gaming headsets for Call of Duty listed above. The information you’ve been given should be enough to help you decide what to do next.

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