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Chilling Time With Limited Budget: Top 19 Best Bass Guitar Under 200$

Electronic music is taking the throne. Many exciting songs are dominating the world music market. Everyone is being attracted by vibrant songs. Are you among those people? Do you like me, usually imagine yourself performing on stage with a bass guitar? Make the dream come true! It’s so easy and reasonable, just purchase the best bass guitar under 200$.

Even if you get used to playing guitar before, and need to find or to change a new one, or do you intend to learn an instrument. Let’s choose a bass guitar. Make yourself trendy while enjoying the music. We have selected the best bass guitar under 200$ among various options on the market. All you have to do is click here (domain) to select one.

Best Bass Guitar Under 200$ Comparison 2024

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** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Best Bass Guitar Under 200$, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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Top 19 Best Bass Guitar Under 200$ Reviews 2024

Squier by Fender Bronco Bass, with Maple Fingerboard

[amazon box=”B0002F75P6″ ]

The first one among best bass guitar under 200$ we recommend for you on this list is Squier by Fender Bronco Bass. It is slim and comfortable with a C-shaped neck design. There are 5 different colors for you to choose: red, black, pink, slick silver, olympic white.

 It is easy to play so that my seven year-old cousin can also play. She said it’s really helpful for those who want to learn to play bass guitar. 

 It is a good choice for people preferring warm tones. The soft Agathis material makes it sound warmer in comparison with other wooden materials.


  • Affordable and easy to play. 
  • Best option for beginners
  • A single-coil pickup is featured to help you simply change volume and tone.
  • Good- looking


  • Not robust as other wooden materials
  • Does not have predominant sound quality

Jackson JS Series Spectra Bass JS2 Bass Guitar (Snow White)

[amazon box=”B07N2QW3KP” ]

This bass guitar has a unique design and is fully artistic. The bigger upper horn is basically a modernized part and helps balance the whole structure so that players can feel comfortable when they use it. 

We can easily fine-tune and mix sound, bast boost and control volume. Plus, the battery will not make any trouble when you have the push and pull selector. You can quickly regain the sound with no need for a battery by pulling on the volume knob.

If you love classical style, this is a good choice for you as it contains a combination of P-style neck and J-style bridge.


  • Affordable
  • Attractive appearance
  • Qualified function for the price


  • Hasn’t been found yet

Ibanez GSR 4 String Bass Guitar, Right Handed, Walnut Flat (GSR200BWNF)

[amazon box=”B00HV0DL30″ ]

Among the products in the Ibanez product line, this one is best for elementary players. It sounds exciting and is well-built to bring a comfortable feeling when people are using it. This is good for both performances at the studio as well as on stage.

The neck is slim in order to help players move hands quickly. It is made of wood covered with 22 medium-sized instruments in jatoba hand decoration with round dots. Besides, it has Dynamic P Neck pickup to deliver the sound. The bass can make the tones stronger by the extra cut knob.


  • Elegant color and compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Bass for the price, play well
  • Great tone


  • Just some people feel dissatisfied with the position of bridge.

Dean E09M Edge Mahogany Electric Bass Guitar – Natural

[amazon box=”B0009XPMOM” ]

Dean E09M is a great bass guitar that wraps everything in a way that provides customers a balance of price, playing experience, and the outlook.

The finish is well-designed with nice satin natural layer to make the edge outstanding at look 

The hardware is pretty usual. But the saddles and the die cast tuning machines are really helpful for adjusting while you are playing.

It is constructed to be lighter, and the custom joint makes it easy to reach higher notes.

The sound gives players natural performances. Rock and blues can be wonderfully performed on this item.


  • Great performance at a reasonable price.
  • Sound great.
  • Nice designed at look and has multiple features.
  • Strong and qualified


  • Just have passive pickup
  • Amp is not included
  • The materials can be affected by the time.

Ibanez AX 6 String Solid-Body, Right, Metallic Forest, Full (AX120MFT)

[amazon box=”B07BQCQY89″ ]

The fifth bass guitar on the list is Ibanez AX120 Solidbody. 

It has two volumes, two tone buttons, six strings to bring you the various tones. This assists players create many tunes and also is really helpful for artists, composer. The New Zealand fingerboard provided will give you a great experience.

The pickup produces a consistently solid warm tone.


