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17 Best Guitar Amps To Support Your Guitarist Dream 2021

A guitar amplifier is a magic tool that can enhance the sound of your guitar. For guitarists who have a tight budget, it will be hard for you to find the best guitar amps under 300 but still suit your playing style and your budget the most. 

On Mini Mansions, we will show you the complete guide to find the best guitar amps for under 300. The only thing that you have to do is read through this article and then choose the best guitar amps under 300 that suits you the most.

Best Guitar Amps Under 300 Comparison 2021

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the best guitar amps under 300, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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Top Best Guitar Amps Under 300 Reviews 2021

Vangoa Guitar Amplifier

[amazon box=”B07S9D9JYN” ]

This Vangoa guitar amplifier will link three different instruments together, like guitar, piano keyboard, microphone, etc. 2 Band Balance suits the needs of varying music genres and guarantees real and echo-like sounds with the built-in reverb effect.

It has ample capacity to meet your needs in multiple conditions, such as a live show, lab, solo performance, and rehearsal. These modes will allow you the space to control your sound to be heard over the other musicians without moving your amp out of its optimum working range.

Provide wireless connection, phone input, CD/MP3 input, and USB plugin options and integrate into the various forms of links. Its master control, headphone input and DI output, recording, and MP3 features are also convenient and useful.

Depending on the volume you use after 5 hours, it can run up to 5-8 hours. And it can also operate directly with an electricity link,

For acoustic guitar and microphone, two coaxial speakers, eight woofers, and two piezo tweeters will provide a large, complete, and natural sound. 15*14*13 inches midsize and 16 lbs make a lower load output.


  • High-fidelity sound
  • Robust
  • Flexible
  • Lots of features from a super-portable amp


  • The battery no longer retains a functional charge after a few months

Orange Micro Dark

[amazon box=”B015G2AFTW” ]

For lunchbox style, lightweight amp heads, the Orange Micro amp series helped create a different rank, and the Micro Dark is currently leading the way in terms of user reviews.

This unique version of the Micro Amp is designed to appeal to the darker high-gain side of the tones of rock guitar, as the name suggests. Using a 12AX7 preamp tube and combining it with a solid power amp, they do this by turning it to provide a voice that sounds strong at high distortion levels.

Unfortunately, there are minimal control choices for the Orange Micro Dark, only enough for critical volume, gain, and tone tweaking.

Here are some of its characteristics: Twenty Watts; Preamp 12AX7; Single Channel Access; Loop of Results; Out Speakers, weight: Lbs. 1.72.

Given the lack of versatility it has relative to other amps in this price range, this is an impressive achievement, which means that owners who rate this amp do so highly because they enjoy its sound.

Also, well-received is the amp’s construction quality and portability, making it a convenient yet great-sounding alternative to large amp heads.

The Guitar World’s Chris Gill is just as surprised by his tone, stating in his review: “If you plug into the Micro Dark and see the mammoth bass thump and harmonically rich grind, your eyes and ears are almost hard to believe.


  • The top-rated guitar amp in the price range of under 300
  • Knocking out most amp heads and combo amps


  • This amplifier is not designed for those who do not want additional speech choices and do not wish for high-gain tones

RockJam Guitar Amplifier

[amazon box=”B07NDT1SZJ” ]

The RockJam busker amplifier contains 15 watts of output that channels a 5-inch speaker to provide a high-quality audio experience.

There is an integrated rechargeable battery in the RockJam busker amp, so the only wire you need is the one to connect your guitar to this amp so that you can play anywhere for up to 4 hours.

Via this amplifier, you can strum along to your favorite songs using the optimized Bluetooth link.

With independent echo, bass, and treble settings, you can perfect your sound and mic feedback to complete this kit of street success.

A classic build and a convenient carrying handle mean that this portable guitar amp helps you ride, play, and practice style.

Bluetooth input, aux input, mic input, and input for guitar…, in total, are four inputs. All of these have been checked, and they have all performed well. It was expected to discover something and all these characteristics that did not work for such a low price.

Decent performance for an amp in the bedroom. Reproduction of the standard guitar frequency bandwidth by a very clean speaker through the guitar or mic input. With proper combo adaptations of the guitar volume and master volume, but not gritty or crunchy, a little bit of overdrive can be achieved. 

