How To Use A Guitar Strap Precisely: Beginner Instruction

If you are starting to become a guitar player, whatever is electric or acoustic, a guitar strap is a must thing. It helps you not only be capable of playing while standing, but also can make sure that your guitar will not accidentally fall. Nevertheless, it can occasionally cause an issue, therefore, you need to guarantee that you assemble everything correctly to prevent damaging your beloved guitar. As a newbie, you must wonder how to use guitar strap since it looks quite complicated.

There is a distinction among using a strap on an electrically powered guitar and an acoustic one. So we suggest according to the type of guitar you are performing and how many strap-pins your guitar own, you should connect appropriately with different methods.

The process of how to use and affix a guitar strap is not that complex, but you need to know some things prior to setting out to become a professional guitarist. Our post will help you figure out how to use a guitar strap and you will surprisingly as it is really easy and saves time.

Let’s dive in deeper and discover the ways on adjusting a guitar strap. We offer you the helpful following information in our article:

  • What is the ideal length of the guitar strap
  • Benefits of wearing a guitar strap properly
  • Selecting a guitar strap
  • How to regular a guitar strap length
  • Helpful tips to putting on a guitar strap in an accurate way
  • Difference between strap and no-strap guitar
  • Step by step guide on how to use a guitar strap 
  • Questions and answers
  • Conclusion 

What Is The Ideal Length Of The Guitar Strap

how to use guitar strap
How To Use A Guitar Strap Precisely: Beginner Instruction 13

This is one of the most popular questions, but the answer is not that easy. You should attempt to look for the one that meets your needs as when it mentions the position of a guitar instrument. Nonetheless, you should understand that if you place your guitar too low, you will situate extra pressure on your because you will be obliged to bend them so that you can play anything you desire. A guitar strap may fluctuate a lot when you perform while sitting compared to while standing. When you play a guitar in standing position, you have to drag your neck upwards to be suitable for you, a strap will loose and variable if you are not assembled in the right way. Therefore, you need to know how to use a trap to suit you in every circumstance.

On the contrary, if your guitar is beyond high, it can be tricky to play accurately when your instrument is up to your neck. Let’s try to figure out a suitable position where you can be capable of work without struggling.

Benefits Of Wearing A Guitar Strap Properly

A guitar strap plays a vital role in your performance, it will help you produce a good posture not only while sitting but also when you are in a standing position. Besides, we would say you would love to wear a guitar that is steady and fixed than the one that makes you always feel it can fall down to the floor any time, right? Therefore, how to wear a guitar strap properly is good for you, so that you can be confident in your guitar playing.

  • With the right length of a guitar strap, you can be able to play every single note on the fretboard. 

You really feel extremely nice to play those solos, right? Affixing high enough of your guitar strap at a relaxing position will provide you to have filled control of each note that you work on. Besides, you do not need to worry about missing any certain note or even try to seek another fret spot to play.

  • Having an appropriate high guitar strap avoids you from back pain problems. 

Well, have you ever performed guitar for hours to hours and in case you are not sitting, but standing? If the answer is yes, we would suggest your guitar strap do not be too close to the floor, as it can make you really in pain. That is why you should learn how to use a guitar strap high so you will not need to bend yourself to play your favorite instrument. Adjusting a guitar strap right keeps you far away from backache issues.

  • Furthermore, owning a guitar strap precisely also eases your wrist pain. 

Similar to your back, your wrist may also hurt a lot if you are using your guitar trap in a wrong way. You do not need to curve your wrist much or carry your instrument on your lap with a high guitar strap.

Selecting A Guitar Strap

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How To Use A Guitar Strap Precisely: Beginner Instruction 14

Guitar straps are designed with diverse dimensions and colors. The most vital factors that you should consider are durability, fashion and comfort and of course an affordable price guitar strap is also affected when you have a budget. There are three distinctive kinds of materials made for straps, which are suede, nylon and leather. 

Nylon guitar straps are the cheapest type and the leather materials are on the high-price side. If you are looking for a long-lasting guitar strap, pure leather is an ideal choice since it is more sturdy, therefore, it ensures the quality durability. Prices rely on the material made but if you go for a second hand guitar, the straps may be included with no fee. Leather guitar straps are the best comfortable type compared to the others.

You should buy a guitar strap that can be adjustable in order to make you change the guitar height that suits you best. Picking a strap that mixtures great with all the music types you are planning to play to fit different styles. There is a wide range of offered guitar strap colors so get one that you love.

