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Bell Stand – Get Creative With Your Unique Decorating Style

Welcome to our product review blog post about bell stands! Bell stands are a necessary piece of furniture found in hotels, offices, and other formal settings that provide guests with a way to request assistance or service. While their primary function is practical rather than decorative, their design complements their space’s overall aesthetics and ambiance. This review will evaluate a selection of bell stands and highlight their unique features, functionality, and design. Whether you’re in the hospitality industry or love collecting unique decorative pieces, we have some great options. So, let’s dive in and discover the best bell stands on the market!

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Bell Stand Comparison 2024

  • Best For Overall: [amazon link=”B09WKQSDK1″ title=”eCraftIndia Colorful Peacock Handcrafted Brass Diya Stand” /]
  • Best For Durability: [amazon link=”B01I13KU34″ title=”Imex The Fox 11865 – Bell Horse Stand with Wagon” /]
  • Best For Design: [amazon link=”B08K2K9MG2″ title=”Wood Carving Bodhi Leaf Hanging Bell Feng Shui Ornament Display Stand” /]
  • Best For Size: [amazon link=”B009D4T9H4″ title=”Deco 79 Metal Bell Square Frame” /]
  • Best For Easy Installation: [amazon link=”B0973HKPTJ” title=”Unlimited Koshi Joe Stands” /]

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Bell Stand Reviews 2024

Best For Overall – eCraftIndia Colorful Peacock Handcrafted Brass Diya Stand

[amazon box=”B09WKQSDK1″ ]

I was instantly captivated by the eCraftIndia Colorful Peacock Handcrafted Brass Diya Stand the moment I saw it. It boasted a sophisticated and intricate peacock design with a beautiful stone wok.

Measuring 9.84 x 7.08 x 20.07 inches, it would be a perfect fit for any room in the house. I could tell from its bright gold, red and green colors that it would be able to bring vibrant life into my home. The quality of this brass bell stand also reassured me that it would last me for years to come. 

This bell stand added an extra touch of elegance and sophistication to my home decor. It ensured that I get more than just aesthetic pleasure from it with its durability and quality features. 

The eCraftIndia Colorful Peacock Handcrafted Brass Diya Stand is a great way to make my interior decor stand out with a little extra color and charm.


  • Unique design featuring a colorful peacock with an intricate stone wok. 
  • Made of brass for durability and lasting quality. 
  • Suitable for any room type like office, living room, or bedroom. 


  • Requires careful handling as the bell stand is delicate due to its materials and intricate designs. 
  • It can be pricey due to its quality and craftsmanship. 

Best For Durability – Imex The Fox 11865 – Bell Horse Stand with Wagon

[amazon box=”B01I13KU34″ ]

I love the Imex The Fox 11865 Bell Horse Stand with Wagon for its robust and sophisticated design. Made from brass, it is sure to last through the years. 

It also comes with a hygrometer, so I can monitor the air humidity in my home or office to ensure it’s always comfortable. Furthermore, the intricate figures adorning its structure add an extra touch of style to any decor. 

This bell stand is a great accent piece that complements any modern interior while providing useful features. Its classic look is sure to be appreciated by visitors and friends alike!


  • Made of durable and long-lasting brass material. 
  • Feature a hygrometer to measure humidity in the air.
  • Come with different figures for an elegant and stylish look.  


  • Heavy item.
  • It may require professional installation.  

Best For Design – Wood Carving Bodhi Leaf Hanging Bell Feng Shui Ornament Display Stand

[amazon box=”B08K2K9MG2″ ]

I am in awe of the beauty of the Wood Carving Bodhi Leaf Hanging Bell Feng Shui Ornament Display Stand. It is crafted from high-quality wood, making it both sturdy and durable. 

The attention to detail is remarkable, with gold leaf writing highlighting its intricate designs. Hanging from it is a bell that brings prosperity and good luck, which perfectly embodies the spirit of Feng Shui. 

Not only does this stand look great, but I was also pleased to learn that it is quite compact at 9 x 20 x 35 centimeters, making it suitable for any size room or space. This piece would be an excellent addition to anyone’s home, instantly bringing serenity and fortune.

