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Top 5 Best Hifiman Headphones of 2024

Since the early 2000s, HIFIMAN Electronics and their creative creator Dr. Fang have produced exceptional Planar headphones. Since then, they have continued to innovate and enhance their products, offering audiophiles searching for a budget an excellent value.

With its blend of sensitivity and sophistication, the HIFIMAN SUNDARA revolutionized the game when it came to affordably priced Planar Magnetic headphones. The HIFIMAN DEVA Pro is a fantastic option for individuals in need of a set of wireless headphones with superior sound quality and an affordable price.

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Best Hifiman Headphones: OUR TOP PICK


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The HiFiMan ANANDA-BT is a Bluetooth receiver that uses the same advanced technology as the wired version of the Ananda, such as high-performance dedicated amplification and compatibility for aptX SBC and aptX HD, which is built in to provide high-quality lossless music.

They’re rather well-known, offer a clean sound, strong bass, and a high level of sonic detail. Considering that it’s a wireless headset, the headset does a lot right. I couldn’t find a single flaw in its design.

At the time of this writing, the best-in-class active wireless Bluetooth audiophile headphones from HiFiMan, the Bluemini, retail for $300. They now have a second model, the HiFiMan Deva, which retails for $200. The wired HE400i and Drop + HIFIMAN HE4XX are both high quality and inexpensive.

They also come with a removable boom microphone that may be used for team chats, video games, or in the workplace; however, when attached, it may cause your voice to sound weak, distorted, or unnatural.


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The HIFIMAN SUNDARA is an affordable audio system built to provide crystal-clear sound. The tuning is spot on, with plenty of depth and richness and excellent bass dynamics.

They include a flexible suspension strap and a lightweight aluminum frame, making them convenient to wear. Memory foam cushions the ear cups, and though the cable isn’t ideal, it’s detachable, so you may quickly swap it out for something better.

While the Hifiman EDITION XS has now surpassed them as the finest headphones in that price range, the ATH-M50x are still a tremendous bargain at $299.


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The HIFIMAN EDITION XS is the best pair of headphones you can get in terms of sound quality and comfort. The headphones’ earcups were made with ergonomics in mind, so you may use them comfortably for hours on end. A plus for wearing them for extended periods of time is the memory foam-lined headband made of imitation leather.

The ear cushions are soft and provide a secure fit, and the headphones’ superb chord is both pliable and long, allowing you to listen to your tunes wherever life may take you.

While those features are excellent, the EDITION XS’ sound is the real draw. For a $500 headset, the EDITION XS’ detail, dynamics, and imaging are unmatched. They also have a more robust bottom end and more depth than the Sundara. This, together with the excellent soundstage and comfort, makes them the best headphones in their price range.


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If you want a pair of headphones that you can take anywhere and use wirelessly or with a cable, go no further than the HIFIMAN DEVA Pro. The Bluemini Bluetooth dongle, which is included with the headphones, features an R2R DAC, compatibility with high-resolution codecs like LDAC, and a microphone.

These features make them ideal for wired applications such as listening to music or making phone calls. Remove the dongle and connect the headphones to any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

The earcups are soft and adjustable, making them a pleasant fit over the ears. These headphones excel with music of all kinds since their sound is neutral and natural yet with a little extra warmth. If you want the best-sounding headphones possible for under $500, these are the ones to get.

HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version

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If you’re looking for a high-end set of headphones that won’t break the bank, go no further than the HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version.

These headphones include an upgraded version of Hifiman’s cutting-edge Stealth Magnet/Supernano driver combination, which is responsible for the headphones’ impressive bass response and crystal-clear midrange and treble. The pricing is ridiculously low in relation to how deep and distinct the sound is on these headphones.

The black metal frame is both robust and stylish, and the memory foam earpads in the ear cups make them comfortable to use for extended listening periods. The broad suspension sling on the headband is an extra comfort feature. Currently priced to $1299, the Arya Stealth is a great option for those who prefer the sound of planar headphones.

The one thing to remember about the Arya is that it is tuned for “flat” reference listening. The design prioritizes a wide and deep soundscape, mimicking the effect of a speaker. These might not satisfy your need for deep bass if that’s what you’re after.


Best Hifiman Headphones

While there are a lot of variables to consider when selecting the best Hifiman headphones, it all comes down to your own needs. In light of this, before deciding on a set, you should keep the following factors in mind.


What kind of headphones do you need—in-ear, on-ear, or over-the-ear? Whether hardwired or wifi, which is better? What about a high-end sports car? Because of the variety of uses they will have, the headphones you choose should reflect your personality and preferences. Choose headphones wisely; you’ll be using them for at least two hours a day, so make sure they’re sturdy, portable, and comfortable.

Discreetness and high-fidelity

Since you’ll be using the headphones alone, it’s crucial to choose a pair that has a sound that you love, whether that’s a deep bass or a crystal-clear reproduction of the smallest details in the music. Using a companion app, the user may tailor the sound to their preferences by creating custom profiles and adjusting the equalization.

Battery capacity

Popularity aside, most wireless over-ear headphones only last around half as long as Sennheiser’s 60 hours. Make sure your wireless earphones come with a charging case to maximize their 5-10 hour usage.


It’s frustrating to shell out cash for a new set of headphones and then learn that you need to go out of your way to acquire the necessary parts. Headphones are a good investment if they come with a case, charging cord, user manual, and spare ear cups or tips (for wired versions), and the aux cable is required to be included by the manufacturer.


Best Hifiman Headphones

How excellent are HiFiMan headphones?

The HiFiMan headphones are ideal for critical listening, audiophile sound reproduction, and pairing with a professional DAC/amp. They are premium planar magnetic headphones of full size with a high-fidelity design and superb sound quality. However, their earbuds are not as suitable as those designed for those with higher incomes.

Headphones: Electrostatic vs Planar Magnetic?

In terms of high speed, neutral sound, sensitivity, and transient response, electrostatic headphones and planar magnetic headphones are quite comparable. In the low-end segment, the variance in planar magnetic drivers is particularly prominent.

Due to the superior strength of attractive power versus friction-based electricity, the attractive planar diaphragm can move with substantially more force and hammer, possibly providing the finest bass response in the pack.

Due to the simple nature of the specialist, electrostatic drivers deliver both great precision and remarkably low distortion.

It might be similar in weight to the elements. The seal is essential for electrostatics; without it, they soon lose their sub-bass responsiveness.

Are accessories for HiFiMan headphones available?

There are accessories for these headphones available on the HiFiMan accessories page and on Amazon. Including the original model and hybrid headband, earpads, earpad mounting rings, serenity pads, grills with grill retention rings, all USB connection types, S/P DIF input and RCA line-out cables, 3.5mm and 6.3mm cables, and a travel case.


Our research on the best HiFiMan headphones should be both informative and entertaining; we certainly hope it does. We recognize that the evaluation we have provided is merely a illustrative sample of the leading products available.

However, our goal is only to provide you with a high-level summary of each offering. You should now do your own research to determine which course of action is best for you to take.

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