  • Compact and medium weight
  • Quality: get what you pay


  • The quality control is quite lax

Jackson JS Series Concert Bass Minion JS1X Bass Guitar (Satin Black)

[amazon box=”B07G3CPM4T” ]

Jackson JS Series Concert Bass has a popular body and a maple neck. It also has P Style neck pickup, J Style bridge pickup to power it, a tone control, and two volume knobs.

The pickup’s structure is one of the most versatile. 

It’s ideal bass because it’s a half lighter than the same sized basses. It’s also easy for a beginner to learn.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Good for beginners


  • None

Squier by Fender Mini Precision Bass – Laurel – Black

[amazon box=”B088FXNS5S” ]

A small bass guitar is a good option for kids. If you want your kids to learn to play bass soon but the size seems difficult, this is the answer. However, it becomes smaller, it keeps the shape just like its big brother.

The bass has a split single-coil which makes its tone become wonderful. It can produce big classic sound including fat low-end, punchy mids, and crisp high. It features knobs for volume and tone, so that it can make various changes in tone.

Its neck shape is C and the material is popular. It has 4 strings.


  • Best for kids
  • Compact and easy to handle
  • Simple to play
  • Great sound created
  • Timeless look


  • It seems to be perfect for the price and hard to find any critical comments on it.

The”G-Bass” 2-string DIY Electric Bass Guitar Kit – Fully Fretted

[amazon box=”B07JB95K3W” ]

Just look at the appearance of the bass, you can feel the classic vibe. It looks simple with light color and particularly just has 2 strings. Shorter scale makes it easy to play though various sound creation seems to be limited. The body is also different from other usual bass with more square surfaces. 

The pickup comes with a classic black coated bass receiver, volume tank and standard mono jacks. It includes decorative nickel box corners and chrome strap buttons that you can install. You can choose a grooved or no-groove option for this set – for the no-groove option you’ll get a fully grooved key just need to set up the no-jumbo fret.


  • Unique design
  • Simple and easy to play, especially those are basic learners and prefer simpleness
  • Encourage users to learn more with less (strings)


  • Limited sound

Electric Bass Guitar with Magical Graphic – Jazz Bass Type with Hard Canadian Maple Neck (Magical)

[amazon box=”B082SSBQ92″ ]

Are you impressed by this design? The bass looks like a work of art. 

It has 4 strings, a thin neck so that you can play it with ease. Some customers who were asked also confirm this. Even beginners can also easily use it. 

It features a white pearl ABS pickguard and chrome metal tile with the knobs to control it, and features a fixed bridge, chrome hardware, 1 volume and 2 tone.

The back is made of basswood and the body is made of solid wood. It best fits Jazz style.

Shortly, It ‘s nice in both appearance and performance.


  • Good-looking
  • Reasonable price
  • High-rated


  • Some customers complain about the knobs.

Donner DLP-124B Solid Body

[amazon box=”B083J3TSVF” ]

If you’d like to have a pretty round body bass, this could be a consideration. 

A range of tones can be made by this bass as it has a couple of classic humbucker pickups attached. 

The materials are qualified enough to make a great collection of sound: Laurel Wood of the finger board, Canadian maple of neck, solid basswood of body.

It also features a couple of tone knobs and a volume knob for flexibly changing. 

It can make wonderful performances in rock-and- roll, blues, ect.


  • Gig bag, guitar strap are combined so you don’t need to give others payments.
  • Smooth tones
  • Natural, vibrant sound.
  • Worth the money


  • Few customers have problems with the manufacturing of the products.

Ibanez GAX 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Transparent Cherry, Full (GAX30TCR)

[amazon box=”B079J8HRG7″ ]

This is a bass for players at all ages. Its price may not be something relevant to its function. It offers the best sound, playing style in its price level. 

It’s light so that it brings you a comfortable feeling while playing at home as well as on stage.

Many players give compliments to its sound which is over expectation.


  • Solid sound
  • Easy fix
  • Good for newbies in playing bass


  • The frets need covers because it’s sharp

LyxPro Electric Guitar

[amazon box=”B01M3Q1ATX” ]

Well, a friend of mine bought it a few months ago to start his interest in playing bass. He practises everyday and seems very satisfied with the bass. And I get this option from him.

This is quite easy to learn and play, so it’s another choice for beginners. It has a 20-watt amp that is enough for practising and not too loud to get on one’s nerves. The sound is qualified enough for training your ear.