I recommend adding the Wood Carving Bodhi Leaf Hanging Bell Feng Shui Ornament Display Stand to your home décor collection. Not only will it bring you luck, but it will also serve as a beautiful reminder of your appreciation for elegance and style.


  • Made of good quality wood, durable.
  • Elegant and eye-catching decor piece. 
  • Subtle gold leaf writing detail adds beauty to the stand. 
  • Exude an aura of prosperity and luck. 
  • The compact size allows it to fit easily into any space. 


  • None.

Best For Size – Deco 79 Metal Bell Square Frame

[amazon box=”B009D4T9H4″ ]

I love the Deco 79 Metal Bell Square Frame, which adds a unique touch to my eclectic-style home. Crafted from solid iron, this wall plaque has an open design with 9 twisted wire dividers, loop ring bell holders, and heart-shaped hangers. 

It is finished in a beautiful brass and brown metal coat that looks sophisticated on my walls. The large 32 x 5 x 32 inches stands out and draws attention.

Hanging this decor is easy with its metal keyhole backing, making it convenient for me to hang without hassle. I love how the Deco 79 Metal Bell Square Frame adds personality and style to my space – it’s the perfect way to create an eclectic look at home. 

Not only does it make a statement, but its solid iron material, brass, and brown metal finish also ensure that this wall plaque will last many years. 

Overall, I highly recommend the Deco 79 Metal Bell Square Frame to anyone looking for a stylish addition to their home.

Its unique design and ease of installation make it the ideal choice for those wanting something special for their walls; plus, its large size ensures that guests and family members are always impressed when they come over!


  • Solid iron material construction.
  • Open design with nine twisted wire dividers, loop ring bell holders, and heart-shaped hangers.
  • Brass and brown metal finish for added elegance and sophistication. 
  • Easy to hang with metal keyhole backing. 
  • Large size makes a statement in any home. 


  • Suitable for indoor use only. 
  • Nails and screws are not included. 
  • Single wall decor piece only.
  • Some assembly may be required.

Best For Easy Installation – Unlimited Koshi Joe Stands

[amazon box=”B0973HKPTJ” ]

I proudly display four Koshi Chimes on my Unlimited Koshi Joe Stand, an elegant wooden mount that looks great in any room. I love its 2 hooks for easily hanging the chimes and keeping the look clean and sophisticated. 

Also, its height and weight make it stay put wherever I put it, allowing me to draw attention to my beautiful chimes. 

The Unlimited Koshi Joe Stand is the perfect combination of style and utility that brings a bold statement to any home or office space I choose. 

It’s been an invaluable addition to my decor, offering a unique way to show off my beloved wind chimes while providing a practical piece of functional furniture.


  • Easy to set up and mount 4 Koshi Chimes. 
  • Robust wooden construction. 
  • A sleek design with 2 hooks allows for a neat presentation. 
  • A sturdy stand ensures longevity even when placed in busy areas.  


  • Not suitable for smaller spaces due to its size and weight. 

Brass Blessing Stand for Church/Temple Bell

[amazon box=”B07R7QQLZT” ]

I offer a beautiful, sturdy brass blessing stand for Church/Temple Bells, perfect for any religious setting. It’s made of iron steel and weighs approximately 1.5 kilos, measuring 7 inches in length and 10 inches in height. 

As I’m sure you’ll appreciate, it can accommodate bells with a diameter of up to 15 inches and between 10-25 kilograms in weight. 

Furthermore, it adds a unique charm to the environment – essential for any temple or church bell sound system. 

Not only is this stand durable and reliable, but it brings beauty and function to your sacred space – which I highly recommend! 


  • High-quality replica ideal for any religious setting. 
  • Made with iron steel, durable and sturdy. 
  • Adds a unique charm to any environment. 


  • You can only accommodate bells up to 15 inches in diameter or weighing between 10 and 25 kilograms. 
  • It may require some assembly. 