How To Regulate A Guitar Strap Length

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How To Use A Guitar Strap Precisely: Beginner Instruction 15

Before we start digging on how to use a guitar strap, first thing first is to adjust the right length of a guitar strap. There are two different types of guitar straps and each will need to distinctive regulate:

  • Non-adjustable guitar strap

This type of guitar straps do not permit you to be able to change the proper length set on the position of your instrument. We are not mentioning that these guitars are not good. Although they are not common, you should still find guitars where the length can be adjustable so let’s try to pass up these as possible.

For this type, there are holes in the higher part, you need to approach the adjustment tab in the front and insert it into a hose hole on the major strap that suits your demands. When you have checked that the length is great, let loop the adjustment end tab and place it back the tube outlet in the strap main part. The last thing is to pull the strap. Once the guitar strap is appropriately adjusted, you will connect the strap pin end and ready for playing.

  • Adjustable guitar strap

These guitars allow you to amend the strap length and transform it whether you wish your instrument to be upper or lower. Since you can visualize several diverse types of guitar straps offered, the adjusting process is really easy.

This type of guitar straps is designed with a so-called tri-glide changing scheme. It is equipped with a tri-glide buckle and a strap that runs through it. Basically, in order to alter the strap length, drag one end of the belt through the buckle. Relying on your height and your needs, you will certainly be clever to get the suitable strap length for yourself.

As a beginner in playing guitar, you might need a classic guitar that not only helps you effortlessly assemble parts, but also easy for you to change your length of guitar strap according to your preferences. You must have so much that has to be taken into consideration, therefore, we suggest best beginner guitar amps so you can narrow your searching.

Helpful Tips To Putting On A Guitar Strap In An Accurate Way

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Assistance of your shoulder

Your shoulder needs to be enough strength to bear a lot of pressure of a guitar strap as well as the whole guitar. If you are a right-handed person, put the strap in your left shoulder, with the guitar appearing in front of you. That helps you have more balance and is free to pick things. 

After putting the instrument over your shoulder, you must check whether your guitar is safe from falling on the floor. If there is no the strap end falls off and the guitar stays securely on your shoulder, yeah, you are all good to start rocking.

Adjusting a proper strap length

This helps you to determine the height of your guitar on your body. This is why you should pick a guitar featured with a changeable buckle on it. When affixing the strap on the guitar, we recommend that the buckle should face outward and should not be placed directly on your shoulder. By doing that, the strap height can be possibly adjusted as your desire.

If you are a newbie in playing guitar, you should not adjust the length of a strap too low, since it will be tricky to use all notes on the fretboard. Trying some different height settings to see what length you should place for your instrument, so that you can perform guitar without struggling.

The length of the strap plays an important role in your guitar starting, it may affect your performing gesture and also your shoulder strength if you do not know how to use a guitar strap. Our best ¾ electric guitar with smaller scale will help your shoulder not be in pain anymore.

Difference Between Strap And No-Strap Guitar

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How To Use A Guitar Strap Precisely: Beginner Instruction 17

If you are a beginner on playing guitar, there are a lot of things you should know about. As we discussed, most guitar users need a strap to help them easy on holding it while playing. A strap is also important when guitarists play in a standing position. You are a beginner, you may feel hard when starting to hold a guitar, especially while standing. 

You will become aware of how standing performance is different in your first get up with a strap. It would not be possible for you to experience the same way as when you sit to play guitar, although you try to adjust the guitar position. 

The advice for you is to practice make perfects, let exercise playing guitar in standing position as much as possible. This helps you to get used to different play styles. Who knows you will even dance and interact with the audience while performing stand-up guitar just in a short time of practicing.

Another suggestion is that you should also experience playing guitar with different strap lengths. So you can handle any situation to make your performance perfect all the time.

Step By Step Guide On How To Use A Guitar Strap

The process will be easier when your guitar is an electric one. As it is mostly played in standing position and has a heavier weight than acoustic guitars, undoubtedly they own two strap pins. We will provide you straightforward instruction on how to use a guitar strap on all guitar types, so don’t worry.

Some acoustic guitars do not even possess metal rivets. However, we propose an excellent solution that lets you use a strap without making holes in your valuable instrument. Let’s look into the following instructions.

As a beginner, you may be confused on choosing a guitar to start as it has a wide range of guitar choices, our best guitar picks are ideal for you.

