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Top 17 Best Midi Drum Pads In 2024 Updated

Choosing to buy the best midi drum pad has always been difficult for users, especially those who want to learn to play musical instruments without really understanding it. With the rapid development of science and technology, musical instruments are also gradually becoming popular with more modern functions and more sophisticated designs.

Moreover, in the consumer market, there are a variety of options for customers at reasonable prices. Every year, manufacturers release various new models, so on the market, the midi drum pads are widely sold. If you are wondering which one is the most suitable with their budget, rest assured, in this article, we have compiled the top 17 best midi drum pads available on the market to help you have the most comprehensive view of the products you intend to buy.

Best Midi Drum Pads Comparison 2024

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2[amazon link=”B01M1DW7IP” /][amazon fields=”B01M1DW7IP” value=”thumb”][amazon fields=”B01M1DW7IP” value=”button”]
3[amazon link=”B075FNQ1RN” /][amazon fields=”B075FNQ1RN” value=”thumb”][amazon fields=”B075FNQ1RN” value=”button”]
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5[amazon link=”B07GY8C68J” /][amazon fields=”B07GY8C68J” value=”thumb”][amazon fields=”B07GY8C68J” value=”button”]

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Best Midi Drum Pads, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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Top 17 Best Midi Drum Pads Reviews 2024


[amazon box=”B086YW3PKM” ]

If you are knowledgeable about musical instruments, the brand AKAI Professional is no stranger to you. The AKAI MPC Live is the best-selling version of the brand on the market because of its superior features and its unique compact design.

The built-in stereo studio monitoring system provides quality sound to deliver the best quality sound, creating continuous creative inspiration for users.

USB MIDI keyboard controllers are known with 16 velocity-sensitive RGB drum pads, 7-inch high-resolution multi-touch display, touch capacitive encoders, and connectivity.


  • More user-friendly
  • 7-inch multi-touch display
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4 TRS CV/Gate outputs
  • Built-in rechargeable battery


  • Expensive if you only need a MIDI control

Ableton Push II

[amazon box=”B01M1DW7IP” ]

Ableton has since released the second-generation midi drum pad, which has received massive purchases and positive feedback. It is a significant step up over a midi controller. Since it’s designed and manufactured by Ableton, everything runs smoothly.

The Push allows you to do most things in clip view via its screen and the knobs above each section. The 8×8 button matrix is suitable for sequencing and for occasionally playing like an instrument. The layout is very customizable – so, for example, in the chromatic design based on 4ths, it mimics the first four strings of a guitar.

 In terms of encoders, there are endless high-resolution encoders that respond to touch, so there are also lots of improvisations. With a new push, you can be free to play and program beats, melodies, and harmonies.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Bright and clear display at any viewing angle and under any lighting
  • Easy to use


  • A little high-priced
  • May have difficulty in registration issues

Native Instruments Maschine MK3

[amazon box=”B075FNQ1RN” ]

Despite being Maschine, this NI Maschine MK3 is packed with new features to boost your speed and increase your focus so you don’t have to worry about breaking the workflow you love. It allows you to effortlessly make beats, melodies, and harmonies with premium sounds. More – cutting-edge software meets intuitive hardware for ultra-smooth workflow.

What’s new in this midi drum pad is it has two high-res color screens so it can be easier for users to slice samples, browse and preview sounds in mix and edit their projects without looking at your computer.

With NKS, and all of Komplete, you get audio previews of all presets and visual icons on your controller screen; it’s pretty amazing. So if you are only using this as a daw controller for Ableton, you miss out on so many cool features.


  • More intuitive
  • More visual and convenient
  • Many exciting features to learn


  • Can encounter some problems with connectors, cables, couplers

Arturia BeatStep Pro

[amazon box=”B00V5BIKNW” ]

If you need to spend a substantial amount of money to invest in your passion and career, this drum pad is the most suitable and worthwhile suggestion. The first impression when you see it you will indeed be surprised by its unique appearance, lovely and impressive colors. 

This midi drum controller is considered an intelligent drum controller because of its ability to effectively combine with all types of hardware. It has a 16-track drum sequencer (one track per pad) that features Arturia controllers. There are two independent step sequencers and a drum sequencer at the heart of the BeatStep Pro. For the use of a MIDI controller, in addition to having empty buttons and fully customizable crowns, the BeatStep Pro is a small but feature-perfect and complete device as well as the best connectivity unit you can find.