This setup is excellent for training or efficiently playing guitar with a mobile phone with backup software or Youtube vids. I am not aware, though, that it lets out as much sound as a 15W RMS amp can do.

Maybe the amp is capable of producing 15W RMS and has poor performance on the speaker? I know not. Yet it is loud enough to make me love it.


  • Fantastic aesthetics
  • Unbeatable at this price point


  • It does not work well with the charging issue and master volume

Kithouse B9 Guitar Amplifier

[amazon box=”B07YCMZJQG” ]

Guitar Input; BASS, TREBLE Control support; 18 Featured Drum Beats Rhythms types; VOL Adjustable; Compact for outdoor use

Wired/Wireless (1/4′ 6.35mm jack) microphone input; VOL, ECHO Adjustable

AUX Input 1/8″ (3.5mm) Jack operating for Background Music Phone/Audio System

Headset production for practice without disrupting anyone (1/8′ 3.5mm Jack)

DC 5V Charging & Power Supply; 2 x 2200Ah Rechargeable Lithium Battery(Battery Included); The operating cycle is around 10 hours long when fully charged.

It is tiny in dimension. It produces 8W of output. When I use my bass, I have to turn the levels up to ten, and then the amplification stays subtle. The guitar reacts better, but don’t expect loud volume at all. 

Rhythm patterns are the loudest thing. Just using 20 percent of the volume is enough to compensate for full volume bass and guitar.

And if the pitch is shy, the clean sound is right. The Amp is nice and compact on its own. The batteries that are rechargeable last longer than expected. 

The versatility of using this amp’s guitar, bass, and vocal microphone to create an excellent clean, reasonably flat sound is outstanding.

The patterns of rhythm are good, providing me with something to train against.


  • Not too distracting but compact and lightweight


  • Not acceptable for speech audio

SUNYIN Guitar Amplifier

[amazon box=”B07MXG7JYF” ]

The Bass Amp Portable Rehearsal is customized for bass beginners. DC 9V power adapter(included) or six * AA batteries provide the power appropriate for indoor use (bedroom, living room)

The 10 Watt speaker, 1.3kg light, lightweight guitar amp, can be carried with belts, offers natural tones and comfortable sounds.

Aux-in jack, 3.5mm stereo power output jack, speakers, and cell phone connectivity for backup track play. The light knob, gain knob, volume knob, and channel are simple to adjust to change the tone.

Strategies for multi-channel sound change programming to remove a lot of noise and buzz.

One bass amp, one DC 9A power adapter, and a manual for the owners are included with the kit.


  • Value for money
  • SheernessThickness


  • Only 30 days warranty

Fender Mustang GT 40e

[amazon box=”B06Y27KJC5″ ]

You can’t go wrong with a Fender while searching for a decent guitar amplifier for beginners. Wi-Fi compatible, the Fender Mustang GT 40 helps you change the amp’s presets and link it to the Fender app to swap tones with others. 

It has a simple, easy-to-use monitor to see what you’re doing when programming the sound on the amp.

For those trying to get into amp modeling, this is the perfect amp approach. You can power the amp through Bluetooth from your mobile device. It comes with 45 effects, 21 amp voices and is suitable for diverse genres such as rock, punk, and blues.

For someone who wants to pursue amp modeling but does not want to spend a whole lot of money, the Fender GT 40 is a solid amplifier. 

It has many effects, and the 21 amp voicings provide everything you need to replicate popular sounds and build yours for those who are not signature sounds. This is one of the sufficient modeling amps on the market nowadays.


  • Solid Amp Guitar Modeling
  • Plenty of presets to get you off
  • Your cell phone can be regulated
  • Included two-year guarantee


  • None

Orange Micro Terror MT20

[amazon box=”B00DV9H47E” ]

A guitar amplifier featuring a mix of solid-state configuration and tubes is the Orange Micro Terror. A solid-state power amp combined with a 12AX7 preamp tube, this 20-Watt hybrid amp is provided with a replication of traditional Orange tones at a more affordable price point.

This focuses on reproducing, with minimal difficulty, the classic Orange sound.

This amplifier head has minimal sound-shaping choices, including pitch, gain knobs, and tone, thanks to its compact shape. The MT20, speaking of lightweight, is crammed within Orange’s distinct all-metal lunchbox type amp head build.

