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[Top 10] Best Bass Headphones Reviews in 2024

For all music lovers, Best Bass Headphones are almost part of everyday life. Whether on the bus or on the train – on the bike or on foot – nobody wants to do without their favourite music on the go. Over-ear headphones and on-ear headphones are currently very much in vogue. However, since there are countless models in these two categories and these are often not cheap, we want to present the best currently available models with a strong bass in this article. First, however, it should be explained what to look out for with products of this type.

What should you watch out for with headphones?


First of all, you should be clear about what you want to use your headphones for. If you want to be completely isolated from the outside world while listening to music, you should definitely use over-ear headphones. Since the ear cups are completely enclosed by the headphones, the listening pleasure is completely shielded, and all noises that come from outside are soundproofed.

best bass headphones reviews

These are particularly suitable for relaxed use at home or on a plane. However, if you still want to hear something about the environment despite your enjoyment of music – for example, on the bus or train – you should use a more open system, i.e. on-ear headphones. These do not completely enclose the ear but just rest on it and therefore do not completely block out ambient noise.

Sound quality

The sound quality of headphones is reflected, among other things, in the size of the built-in driver. The rule of thumb here is that the larger the driver, the better the quality of the sound. This can be explained as follows: the larger the membrane area of ​​a headphone, the easier it is for it to reproduce low frequencies and, thus, a particularly strong bass. With over-ear headphones or on-ear headphones, i.e. headphones with a closed design, the driver size should be at least 50mm.

Wearing comfort

Headphones with a closed design often look very uncomfortable due to their enormous size. They don’t have to be, however. Since users mostly wear these types of headphones when they are on the go and therefore wear them for a longer period of time, manufacturers are always trying to develop them in such a way that they are particularly comfortable to wear.

However, since there are many different types of closed headphones – and each of us has different ears – it is important to be clear about whether the headphones really fit before buying. A short-wearing test before buying is therefore essential, as otherwise, prolonged wearing can lead to great pain.

best bass headphones reviews


Over-ear headphones, such as on-ear headphones, can get very expensive, and you don’t buy them every week. So if you plan to use your headphones on the go or while exercising, make sure that they are built for this. In this case, being expensive does not always mean being stable. Many of the expensive headphones are also built with very cheap material and can therefore be damaged even with slight bumps.


Make up your mind before you buy your headphones. Without having worn it at least once, buying it doesn’t really make any sense. Be clear about the situations in which you want to use the headphones if the headphones sit uncomfortably or press heavily on the ear – hands off! You should also definitely test the sound before buying it.

If you want a lot of basses, try the headphones with bass-heavy music to see what they can offer. In the following, we would like to introduce 10 headphones with a strong bass, which should make your purchase decision easier.

The Best Bass Headphones Reviews – Buy and Guide

Skullcandy bass headphones

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The Skullcandy Crusher certainly delivers the best bass of any headphones on this list. The Skullcandy Crusher’s headphones give you so much bass that your head will turn. In addition to the 40mm audio drivers, they have two built-in subwoofer drivers that deliver bass that cannot be imagined from a pair of headphones. They also have a special volume control for the bass frequencies so that you can adjust the strength of the bass to your liking.

Other strengths of the Crusher headphones are their wireless design, their 24-hour battery life and their fast charging speed. Just ten minutes in the charger gives you up to three hours of listening time, so you never have to wait long to enjoy your music.

However, the Skullcandy Crusher headphones are not among the most comfortable headphones. The ear cups do not rotate horizontally or vertically, which gives the headphones limited flexibility to achieve a good fit on the head. To compensate for this, the headphone strap is very tight and can press on the head. This can be especially uncomfortable if you have a larger-than-average head.

In the end, it remains to be said: If you are looking for headphones that can really produce the greatest bass, you owe it to yourself to try these headphones out.

Sony WH-XB900N Extra Bass Headphones

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The Sony WH-XB900N extra bass headphones claim the top spot among the best Sony bass headphones. Why? Because they have so much bass – they can create incredibly deep bass and detailed lows that will make your head shake.

Sony is specifically marketing these headphones as EXTRA BASS headphones, and that label is not the place to be. These headphones have a tremendous bass response with a frequency response of 2 Hz to 20 kHz. This 2 Hz value is probably the lowest we’ve ever seen or heard (yes, below 15 Hz, your ears won’t be able to hear this anymore because it’s too low for human hearing).

Compared to the Sony 1000XM4 and Bose 700, we think the Sony WH-XB900N outperforms them all. These headphones create a lot more bass that can make your ears vibrate, and you can even tweak the equalizer settings to get a much deeper bass for EDM and rock music genres.

An added benefit of the Sony XB900N headphones is their noise cancellation. While these aren’t as good as the Sony 1000XM4, they definitely help to block out some ambient noise so that you can listen to quiet music in crowded rooms. The headphones work perfectly when used on a plane or in the office where you want to focus on your music. Turning on noise cancellation will help improve the bass response a bit.

What Sony does right with these headphones, in addition to bass response and sound quality, is battery life. These headphones have up to 30 hours of playtime on a single charge and support Bluetooth wireless streaming directly from your smartphone device. The touch sensor controls on the side of the headphones allow you to pause/play and skip music or the active voice assistant.

And there’s also a quick attention mode that automatically lowers the volume so you can have a quick chat with someone without removing your headphones.

If you’re planning on getting these headphones, we strongly recommend tweaking your sound settings with the Sony Headphone Connect app, which you can download from the Apple or Google Play Store.

