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Top-notch Value: Top 17 Best High End Acoustic Guitar

Luxurious acoustic guitars can cost you a fortune, but that price is totally worth their amazing performance, especially if you’re an avid guitarist who always wishes to improve and create supreme sounds. Or you’re a music studio owner, having best high end acoustic guitars plays a very crucial role in the recording of the songs. 

Upmarket acoustic guitars come in multiple models and brands so it can be a hassle for you to go for the right one. However, we have listed our Top 17 Best High End Acoustic Guitar regarding various aspects, such as design, material, sound, feel, durability and so on.

Best High End Acoustic Guitar Comparison 2021

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Best High End Acoustic Guitar, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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Top Best High End Acoustic Guitar Reviews 2020

Martin Standard Series D-18 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

[amazon box=”B0002GU6KG” ]

The Martin Standard Series D-18 Dreadnought has the highest price on our list for a reason. The top material used is Spruce Wood, which is of exceptional quality. Additionally, it provides bone nut as well as added saddle for greater sustainability and solid sound. The D-18 has the ability to produce more dynamic basses and projection which is ideal for solo guitar songs. 

Though there’s no truss rod, the unit offers amazing playability and construction. Thus, the strings have a decent responsiveness with your fingers. The sound it creates defines a true balance of mid, low and high tone. This is totally a smart investment and the product is of great value for the money. 

Finally, for anyone loving minimalism, the classic and simple design of this guitar will easily catch your eyes. Compared with the Gibson Hummingbird counterpart, the back and side parts of this guitar are much smoother.


  • Great setup, playability, and build
  • Good responsiveness with finger picking
  • Good feel and solid sound


  • The back and the body is not made from wood
  • No truss rod
  • The pickguard need replacing

Yamaha L-Series LS6 Concert Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar

[amazon box=”B01JUDPI6I” ]

The Yamaha L-Series LS6, concert size model is a perfect option for a concert or special musical events. The cost of the guitar is higher for a reason. In terms of performance, the sound it is able to create is clear and solid without any amplification. It comes with an adaptable truss rod so that you can lower the strings. Also, the fingerboard is hair wide for greater playability 

If you have bigger palms, the unit is great since it offers a thickness in the neck for finger responsiveness. That the product is made from rosewood makes it understandable for its high price, though the saddle and capo are made from plastic. 

In addition, you would wish the guitar to feature an additional strap button, but that doesn’t matter that much. Overall, this product can be used effectively by both advanced and beginning players.


  • Good workmanship
  • Good workmanshipIdeal for both professional and beginners
  • Adjustable truss rod
  • High-end rosewood material for great build quality


  • The frets are thin and have tough shape
  • Lack of second strap button
  • The saddle is plastic

Cordoba Guitars, 6-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

[amazon box=”B00XEPLTGM” ]

First product on our list is an acoustic guitar from Cordoba. It arrives well-designed with the combination of mahogany wood and rosewood for different parts. The Cutaway Sunburst model has high-tension strings which contributes to the quality of the sound as it makes the sound deeper and louder. The product is considered ideal for different playability levels, not only for prominent entry-level players , but also for more professional guitarists. 

The value of the product is well worth the money. The sound is resonant and engaging to hear. Though the product is not made in the USA, but China, the overall build quality is sturdy and the guitar offers a smoother feel so that you are less likely to get cut. 

However, we think that the most notable feature of this product is the stunning design that gives out a fresh vibe. It comes with a modern feel of European on the top, and an addition of sunburst end. 


  • Suitable for either advanced new players or experienced guitarists
  • Truss rod for added flexibility
  • High tension strings for great sound
  • Good construction


  • Made in China
  • Lack of strap buttons

Ovation Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar, 4 string bass

[amazon box=”B003WOZ4VQ” ]

The Ovation Acoustic-Electric 4-string bass guitar is worth more recognition for the reason that it has a modish look. The guitar is designed with a robust spruce top with Scalloped Bracing so that the guitar can create clearer and more crisp notes. Despite not being made from solid wood, the carbon fiber guitar succeeds to bring a true balance in sound. 

In addition, the guitar is playable as well as comfortable to hold and glide. Each soundhole located at the string is added to enhance performance. The neck is designed thoroughly with satin maple for a more comfortable feel. 