It also features digital tuner, guitar cable, tremolo bar, extra strings, picks and allen wrenches. All-in-one bass guitar with cheap price.


  • The case is provided and have long-lasting use
  • The digital tuner can help the other instrument
  • Affordable
  • Warranty for 2 years
  • It has adjustable neck


  • It’s rated as an excellent bass for basic users but some are not satisfied with the gig back.

Donner 4 Strings Electric Bass DPB-510B Full Size

[amazon box=”B081SVXYSV” ]

This is such an economical all-in-one bass ever. It’s cheap but contains everything needed for a bass.

DPB 510B has Ebony fingerboard, Canadian maple neck, solid basswood, P style pickups with two volume knobs, a solid basswood body, chrome tuner keys, good strings, PVC protection. Tuning pegs are really helpful for simple tuning and fixing strings.

It also combines a qualified gig bag, guitar cable, strap. 

If you are an intermediate player and do not have many requirements, you can choose this to have a good experience without paying too much.


  • Cheap but convenient
  • Smooth tone


  • No cons

Glen Burton GE101BCO-RDS Electric Guitar Stratocaster

[amazon box=”B081SVXYSV” ]

The product comes from Glen Burton, a prestigious brand of electronic guitar. This brand is well-known for making produce good in details, but also secure the reasonable price and the utility. 

It is also provided with an amplifier, strings, digital tuner, gig bag, and trap. The bridge is tremolo that has flexible saddles. And the really important thing is that everyone can afford it at a cheap price.


  • Impressive accessories
  • Durable material


  • Low qualified gig bag and cable

Exquisite Burning Fire Style Electric Bass Guitar

[amazon box=”B094F7W6FT” ]

Look at its name, you can guess it’s good-looking. Yes, that’s true. It looks pretty in red and white on its body. 

But it does not stop at that, it also sends out beautiful sounds, which contains a lot of tones and all of them are smooth, natural and bright as well. It’s perfect for all kinds of music such as rock and roll, blue songs, acoustic, ect.

If you are a beginner in bass, do not miss this one.


  • Beautiful sound
  • Reasonable price
  • Everyone is able to play


  • None

 Ashthorpe Full-Size Cutaway Thinline Acoustic-Electric Guitar Package – Premium Tonewoods – Red

[amazon box=”B07FDLZ5M3″ ]

The design of the guitar may be nothing special except the mix of colors. However, in general, it gives a good impression. Its material is Nato wood, which is really light. In the wood guitar market, it’s now very popular for making acoustic sound. 

The thickness of the guitar doesn’t make it heavy but just makes the tune sound more classical. As it is easy to use, it’s useful for beginners.


  • Lightweight
  • Play well in the price
  • Good-looking
  • Lovely sound


  • Do not have an amp

Exquisite Stylish IB Bass with Power Line and Wrench Tool Black

[amazon box=”B07R6ZTGLR” ]

We highly suggest you this Exquisite Stylish IB bass because of its smoothly sound and effect production. Quickly look at this bass, there may be nothing outstanding from the others, however, then you will know they do have differences. 

The strings are designed to be thicker and the string tension is also bigger. This allows you to create a wonderful bass effect, especially low sound. Besides, you can handle it easily and play it stably. 

Plus, it is made from wood and other artificial substances in a wonderful way so that it will bring you great experience.


  • Cool outlook
  • Easy to handle
  • Wonderful performance


  • None

Costzon Electric 4 String Bass Guitar

[amazon box=”B076KDG1P4″ ]

This bass guitar is both good-looking and easy to hold. The Costzon provides users with warm sound, smooth tones. The material is solid wooden and it is really durable. Attached with some necessary items, you may not have to pay more, that saves a lot. 

It can be m=not very special but perform well enough at the price. The classical body style is really attractive.


  • Nicely designed
  • Affordable
  • Full set of accessories
  • Deep and warm sound


  • Quite difficult to tune

RockJam RJEG02 6 String Electric Guitar

[amazon box=”B0747TD557″ ]

This is an electric bass guitar from brand RockJam, which is famous for the cheap price that everyone can also purchase but still keep the durability. It’s simple but contains everything you need on the first using electronic guitar. 

It features guitar picks, spare strings, a strap, a 10-watt amplifier, a single coil and a headphone. The accessories also contain 3 single-coil picks and bright finishing. The finishing helps the metallic opponents avoid being rusted.