  • Perfect layout
  • Best suitable for live performance and studio
  • A variety of options and features


  • No manual
  • Possible risk during live use

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MK3

[amazon box=”B07GY8C68J” ]

Although not as full of features as the Maschine MK3, these products are still worth the money and are among the best sellers of NI. Compared with the Maschine MK3, its size is smaller and also much cheaper. You can use the 16 pads – drum in pad mode to input sound. 

Besides, there is also a Keyboard mode to play melodies, a Chord mode to create chord progressions, and a Step mode to program in a classic step-sequencer style. Rather than a more interactive high-res display, this midi drum pad uses a small LCD screen.


  • Affordable price
  • Powerful software with tactile, responsive hardware
  • Responsive pads


  • No notary knobs

PreSonus ATOM SQ Hybrid

[amazon box=”B08D6YNZMW” ]

It consists of 32 velocity- and pressure-sensitive RGB LED pads and a unique, staggered layout. That is a dynamic button system that changes functions depending on the task at hand. 

ATOM SQ is designed to deeply integrate with Studio One’s Pattern editor for intuitive step sequencer programming. All the pads line up seamlessly to your virtual instruments. This product is absolutely a recommendation for S1 users and great for a new user who does not have a daw yet.


  • Extraordinarily responsive and intuitive interface
  • Rotary encoders feel nice.
  • The pads are decent


  • Features are found in other much cheaper controllers.

Pioneer DDJ-400

[amazon box=”B07F3TNCMK” ]

This DDJ 400 enables you to quickly learn the basics and enhance your skills in a short time. The controller is compatible with many new tutorial features explaining what to do and how to do with the device to have the most compelling performances. The DDJ 400 comes with a rekordbox software license bundled, and it was designed to be as similar as possible to the professional Pioneer club CDJs out there.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable design 
  • Have tutorial features


  • No master tempo button

Novation Lauchpad Pro 64 Pad

[amazon box=”B00SMKSHGY” ]

Novation is known to be a pioneering generation of new modern electronic musical instruments. Launch Pro is the most popular best seller of this brand ever.

Unlike most other buffering controllers, the Launch pro MIDI 64-pad controller integrates perfectly with Ableton Live and other external hardware, thus providing polyphonic overtones for added dimensions for your performance.

It allows you to play various rhythms and activate complex chords with a single key with scale and chord modes.


  • Preeminent convenience
  • Standalone function
  • The version best suited to Ableton


  • There is no alternative function similar to one MPC or Maschine.


[amazon box=”B0116X1BJI” ]

The Akai MPD60 is one of the popular classic versions used in the 90s but today the mpd226 version still satisfies the old features of the brand in addition to having a modern design so it looks like a successor to the previous model.

MPD 226 provides the 16-pad setup with rainbow backlights and, with its smaller interface, and then allows the device to be transported on a whim. This is a great starting point for someone needing a midi pad and great software. 

If you love the classic but still keep up with the modern trends, this is the best choice for you.


  • Portable
  • Nostalgic feel and modernized design
  • Easy to use pads


  • Not suitable for newbies

Alesis Sample Pad 4

[amazon box=”B018G63PSS” ]

As its name, The Alesis SamplePad 4 comes equipped with four responsive, LED-illuminated rubber pads, dual-zone trigger input, and ten preset kits. Alesis Pad 4 makes it easy to create and download your templates and make sure they are formatted correctly, ensuring your music’s quality.

This device is quite suitable for drummers, musicians, producers, and live performers. It also allows you to tune and add reverb to your sounds.


  • Easily Expandable
  • Midi capability
  • Smooth design


  • Line noise 
  • Not very durable

PreSonus ATOM Production and Performance

[amazon box=”B07H6BVHSV” ]

This MIDI pad controller facilitates you while creating artwork, gives you all the expression you need, whether you’re making a beat, producing a driving synth line, or triggering sound effects and loops on the fly.ATOM is designed to play your virtual instruments live, with incredible expressiveness using the velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads. ATOM can offer deeper integration with Ableton Live version 10.1.5 and later. More than just a pad controller, ATOM also allows you to control the Studio One transport and then build dynamic performances.


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Impactful creation
  • Faster production


  • Occasionally double-triggers and misses triggers

IK Multimedia iRig

[amazon box=”B00NM3MEYW” ]

This midi drum pad is specially made for iPhone, iPad, or Mac devices with petite size, so it’s very portable, and you can take it with you anywhere. It has two MIDI knobs, two pushbuttons, one slider, and a pushbutton rotary encoder. Besides, 16 backlit rubber pads are velocity-sensitive with colors ranging from green, orange to red.