Brass Blessing Stand for Marine Large Brass Bell

[amazon box=”B07R4NRJBH” ]

I am very pleased with the Brass Blessing stand for Marine Large Brass Bell that I have purchased. It is constructed from iron steel, making it robust enough to support bells of up to 25 kilos in weight. 

It is also surprisingly lightweight, weighing only 1.5 kilos and measuring 8 inches long – perfect for any bell with a diameter of up to 15 inches. 

Considering its impressive features, this stand offers excellent value for money and is an ideal companion for any marine bell. However, it should be noted that the product does not include the bell itself – you must purchase your bell separately. 

Having used this stand myself, and I can vouch for its reliability and durability; it has provided me with many years of secure support even under the heaviest bells I own. Furthermore, its attractive design makes it a great addition to any room or area where you intend to display or use your bell. 

Overall, this Brass Blessing stand is highly recommended if you are looking for a reliable and stylish holder for your bells. 

Its sturdy construction ensures that your bells are supported firmly, while its attractive design provides a pleasing aesthetic to any room or area. Furthermore, it offers great value for money – making it an ideal choice when searching for stands for your bells. 


  • Highly durable and able to withstand the weight of a bell up to 25 kg. 
  • Weighs just 1.5 kilos while measuring 8 inches in length – perfect for bells with a diameter of up to 15 inches. 
  • Attractive design.
  • Robust construction ensures it will provide reliable service for many years.  


  • It may be suitable for bells at most 15 inches in diameter.

Unlimited East 14th Street/Chimefornia Stand

[amazon box=”B07BNG3Z1B” ]

I love the Unlimited East 14th Street/Chimefornia Stand! It’s made of high-quality pine wood, so it will last me a long time. It has 2 hooks, but I can hang up to 4 Zaphir or Koshi chimes on it. 

The stand is designed with an arching tabletop that adds a stylish touch. Its measurements (width of top 23 inches, width of base 24.5 inches, height 23.5 inches, and depth of feet 12 inches) make it suitable for presentation and playing. 

This bell stand is versatile and reliable; I’m sure it’ll be an amazing addition to my collection.


  • High-quality pine wood construction for durability and stability. 
  • Attractive, arched tabletop design. 
  • Perfect measurements for presentation or playing. You can hold up to 4 Zaphir or Koshi chimes. 


  • None!

IOTC Iron Bell Stand with Brass Bells – BR 1885

[amazon box=”B07WSY1192″ ]

I adore the IOTC Iron Bell Stand with Brass Bells – BR 1885 in my home. 

It is made of incredibly solid iron and brass, making it durable for outdoor and indoor use. This bell-shaped stand is 25 inches tall and contains 48 mini bells that create an elaborate, delightful sound when rung. 

It makes a great focal point in my garden or deck, often prompting compliments from visitors. Its timeless design brings character to any environment, and its superior construction ensures I’ll enjoy it for many years. Highly recommended!


  • Beautiful and high-quality craftsmanship. 
  • Durable iron and solid brass construction for indoor/outdoor use. 
  • Unique bell shape design with 48 mini bells attached. 
  • Impressive sound quality. 
  • Great conversation starter piece. 


  • Limited availability. 
  • Require special care to maintain the finish. 
  • It may require assembly before use. 

Yantra Chimes Stand for Koshi Chimes (2 feet)

[amazon box=”B0B7VB9HXG” ]

I love decorating my home with unique items, so the Yantra Chimes Stand for Koshi Chimes (2 feet) is perfect. The strong wood construction allows the wind to blow freely and create beautiful tones without obstruction. 

This stand is great because it eliminates any worry about interruptions from wind gusts. Additionally, the design is aesthetically pleasing and offers an excellent way to show off my collection of chimes. 

This bell stands not only adds a fun element to my home but also allows me to appreciate the chimes in an entirely new way by letting them hang gracefully in the air. 

As someone who loves music, this is an exciting and unique addition to my décor that I can enjoy whenever I look at it or hear its sounds.


  • Sturdy wooden construction. 
  • It allows the wind to pass through freely and create beautiful tones without obstruction. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing piece of decor to show off your collection of chimes.  