Although it’s a cheap bass guitar, it looks good and stylish.


  • Cheap
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Stylish


  • Single coil causes noise
  • Limited styles

How to pick up The Best bass guitar under 200$ for your own?

There are many choices for a bass guitar under 200$ on the markets today. Many levels of prices under 200$ are offered to you by many suppliers. The more expensive is certainly not the best. The less expensive is certainly not the worst. Besides the price, there are other things for you to consider when buying a bass guitar. So, if you want to spend money properly and purchase a guitar that best suits your demand, please notice at these points. They may be helpful.

Bass Guitar Type

There are many types of bass guitars: 

electric bass- the most common: This assists you freely play and change their function: change volume, tone, amplifier.

acoustic bass- versatility, can produce large and powerful sound. They are also cheaper than the electric basses.

Best Bass Guitars under 200 dollar

acoustic-electric bass: good for people who want to play acoustic as well as perform amplified sound at an event or show.

Semi-acoustic bass: It features a mic on it and has the most amplified sound created among those mentioned above. Nevertheless, it’s hard for amateurs to play and more expensive.


This has a great impact on the sound quality. The most popular choice for the material is wood. It raises the sound and tone. There is hardwood and softwood. The hard one is best known for brighter, snappier sounds and percussion tones, usually played in jazz, funk, pop. The soft one offers warmer, smoother sounds and more attractive. A softwood bass is an ideal option for rock.


This is the most essential part of a guitar that you should not ignore. The neck connects the body with the headstock. The neck affects your playing comfort. Because the necks have different sizes and widths, and its suitability depends on each player’s hand size. More important, it influences the tone. The neck vibrates and supports the vibration of the strings.

There are 3 types of the neck: set neck, thru-body neck, bolt-on neck.

closeup photo of bass guitar player picture id651209608?k=6&m=651209608&s=612x612&w=0&h=4Ox5
Chilling Time With Limited Budget: Top 19 Best Bass Guitar Under 200$ 8


There are 2 types of bass guitar: fretted and fretless bass. In terms of sound quality, fretless ones have better resonance than those with frets, and artists will often choose bass guitars with frets. However, at present, keyless bass is increasingly widely used.

Keyless bass guitars are more difficult to play as a guitar allows only a certain level of play and creativity, which will often require a more technical player. So, before making a decision you should consider between these two types of instruments, and see which instrument will suit your purpose and your taste.


Besides the strings available on the guitar, you can buy many other string sets and try the sound until you get the one that you prefer most. The strings play an important role in your playing guitar. While the heavy-gauge strings have very good vibrant sound, they can also do harm to the guitar’s neck and gradually badly affect the sound. The medium and light gauge strings, however, well collaborate with all kinds of guitars.

How many strings in a bass guitar should you choose? Well, the 4-string bass is perfect if you are beginners. Its neck is the smallest compared to 5-string bass and 6-string bass, so that it’s easier to handle and play. However, if you buy a 5-string bass, you can reach deeper sound with a low B string or even high C string with the 6-string ones. Of course, the more strings, the harder they are to play.


Choose one that meets your playing demands about sound quality, clear sound, semiconductor or electronic, real size, good looking, durable, etc


The strings of a bass end at the bridge, which creates vibrations as a needed component in the sound process. Bridges are usually made from brass, and added chrome or nickel silver outside. The best function bridge should have more mass and weight than others.


closeup shot bass guitar bridge fender jazz bass style bridge closeup shot bass guitar bridge fender jazz bass style 133975492

Most basses come with a rigid box and for general purposes, they all meet the demand. However, there are soft bags that fit the size of the instrument called “gig bags” which are less bulky when used around the city. It can be used for frequent travel in aircraft and to keep the flock from damage.

For long-distance travel situations, a good hard box with a foam rim will be the best choice. It will protect the instrument from being knocked or broken. While it can be more expensive, a good investment will last longer. A box for the amplifier is similar.

Active or Passive Pickups?

Active pickups are better at controlling your tone. They are loud and strong due to their stable signal on their way to the Amp. They provide us with clear and flexible sound. In some cases, If their pre-amp is set too high, there will be a loud screech. And one very important thing is that active pickups will stop working if they run out of battery.