Here are some of this guitar amplifier features: 20 Watt; Weight: 1.87 lbs; 12AX7 Preamp Tube; design with compact lunch box; the aux-in of 1 x 1/8″

Its tone is known as energetic and vibrant. It is said that it looks a lot more fancy than it is. Many buyers were also struck by how noisy this MT20 amplifier head could be.


  • Many people are intrigued by the MT20 sound, which is the same rock-friendly classic as you might hear from this Orange amplifier


  • The MT20 is not a perfect amplifier for individuals who would want more choices for tone-shaping

Joyo BanTamP Zombie

[amazon box=”B07RT7PTFJ” ]

Joyo, renowned for its inexpensive guitar pedals, is developing an excellent reputation for compact amp heads. With the combination of modern Bluetooth connectivity, a solid-state power amp portion, and the old school 12AX7 preamp cable, the BanTamP Zombie is an outstanding example.

This amplifier helps you to switch between distortion channels and clean channels comparing to those in this group. For gaining high metal sounds, the distortion channel is twisted, and, like the color scheme and the name implies, it is supposed to cater to guitarists of the metal and rock style.

Other characteristics include an effects loop; Bluetooth connectivity working as aux input.

Characteristics: Twenty Watts; Preamp 12AX7; 2-Channel: Distortion and Clean(High-Gain); Loop effects; Connectivity from Bluetooth; Speakers; Weight: Lbs. 2.65.

In ratings, being noisy for its scale is another familiar feeling. It also benefits because by considering the additional features such as Bluetooth and effects loop, it doesn’t look as inexpensive as it costs, much more so.

In summary, if you want an inexpensive and compact amp head and you’re into high-gain type sounds, then the amplifier is yours.


  • Buyers are pleased by how large and complete this amplifier sounds, particularly in its field of expertise


  • Amplifier’s high-gain voicing might not be sufficient for tones of low to mid-gain playing style

AmazonBasics FGA-5B Guitar Amplifier

[amazon box=”B0825LBTNM” ]

A lightweight desktop-sized guitar amp, this simple FGA-5B guitar amplifier is ideal for practice in any space at home or a friend’s house. It also works smoothly on-the-go in a pocket or backpack for portability.

Here are some of the characteristics of this guitar amplifier: 2 channels, optimized analog delay, interface that is friendly to users; impedance of 1M ohm input; 4 ohms, 3-inch 5-watt speaker; 40-16KHz response range.

For noiseless rehearsal or recording, an aux-in of 10k ohm, an emulated line, and headphone out.

In this amplifier, three modes for power supply are available: USB power bank attachment; a 9V adapter, or 6 AA batteries (not including power supply).

A 1-year extended warranty with AmazonBasics is also funded by this amp.


  • None


  • None

Quilter Labs MicroBlock 45

[amazon box=”B06XDYB3QG” ]

This MicroBlock 45 is a lightweight stompbox form factor. This amplifier includes a 45-watt guitar head. You can’t stamp on, ironically, because it has only three knobs which allow you to change the Master, Tri-Q, and Gain. That Tri-Q sound is built to enable a wide variety of voices, from the lead of mid-focused to scooped clean.

The MicroBlock 45, not like preamp pedals which have to be attached to the power amplifier, is a power amp and preamp all by itself, with headphones and a speaker.

You may also do this as an output for the amps that need to plug to the PA system or connect to some other pedal while talking about headphones.

Here are some of its characteristics: exterior headphone and speaker; besides, it only weighs approximately one fifths a kilo.

Some enjoy how their configuration is streamlined, whereas others call it a laptop or a replacement amp option. 

Together with the flexibility offered by its interface of small 3-knob, tone quality is also highly regarded.


  • It is favorably identified by people who rated this MicroBlock 45 as a compact friendly amp which can get things done


  • Some people are not that pleased with the consistency of its sound. This is not going to be attractive to those on the amplifier itself who need new tone shaping

Orange Terror Stamp

[amazon box=”B083TS6W6P” ]

With the pedalboard-friendly version of their iconic microamp – Stamp, Orange extends its amplifiers in Terror line. 

With a 20-Watt solid-state power coupled with 12AX7 preamp tubes, the amplifier has the same hybrid configuration. It features an analog layout reproducing the specific overdriven sound of many Orange amplifiers.

With its Volume Footswitch, the Terror Stamp is different from its amp head contemporaries, aside from its floor-based form factor, which allows you to switch among the volume degrees which you might customize yourself.