  • None.

Yantra Chimes Stand for Koshi Chimes (4 feet)

[amazon box=”B0968N9N67″ ]

I have recently purchased the Yantra Chimes Stand for Koshi Chimes (4 feet), and I am so glad I did. When assembled, the stand is 19 inches tall and can be easily broken down into 2 pieces. This makes it perfect for traveling sound healers because it can be quickly packed away without taking up too much space. 

It also has a great feature where you can add colored stickers above each chime, allowing me to easily identify the elements of fire (red), air (yellow), earth (green), and water (blue). 

The sound these chimes produce is incredibly beautiful, and I am very pleased with my purchase. This stand makes my setup more professional and ensures I play with the correct elements during my healing sessions. Highly recommended!


  • The ideal way to display and enjoy the beautiful sound of Koshi chimes.
  • The stand is 19 inches in height, allowing for convenient display. 
  • Separate it into 2 pieces, so it can lie flat when unused.
  • Allow you to add colored stickers above each chime. 
  • An easy and affordable way to enjoy the beautiful sound of Koshi chimes. 


  • Stand may not fit all chimes models. 

NOLITOY 2pcs Bell Christmas Metal Stand

[amazon box=”B0BP79JPLQ” ]

I love the NOLITOY 2pcs Bell Christmas Metal Stand – it’s perfect for adding festive cheer to my home or shop window. It’s made with high-grade material and is incredibly durable, with 2 bells that create a beautiful jingling sound. 

The vibrant design gives each room a cheerful atmosphere during the holiday season. 

Plus, the small size means I can easily move it around and share it with friends and family as a gift. I highly recommend this product – it’s sure to bring everyone a smile!


  • High-grade material and excellent durability.
  • Its small size makes it ideal for shop windows or as a gift.
  • Include 2 bells for extra festive vibes. 
  • Perfect for holiday home decor.


  • Not suitable to be used in outdoor settings. 
  • The colorful design may only fit some decor styles.

HEALLILY Christmas Jingle Bell Rack Jingle Bell Display Stand

[amazon box=”B09F9G26TH” ]

I love the HEALLILY Christmas Jingle Bell Rack! Not only is it an eye-catching, decorative piece for my home, but its high-quality iron construction makes it a durable and long-lasting addition. 

Its stylish tree-shaped design offers practical storage for all my holiday decorations. 

I highly recommend this jingle bell rack to anyone who wants to add a festive flair to their Christmas parties or events. It’s a unique and creative way to spruce up the festivities and make them more memorable. 

Plus, it provides a great opportunity to hang all the bells and decorations I want to show off!


  • Unique and creative design. 
  • Constructed of high-quality iron materials. 
  • Durable and long-lasting use.
  • Offer valuable storage space. 
  • Add a decorative flair to any home or Christmas party.  


  • Limited color options are available. 
  • It may require assembly or preparation to use.  

HOHIYA 24-Inch Metal Ornament Display Tree Stand

[amazon box=”B0826XG5KQ” ]

I love displaying my holiday decorations in style, so I chose the HOHIYA 24-Inch Metal Ornament Display Tree Stand. It features a sturdy 5-inch diameter black plated metal base and 36 hooks for hanging ornaments. 

Standing 24 inches tall, this circular base measures 13.5 inches in diameter. The sleek design adds a touch of sophistication to my room, making it the perfect way to showcase all my beautiful ornaments. Assembling it was a breeze, and I only needed two C batteries (not included). 

What I love about this tree stand is its durability and long-lasting; I don’t have to worry about buying another one anytime soon! My guests always comment on this ornament display’s attractiveness, making me proud of my purchase. 

If you’re looking for an elegant yet functional ornament display for your home decor, the HOHIYA 24 Inch Metal Ornament Display Tree Stand is ideal.


  • Sturdy 5-inch diameter black plated metal base.
  • 36 hooks for hanging ornaments. 
  • Sleek design and easy setup. 
  • Attractive yet functional ornament display. 
  • Durable and long-lasting.  


