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Top 7 Best Headphone Stands

The best headphones stands do more than just keep your desk free of clutter and your headphones out of the way when not in use; they may also serve as an attractive decoration. A good stand doesn’t have to be completely practical; it may also look nice, with things like RGB lighting and high-quality natural materials.

The finest choices, however, should also serve to protect your headphones from accidents and keep them out of the way while you’re not using them for work or play.


EletecPro Headphone Stand Holder

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The Headphone Stand Holder by EletecPro is the best option when considering its usefulness, longevity, and cost. Precision-cut and hand-polished aircraft aluminum is used in its construction. It weighs only eight ounces since its material is lightweight.

Durable metal is used for the product’s foundation, and a silicone cushion is attached to the underside to prevent it from moving about. The faux leather padding on top of the headphones offers comfort and noise isolation. Its dimensions of 10 cm wide and 27.5 cm in height make it a space-saving accessory. It serves a purpose and has a modern aesthetic to boot. Black, gray, and silver are the color choices.

Avantree Aluminum Headphone Stand

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The Aluminum Headphone Stand by Avantree is modern and functional, with all the features you need at a reasonable price. It’s made out of steel, therefore it’s as sturdy and trustworthy as one would want. It has a black silicone top pad to protect your headphones from scratches and a non-slip base to keep your headphones in place and your cables neatly coiled.

In spite of its lighter construction, the device weighs in at little over 12 ounces, making it stable enough to keep upright while you grab your headphones. The list of supported brands includes several industry heavyweights such as Sennheiser, Sony, Audio-Technica, Bose, Beats, and AKG.

A few minutes are all it takes to attach the metal frame to the silicone stand and base. There are illustrations on the product page to help if you get stuck. Some purchaser evaluations claim that the stand’s two-year guarantee and helpful customer service staff are further selling points.

Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand

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This Satechi headphones stand has several useful functions and is a pleasure to use. It has a 3.5 mm headphone jack and three more USB ports so you can attach more peripherals to your computer without dealing with a tangled mess of cords thanks to the stand’s clever design.

The maximum transmission rate of 5Gbps for data using the USB connector is quite remarkable. You also need not stress over locating an appropriate hookup. A USB cable that is three feet in length is included with the product. The stand’s aluminum profile makes it strong and lightweight.

For scratch-free transport, your headphones should have a rubberized coating on the clamp that holds them together during transport. It’s easy to keep your headphones nice and tidy with the help of the cable organizer located on the rear. In addition to the silver and gold chassis variants, there is now a rose gold variant.

Neetto Dual Headphone Stand

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The majority of headphone stands are made to hold only one device, however Neetto’s twin headphone stands will allow you to store two sets of headphones. The aluminum alloy metal frame of the Neetto stand features a long hanger top with two curved grooves to hold your headphones.

The device has a metal inside for weight and a durable EVA foam surface where you may arrange various knickknacks on your desk, such binder clips and cards. The ABS base cover is the same material as Legos.

New Bee Headphone Stand

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The New Bee stand has an I-shape, with a lightweight aluminum base and a TPU rubber top for securing your headphones. It is 8.85 inches in height and 3.7 inches in width, so it won’t take up much room.

Buyers are pleased with the stand’s low cost, and several have noted that it can accommodate even large headsets, such the Corsair Void, without any problems. There’s a guarantee of 24 months just in case you end up disliking it.

6amLifestyle Universal Metal Gaming Headphones Hanger Mount

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The market for under-desk headphone mounts is flooded with adhesives and glues. Because they require drilling holes in your furniture or other permanent attachments, these features aren’t always the best choice when you’re trying to save room in your home office. As an alternative to a traditional metal hanger, 6amLifestyle designed a clamp that allows you to temporarily attach a headphone holder to the edge of your desk.

The finished product is made of sturdy metal and can accommodate headphones of varying weights. To set it up, just lock it into place after adjusting the top screw’s nylon cushion to the width of your desk’s edge.

Protect your desk from scratches with the help of the clamp’s cushioned screw and foam. The headphone jack comes in only a couple of basic colors (black and white), but that’s plenty to suit most people.

Razer Headphone Stand

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The Razer headphone stand is made from metal and features non-slip rubber feet to keep it in place. The regular model is simple in appearance, with a sleek all-black body with the company emblem on the bottom. Vertically storing headsets frees up valuable horizontal space on a gamer’s workstation.

Additionally, many will appreciate that Razer has produced a Chroma RGB variant at only a slightly higher price than the regular one in exchange for some additional fascinating features. The RGB version may be paired with other Razer products and customized with 16.8 million colors.

It’s a little different from the regular model in that it has three extra USB ports for direct device connection. One minor negative of the flashier product is that its body is made of plastic rather than metal.


headphone stands

Now that you have read about the 7 best headphone hangers on the market, you probably have a fair idea of the factors that one should look at when buying a headphone hanger. Nevertheless, we’ll relook at the factors in this section to make things clearer for you.


First things first, ensure that the headphone stand you are planning to buy is compatible with your headphones. While most headphone stands on the market come with universal compatibility, you will also come across products that can hold selected headphones only. Therefore, don’t just buy any headphone stand randomly. Ensure you check the compatibility before purchasing.


Connectivity will be a critical deciding factor if you are looking for a USB headphone stand. How many USB ports does the stand have? Does it have a USB hub? What can you do using the USB ports? Can you charge your headphones too? Ensure you get answers to all these questions before purchasing a USB headphone stand.

Also, some headphone stands, such as the Corsair headphone stand listed below, come with a 3.5 mm input that allows you to connect your headphones and enjoy 7.1 Surround Sound. Therefore, you have plenty of connectivity options to consider and explore before purchasing a headphone holder.

Aesthetics, Construction and Materials

Headphone stands are available in different shapes, sizes and materials (as you have seen above). However, it’s completely up to you if you want to purchase a headphone stand based on the aesthetics, construction and materials, or utility alone? Based on our personal experiences, we would suggest purchasing a wooden headphone stand as it is durable yet not very heavy (unlike an aluminum headphone stand).

Also, ensure the headphone stand has a rubberized grip on the top and base to ensure your headphones don’t slip while resting on the stand and the stand doesn’t lose balance in case of multiple headphones or single, heavy headphones.


headphone stands

Do I require a headset stand?

In addition to the previously mentioned benefits of keeping headphones away from spills, managing cables, and tidying your desk, stands may be an excellent method to break in new headphones. Many of them are fashioned similarly to a human skull, so they may aid stretch out a brand-new pair of cans prior to the first time they are worn.

Can headphones be damaged by headphone stands?

Although it is uncommon, hanger-style headphone supports can harm headphone bands over time, particularly if they are left unadjusted for extended periods. Consider a stand with a more natural curved form to avoid damage, or periodically alter their position on the stand to prevent degeneration.

Which headphones are compatible with my stand?

Hanger supports can fit practically any available pair of cans, but there are essential factors to consider when selecting a curved type. While they’re preferable than the hanger variety in a number of ways, you should get a stand whose curvature matches the headphone band’s resting curve as nearly as possible, so you don’t stretch/flex the band and erode it over time.


Please let us know how interesting and helpful you find our research on the best headphone stands to be. We recognize that the evaluation we have provided is only an illustrative sample of the main products on the market.

However, our goal is only to provide you with a high-level summary of each offering. At this point, it is up to you to do your own research and come to an informed decision about what course of action is best for you.

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