  • Robust spruce top
  • Modern design
  • The combination of material in the body part contributes to the exact balance of tone
  • Neck feel is good


  • Doesn’t come with case 
  • The material used to make the back makes it slide a bit on your lap

Taylor Guitars 224ce-K DLX

[amazon box=”B01MQCFTE0″ ]

Another product from Taylor, a very popular and reliable brand. The Taylor 224ce-K DLX is highly appreciated for its sound. From every review, the sound is described as beautiful and engaging. Without being made from hardwood, the Koa Laminate is able to contribute to the nice and classic design as well as the comfortable feel of the product. 

If you’re not very satisfied with the plastic material used to make the bridge pins and the truss rod, you can replace them with the ebony version. The design of the neck allows you for the comfortable hands movement as well as quick gliding up and down in order to produce great songs. 

Besides, the product is manufactured in Mexico, not the USA, but the craftsmanship is spectacular and the overall performance of the product is a great value for the money. Even if you’re a first-time online buyer, this is a reliable option with the provision of amazing sound and good playability


  • Sound amazing
  • Comfortable feel
  • Beautiful craftsmanship


  • The bridge may be faulty
  • Possible crack for some users
  • The pins of the bridge and the truss rod is made from plastic

LAVA ME PRO 41 Inch Carbon Fiber Guitar with Effects Professional Acoustic Electric Guitar

[amazon box=”B086PTCD83″ ]

This LAVA ME PRO is an upgrade from the LAVA ME 2, while keeping some amazing features of the older version. It’s ideal for on-the-road guitarists since it’s a lightweight acoustic guitar with a unique look. 

The unit comes with application of multiple effects and technology. Though the product is not made from pricey solid wood, the carbon fiber material has the ability to handle temperature as well as moisture. Also the product will arrive with a good travel case, USB cable, together with simple instructions. Additionally, L.R. Baggs system allows for a more depth and richness in sound the guitar produces. 

Besides, the guitar features a turbo button that is ideal for soloing songs. It also has a sturdy neck with a smooth feel. 

The most major problem is that some buyers reported some scratches on the frets, that is likely to be resulted from the careless delivery.


  • Turbo button for solo mode
  • Smooth neck
  • Deep and rich sound thanks to the chorus effect
  • The L2 preamp system for delay and impressive reverb from the soundhole.


  • The action is high for some users
  • Possible scratches on the frets
  • Made from Carbon Fiber

KLOS Black Carbon Fiber Travel Acoustic Electric Guitar

[amazon box=”B079SX3ZN5″ ]

The KLOS Travel Acoustic Electric Guitar is another prominent candidate for the best portable guitar for traveling. It features a detachable neck, together with a compact unit so that you could bring it to other places, even in different countries without much hassle. Also the unit can produce gorgeous sound and great playability. Though the guitar is not a wooden model, it is likely to last as the material is resistant to heat or humidity.

If you want to bring your guitar to different events, on your camping trip, this KLOS is a perfect option. Apart from the portable design, the set comes with a gig bag so as to store the guitar safely. Or if you want to purchase a guitar for your children, this is suitable for beginners.

The sound this KLOS creates may not be as loud as the wooden type, the carbon fiber has the ability to add more ampfliciation to your performance. Not to mention the fact that it is made in the USA, the product is worth your considering.


  • The compact dimension makes it ideal for travel
  • Carbon fiber material for clear and crisp tone
  • Detachable neck by removing the screws
  • Epic playability


  • The narrow string located at the saddle doesn’t give a responsive feel.
  • Carbon fiber is not as good as wood regarding expensive guitars
  • The sound is not big

LAVA ME 2 Carbon Fiber Guitar

[amazon box=”B07RYM3ZMC” ]

And for anyone who has got bored with the solid wood acoustic guitar, this carbon fiber LAVA ME 2 can be an interesting alternative. Even without the guarantee of the high-end material rosewood, if you often travel with your guitar, you may know that you cannot travel overseas while bringing rosewood guitars without permission. Thus, this product is worth considering for the reason that it’s light enough to carry around. 

Moreover, the design of this guitar is much more unique and sleek in design to add to your guitar collection. Also, the package arrives with an additional case and 3 useful picks in carefully-wrapped conditions. 

When it comes to the sound, it’s pretty clear, solid and may be better than you expect. And it features an integrated resonator for epic chorus and voice. 

Finally, for beginners, this is a nice try with decent performance. Additionally, this unit is simple to play with good packaging.


  • Many available color options
  • The carbon fiber can handle heat from -20℃ to 90℃.
  • Lightweight
  • Unique and cool look


  • Charged with cables so that may affect its durability
  • Not made from wood
  • Hard to find the USB port

Godin Multiac Nylon Encore Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar

[amazon box=”B004NIG6EO” ]

The Godin Multiac Nylon is a terrific combination of classic and electronic guitar. It can be used by either entry-level and professional guitarists for stage performances and recording music. All of the design and hardware applied in this guitar is for easier playability.