This amp is intended to function like a booster. It is designed to work like a lift without the coloring and depend on the setting of volume.

only one knob then shaping your tone is solved, making you go from mid-emphasized to copped speech.

A loop with buffered effects, cabinet simulation headphones of 4×12″, and speaker output; Twenty Watts; Stompbox Shape Factor. 

Footswitch Volume; EQ/Voicing Power Single Form Knob; Loop with Buffered Results; Out with Taxi Sim Headphones; exterior headphone; Weight: Lbs. 0.84.

As a realistic complement to the amp, the volume control feature is also well used.

In conclusion, there is no need to worry about Orange fans, this is an impressive substitute compact amplifier.


  • Only a handful of the numerous favorable words used to characterize this Terror Stamp are incredible, unbelievable, excellent


  • Orange amps, which refer to the Fear Stamp, are not popular for clear tones
  • not having good projection for noisy band use

Monoprice 611815

[amazon box=”B016JDJE9E” ]

This Moonprice amplifier is among the cheapest amplifiers that you can purchase. This is a combo of 12” guitar that goes along with a Celestion speaker, among the best speakers. This amplifier uses tubing, and the preamp uses three 12AX7/ECC83, and it uses EL84s for the voltage tubes.

These tubes have a rich and lively retro sound that is desired by all guitar players. It has a vinyl grill, and to shield your little tube amplifier from colliding when you’re holding it, the corners have plastic coverings.

The booster has an authentic leather-colored cream look to it. A spring reverb occurs to form the sound to bring the playing to life. With this tube guitar teaching amp, you’ll be rocking in style.

Thanks to the tubes that offer a genuine and rich sound, we like this amplifier very much because this Monoprice 15-Watt might be the best practice amp.

A Celestion is also the mic, which sounds impressive and lets you form the voice. The spring reverb even adds to this little exercise amplifier’s versatility. This amplifier is one of the most sufficient amps for tubes under 300.


  • It has a Celestion speaker
  • Authentic and vintage tones from tubes
  • The spring reverb help you shape your tone 
  • Vintage look 


  • Buzzing at different frequencies

Peavey Vypyr VIP 2

[amazon box=”B00B5OY8EE” ]

In several amp applications, amp modeling is now well-known and discovered. To help you form your guitar sound, Peavey Vypyr provides 40 watts for you. For rehearsal or smaller venues, this amplification is fine.

This amp is unique because it allows you, all with one amp, to play acoustic, bass, electric and. With 16 presets and 30 amp versions, it features Transtube analog circuitry, which lets you sound normal.

You can control all the amplifier simulation parameters with your amplifier, so you don’t need to make your computer similar ones. Ten styles of instruments are the supreme guitar experience, including twelve-string, seven-string, baritone, resonator, piano, electric, acoustic, sitar.

This guitar has many impressive features. It offers a range in one kit. It can replicate not just the sounds of electric guitar, allowing it a unique amp designer that defeats other amps. 

Another highlight is its analog circuitry since it offers excellent tones that guitarists can use immediately.


  • Amp modes for electric, piano, acoustic, and other instruments
  • 40 watts of power for bigger venues adjacent to the apartment
  • Transtube analog circuitry
  • Authentic sounds
  • A two-year warranty cycle


  • Bad for bass Guitars

Yamaha THR10

[amazon box=”B006QLW5XC” ]

The Yamaha THR10 is one of 300-and-under guitar amps you can find. This amp is a tiny shining point in the little box which will be on your computer. You should use the battery or tug it in, because it is compact.

This guitar amp features five-amp acoustic models, plus a bass setup. Feel the sound of a tube with a little amplification. It contains effects such as the delay, reverb, and chorus of the VCM technology.

This amplifier has a USB port which can connect to your device with Cubase software which comes with it, where you can log and use the storage application.

For a jam session, the Yamaha amplifier has ample capacity for the room or is taken to the jamming places. With outstanding performance and plenty of flexibility, it is the ultimate portable amplifier.

The amplifier also has ample power for the bedroom or the BBQ for a jam session. With outstanding efficiency and plenty of versatility, this is the perfect portable amplifier.

Thanks to its batteries, the Yamaha THR10 is an excellent practice amp because you can bring it along with you. You will be able to practice at a pool, a concert, a van, or any place you want, anywhere you like.