It is also fully MIDI class-compliant, which means you can use it and customize its controls for use with virtually any MIDI-compatible app. This IK iRig allows you to make beats, launch loops, mix like a DJ, and a whole lot more, no matter whether you’re on stage, in the studio, or anywhere.


  • Ultra-portable
  • Easy editing
  • Endless apps


  • The price is relatively high compared to similar controllers


[amazon box=”B0886KWVYR” ]

This MIDI controller can connect USB, along with 25 speed-sensitive keys, with a mini MIDI keyboard. It helps for studio production, virtual synthesizer control, and beat production.

Still the same MPC Experience as other AKAI Professional products, this mini version features eight backlit velocity-sensitive MPC-style MIDI beat pads. The complete music production suite includes MPC Beats, six virtual instruments and 2GB of audio content, and over 1500 sounds for you to create quality mixes.

Comparing with the AKAI Live version, this mini version is more compact but still has all the necessary utilities; besides, the price is much lower.


  • FX – 8 360-degree knobs
  • velocity-sensitive keyboard
  • Compact and handy
  • DAW templates


  • Could not get Arp and Note Repeat to sync to anything other than MPC Beats.

Alesis V25

[amazon box=”B00IWWBSD6″ ]

This Alesis is a powerful, intuitive MIDI controller for any music producer. You can see it as a mini piano about a computer keyboard’s size when you see it. Like the other midi drum pads, this Alesis V25 provides velocity-sensitive square-front keys, perfect for playing Virtual Instruments. 

You can expand the keyboard to the full melodic range and play bass lines, melodies, and chords thanks to 25 full-sized, velocity-sensitive square-front keys. Overall, the keyboard’s slim size is great for fitting into a workstation and accommodating a computer keyboard or laptop.


  • Adjustable to fit your style
  • Powerful software included
  • Portable, easy to use, excellent build quality


  • You’ll have to tap one pad harder than the other.

Donner DMK 25

[amazon box=”B08KGK5FGX” ]

As you can see, this midi drum has a similar look to other products of the same function on the market. However, you can prefer it since the sliders feel great. The pads are very reactive to touch and dynamics. 

This DMK 25 is not only a portable controller for beat-making but also a pretty lovely tiny keyboard. All have had different aspects that we appreciate this one, such as compactness, octave shifts, drum pads, transport controls, appreciators, and modulation.

All the keys, most of the drum pads, and a few of the sliders were mapped out perfectly right out of the box. Keyboard has nice size keys with natural responsiveness. The layout makes for a comfortable playing experience.


  • Excellent Keyboard
  • Flawlessly Interfaced
  • Diversity and Possibility


  • The build is not absolute high-quality.

AKAI Professional APC Mini

[amazon box=”B00J3ZCVCS” ]

This continues to be another best seller of the AKAI brand at a low price that you should not miss. The APC mini is fundamentally an Ableton live controller, plain and simple. It is easy to set up, easy to use, fun, well designed, well constructed, and perfectly integrated with Ableton.

 An integrated MIDI Mixer includes eight assignable faders and one master fader instantly map to Ableton live’s mixer for hands-on mix control. If you are a newbie, the interface is a little complicated, but it’s fine once you understand the various shift functions. 

Overall, This AKAI mini is just a fantastic bit of kit if you want to get started to produce your music works.


  • Simple Setup
  • Cool lighting controller
  • Touch-sensitive keyboard


  • No configurable controls

Akai Professional LPD8

[amazon box=”B002M8EEW8″ ]

If you wonder how much to pay to buy the best midi drum for you, don’t worry because this product AKAI is for you. This is an excellent choice for musicians, producers, DJs, and other music creators on the go. With a minimalistic design with a relatively simple layout, it still provides you with the features you need most to create your musical artwork. 

You will not be surprised by its diminutive appearance compared to other products of this company. However, it can still fulfill your needs and can be packed in a handy small backpack.

The impressive thing is that even though it is sold at a low price compared to the average cost of other AKAI products, we still notice that the material of the display and the buttons don’t feel cheap at all.


  • Most affordable product of AKAI brand
  • Build quality feels high


  • Lack of multiple banks for the pads

What To Consider Before Buying

When it comes to purchasing the best midi drum pads, you need to consider the following factors to choose the most suitable midi drum pad. That will ensure that you do not spend wasted money buying an unsatisfied item. In fact, in general, it is impossible to say which is the best midi drum pad; we can only base on that to choose the product that best suits your style.