Step 1: Observe Your Guitar

First thing first, determine which type of guitar do you play. Is it an electric or acoustic or other kinds? Relying on what sorts of guitar you use, it will have a distinctive number of strap-pins, or even none. The most three common structures are:

  • Two strap-pins: a vast majority of guitars have a strap pin positioned on the body nearby to the neck and another at the heel of the body. Most straps will really work great for this construction, which makes it easy for you to buy a strap.
  • One strap-pin: some guitars just possess one strap pin at the lowest spot of the body. There could be an involved pin that twofold as a strap pin. You can purchase a guitar strap that appears with a cord, or use a shoelace for such a configuration. You need to tie the lace surrounding the headstock over the nut.
  • No strap-pin: classical guitar is an example for this category as it is not essentially to be played in a standing position. There is also a chance of possibility that the pins can break off if your guitar was bought secondhand. However, you can get a guitar technology to settle pins down on your tool.
how to use guitar strap
How To Use A Guitar Strap Precisely: Beginner Instruction 18

Step 2: Get A Strap Fit To Your Guitar

Presuming that you are on the strap-pin selling organization, you prepare to look for a guitar strap that needs to work well for you as well as your guitar. You should remember some important things:

  • Guitar straps have a variety of dimensions, there are some short, but long straps as well. You can not be able to wear your instrument low with a short strap, and of course, using it beyond high will feel as awkward as getting it too low.
  • There are diversity sizes of strap-pins as well as the guitar straps’ holes. They are designed to suit firmly around the strap-pins. Therefore, do not select tiny strap holes, which creates more struggling for you to adjust your strap. 
  • Guitar straps are produced with a wide range of materials, dissimilar designs and various lengths. Materials may influence durability and relaxation. We suggest you pick leather straps ends, but they are not designed completely of leather. 

There are a large number of guitar cool designs you can pick up. Strap length is an essential factor as you may want a guitar that can adjust the height to suit you and be comfortable to play with.

how to use guitar strap
How To Use A Guitar Strap Precisely: Beginner Instruction 19

Step 3: Affix The Strap On The Guitar

You need to carry on this process accordingly, so you do not have to adjust your guitar strap over and over again. How to affix a guitar strap becomes easier with our detailed guide:

  • Firstly, let classify the forward and back of the strap. The most regular problem that guitar beginners are likely run into is their guitar strap curve in the middle, creating a tricky situation to wear. To avoid that, place your strap down smooth on a table or floor and ensure it is not clinging. 
  • Next you need to put the strap buttons on both sides of the guitar body. They look similar to tiny metal knobs. Determine the hole and fit the strap hole round the strap pin behind the neck. You need to force pressure to guarantee that the strap pins have connected the whole holes. If your instrument does not own any badges, you should set them up in order to adjust a strap. While your guitar just has a button located on the body, you can tie the strap on the neck with a loop.
  • Then do again for the guitar bottom. You may drop your beloved instrument if your strap is not assured, the button holes are created to match neatly throughout the button. You need to put effort on pushing the strap on the buttonholes as it is quite hard. The holes support your guitar weight while playing.

When you finish everything accurately, the guitar should be embraced by the strap. Place the strap at the back of your neck and slip it over your governing hand. If you have a single strap-pin guitar, let affix the strap bottom first, drag the string through the strap top hole, then bind the lace surrounding the headstock over the nut.

how to use guitar strap
How To Use A Guitar Strap Precisely: Beginner Instruction 20

Step 4: Check The Strap To Guarantee Safety

Pull the strap strongly to ensure it is fixed firmly, subsequently slip the strap above your shoulder. Playing a simple song to make sure your strap fits relaxed and does not interrupt your activity. Besides, attempt performing in different ways of playing styles such as standing up, sitting down and so on to exemina correctly.

Step 5: Adjust The Strap Length To Comfort For Playing

When performing guitar on a stage, you must want your playing to come as smooth as possible without instrument mistakes or other issues. Therefore, your guitar strap would allow you to adjust such a length that suits your height and preferences. Changing the length with the strap adjustable buckle when needed for your perfect playing with no struggling.

how to use guitar strap
How To Use A Guitar Strap Precisely: Beginner Instruction 21

We attach this video on how to use a guitar strap appropriately for you to have a clearer vision to do it without struggling.

Questions And Answers

  1. What Kinds Of Strap Do I Need For Greatest Performance?

It depends on your personal preferences to determine what strap you need to use. Some guitarists select flexible nylon straps while others prefer a more robust and swollen strap like the one produced from leather. We have some tips you can consider while seeking for a strap that suits you as a newbie guitar player.