  • It requires assembly. 
  • Batteries not included 

Unlimited High Five Chime Stand

[amazon box=”B07VQW4S4L” ]

I love using my Unlimited High Five Chime Stand in my work as a musician, business person, and sound healer. It’s made from solid beech wood with a clear lacquer finish for extra durability and a modern aesthetic. 

I can use the suspension plate to easily attach Koshi and Shanti/Zaphir chimes, rotating it to ensure that each chime is within reach. Assembling the stand is incredibly easy; all I need is one screw tightened with a screwdriver, and all other parts can be assembled by hand. 

It’s perfect for any environment, allowing me to showcase and use my chimes best. 

I highly recommend this chime stand; its practicality and ease of installation make it an invaluable tool for any musician, business person, or sound healer!


  • Made of solid beech wood with a clear lacquer finish for increased durability.
  • You can hold both Koshi and Shanti/Zaphir chimes.
  • Easy installation – only one screw needs to be tightened with a screwdriver, while the rest is done by hand.
  • The suspension plate can be rotated to reach any attached chimes. 


  • None.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Bell Stand

bell stand

Bell stands as an important functional item for any home. They provide a convenient place to hang your keys, umbrellas, and other items you need quick access to when coming in or out of the house. 

With many different bell stands available today, knowing what features and design elements best suit your needs takes time and effort. 

To help make this decision easier, here is a guide outlining some key factors to consider when choosing a bell stand. 

Consider Your Space Requirements 

When selecting a bell stand for your home, one of the first things you should consider is how much space you have available. 

bell stand

Measure the area where you plan to install, and then look at product descriptions or photos online to get an idea of each model’s size before purchasing. This will ensure you don’t end up with something too big or too small for your space requirements.  

Consider The Setting

The next thing you should consider when choosing a bell stand is the setting in which it will be placed. Bell stands are often found in hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, and other formal settings, so you’ll want to choose a design that fits the environment. 

A classic or traditional look may be more appropriate for a formal environment, while a modern look may fit well in a more contemporary space. Additionally, consider whether the space is large or small and choose a bell stand that is appropriate in size.

Select A Material That Matches Your Home’s Decor

bell stand

Bell stands come in various materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and even bamboo – so consider the existing decor in your home when making your choice. 

If you have a modern look, opt for something in metal alloy, resin, or plastic; if it is a traditional style, choose wood, brass, or bamboo. 

You want the bell stand to compliment and not detract from the overall appearance of your living space.

Look For Stability and Durability  

As bell stands are designed to be used daily, you will want to ensure that the one you pick is strong and stable. 

bell stand

Look for models with durable construction, such as those made from solid wood or metal, and ones with wide feet. This will help it stand up better to everyday wear and tear while also remaining stable when items are hung from it.

Consider The Number Of Hooks 

Depending on how many items you plan on hanging from your bell stand, you may opt for one with more than just a few hooks. 

This will give you more flexibility and convenience and make finding the items you’re looking for easier. Some bell stands even come with additional shelves or drawers to store more items securely.

Look For Easy Installation 

bell stand

Many bell stands are easy to install, but some require more work. Make sure you read the product description or ask the manufacturer directly about installation to ensure that it is something you can do on your own without needing to hire a professional.

Check Bell Size

The size of the bell is also important when choosing a bell stand. Consider the size of the room or space where the bell stand will be placed and the frequency and type of use. For larger spaces, a louder bell may be better. For smaller spaces, opt for a smaller, quieter bell.

Consider Base Design

bell stand

The design of the base of a bell stand is also important to consider. Bell stands can have simple, traditional designs or be more modern and intricate. Consider the ambiance of the overall environment when choosing a base design.

Consider Bell shape

Bells come in different shapes, ranging from plain round ones to intricately designed shapes. Choose a shape that complements the style and overall aesthetics of the bell stand.

Evaluate Size Of Stand

The size of the stand should also be considered. Choose a size that fits well in the designated space. A stand that is too large can cause overcrowding, while a stand that is too small may not fit the bell properly.