It’s essential to be able to pick the best midi drum pad without any regrets. The choice is completely based on your taste. It also depends on your work, whether you need a midi drum pad to compose music at home, in your room, or at a studio, or perform on stage.

Here we will give you a few tips, or in other words, the factors you need to consider before deciding to buy one for yourself.


50 best midi controllers 1200x627 1

Before buying a midi drum pad, you need to think about the space in which you will place it. For example, the nature of your work or traveling, or you need to buy a midi drum pad in the music room or living room, being portable is very important. This feature also means your device must be durable and more resistant to crashes or weather conditions.

Devices that can be held in hand or stored in your backpack will usually be compact, with the number of pads being as little as eight pads instead of dozens.

Pads, Knobs, and Faders

When you buy a midi drum pad, watch for the pads’ size and the keyboard to fit your fingers, so when you use it will feel like “it’s for me.” Of course, we recommend the excellent pad made of good material, easy for you to push or press, it won’t hurt your hand or lack flexibility when moving your fingers on the keyboard. 

More importantly, it should be susceptible and responsive enough to control. You can slide up and down the keyboard and feel the different sounds based on the complexity of the messages that the type of controller can send.


How good is the material of the pad? It should be soft but stiff enough; usually, the pad is often made of high-quality material like silicon, so if the product you see looks like a toy, don’t waste money. The material of the product is very crucial.

On these drum midi controllers, in addition to the pad, you need to note other parts such as buttons, knobs, and faders. Despite the advancements in modern software, many instrument players still love the authentic experience, which is why faders and knobs are still featured in midi drum pads on the musical instrument market.


When it comes to connectivity, you need to pay attention to what kind of device you are using and whether the midi drum pad you choose to buy has good connectivity. Otherwise, this could cause serious problems that will even take you a lot of time to setup. Specifically, there are products that you can set up very simply that automatically connects to your devices. There are many different types of midi drum controllers available on the market. It also has specific features and functions suitable for each kind of music device to ensure they work well when connected. Software compatibility is another crucial factor that should be considered, and this one depends on the users.

Many people play for long hours, but sometimes users will face an inadequate power supply for the midi drum pad to work due to limited power. So it is always necessary to get a device powered through a USB cable and then plug your device to power it up.

Drum pad controller
Top 17 Best Midi Drum Pads In [year] Updated 5


It comes without saying that price is also a factor in whether a product is worth buying or not. You will find that if the product has features that outweigh the price you pay, you feel it is worth it. We call it a bargain when the functions overshadow the high price.

Now you probably wonder how a product is called a value for money. It’s a product with all the functionality you’d expect; the material makes it suitable, it gives you comfortable ease of use, or the look is impressive and easy on the eyes. You can refer to famous brands that produce midi drum pads.

Nowadays, there are many different products with prices that differ significantly, and prices often go hand in hand with quality. So consider with your budget to invest in the best midi drum pad for yourself.

Besides, many players worry about whether it can be easy to set up the midi drum controller, and then the following video will help you know how to set up your midi drum pad controllers.

Conclusion: Our Top 5 Picks Of The Best Midi Drum Pads

Because of the constantly advancing development of modern technology, the best midi drum pads are continuously updated with new and advanced features to help users’ composing music more quickly and effectively. No matter how good the features are, how high the price is, we’re still chasing the best, most perfect midi drum possible.

1[amazon link=”B086YW3PKM” /][amazon fields=”B086YW3PKM” value=”thumb”][amazon fields=”B086YW3PKM” value=”button”]
2[amazon link=”B01M1DW7IP” /][amazon fields=”B01M1DW7IP” value=”thumb”][amazon fields=”B01M1DW7IP” value=”button”]
3[amazon link=”B075FNQ1RN” /][amazon fields=”B075FNQ1RN” value=”thumb”][amazon fields=”B075FNQ1RN” value=”button”]
4[amazon link=”B00V5BIKNW” /][amazon fields=”B00V5BIKNW” value=”thumb”][amazon fields=”B00V5BIKNW” value=”button”]
5[amazon link=”B07GY8C68J” /][amazon fields=”B07GY8C68J” value=”thumb”][amazon fields=”B07GY8C68J” value=”button”]

We cannot deny products have different advantages and disadvantages. After thoroughly researching each midi drum pads product, below, we will suggest you top pick of the products you should refer to.

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