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10 Best Soundbars Under 300 Reviews in 2024

A good soundbar performs two tricks: it transforms your home cinema into a haven of impressive acoustics and it also saves your wallet. In this article, we present to you the ten best soundbars under 300 that are currently available on the market. Have fun with our selection!

Good and cheap soundbars: The Best Soundbars Under 300 Reviews – Buyers Guide

SONY HT-RT3 5.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar

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The soundbar from the Japanese manufacturer Sony impresses at first glance with its refreshingly slim appearance. The scope of delivery, however, includes an external subwoofer and two rear speakers, which in combination with the actual soundbar ensure a room-filling, immersive background noise.

The connection of this model to your TV is extremely simple and takes place via HDMI cable, which is not included. Fortunately, this does not apply to the cables that connect the amplifiers to the soundbar. Of course, the connection cords are an integral part of the scope of delivery. At this point the lively cable games are over again, all other settings can be managed via Bluetooth and NFC.

Then the HT-RT3 brings a lot of boom to the booth thanks to the booming 5.1 sound technology . The sound quality we can as a particularly intense describe loses, however, never heard of her razor- sharp sound .

In addition to the inner values, it is above all the appearance of the HT-RT3 that has become the discreet, secret highlight of the product. The surfaces of the equipment, which are kept in chrome tones, create a noble appearance that does not intrude in the foreground in the rest of the home furnishings.

This makes the soundbar the perfect addition to any modern living room. The high-quality, sometimes robust workmanship of the individual parts is also convincing and promises its buyers sound fun for many years to come. Sony currently charges around 240 $ for its soundbar. With this cost point, the HT-RT3 is not the cheapest model of our selection, but in itself the soundbar in combination with its impressive quality remains unbeatably cheap.

Samsung HW-R450 / ZG

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The runner-up in the league of the best soundbars for less than 200 $ comes from Samsung and bears the article designation “HW-R450 / ZG”. As in the case of our first place, noble restraint is the key when it comes to optics. The basic device comes in a filigree design and got two integrated loudspeakers from the manufacturer.

An external subwoofer completes the sound experience, which we can describe as voluminous and deep. The already good sound quality is accompanied by massive bass that will lift the TV experience into a whole new sphere.

The model from Samsung is therefore particularly suitable for fast-paced action films in which there are bangs and cracks at all corners and ends. The user-friendly operation also makes it possible for newcomers to the field of soundbars to achieve acoustic pleasure in no time at all.

The corresponding modes and settings can be fine-tuned using the remote control, and the wall bracket supplied plays a role in the aesthetics of the room. The Samsung soundbar is currently being sold for around 145 $.

BESTISAN Soundbar 40W

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Now we come to our winner in the “Value for money” section. With a cost factor of just 60 $, the product from the manufacturer Mpow makes a pleasantly wide berth around the ominous 200 bows. In this case, however, no external speakers are used.

For this purpose, four broadband speakers were built into the BESTISAN Soundbar, which in turn is accompanied by two bass reflex tubes. Even if the product has the designation “TV” in its name, that does not mean that the device can only be connected to the old cigarette box. If the respective device has a Bluetooth function, smartphones, tablets, etc. can be connected to the soundbar in no time at all.

The acoustic fine-tuning allows you to fine-tune the corresponding sound image to your individual preferences. A total of three different sound modes can be selected, which offer the right background noise for music, films and news programs.

Visually it is especially important to mention the illustrious play of colors, depending on which mode is switched on, the built-in LEDs spit out different light effects. The quality of the sound is consistent and has surprised many users in a positive way. The sounds turn out to be suitably balanced and at no time have an uncomfortably dominant effect within their spectrum.

If you would describe yourself as a saver, you are well served with our price-performance winner!


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We leave the podium and take a look at the fourth place among the best soundbars up to € 200. In terms of price, the Bomaker model is in the lower segment, the product costs around 90 $. The sound flies around your ears with this soundbar at around 110 decibels, while the device itself measures around 37 inches. The manufacturer advertises with the captivating 3D surround sound experience that awaits its users with this model.

Thanks to advanced technology, the listening pleasure becomes an immersion experience, which can be adapted to personal preferences thanks to many individual modes. In addition to the ready-made selection options, which are specially tailored to films, gaming and music, the user can also tinker with the individual sound components himself.

Thanks to the compact workmanship of the soundbar, the device does not take up much space in your living room and thus becomes a space-saving sound spitter. The numerous connections offer the user a wide range of options and allow him to decide freely in which form he would like to experience the crystal-clear timbres. Thus, the device from the manufacturer Bomaker is a successful entry into the world of soundbars.

Sony HT-SF200

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In contrast to the first place in our list, the second Sony model dispenses with external speakers. Just like the subwoofer, these have been integrated directly into the soundbar. A space-saving measure that does not detract from the listening pleasure. The HT-SF200, which has a cost factor of 130 $, can be easily connected to the TV and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The compact device then creates a room-filling sound that one would not necessarily have expected at first. While the basic structure of the played sounds is solid to good, we, unfortunately, have to subtract a few points in terms of the sound spectrum. Here the sound simply lacks a bit of fine adjustment and balance, especially loud sections can sometimes seem a bit metallic.

