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[Top 10] Best Headphones for Gym: Wireless and Bluetooth Reviews

For many people, physical activity is the top priority to train the body and to keep fit and healthy. Since many movements are relatively monotonous and muscle-building or endurance training requires a lot of repetitions, the time can be bridged even better with music in the ear. The market has a large number of Best Headphones for the Gym. Compared to typical headphone headphones, sports headphones are in the form of plugs or plugs as in-ear headphones, which are then simply inserted into the ear and usually deliver the sound wirelessly.

Since, of course, high sound quality is also required here, which is achieved with the construction of the models using a slightly different technology, it is important to buy high-quality sports headphones that are then also able to reproduce the rich and isolated sound of closed systems to imitate. For this, it is important that the headphones are built flatter and smaller so that the sound is balanced and transmitted more cheaply because the models lack the typical padding to isolate the sound.

While the padding of headphone headphones helps shield the sound, the design and technology of in-ear headphones in direct ear contact ensure that the sound is emitted between the headphone membrane and the eardrum and thus achieves its full sound generation. As a result, the sound is not tinny, despite the lack of damping, but just as warm and full as with conventional models, and it convinces with high-quality sound clarity and bass load.

best headphones for gym

Thanks to the earplug, in-ear headphones offer direct access to the ear canal, which is also sealed when plugged in and thus also excludes disturbing ambient noise. This is exactly what makes them interested in sports and carrying on the go. Movement is not restricted or irritated by the design; transport is easy and convenient.

There are high-quality models for training in stores and on the Internet that also work wirelessly and with Bluetooth. This, in turn, pays off, especially when jogging and walking. The headphones sit perfectly and stably in the ear and are also water and splash-proof. Many models are specially designed for use as sports headphones. We now present the best in-ear headphones in detail.

Headphones for exercise and workout: the 10 best headphones for exercising

Headphones for training, a workout, or various other sports shouldn’t lose sound quality. Compared to high-quality headbands and over-ear headphones, in-ear models are relatively inexpensive. The list of the best headphones includes models that are available in stores for less than 200 $.

The Best Headphones for Gym, Workout, sports and running headphones for sweat-resistant, Bluetooth wireless musical intensity

Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds

[amazon box=”B07BHF993Q”]

This model is wireless in-ear headphones with high battery power, 4-microphone technology and an integrated motion sensor. The sound can be adjusted using an equalizer and an app; optimal training is possible thanks to good performance, as voice commands can also be issued via the models. In addition, wind noise is reduced, and the ambient noise is shielded favourably.


  • The training can take place extensively with the “Jabra Elite Active 65t”, which offers a very clear, natural, even almost cool sound
  • It is still advantageous that the headphones can be easily configured using an app provided by the manufacturer, and the sound can be adjusted
  • In general, they offer a wide range of functions but also easy handling, including the volume control on the headphones themselves
  • The models are sturdily built, protected against dust and splashing water, and thanks to their design, they hold perfectly in the ear without becoming uncomfortable after a long time
  • The headphones also have a small case in which they can be stowed away and easily transported


  • The in-ear headphones completely and very effectively close the ear canal, which means that active noise suppression is no longer necessary, but the models also isolate the user from the outside world
  • In addition, their construction creates a lighter pressure in the ear, which is felt when the jaw is moved
  • The models also show slight limitations in terms of control and are a bit more awkward to operate with buttons that are a little too small directly on the earplug. There is no touch control.

Jaybird X4 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Sport Fitness and Running

[amazon box=”B01L7PSJFO”]

The “Jaybird X4” are wireless Bluetooth headphones that were specially designed for sports and jogging and therefore have a very chic and modern design. They are suitable for operating systems such as Android and iOS, have a battery life of 8 hours and a compact design required for sports. A nano-coating protects the headphones from sweat, rain or dust.

A cable can be used and is then worn under the ear. The sound profile is controlled and configured via a manufacturer app. The headphones can be used while jogging, cycling, on the slopes or in the gym. The patented ear tips fill the ear inexpensively and ensure a secure fit in the ear canal.


  • The sound is full and balanced, with beautiful mids and highs, which can be changed in the frequencies via the app and the equalizer
  • The audio quality is correspondingly high, and the shielding of outside noise is also excellent
  • The structure and the reduction in the size of the housing are advantageous. As a result, the headphones sit optimally in the ear and cannot slip
  • Battery life enables long and wireless use. It also shows when the headphones need to be recharged.


  • The sound is balanced but with a bit too low a bass load. The sound can still be adjusted somewhat via the app
  • The noise that occurs when the next song is called up is a bit inconvenient. Unfortunately, the sound cannot be turned off
  • The required foam attachments for a better hold and the insulation in the ear are relatively expensive to buy

Bose SoundSport, Wireless Earbuds (Sweatproof Bluetooth Headphones for Running and Sports)

[amazon box=”B01JKJN972″]

This model is successful in design and has a practical shape and a lining with soft silicone material. This gives the “Bose Sound Sport headphones” a comfortable fit and the best-wearing comfort. The models are wireless, suitable for voice announcements and can be coupled with Bluetooth and NFC. The battery life is 6 hours per charge. The headphones can be purchased in four different colours, including black or blue. Of course, like other manufacturers, “Bose” offers a corresponding app for personalized settings.