Passive pickups, on the other hand, do not need batteries. Yet, you just can decrease the treble or bass but can not boost them, Passive pickups attract people by their fat and punchy tone. Also, they offer us a warm, round, and powerful sound.

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FAQ about bass guitar:

  1. Is it difficult to learn bass guitar?

Whether learning to play is difficult or not depends on the time you devote to it. Everything needs a process. But you do not need to worry because bass guitar is fun to learn so maybe you will have many motivations. Just choose your favorite songs to practise.

  1. Do I need my own bass guitar or can I learn with an original guitar?

Of course you need a bass guitar for your own. It’s best for learning. And if you are afraid of the finance issue, just take a deep look at our list above and choose a reasonable bass guitar that best suits your pocket. 

  1. How much should I spend on learning bass guitar with a limited budget?

Nowadays, the Internet is so popular and accessible. If you want to minimum the cost, you can buy a cheap bass guitar from the list above, and follow the lessons on youtube or other social media platforms. 

  1. Are there any bass guitars that are good for kids?

Of course there are. There are some guitars we listed that any age can also use. Like the Squier by Fender Bronco Bass, it can help a 7-year old kid with learning bass guitar.

  1. How to check the sound quality of a bass guitar?

Listen to the balance of the notes as they go up and down on the fretboard on each string. How does it feel? There must be no noise in any strings or clicking noises at any frets.

Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to the structure of the designs. Calibration parts are easy to perform calibration or not. A note must resonate correctly, otherwise it has an error.

  1. How to check the pickups?

Pay attention to the range of the treble as well as bass. There mustn’t have any distorted sound. All the sound system must be clear.

  1. Which is the best materials for the neck and the body of a bass guitar/

Rosewood or any hardwood are best offered. They give better sound quality due to their thickness.

  1. Which are the most common mistakes and how to solve them?

First is weather and climate conditions

Expensive guitars are mainly made of solid wood, wood is very susceptible to physical changes when the climate changes, especially in terms of temperature and humidity. For a guitar, a suitable humidity fluctuates around 60%. If the guitar is placed in humid places than usual, it will deform. However, when you return it to good condition it will return to normal. The heat can not exceed about 50 degrees Celsius. If so, the glue in the herd starts to melt. So, do not leave the instrument in too hot places such as a fire, heater, or outside God.

Second is collision or fall


When using the keyboard, many of you have finished playing the piano without placing it in a safe position such as a bag or hanging on, but let the instrument lean against the wall or the table surface wobbles. The slightest impact of the falling of the instrument can cause the boom to bend or break in the cabinet.

Third is problems with the design. If you are delivered a faulty guitar, contact with the suppliers as soon as possible.

  1. How the size and radius of a guitar string will affect the tone?

The larger the size of the string, the more tension and the force of pull on the neck. If the string is taut, the sound of the instrument will be louder. When plucking, you also need to use more force. If the string is tensioned, the vibrations of the string will fluctuate in a smaller range, so the sound will not be shy because of the inability to touch the keys or the neck.

  1. When is suitable to replace the strings?

When you have played the bass guitar for a long time and feel that the strings are not perfect as they used to be. There is one thing you should avoid to keep the duration of the strings. That is not to play with dirty or sweaty hands. This quickly destroys strings. Therefore, it is necessary for us to clean the strings carefully and often after each play, thoroughly wipe the top and bottom to increase the life of the strings, especially metal wire.

  • Tips for bass guitar beginners :

Our Top Pick

1[amazon link=”B0002F75P6” /][amazon fields=”B0002F75P6” value=”thumb”][amazon fields=”B0002F75P6” value=”button”]
2[amazon link=”B07N2QW3KP” /][amazon fields=”B07N2QW3KP” value=”thumb”][amazon fields=”B07N2QW3KP” value=”button”]
3[amazon link=”B00HV0DL30” /][amazon fields=”B00HV0DL30” value=”thumb”][amazon fields=”B00HV0DL30” value=”button”]
4[amazon link=”B0009XPMOM” /][amazon fields=”B0009XPMOM” value=”thumb”][amazon fields=”B0009XPMOM” value=”button”]
5[amazon link=”B07BQCQY89” /][amazon fields=”B07BQCQY89” value=”thumb”][amazon fields=”B07BQCQY89” value=”button”]

Among many kinds and products of bass guitar under 200$ on a wide market, let’s check it out what best suits your demand!

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