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The Best Ukulele For Kids – Buying Guide With Recommendations

Playing with an excellent uke can nurture an interest in music within your children and let them learn discipline. However, it has become much harder to find the best ukulele for kids. 

The main reason lies in the sheer number of available products on the market. If you do not have experience, you will surely face many tough questions. For instance, should you get a big or small uke, which type of string is the best, etc.?

That is why we are preparing this article, providing you with some buying pointers that can narrow the scope. Of course, we will also introduce you to some of the most fitting choices, according to our research.

Major Buying Considerations

best ukulele for kids

Here are some of the aspects that can help you narrow the list down.

Price Range

After all, we are looking for the most suitable option, so we should not invest too much. It is recommended that you first decide on a range of prices first and foremost. Doing this will help immensely in lessening the number of available options.

From what we have seen, the most suitable price range for beginners’ ukuleles tends to be from 50 to 100. This range can provide you with a perfect balance between price and functionality. You do not overspend, and the quality of the product is high enough.

We strongly advise against going any lower than this range, as you will run into low-quality ukes. They will not create the right note, which is highly vital for the developmental period of uke playing.

Body Size

best ukulele for kids

Usually, this aspect is not that important, as all adults can handle every single ukulele size. This is not the case for your child, as they still have not grown fully. That is why you should try to pick the correct ukulele size.

There are quite a lot of size options for this type of instrument, but the three most common are tenor, concert, and soprano. Out of them, the smallest is the soprano, which we recommend as the best starter ukulele.

Aside from playability, the size of a ukulele also affects its tone. The main rule is that the bigger the body gets, the louder the tone is. As a result, tenor and concert ukuleles are generally richer, warmer, and more resonant in tone.

The Shape

best ukulele for kids

There are three main uke shapes: figure-8, boat paddle, and pineapple. 

As you can easily guess, the figure-8 shape takes inspiration from the guitar. We call it the figure-8 shape because the upper curve is typically smaller than the lower curve. The area between these curves is the waist, which usually rests on your lap.

Despite the guitar shape uke being used a lot more, people typically assign the pineapple shape to the ukulele. It has a rounded back with no waist, resembling, you guessed it, a pineapple.

The boat paddle ukulele is the most unusual design of uke; not many people know about it. 

The Best Ukulele For Kids

We have put together these current 5 best options according to the pointers we have mentioned above.

Ranch Concert UK-23 Professional Wooden Ukulele Kit – Best All-Around

[amazon box=”B0BQ38C25D”]

The Ranch Concert Professional Wooden Ukulele Kit is, without any doubt, the all-around best uke set for your children.


  • Amazingly clean sound
  • Polished, smooth body
  • Easy to play
  • Arriving as a full package

There is nothing more important for a musical instrument than its sound production capability. In this aspect, we must say that this uke does an amazing job. The arched back provides a longer sustain, imbuing the sound with a warm and deep woody tone. 

We also love that it has a simple to-adjust tuning peg system. There is no need to struggle, as all you need to do is either tighten or untighten a screw. We are looking for the best ukulele for kids, so this feature scores quite a huge amount of bonus points.

You should, however, not expect too much intonation out of this uke. Most of its users are kids playing for the first time, so Ranch did not pay as much attention to this aspect.


  • It has a beautiful finish.
  • The tuning system is easy to use.
  • You can make warm and deep sounds.


  • There is some issue with the intonation.

Official Kala KALA-LTP-S Ukulele Soprano Starter Kit – Best Package

[amazon box=”B09NNC8QB3″]

We believe that the Official Kala KALA-LTP-S Ukulele Soprano Starter Kit is perfect for introducing your child to the ukulele properly. After all, it provides a complete package.


  • A complete bundle
  • Good ukulele construction
  • Suitable for small children’s hands

You get a Kala 20-page starter booklet, a tuner app, some online lessons, and, of course, a high-quality ukulele. Each of these things can cost quite a bit standing alone, yet this bundle provides you with all of them.

The ukulele is, by itself, among the highest quality that we have seen, as it has a laser-etched Shark Teeth Polynesian rosette. The strings also originate from Italy and have a high-tech twist. That’s not all; the GraphTech NuBone saddle and nut make it easier to adjust.


  • You get a complete package.
  • The construction is simply state-of-the-art.
  • There are many online lessons available for you.


  • The sound quality is a little lacking.

Donner Soprano EC1254-DN-DE Ukulele Bundle Bag Beginner Kit for Kid – Best Design

[amazon box=”B074PHJ4MT”]

Kids are not rational, as they care more about looks than features. That is why we recommend the Donner Soprano Ukulele Bundle Bag Beginner Kit for them.


  • Warm and rich sound
  • Easy to learn
  • Eye-catching design
  • Wide selection of colors

This ukulele allows you to choose from a plethora of available finish colors, each of them brighter than the next. We doubt that your kid can take their eyes off once they see these instruments.

Of course, its appearance is not the only positive thing we have noticed about this instrument. Not only do the silver chrome tuners follow the acclaimed guitar style, but they also provide this instrument with accurate intonation and warm depth.


  • It can captivate your child with just one look.
  • You will never need to worry about teaching your kid wrong intonations.
  • There are many free add-on online lessons.


  • The support team is not responsive.

Diamond Head DU-103 Rainbow Soprano Ukulele – Best Durability

[amazon box=”B004FOMJGK”]

Are you worrying about your kids not being careful with their stuff? We suggest checking out the Diamond Head DU-103 Rainbow Soprano Ukulele.


  • Durable maple body
  • Easy to learn chart of 3-chord
  • Bright color

Having a strong maple wood body, you can rest assured that this uke will withstand even the strongest of tantrums. The high-gloss finish also adds a little bit to the durability, reducing the chance of scratching.

This instrument uses gear guitar tuners with a special 15:1 ratio. In case you do not know, this ratio is the best at keeping the tuning process easy and fast. 


  • There is almost no chance of your child breaking this uke.
  • The finish is both eye-catching and durable.
  • You can operate the tuners easily.


  • Its user manual is hard to understand.

Enya EUR-X1 Ukelele HPL Round Beginner Kit – Best Sound

[amazon box=”B0748761PR”]

Aside from the Ranch Uke, no option is as good as the Enya EUR-X1 Ukelele HPL Round Beginner Kit in sound quality.


  • Enya carbon strings
  • High durability
  • Matte finish

Thanks to the Enya carbon strings, this uke can produce a uniquely deep and warm sound. The volume of this sound is also more than serviceable, as they made the tuners extra tight. You can expect an easier time managing the note due to the Mahogany neck.

It is made completely from HPL material, which is famous for its durability. If you don’t believe our words, check it by lightly knocking on the body. The way this material resonates is one of a kind, so there is no way you don’t notice it.


  • This ukelele’s carbon string offers deep and warm notes
  • The tuners ensure higher volume.
  • You can use this instrument for quite a while.


  • It has an unusually large nut.


Many great artists started their careers with the best ukulele for kids, from Paul McCartney to Jake Shimabukuro. It’s never too late to cultivate an interest in music within your child with a small investment in a uke.

After reading our article, you are now aware of the more vital aspects that make a uke great for kids. We do want to emphasize that the size and the tone are the first things you should check for. Afterward, you can start weighing on other features.

Following that train of thought, we believe that the Ranch Concert Professional Wooden Ukulele Kit is the most suitable option. This option allows you to test the water if you still cannot make a decision. It also provides a deep yet clear sound and is of the perfect size.

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