  • When it comes to sound quality, the brand is, of course, one step ahead. Almost all headphones, including this model, offer an excellent sound, with good highs, mids and lows
  • The volume is extremely adjustable, while ambient noise is well isolated
  • In addition, the earplugs sit comfortably in the ear, are not too big and easily visible when worn
  • Operation is user-friendly and comfortable
  • The headphones can be used anywhere and are quickly recharged


  • The wind noise, which can only be suppressed slightly with the “Bose Sound Sport headphones”, is somewhat problematic
  • With strong movement, including cycling, the wind can be strengthened like a funnel
  • The long battery life was unfortunately not confirmed in the practical test. In standby, the headphones are discharged relatively quickly and last a maximum of 4 hours
  • The integrated microphone is also very sensitive

Plantronics BackBeat FIT

[amazon box=”B07G4ST8YD”]

Not everyone wants to be completely isolated from their surroundings by wearing headphones when exercising. Anyone who values ​​being spoken to or also being able to hear the street noise is well advised with the “Back Beats FIT”. Very high audio quality is required here, while the headphones are protected against sweat and dust and are comfortable to wear. The damping is sufficient enough to enjoy the good sound without being completely isolated from everything. They sit in the ear and protrude slightly, which makes them particularly suitable for sports.


  • A lightweight and the perfect, non-slip fit in the ear make the headphones compatible with normal and strong movement
  • The weight is evenly distributed, and the cables are laid at the back of the neck
  • The sports headphones are suitable for people who wear glasses and have a sound reproduction of a high level that does not neglect the bass
  • The battery life is 8 hours and also keeps what the manufacturer promises
  • Charging the headphones is also quick and easy
  • The connection with all devices and with Bluetooth is possible without any problems and interference-free


  • With this model, the ambient noise is not completely excluded, and wind can also become a problem that is clearly audible if it only blows a little stronger
  • The scope of delivery does not include the replacement earplugs, which then have to be purchased. The volume is sufficient but not too loud
  • In terms of technology, the models are a little more vulnerable

AfterShokz Xtrainerz

[amazon box=”B07PPD1PZ8″]

The “AfterShokz Xtrainerz” headphones are waterproof and wireless. They don’t work with Bluetooth but can be used for surfing and swimming in addition to training and jogging. They offer relatively good bass and a high volume, and the sound can be adjusted using an equalizer. With 4 GB memory, all audio formats are supported. The seat is comfortable, even with intense body movement.


  • Due to the different design, the headphones do not sit in the ear but on the ear and are held on the head via a corresponding bracket. This makes the seat comfortable
  • The headphones are tight and cannot fall off. This makes it possible to wear it in combination with swimming goggles and a swimming cap
  • The models are also suitable for cycling sound is crystal clear and offers a lot of basses
  • The battery runs for 8 hours and therefore lasts a very long time


  • Compared to more modern models, these headphones do not offer a direct connection via Bluetooth to the smartphone but only have an integrated memory for playing MP3s
  • The functions are conveyed by an announcement or a signal tone and cannot be switched off
  • They are suitable for outdoor use but do not screen out ambient and wind noise

Sennheiser CX Sport Bluetooth Sports Headphone

[amazon box=”B07D46ZRHN”]

The headphones from “Sennheiser” can already score points visually, with the brand also speaking for high-quality technology and sound quality. The “CX Sport” model is stylish and ergonomically designed in a black and yellow version, is already inexpensive in stores and, as sports headphones, also allow transmission via Bluetooth. The battery life is 6 hours. A quick charge function allows quick use after just 10 minutes. Thanks to the ergonomics and structure, the models can be worn under the chin or in the neck. The cable length can be varied, making it extremely comfortable to wear.


  • The headphones are also suitable for professional athletes and are very light and ergonomically built
  • The audio performance is high quality, and the sound is excellent and rich in detail. Bass, treble and mids come into their own
  • Four additional ear adapters are included in the scope of delivery, plus the headphones are dust, sweat and splash-proof
  • Operation is intuitive
  • A three-button remote control can handle all music control and call acceptance
  • The Bluetooth connection is stable and interference-free


  • The control unit and the battery, which dangle from the cable and cannot be optimally fixed, pose less problems
  • The models also do not have a magnetic outside, such as B. the model “Sennheiser Momentum IN EAR Free”, which means it can be worn on a chain when not in use
  • They are very comfortable to wear, but due to their lightweight, the headphones are not ideal for all ears and can then fall out of your ear if you move too much

Beats Powerbeats 3 wireless headphones

[amazon box=”B07DHJLNPH”]

The well-known “Beats headphones” from Dr Dre are available in a variety of modern design colours, and the “Powerbeats 3” version belongs to the range of models under 200 $. An improved variant is the “Powerbeats Pro”, which then costs 250 $.