However, if you don’t feel bothered by this point of criticism, the Sony HT-SF200 soundbar is an optically high-quality product that is not only cheap, but will also fulfill its purpose for many buyers.

PHEANOO 2.1 Compact Sound Bars

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If you’re already convinced of the first PHEANOO product featured in today’s article, you should perhaps take an even closer look at our sixth place. Although the soundbar is a lot more expensive than its counterpart at an estimated price of 140 $ , it has an exclusive external subwoofer.

The wireless loudspeaker particularly achieves those basses that are located in the far depths of the audible sound spectrum. Despite its intensity, the bass appears clear and never drifts into a distorted roar. But also the highs and the middle tones are covered by the built-in technology in their entirety and reproduced in satisfactory quality.

The individual devices can be connected to the soundbar in seconds using Bluetooth technology so that the use of cables is superfluous. This PHEANOO model measures around 90 centimeters in length and thus adapts comfortably to the usual TV sizes. Nevertheless, to be on the safe side, you should measure your TV again before you finally order the soundbar. This way you prevent unpleasant space shortages.

Philips Soundbar HTL3310 / 10

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When it comes to good and cheap soundbars, a product from electronics giant Philips should not be missing. The model presented will cost you around 180 to 190 $ in an emergency and has a free, wireless subwoofer. This promises the user juicy bass, while the soundbar itself covers a wide range of sounds.

In addition to the function of connecting the soundbar to various devices using Bluetooth, the model has a large number of different physical connections. In detail, these are HDMI, audio, USB and an optical digital input. If you don’t like to place your soundbar directly under your TV, you can simply use the wall bracket included in the delivery to mount your equipment at the desired height.

Philips also decided to exercise simple restraint with regard to the design. While the sounds of the soundbar are sometimes impressive and rousing , the technical device itself is kept extremely simple and sits comfortably in the background within the living room furnishings. The remote control enables uncomplicated usability of the soundbar, which even laypeople can learn within a very short time.

The high-quality, stable workmanship of the product makes the soundbar look anything but cheap despite the inexpensive cost factor and makes an extremely robust impression.

Rockville ROCKBAR 40″ 400W Soundbar

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If the soundbars presented so far were all too bulky for you, you should be seriously interested in the third Bomaker product in our selection. A look at the name reveals that the said soundbar is committed to physical compactness.

The mini device is not only suitable for classic TV use, but is also used by many users as an acoustic amplifier for laptops or smartphones. However, you shouldn’t expect booming bass from the small device. Instead, however, you can enjoy the high sound quality , which is ideal for normal everyday use .

As it should be, the Rockville ROCKBAR 40″ 400W Soundbar also has many adjustment options, with the help of which the user can fully adapt the sound experience to his or her personal preferences. This means that the soundbar can be individually tailored to the next movie night or the following music session. The wall bracket for the device is available from the manufacturer for free.

Although the product costs only 60 $, the material processing of the soundbar was approached with a lot of love for longevity. So it is not about cheap plastic scrap that becomes porous just by looking at it, but about a stable product that will give its users countless hours of listening pleasure.

SAKOBS Smart Soundbar

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The ninth place in our article is produced by Sakobs and comes in a visually appealing design. Instead of the classic, angular look, the soundbar with its innovative lines clearly stands out from the models of the competition. But what else can the buyer expect besides the flattering window dressing for a final price of almost 70 notes?

From a technical point of view, the makers decided to equip their device with four integrated broadband speakers, which are accompanied by two bass reflex tubes and achieve a volume range of up to 80 decibels. In addition to the crystal clear sound quality, the user is also served a thundering bass system, which knows how to shine, especially with deep hip-hop numbers or action-packed strips.

As is so often the case, the sound spectrum of the Sakobs soundbar can also be adjusted to the preferred scenario. Regardless of whether it’s gaming, music, or the weather report: With the help of fine adjustment, the preferred sound vibe is quickly found.

LG SJ2 2.1 Soundbar

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Finally, we would like to introduce you to a soundbar from LG. This is called SJ2 and costs around 100 $ in stores. A 100W subwoofer is supplied with the soundbar, which works entirely without cables. The successful design of the product should definitely be mentioned.

This delights our eye with an optical playfulness that is created by the attachment of different surface materials. Of course, the LG device can not only be used on the television, but is also compatible with all other common technology devices of our modern age.

The quality workmanship of the soundbar is praised again and again by the general public and promises that with the LG SJ2 you will get an inexpensive soundbar with which you will have a lot of fun for a long time. The basic sound is solid through and through and reaches a satisfactory range. However, we have to complain about the quality of the bass. In this regard, the product lacks intensity .

So the bottom line is a comparatively inexpensive soundbar , which essentially fulfills its purpose, but lets fans of rich sound droning look into the tube.

As you can see, satisfying soundbars don’t have to cost a small fortune. It may be that the models presented do not always come close to the impressive quality of high-end products – but they only cost a fraction of the said competing devices.

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