The amplifier sounds fantastic, and it is simple to attach to your computer for recording via USB.


  • Sound that creates tube-like effect
  • Lightweight and compact
  • A lot of impacts
  • Multiple amp outlets for you to pick from


  • Angry Bees sound like way too much bass

Fender Frontman 10G

[amazon box=”B001L8PIFW” ]

For anyone seeking a good guitar amplifier for beginners, this Frontman is a fine option. It proffers you a fantastic sound and easy controls .

It incorporates gain, pitch, bass controls, and treble to assist you shape your sound. You can play blues, metal, rock, Fender’s popular clear tones, together with many other styles comfortably.

To make more of a return, press the button to activate the controls for overdrive. The 6” speaker provides you with ten watts of control for practicing session if you want silent rehearsal time to play along with your favorite songs and the headphone port.

For a classic appearance, extras provide a silver grille fabric and genuine-looking Fender change knobs. With metal guards, the amp has safety in the sides, so as you move it, the amplifier remains protected.

The closed-back machine gives you a more intense reaction to the bass when playing. Dancing with the Frontman 10G Fender.

As it is lightweight and easy for beginners to use with the necessary buttons, the Fender Frontman 10G is the ultimate practice amplifier. It sounds incredible, and along with your favorite track, you can connect with your headphones or jam, which makes it a simple winner.


  • Gain controls
  • Jack for headphones
  • Simple controls
  • Lightweight


  • Some defective units

Fender Acoustasonic 15

[amazon box=”B00B28HDH2″ ]

On the Fender Acoustasonic, the 12 ” speaker gives off 15 watts of energy. To allow you to bring it with you to rehearsal events, the amp is lightweight and lightweight. To help you to build your pitch, it features a middle equalizer. treble, and bass.

For someone who needs a decent amplifier for their acoustic guitar, it is the best option. To light up the sound of your acoustic guitar, the amp offers a chorus effect.

While you need to workout, use the jack for the headphones. To attach an amplifier, use the XLR jack so that singers / musicians can conveniently sing on by the music.

With one little, lightweight case, when playing acoustic guitar, this amplifier gives you a lot of flexibility. It is ideal for practice at  your home or a smaller gig like some coffees where you can have smaller volumes.

This Acoustasonic 15 is a reliable rehearsal amp or it can be a little gig anytime your guitar needs to be plugged in. Also, the effect of chorus tends to fatten the music up, and your microphone has the XR jack so that you might sing and perform at the same time.

For most of the acoustic guitar players who needs a basic acoustic amp, this is an excellent option.


  • Has an influence chorus
  • Microphone jack included
  • Simple controls


  • None

Vox VT100X

[amazon box=”B0187P955K” ]

A digital hybrid, the Vox VT100X boasts a real 12AX7 preamp tube together with a built-in DSP to model and the effects of amps.

This mix of technology helps the amp maintain that vibe of traditional tube amps but still provide the versatility of new amp modelers.

In terms of functionality, the Vox VT100X allows you to pick from 11 preloaded amplifier replicas (expandable via the software editor to 20) with 13 effects – which can also be modified via some software editors.

The above implies that, in a lightweight and, most importantly, inexpensive kit, you get a tube amplifier and a flexible guitar setup.

The Vox VT100X might be the best performance tube amplifier on this list, with its power rating and rich feature set.

Here are some of this amp’s specifications: it has a capacity of 100W. There are also 11 amp versions and 13 effects, including three simultaneous ones that weigh 20.94 lbs. The preamp tube is 1 x 12AX7, and the speaker is 1 x 12.

At the same time, other amp fans say that crafting nice sounds with their guitars is surprisingly straightforward.

Thankfully, considering that this amplifier comes with a 12AX7 cable, it is not as a deal-breaker. Speaking of tubing, after switching out of the chosen tube, some consumers had decent performance. Others are searching for new functionality, such as access to Bluetooth.

In conclusion, pick this one if you want an amplifier with both tube tonality and flexibility.