There are various kinds of guitars, therefore, their weight is different as well. If you play a quite heavy guitar, like a Les Paul or an American typical tele, you need to think about a large strap. As the guitar weight will be shared out across your shoulder and it decreases much pressure on your back. 

There is a common type of strap – comfort straps, which would be ideal for you if you are facing some problems with the stress on your shoulder and neck. They are a little bit more high-price but feature built-in pads to offer you extra magnificence while performing guitar in a standing situation. With our guide on how to use a guitar strap you can easily adjust your strap as you wish.

  1. Is It Important To Have A Guitar Strap?
how to use guitar strap
How To Use A Guitar Strap Precisely: Beginner Instruction 22

If you are a beginner on playing a classic guitar, you will often perform it in a sitting position. Nonetheless, you should absolutely own a guitar strap if you plan to use an electric guitar. As it is not a solo appliance and you have to play it with other members. It is considered a good way to exercise on time working with a strap to change a variety of playing styles. Besides, when you are playing on the stage, your playmates will stand, so do you. Therefore, we hope this post about how to use a guitar strap will be useful for your playing guitar career.

Using a guitar strap, you do need to bend much of your wrist below the guitar neck, which makes you pain and have a bad posture. Furthermore, a strap can avoid the guitar from falling out of the guitar on the floor. You never want this, right? Therefore, a guitar strap may be important for you, especially while you are in standing-up performance.

  1. How Can I Protect My Guitar From Dropping Out Of The Strap

Luckily, in order to prevent this issue from happening, there are several uncomplicated methods. The answer is strap locks, which are effortless to connect and will guarantee that your instrument straps cannot be able falls off. They are a complete exchange for normal strap pins. 

On the other hand, if you are waiting for a faster solution without replacing anything, or you do not want to work with tools. Another method is using strap locks with usual pins and produced from rubber. This rubber is not soft but the strong kind which cannot be distort easily. You still place the guitar strap in the same way as instruction. When the strap is appropriately adjusted on the pins, you use this rubber to put it through the pins and strap. Nevertheless, you need to be sure that the strap will not be able to fall, your guitar is fixed and secure no matter how much you act.

We recommend you should certainly know how to use a guitar strap properly to avoid such a bad circumstance.

  1. How To Not Crinkle A Live Show By Placing The Guitar Cable Behind My Strap?
how to use guitar strap
How To Use A Guitar Strap Precisely: Beginner Instruction 23

It is a chance of possibility that you may accidentally step on the cable of the guitar, and therefore draw the cable out of the guitar when you are performing live. This would lose all liveliness of your show so you need to prevent it from happening at all costs.

The basic technique for this is that you should place the cable below the strap and hold it in the guitar prior to starting your playing instead of locating the cable directly in the guitar. Imagine that you are playing a wild song solo, it will not vivid anymore if you step on the guitar cale as it is trapped after the strap. What a pity!

This suggestion is essential for live performance so make sure you remember it when preparing for a show.

  1. Is an electric and acoustic guitar strap distinctive?

Actually, it is not really. Almost all guitar straps can work with every style of guitar. Some guitar belts are used towards a specific guitar style or type of music. For instance, a guitar strap is made of a sew and embossed leather with marginals may not suit guitarists who play heavy metal guitars. 


There are a lot of things you have to take for consideration when buying a guitar strap. Be sure to go with a strap that is changeable to suit your preferences. Everything you need is a strong and durable strap, so you can start to learn how to use a guitar strap to feel safe every time you are in a standing-up performance. With a guitar strap, you also decrease many health issues such as backache and neck pain.

As a guitar beginner, you can choose to start with an acoustic guitar under 100 and when you become a professional guitarist, you can purchase for more luxury guitar with high-price strap. You need to understand that you might spend some time prior to getting familiar with playing guitar along a strap and in a standing position. Obviously, like all the things in music, the best way to become successful is to practice. Use your time and you will soon get used to how to use a guitar strap and it will not be a big deal no matter whether you are standing or sitting to play. Remember do not force much pressure on yourself and keep exercising till you are pleased.

Affixing a guitar strap is easy but you still need to carry on carefully while placing the strap buttons. Every so often examine the knot for rigidity to prevent strap detachment and resulting guitar break as it should drop on the floor.

Indeed, it is really helpful to know how to use a guitar strap precisely at home. This is all about things you should remember to affix your strap correctly on your beloved guitar without damaging anything. We hope this tutorial is informative for you to start becoming a professional guitarist. Tell us your comments about this post if you found it practical.

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