The model presented here can be connected via Bluetooth, is wirelessly designed for more freedom of movement and is therefore ideal for a workout. The headphones for training offer a high level of comfort, dynamic sound performance and quick charging within 5 minutes thanks to “Fast Fuel”. The case is waterproof and also allows a sweaty workout. The battery life is 12 hours, making it the longest compared to other models.


  • The ergonomic design with high wearing comfort is advantageous
  • The headphones offer high-quality dual-driver acoustics and clear and dynamic sound. Highs and lows are reproduced powerfully, and the volume can also be easily varied
  • The scope of delivery includes additional ear sets for changing and adjusting the ear canal
  • The wireless version increases freedom of movement. There is also a transport container for stowing the in-ear headphones
  • The battery performance keeps what it promises
  • Transmission via Bluetooth is trouble-free and reliable


  • The headphones are built to be stable but a bit more fragile in terms of technology
  • The operation is a little more complicated
  • If you sweat heavily, the in-ear headphones can slip out of your ear
  • Long periods of wear can cause pressure points

JBL Synchros Reflect-A in-Ear Sport Headphones

[amazon box=”B00LV51CUA”]

The “JBL Synchros Reflect I”, which has an integrated music and volume control and a microphone, are lightweight headphones for training that have been specially developed for a workout. The design is ergonomic, elegant and modern. The models are compatible with iOS and come in several funky colours.

The associated cable reflects so that the user remains clearly visible even in the dark. The cable length can be varied, while the headphones can be fixed using a magnet system. The ear buttons are angled and are, therefore, very comfortable to wear. Both the sound and voice reproduction are rich and powerful.


  • The in-ear headphones offer a strong sound with a balanced sound image and good bass
  • All the necessary operating elements are located on the cable so that handling is simple and straightforward
  • The earplugs fit perfectly and are also suitable for a more intensive workout
  • The design is modern, sweat-resistant and particularly practical with a matching magnet system
  • The battery level is indicated by a blue and red LED light


  • The Bluetooth transmission does not always work without interference
  • The headphones are water-resistant but more susceptible to prolonged use
  • After long periods of wear, a feeling of pressure may develop in the ear

Aukey Key Series T10

[amazon box=”B0BQLLB61B”]

If you’re looking for true wireless headphones with the latest technology and features but don’t want to pay a premium price, the Aukey T10s are the best choice for around € 70.

The wireless headphones are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and a strong connection. The battery lasts around 6-7 hours per charge or 24 hours in the charging case. The headphones can be charged quickly and are ready for use again in no time at all.

To protect against sweat and water, they are waterproof to IPX5, fit well and comfortably in the ears and have reliable touch controls. However, you have to get used to the touch controls first.

The sound is balanced, making it suitable for all types of music. The highs are clear and detailed, with lively vocals and great bass. But bass lovers should know that the bass is not as strong as many of you prefer.


  • In terms of sound, the headphones show high performance, with balanced and rich highs and lows
  • Bluetooth facilitates transmission. The range is just under 10 meters
  • Various ear tips and a transport box are included in the scope of delivery
  • Great daytime comfort


  • There is no sound absorption in this model. However, outside noise is easily excluded. The user can react well to environmental actions.

Jaybird Vista True Wireless Bluetooth Sport

[amazon box=”B07R9QJS9L”]

Many modern in-ear and sports headphones offer an adjustable equalizer, including the “Jaybird Vista”. The model is wireless and, works with Bluetooth, is compact and lightweight. In addition, it is IPX7-certified, waterproof and sweatproof and can therefore withstand more intensive training sessions.

Particularly noticeable is the modern and ergonomic design, which is also very easy to stow away. The earplugs can be exchanged in their gel cushions and thus allow a comfortable fit in the ear canal. In addition to the good sound, the battery power is also of high quality and lasts for 6 hours with a quick charge of just 1 hour.


  • The sound is detailed, clear and pleasant, with balanced highs and lows. The entire equalizer control can be regulated via an app in order to adapt the audio image individually
  • The wearing comfort is very high thanks to gel cushion inserts and optimally adapted for sport
  • The transport case is also a charging case and can also be used on the go


  • The volume is a little too low
  • The operation is a little more complicated. Many functions cannot be influenced without the associated app.

More sports headphones for the gym

From the number of high-quality and high-performance sports headphones, it is not easy to decide which is the best model. Features that make the headphones especially suitable for use during workouts are decisive, while the sound should not show any loss.

Here you will find 5 other headphone models that you can use for your sporting activities without any problems.


High-quality sports headphones are characterized by an excellent sound, a perfect and non-slip fit and a wireless or ergonomic design that is favourable for freedom of movement. Almost all modern models have a Bluetooth connection, so they can easily be coupled with other end devices and do not require integrated memory. Lightweight and dust and water resistance are important for all models, as the in-ear headphones are mostly worn outdoors. If the sound is still right, wearing it is particularly enjoyable and can support a complex workout cheaply.

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