Consider Color And Finish

bell stand

Bell stands come in different colors and finishes, ranging from shiny brass to vintage finishes. A classic brass finish is timeless and will look good in any environment, while other finishes like black or white can also look chic and modern. Consider one that matches the surroundings and reflects your personality.

Count Number Of Bells

An option to consider instead of a single bell stand is a bell chime with several bells attached. This configuration provides a variation in sound and can be suitable for larger spaces or events.

Choose A Design That You Like 

bell stand

Remember that a bell stand should be an attractive addition to your home, so pick one that you like the look of. Look for models with interesting details, such as carvings or painted finishes, and try to match the design of the bell stand to your existing decor style.

Think About Price 

As with any purchase, it’s important to consider your budget when selecting a bell stand. Prices vary greatly, so you should shop around until you find something that fits your price range. 

However, remember that it’s always best to invest in quality materials and construction as these items will last longer and provide better value for money.

Plan For The Future 

bell stand

Finally, consider how often you might need to use your bell stand in the future and plan accordingly. If you think there’s a possibility that you may want to hang heavier items from it, or store larger items on the shelves, make sure that the model you choose is suitable for this.

With these considerations in mind, you should be able to find the perfect bell stand for your home. Remember that it is an item that will be used regularly, so make sure that you invest in one of good quality and design. 

It will add a stylish touch to any room and provide a practical solution for hanging or storing items. 

bell stand

Investing in the right bell stand is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. By considering factors such as space requirements, materials, stability, hooks, price, and future use, you can be sure to pick a model which will be both attractive and practical in your home. 

With the right bell stand, you will have a well-designed item lasting many years. 

FAQs About Bell Stand

What is a bell stand? 

bell stand

A bell stand is a piece of furniture typically found in hotels or other formal settings, which holds a bell that guests can use to call for assistance or service. The stand is usually located in a common area or lobby, and the bell may be rung by pulling a cord or pressing a button. 

The purpose of the bell stand is to provide a convenient way for guests to communicate with hotel staff or other service providers when they need assistance.

How do I assemble my bell stand? 

bell stand

Assembly of your new bell stand should be easy; follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for guidance on how to put it together correctly and safely. 

In some cases, you might need additional tools, such as an electric drill or screwdriver, depending on what type of fastening system has been included with your product. 

If you find yourself stuck while assembling your new piece, look at our helpful assembly guide, which will provide step-by-step information about completing this task successfully!

Do you need help moving a bell stand once assembled? 

bell stand

No – not at all! Bell stands have wheels attached so they can be moved easily from one room to another and around any corners you need to navigate. They are also light in weight, so even if 2 people must lift the piece, this shouldn’t cause any problems.

Are bell stands secure? 

Yes – bell stands are designed with security in mind. Many models come with a lockable latch or hinge, which helps to keep your belongings safe and secure while they are being stored. 

However, it is always important to check the instructions provided by the manufacturer on how best to use this feature effectively.

Is there any maintenance required? 

bell stand

Yes – like all furniture, bell stands must be looked after to keep them in good condition. Regularly check for any loose screws or bolts and tighten as. Dust regularly with soft and use-only approved cleaning products to add shine and protection. 

Check the instructions provided by the manufacturer for further advice on maintenance for your specific model. 


Overall, the eCraftIndia Colorful Peacock Handcrafted Brass Diya Stand is an attractive addition to any home that can bring extra color and sophistication into your interior decor. It’s a great way to spruce up any room in your house and add a touch of sophistication. Thanks to its quality materials and unique design, this bell stand will surely last you for years. 

[amazon box=”B09WKQSDK1″ ]

The bell stand is a functional item used for many different purposes. It looks great in any home or office and is an affordable way to add style to your space. Whether you have extra storage space, want to display a few special items, or have something unique on hand when guests arrive – the bell stand has you covered. With its versatile design and sturdy construction, this piece of furniture will last through years of use while remaining beautiful and stylish. If you are looking for a quality product at an unbeatable price, look no further than the bell stand!

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