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The Answer For “Why Do People Hate Country Music?”

Nowadays, when the society around humans is becoming more and more developed, we have also witnessed the appearance of many new kinds of music. Meanwhile, country music is an old kind of music and more suitable for the older generation. Therefore, this is the main reason for the question “why do people hate country music?”.

Country music is known as folk music and has appeared for many decades. Young people these days often prefer to listen to other new music like pop, rap, ballad and so on. All of these music also bring modern melody and follow the latest trend. 

Beside this main reason, We believe that there are many other reasons for this question. We have made a thorough research about country music and the popularity of it to each kind of listener. All of them are taken from reality so you can totally put your trust into our article.

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Here are some main parts you will need to go through in this article:

  • Age
  • Taste of music
  • Some new kinds of music
  • The 5 most famous country music all over the world
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Conclusion


Age is a direct factor that can influence the kind of music people want to listen to. For country music, it is much more suitable for elderly people for some of its features. This type of music has existed for a long time and went with them when they were born and during the time they grew up until now.

About the context a long time ago, in some places there were still some wars and demonstrations. To encourage the spirit of people and praise the bravery of some heroes who were willing to sacrifice to bring freedom and independence to their country, they often listened and sang this country music. When they sing or listen to country music, they feel more confident and proud of their country. This contributes to the victory of each country.

Most elderly people think so and they keep listening to country music until now. Whenever they listen, they feel like they are coming back from a younger generation and remember the desert and scarification of many heroes that fight bravery to bring happiness for all countries.

However, with the young people, they live in a society that is totally different from the older generation, which is more developed and does not have wars or demonstrations. Country music is only a kind of music that they are taught at school and they are not interested in it. 

The melody and the lyrics are old and not suitable for a regular day, especially young people. They only listen to it for some special holidays. And this is the answer to the question why do people hate country music.

Taste Of Music

Music plays an important role in society nowadays and it helps people have more incentive to start a new day. It also removes all the burden and sadness that you have to face in real life. There is a truth that there are many kinds of music and everyone always has their own favourite genres of music. 

We asked many people the question “Why do people hate country music?” and most of them said that it was not their favourite genre of music. Country music is too old and does not follow the latest trend of new society. Their answer is also true, I think. This is because most country music talks about patriotism and praises the culture of each country. This content is not suitable these days anymore.

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Talking about country music, most people think about a cowboy standing next to his large green dozer, playing his guitar and singing about his sadness and heartbreak. And therefore, they do not want to hear something like these lyrics or the melody. 

But we can see some people who feel more optimistic and happy after listening to country music. Music is really wonderful and always has special effects on other people, it takes the inspiration and emotions for those who really love these melodies. Some country music brings a happy and positive feeling. It makes people comfortable and forget all sadness and burden in their lives.

After all, we summarize the answer to “ Why do people hate country music?” depends on what types of learners. They have different genres of music and have different emotions when they are hearing a piece of music. Not all young people dislike country music and not all country music is old and cannot encourage people to work or study.

Some New Kinds Of Music

According to the development of society, we witness the appearance of many new kinds of music. And now we will go through some most famous kinds of music that are very popular and mostly enjoyed by young people.

Hip Hop

Hip hop music is a popular kind of music that comes from America since 1980. It is used as a back of rap music with strong rhythm and a rhythmic speech or story. Hip hop music is developed widespread with four main styles including rapping, using turntables to scratch, dancing and writing graffiti. Other components are beats or bass and sometimes are the combination of these two factors.

People also use hip hop to rap although rap is not a compulsory element of hip hop music. Hip hop music is also a culture that is created from 1970 through some overnight parties in New York, especially with the young people. Some professional DJs scratch the turntables to play and form some strong rhythm according to the beat. 


Another modern kind of music that is popular with young people is rock music. It started in the United States during the late 1940s and developed widely all over the world in the 1960s. This kind of music takes direct inspiration from different blues, rhythm of Africa American and country music. Besides, it is also influenced by folk music, jazz, classical music and other styles of music.

With this kind of music and the musical instruments to play it, you can consider the electric guitar as it is the most suitable one for rock music. You can also combine it with drums, bass and other singers. The lyrics of most mock music talks about romantic love but sometimes it is other themes like social and political problems. 


