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Top 7 Best Headphones for Cycling

Finding the best headphones for cycling is an important part of being a cyclist.

We wrote this short article about the best headphones for cycling in 2022 to help you decide which one is right for you.

Some of them are waterproof and don’t let water in or out, so they can be used in even the worst weather, and some of them are cheaper, like under $100.


AirPods Pro from Apple

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The AirPods Pro are new, more technologically advanced wireless Bluetooth earphones designed and made by Apple. They came out for the first time in October 2019. They are the best wireless earphones that come with a transmitter, a microphone, and a microphone that blocks out noise. Even though the AirPods don’t need an adapter or jack, they can’t be used with other earphones or devices, such as iPod accessories.


  • Sweatproof
  • It sounds great
  • Effective noise cancelling


  • Expensive
  • Cheap way to close the lid

SoundSport Bose

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The Bose SoundSports is better than the first model because it has an electronic heart rate transmitter, which is a very important extra feature. These headphones are great if you want to lose weight quickly and don’t have a reliable heart rate monitor yet. Using this headset for cycling is a great way to get some good exercise because it gives the wearer a great feeling of being in sync with their own heartbeat.


  • Eartips with a unique shape for a snug fit
  • Wings that can be moved
  • A good sound


  • No IPX score

The Jabra Elite Active 75t

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The Jabra Elite Active 75t is a must-have for any cyclist because it can be used with any earbud or headset. Users say it’s comfortable, lasts a long time, and works well. The Jabra Elite Active75t is a great choice for anyone who wants a good pair of headphones for cycling that sound good and don’t cost too much.


  • Motion sensor for a busy life
  • Sound that can be changed
  • Technology with 4 mics


  • Expensive
  • HearThrough mode might not work when there is noise.

Powerbeats Pro

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The PowerBeats Pro can cost almost twice as much as the AirPods, but they have better sound quality, noise isolation, and comfort than either of the previous earbud-shaped headphones. But the fact that they can get uncomfortable after just a few hours of wear might stop some people from buying them. In the end, though, these weren’t the best “true wireless earbuds” on the market, and we were disappointed with the purchase as a whole.


  • Bass that drives.
  • The battery life is pretty good.
  • Charges quickly


  • Not budget-friendly
  • Large case for charging

Jaybird Vista

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The Jaybird Vista should be on your mind right now if you want a pair of wireless headphones that are small, light, and comfortable for riding a bike. They should also block out noise, be built to last, and be as portable as possible. The lightweight design and good sound isolation of these headphones, along with their high-quality sound and easy-to-carry case, make them a great choice for bikers and music fans alike.


  • It fits well.
  • Technology for adapting
  • Well-made and sturdy


  • Proprietary silicone tips
  • Treble stays grainy, even after EQ

Aeropex AfterShokz

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The AfterShokz are open-ear headphones with a clever sound technology that sends sound through the bones. So, the wind won’t make noise in your earphones, and you can listen to your music while riding your bike without being distracted. There are a lot of cool colors for the headphones, like Solar Red, Black, Blue Eclipse, and Cosmic Black.


  • It can’t get wet or dirty.
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Stable and good for all sports


  • The sound quality is getting worse.
  • Not enough bass

A Soundcore by Anker

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You can listen to your favorite music with the Anker Soundcore headphones anywhere, even when you’re traveling. They will protect your hearing by blocking out noise from the outside.

These headphones are strong and will last for a long time. If you want to protect your hearing while still getting the best sound quality, you should check out the Anker Soundcore headphones.


  • Graphene drivers make for good sound.
  • Build quality is pretty good.
  • Very easy to live in
  • The case for charging seems a little bit weak.
  • The bass doesn’t move around much. The graphene drivers make for good sound quality.
  • Build quality is pretty good.
  • Very easy to live in


  • The case for charging seems a little bit weak.
  • Bass doesn’t move around a lot.


headphones for cycling

How to Pick the Best Headphones for Cycling?

The best headphones for biking are those whose sound fits with the music you’re listening to. If your headphones are too big, you’ll hear a lot of feedback. If your headphones are too small, you’ll also hear a lot of feedback, so it’s important to find a good balance between size and sound quality.

There are a lot of different kinds of headphones, so you will need to do some research to find the right ones for you. One thing you might want to think about is getting wireless headphones. Since there are no wires to deal with, wireless headphones are much easier to use. But you will have to carry a lot of wires around with you and know where to hide them. This can also be very dangerous for cyclists, who could lose their balance or fall. If you choose to use a wireless headset, make sure you know what you are doing so you don’t trip and hurt yourself.

You won’t have to spend a lot of money to get good headphones for cycling. But you will still need to find a good pair of headphones to get the sound you want. If you want to hear all the different sounds your bike makes, you might want to use earbud headphones. These headphones work just like any other pair of earbuds. They are used to block out the noise of the road so that you can hear only the sounds you want to hear and ride with the comfort and ease you need.

Most of the headsets you can use while cycling have microphones that can pick up sound from all directions. If you talk a lot while you’re riding, this kind of microphone is great. If you want to talk while wearing headphones, this is the right kind of microphone for you. Noise-canceling microphones are another name for the kinds of microphones that you can buy today. They are made so that the noises they make cancel out the sounds you make.


headphones for cycling

Is it safe to use headphones while riding a bike?

At first glance, it seems like an extra risk to wear headphones while riding a bike. The results of the study by de Waard et al. show that listening to music does slow down reaction times. People could say that the same thing would happen to drivers.

Common sense would tell you that earphones are safer and better for cycling in places with less traffic than in busy city streets.

Can anything be done about the noise from the wind?

When you use earphones, wind noise is a fact of life. There are even things that attach to the helmet straps and block the wind when headphones are worn.

Is it against the law to ride with headphones on?

Only seven states in the US have rules about using headphones while riding a bike. California, Delaware, and Maryland are the only states that ban their use completely (although Maryland allows their use on bike lanes).

In the other four states, cyclists can ride with headphones in only one ear. These states are Florida, Rhode Island, New York, and Virginia.

All of this means that wearing headphones is perfectly legal in the other 47 states, but, as always, you should use your own judgment.


Putting on headphones and riding a bike alone can be a great way to pass the time. Some riders like to pump tunes during a big effort, while other riders enjoy the company of a great podcast.

On a long ride, you might want to listen to music, podcasts, or even try to learn a foreign language. The best headphones for cycling give you great sound and safety features that let you hear what’s going on around you.

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