For guitars of higher-end price range, the criteria and expectations definitely differ from those of lower price range. But we really appreciate its performance and the sound it produces. Though it still cannot attract your attention for the reason that it is nylon type, especially beginning players since this guitar requires more advanced technique to make full use of it. 

Finally, the unit is built with high-quality wood. Vibration is less likely to occur and as time passes, the sound will get more and more amazing. And, it comes with a carry bags, which is of great convenience


  • Includes carry bags
  • Offers comfortability
  • Good material


  • Not for people who are not into nylon
  • May buzz when plugged in

Taylor GS Mini-e Solid Koa Top ESB

[amazon box=”B00N9GQYBQ” ]

Next product on the list is the Taylor GS Mini-e Solid Koa Top ESB. As its name indicates, the guitar is smaller in size, lightweight and you will find it hassle-free to carry it around. 

The unit arrives in a box full of surprise, that is because you will also receive a case with padding which is covered with molded foam. If you are not fond of the electricity-power model, this unit has a built-in 9V battery. 

In addition, the product offers onboard buttons for more control, though it may take time to understand how they work since there is no instruction about it. For anyone with bigger palms, it may be a bit challenging for you as the unit is quite small so that it can cause discomfort. In terms of sound quality, the guitar is able to create warm and clear sound that smoothly rubs your ears.


  • Made from Koa wood
  • The padded and supportive case is included
  • Pretty portable compared to the full-sized guitars
  • Produce warm and clear sound


  • Lack instructions for the control button
  • A bit uncomfortable if you have a big hands
  • Some parts like saddle and nut are made of plastic.

Seagull Performer CW Flame Maple HG QI Guitar

[amazon box=”B001RIY6DQ” ]

Next on the list is the excellent Seagull Performer CW, which has a pretty affordable price range compared to most high end models . The Spruce top wood as well as the rosewood back allow for a creation of solidity and richness in sound. 

Not only does it come with a case, but it also has a nice craftsmanship with thicker wood at the braced top. This means it is much more stable in both the top area and the lower projection. The maple neck and the nice finish enables a smoother and comfier feel and contact with your fingers. 

The only thing users may desire for is the accessible battery, which is indeed in the inside of the guitar. .


  • Attached case
  • The sound while unplugged is smooth
  • Smooth and comfy feel
  • Made from wood


  • Difficult access to the inside battery
  • Depending on each user, you may want some adjustment to lower the action

Epiphone EJ-200SCE Acoustic/Electric Guitar

[amazon box=”B0002F6PKW” ]

The Epiphone EJ-200SCE is the contemporary and modish advancement of the classic Gibson Jumbo and it even arrives at a pretty reasonable price. The sunburst finish may make it look tougher and more robust, but actually, the guitar is lightweight. Moreover, it offers a low string action and great feel for different levels of the players.

Also we shouldn’t forget to mention one of the most fascinating features of the Epiphone EJ-200SCE which is the cutaway located on jumbos. The sound this guitar is able to create is loud and powerful with high richness thanks to the nut and saddle, but that is even amplified with the preamp system.

Additionally, the grover tuners play a crucial role in improving intonation and tone. There is also truss rod spacing at the headstock.


  • Has the ability to produce sound with richness and strength
  • Value for the money
  • Excellent playability
  • Various useful features


  • Some parts are not solid wood
  • Manufactured in USA

Taylor Academy 12e

[amazon box=”B07SF4TCXT” ]

This Taylor Academy 12e really deserves more recognition. It not only comes at a pretty lower price, but the product is also well built with Sapele wood, though, obviously, not as good as the solid wood. And, the unit arrives with a nice setup out of the box. 

Apart from some viable jangles and issues with the ES-B tuner, the product functions well. It has the ability to pull out clear and pleasing songs which exceed your expectations. Moreover, the unit is made to give you the most considerable comfort thanks to the smaller size, together with an impressive armrest.

If you just start with guitar lessons, this unit offers lighter strings which are easier and comfier in fingers. However, with more advanced level, it’s recommended that you change all the strings.


  • Well made with Sapele Wood
  • The sound it creates is open and sweet
  • Incredibly comfortable to play
  • Comes in nice assembly


  • Some users having problem with the unadjustable ES-B tuner
  • Possible jangle

Kremona Rosa Morena Flamenco Series Nylon String Guitar

[amazon box=”B005699PS8″ ]

Kremona Rosa Morena Flamenco String Guitar comes with a classic and nice design. The lower bridge makes it flawless for any guitarist who is itching for a flamenco and classical model. The action may be a bit high, depending on each user, but the sound is good enough. 