Like most of modern music, pop music derives from the United States and the United Kingdom in the mid 1950s. Pop music stands for popular music and it is nearly the same as rock music. However, the feature of pop music is more commercial and easy to access. This kind of music always has the chorus that is repeated with the medium length and simple format. It is also influenced by other kinds like rock, dance and country music.

A typical style of pop music you can see clearly is K-pop. These are some Korean songs that go with dancing and become more and more famous all around the world. They appear frequently on the music chart besides American songs. 


This is a perfect genre of music as it is influenced by the combination of two cultures which are Europe and Africa. It comes from the United States in the beginning of the 20th century and is developed constantly until now. Some people think that jazz music is an improvisation but this definition is not true because it always follows a composition, arrangement and comes with some necessary factors.

Jazz music is very varied but most of it is rhythmic and uses some notes like bent or blue. Hearing jazz music. you can feel many different emotions, maybe pain, happiness and joy. You can also hear the sound of freedom because at that time, music is a strong way for those who have to suffer from cruel treatment like the racial discrimination or an authoritarian state. To play jazz music, you can use jazz guitars to do the best. 

Rhythm & Blues (R&B)

R&B is a popular genre of music that comes from African American communities during the 1940s. This kind of music appears while the rock and jazz music use stronger rhythm. Most of R&B music is lyrical music talking about the pain, freedom and joy as well as the success or failures of relationships and young aspirations.

This music has also undergone some phases of development. From the beginning, it is used for blues records and then it is used for more different styles of music. Finally, in the 1980s, R&B music had a newer format. It mixes blues and the rhythm of pop, funk, disco, hip hop, soul and electronic music. 

Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

EDM music is also known as dance music or simply dance. It is mainly used in night clubs or many overnight festivals and is produced by some professional DJs. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, after the appearance of radio and underground festivals, EDM music spread widely, especially in Europe. 

However, there is a relationship between EDM and illegal drugs that makes the government enact some laws to limit the popularity of this music. Until when it is used in some fitness classes to improve the health of people, it is removed from laws and used again in some festivals and clubs.

The 5 Most Famous Country Music All Over The World

  1. “I Walk the Line” by Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash is a legend in country music in particular and music all around the world in general. His talent is an irrefutable thing and is recognised by most other people. “I walk the line” is a perfect song and is the most iconic song in his career. It is also a famous song that belongs to country music and is listened to by all countries at that time. 

This song ranked on the Billboard’s Top 200 charts only after 23 weeks released and became the first position on the list of 100 Greatest Country Songs of All Time in 2014. 

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  1. “Jackson” by Johnny Cash and June Carter

This song is a duet song of two singers Johnny Cash and June Carter. It also brings the same icon as the song “I walk the line” and makes these two singers win the first Grammy award in their singing career in 1968. This is also the best country music performance in Western areas. 

  1. “Stand by Your Man” by Tammy Wynette

The song “Stand by your man” became a hit and ranked on the top of the list 100 best country music in 2003. It is also the most successful song in her singing career and took the first place on the Billboard’s Hot Country chart in 1968.

However, this song also received rebuttal and argument from other people because it involved the liberation of women at that time. Tammy Wynette responded to these criticisms strongly that she believes in the right and the freedom of women and they can do whatever they want. 

  1. “The Dance” by Garth Brooks

“The dance” is the first song of Garth Brooks and it is released on his first album called 1989. It quickly became the number one song among his songs and is loved by most people. 

  1. “Jolene” by Dolly Parton

This is a hit of Dolly Parton and is a famous song when it comes to country music. She also writes and sings other songs for the Netflix series about a bank teller, who is a fan of her husband. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who Invented Country Music?

Jimmie Rodgers is known as the father of country music thanks to some constant success in this field. He became famous with the first single disk named “Blue Yodel” and then other songs make him become a famous voice when it comes to country music.

Is Country Music Good For The Brain?

Maybe you do not know, listening to country music also helps to improve creativity. Particularly, it enhances the blood circulation process and stimulates the activity of your brain. It also develops your learning skills.

You can listen to the song “Blue Yodel” in this video:

Conclusion: “Why Do People Hate Country Music?”

There are many answers to the question of “Why do people hate country music?”. This can be because of their age, the difference of people’s favourite genres of music and the appearance of many modern kinds of music that are more suitable for young people demand. If you are hearing impaired and you still want to hear country music or any music, you can buy a soundback to solve this problem.

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