  • The Vox VT100X ratings appear mostly positive, pointing to the amp’s reliability for money as its most vital attribute. It’s no wonder that the bright, jangly sounds of classic Vox amps can be replicated, impressing even the experts


  • There are some people that worry of rattling noise from cabinet pieces, but it may be due to the loosening of individual small sections on the inside, which is not hard to repair. As such, it is advised that caution is best taken

Some Factors That You Should Consider If You Want To Buy The Best Guitar Amps Under 300

best guitar amps under 300

Purchasing a guitar amplifier is easy and challenging at the same time, so I will give you some tips to follow:

Considering between combo or pedal amps

The critical distinction behind them is that: combo amplifiers are guitar amps filled with speakers, wherares speakers are those not supplied with pedal amps and amp heads.

These amps combo are much more popular, and no need for an additional order, they can be used directly – making it more functional and convenient to buy. 

On the contrary, amp heads and pedals need a separate purchase of speakers to operate, which adds to the expense. Before you even think about buying one, you still have to learn a little about the speakers and usability. 

However, the key benefit is the portability and the ability to combine amps with the chosen speakers – a choice that is typically limiting for more seasoned guitarists.

Tuning, Recording, and Other Features Directly

On several amps, also in this price range, USB compatibility is now becoming a standard feature. This helps the amp serve as an audio device, enabling you to record your guitar playing for rehearsal, appraisal, and even making your own music. 

Looping, tuning, and new preset control with sharing and Bluetooth networking are other prominent features you want to search for. You should go with more streamlined plug-and-play amps if you are not involved in tweaking and recording.

The Size Of The Speaker

Typically, the discrepancy would be unclear to a beginner, but commonly, the greater the speaker, the smaller it will replicate. And, for contemporary musical forms, this additional economic is perfect.

In the middle frequencies, tinier speakers have better articulation and concentration, perfect for personal practice or for people who favor classic rock and blues forms.

best guitar amps under 300

Effects Of Built-in

Several amplifiers that are included in the list have the built-in effect, one of the most popular reverbs, whilst others provide a whole range of products, from delaying to distortion to modulation  and many more.

Such results simplify the training method, particularly if you do not want high-end items for daily practicing.

The Power Rate

best guitar amps under 300
A trio of Fender Mark IV HR amplifiers, including (front to back) a Fender Pro Junior IV Ltd Edition, Fender HR Deluxe IV and a Fender HR DeVille IV, taken on December 1, 2017. (Photo by Olly Curtis/Guitarist Magazine)

The power rating gives you a clear idea of how loud an amp can go, and the power levels are generally in the 20-Watt range in the under $200 bracket. For this reason, most of the amps under 300$ are intended for jamming in rehearsal or small venues.

Note that lower power level amps allow you to get proper cranked tones at lower volumes, suitable for the bedroom or apartment.

Tube Or Solid State

For specific models, all-tube amplifiers used to be known as the sole authentic alternative for a very great tone. As such, lots of people still see these as the benchmark for the detailed and organic sound.

However, the ‘all-tube’ choices are narrow in the lower price bracket, and the modeling amplifiers nowadays are accepted as creating some pretty compelling copies of many classics. 

Simply put, the more practical choice will be to provide a solid-state amplifier and digital audio modeling, particularly for people who like to try out different effects and tones.

Along with solid-state amplification and computer modeling, there are a number of amplifiers that cover the preamp tube. Some people who are puring tube might not be impressed with this choice, but it does excite many guitarists, so much that it is scored highly.

best guitar amps under 300

Amp Modeling/Channels

At this price point, several guitar amplifiers are filled with multiple “amp models” (some vendors call them “channels,” but in essence, they are the same) that let you swap between different sounds. 

The more amp types you can select, the more sound choices you can choose, which can be beneficial whether you want deep tone customization or whether you only want limited tuning and don’t want to be bothered by tone chasing.

To make these theories more comfortable for you to understand, I will give you a Youtube link that will guide you to store your guitar amp properly. 

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Guitar Amps Under 300

After all these reviews, here are our top choices of the best guitar amps under 300:



[amazon box=”B07S9D9JYN” ]



[amazon box=”B07S9D9JYN” ]



[amazon box=”B07NDT1SZJ” ]



[amazon box=”B07YCMZJQG” ]



[amazon box=”B07MXG7JYF” ]

I hope that after reading this review, you can find the best guitar amps under 300$ that suits you the most. Don’t underestimate this because it would affect your guitar sound a lot. Especially for beginners who are not really sure about the amount of money you can spend on a guitar amplifier, this is one of the most worth-reading articles.

Having fun play your guitar, and enjoy its bring-about happiness without worrying about your budget!

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