The high-quality rosewood material contributes greatly to its sustainability. The product offers players an epic feel thanks to the gentle nylon strings as well as the nice top. The price is reasonable since the package also includes a gig bag which has double pockets and neck protection. 

On the other hand, some players complained about white patches in the areas near the soundhole and the guitar can be a bit weighty for you.


  • Top-notch rosewood material and amazing craftsmanship
  • Guarantee sustainability
  • Comes with a gig bag
  • Engaging sound more than its price
  • Smooth nylon strings


  • Possible white blemishes near the soundhole
  • May be a bit heavy

Epiphone Hummingbird PRO Acoustic/Electric Guitar

[amazon box=”B00AFOMX7O” ]

This Epiphone Hummingbird PRO was first introduced in 1960, and until now it still occupies the regard as one of the most notable classic guitars. With the updated technology, the unit comes with multiple plus aspects. 

Not prefered by everybody, but for anyone who loves vintage and classic looks, this guitar will catch your eyes. It was built with the combination of Mahogany back and solid top Spruce Wood so that it is likely to produce a natural and resonant voice. As the guitar gets more improved with age, the longer time you keep it, the more engaging sound you are able to create. 

The neck is attached with an adaptable truss rod and a white color conventional fingerboard. Additionally, the design of the neck is more proper for smaller palms. People who have used it for a while recommend other buyers to disconnect the electric cable to protect the battery, and for more epic live performances and recording, purchasing a microphone seems to be a nice idea.


  • Has a long history as a classic modelhigh-quality construction
  • Gives off a vintage vibe
  • Exceptional playability
  • Richer sound while unplugged


  • Not for people who are not into classic and vintage design 
  • For live performances, you will need a microphone.
  • The neck width may be a hassle for people with bigger hands
  • Must remember to disconnect the cable or it’s not good for the battery life

Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar

[amazon box=”B000RW0GT6″ ]

Another product from Seagull, the Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar, which is given with 3 color options to suit your style. Despite the casual look, the product has an amazing performance. It was made from maple, and the production is done in the USA, that means you don’t have to worry about its quality. 

The sound quality is better thanks to the double action truss rod which allows for a true balance of mid, high and low tone. Moreover, the cedar top also attributes to the high responsiveness to your fingers. The package also includes a gig bag which is actually not very solid. Also, the unit is not suitable for people with small hands like kids. 


  • 3 color options
  • Made in USA
  • Add more twang if you glide the strings harder
  • High response
  • Dual action truss rod for greater balance of the sound


  • Not for smaller hand
  • The included bag is not very robust

Seagull 046386 S6 Original New 2018 Model Acoustic Guitar

[amazon box=”B0786MJ2MG” ]

Comes at a very affordable price point compared with other high-end products, the Seagull 046386 S6 offers you a good sound quality. If you are still a beginner, this guitar is value for the money. 

You will also receive a case and a guitar stand, which is amazing at this price. The sound it produces is clear and excellent. That the product is made from wood with Cedar Wood top, and the Cherry Wood back means for greater durability and tone it can create. The only issue here is it may be heavy for some people, especially children.


  • All parts made from wood
  • Both for right and left-handed players
  • Perfect for entry-level
  • Epic craftsmanship
  • Sound great


  • Heavy and not very suitable for children

Penny-wise Shopping: Things You Should Consider While Choosing Best High End Acoustic Guitar

best high end acoustic guitar
Top-notch Value: Top 17 Best High End Acoustic Guitar 2

SInce you wouldn’t want to waste a considerable amount of money on a low-quality product, there are some factors you have to bear in mind. If this is not your first high-end guitar, things would be far easier, but if this is your first time, just read these following information thoroughly.

Truss Rod

It’s more beneficial that the guitar has a 2-way adaptable truss rod since an irreversible truss rod is less likely to hold the neck of the guitar straight and firmly. The truss rod also tends to be soundhole accessible. As it is placed along the neck, goes over the heel and creates a way to the soundhole. That feature enables for greater adjustability. 

best high end acoustic guitar


It’s obvious to opt for a high-end acoustic guitar with absolute sound. The sound it makes as you touch the strings shouldn’t be too low or too high, but comes with a perfect balance. The sound it carries also have to be clear and sharp


Guitars with locking tuners is a better idea in terms of premium acoustic guitars. Sealed tuners means sealing the guitar’s strings with the tuners, which mitigates the likelihood of string slippage and impacts of tuning issues. The appropriate turning ratio of the tuners is 14 to 1

Mahogany or Rosewood neck

Mahogany is the most popular hardwood used to make acoustic guitars due to its sturdiness and attractiveness. Mahogany also allows for a variety of tones of your guitars. Meanwhile, the rosewood is more costly and helps to pull out a greater resonance and voice. The color tone of the rosewood is warmer and richer in brown and purple as well.  


best high end acoustic guitar

Another factor to consider is the manufacturer of the product. Most commonly known brands among guitarists and people who are fond of music can be listed as Yamaha, PRS, Fender, Taylor and so on. These brands are regarded as Apple in the technology sector. Some brands have a history of making musical instruments for over a century, that’s why their reputational products are often considered reliable. It’s also understandable why the majority of their products are of higher price points with the attached brand name. Besides, the advertised campaigns and collaborations with renowned music stars and guitarists also have a significant impact on the price tags of the targeted products. 


Top-quality material also attributes the reliability of best high end acoustic guitars, especially the kinds of wood used to manufacture the products. The most common materials are known to be Laminate and Wood. 

best high end acoustic guitar

To make laminate guitars, they attach thin sheets of laminate wood together. This means of production is cost-effective for retail procedure. However, the quality of the final products doesn’t bring out such resonant and crisp sound compared to the harder wood models. Though the sound created from the luminate products are decent as well as they feature the resistance to moisture, mold and heat, professional guitarists tend to opt for the wooden acoustic type.

On the other hand, hardwood acoustic guitars, as its name suggests, are guitars with main parts which are made by attaching plates of wood together, not thin sheets. Solid woods contribute greatly to the sound quality of the guitars. As time passes, the guitar has more and more engaging sounds, since it experiences alterations as well as the ability to be proof against outside temperature and moisture level. The voice the guitar provides becomes more crisp and resonant. That’s why some people consider hardwood a tonewood. 


Besides an adjustable truss rod, you should check whether the product has a detachable bridge so that you could switch between different bridges to suit the styles of your intended songs.

best high end acoustic guitar

Where it is made

It’s also crucial to check the locations or countries where the products are produced. It’s a matter of fact that most upmarket acoustic guitars manufactured in the USA are likely to be made manually by qualified and experienced workers as well as more durable construction.  Those handmade USA products are by far the best high end acoustic guitar compared to ones made by machinery. While in Asian countries like China or South Korea, where the cost of labour is not as expensive as that in the USA, the quality may not be not that consistently equivalent among every product. 

How do I know that I need a premium acoustic guitar?

If you happen to find out that you’re in one of those situations, it’s time to find yourself best high end acoustic guitar:

An enthusiastic music and musical instruments lover

An guitarist wishes to own an acoustic guitar with more advanced features

An artists desires to bring fascinating performance to your audience

Or simply crave a deep and clear sound for the songs

But keep in mind that, if you do have a tight budget, it may not the right time for a product like this

What are the advantages of owning best high end acoustic guitar?

best high end acoustic guitar

There are various benefits that a luxurious acoustic guitar can bring, which includes better sound quality, as you already know; Clearance and resonance of the sound, wooden models get more advanced as time goes by; Sturdiness; Greater control and adjustment; excellent tuners,…

How long does best high end acoustic guitar tend to last?

That depends on both the maintenance and the original quality and situation of the product itself. Users are required to store and use it in the right way to reduce accidental collisions or damages. Most owners find a good guitar hanger or case to store their instruments, and carry it to the maintenance shop monthly. As long as it is cared for, the guitar can last and even enhance with age. 

What attributes to the differences between an expensive and other standard models? 

Besides the higher price ranges, we have listed the most apparent features to compare a normal acoustic guitar with other higher-end models in the above information.

Here is a video for you to grab more information:

Conclusion: Our Picks For Best High End Acoustic Guitar


Best high end acoustic guitar for multi-level 

[amazon box=”B00XEPLTGM” ]


Best high end acoustic guitar for beginners 

[amazon box=”B01JUDPI6I” ]


Best high end acoustic guitar for travel 

[amazon box=”B07RYM3ZMC” ]


Best high end acoustic guitar for the material 

[amazon box=”B003WOZ4VQ” ]


Best high end acoustic guitar with great feel 

[amazon box=”B0002GU6KG” ]

While you’re still pondering over available options, you can definitely take our recommendations into consideration. Hope you will make your decision soon!

  • Don’t forget to share your thoughts about best high end acoustic guitar at the comment box below!

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