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

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One of the best-known models when it comes to over-ear headphones is the Momentum 2.0 from Sennheiser, which is currently the absolute market leader when it comes to headphones. The Momentum 2.0 offers a closed, supra-aural design as well as a high level of comfort and consistent sound insulation.

Even after several hours of wear, the Momentum feels pleasantly light on the head. The Momentum 2.0 delivers a clear, balanced sound and is particularly convincing with deep bass. Nonetheless, you have to be aware that this model primarily focuses on a balanced sound and that the emphasis is not “extremely” on the bass. The microphone and remote control are compatible with all modern smartphones, making the Momentum 2.0 the perfect companion for on-the-go. It is without question one of the best products in this category.

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus 16 headphones

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The Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus is one of the few bass headphones that is equipped with a custom sound slider to increase the bass output and adapt the sound to your needs. The custom sound slider can adjust the bass in four stages – from an analytical sound to a rich, full bass. It’s a very good headphone that delivers crisp sound quality and is available at a reasonable price.

The Custom One also has a unique closed design that is fully customizable – you can easily change the colour of the headband, ear pads and ear cups to your liking. The Custom One is handcrafted in Germany and comes with interchangeable accessories to give each headphone its own individuality. Overall, the Beyerdynamic Custom One is one of the best bass headphones available at a very affordable price and the only fully customizable headphone in its category.

The sound quality of these headphones is crisp and clear, and the bass does not drown out the highs and mids. However, we found that the mids are somewhat missing on the custom ones, even though these headphones can perform exceptionally well in the highs and lows. The soundstage on these headphones is superb; the headphones add good depth to the area the music is coming from and give the music a lifelike surround sound effect. When the bass is set to the maximum output power, you have the feeling that two subwoofers are attached to the headphones.

The structure of the custom ones is very detailed and feels consistently high-quality. The ear pads can be replaced by unscrewing them, and the headband cover is also removable. These headphones have large ear cups that go over the ears and are soft to the touch, and sit comfortably on your head.

The Beyerdynamic Custom One headphones are one of the most versatile and customizable headphones that allow you to adjust the bass output directly through the headphones. These headphones are very well-designed and have solid, durable construction. The supplied accessories, with which you can adjust the colours and design of the headphones, give you a unique feeling of individuality.

The sound quality of these headphones is excellent, and while they lack some mid-range, the highs are super crisp and the bass punchy – it really feels like having two subwoofers on your ears. Despite the excellent bass reproduction, these headphones sound very clear and true to detail. This makes the Custom One excellent, well-balanced headphones.

Sennheiser HD-201 Lightweight Over-Ear Headphones

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The HD 201 model, also produced by Sennheiser, is in a significantly lower price category. For the low price you have to pay with the HD 201, you get a decent sound with lots of bass.

Although the details are nowhere near as balanced as in the more expensive models in this category, you won’t find any over-ear headphones in this price category that offer a similarly detailed sound image.

However, as a buyer, you have to be aware that you have to make compromises due to the low price. Although the headphones surround the ears, they do not always manage to completely block out the surrounding noise. In addition, the headphones are a bit cheap and are mostly made of plastic parts, which can break the cable very quickly. However, if your budget is very low, the HD 201 is the right choice for you because there is no better model in this category.

Sony MDR-XB650BT Extra Bass Wireless Headphones

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The MDR-XB650BT from Sony already promises an extra dose of bass with its name, and it can deliver on that promise. The MDR-XB650BT with extra bass pays great attention to a strong bass and sounds very powerful. It is, therefore, ideally suited for music with a lot of bass, for example, dubstep or drum ‘n’ bass. The processing also makes not only a very stylish but also a very valuable impression. Furthermore, the headphones can be folded so that they are perfect for use on the go. So if you are looking for headphones with a lot of bass, then the MDR-XB650BT from Sony is the right place for you.

Beats Studio3 over-ear Bluetooth headphones

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Depending on who you’re talking to, you’ll get a different answer. Some audiophiles loathe Dre beats; others swear by them. The real problem here is that once something gets mainstream, a lot of sites try to appear nervous by making fun of them. But let’s face it: if something has attracted mainstream appeal, they have to do something right.

The Beats Studio 3 are headphones for bass lovers. While the mids and vocals sound a little deeper than usual, the bass is absolutely booming. Combined with Pure ANC noise-cancelling technology, which is controlled by two microphones that adapt the music to the environment of the wearer, listening is a pleasure.

Seriously, when you listen to Slim’s new album “Music to be Murdered by”, or especially Godzilla’s Juice WLRD, you are going to experience a great bass explosion.

Beats cost a lot because they’re good enough to make an extra charge. The tech inside is smart, and they’re known to be bass heavy.

When it comes to bass, the Beats Studio 3 headphones are the right choice.

Crossfade M-100 Master Over-Ear Headphone

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V-Moda is one of the most famous manufacturers of headphones in the world, and the M-100MA-MB is one of the most powerful models of this brand.

The headphones offer a very strong sound quality and are especially recommended for fans of bass-heavy music. The bass is very overwhelming and can very quickly outshine the mids and highs. This could quickly become uncomfortable for some people, so you should definitely test this model before buying.

The M-100MA-MB delivers deep and precise bass and is one of the most powerful models in this category. It is built very robustly and makes a very valuable impression. It can only be recommended to a limited extent for people with a large ear circumference, as it can press on the ears after prolonged use. With its stylish and recognizable design, the M-100MA-MB from V-Moda is one of the best over-ear headphones currently available.

Beats Solo3 Wireless

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In the on-ear headphones category, the Solo3 model by Beats by Dr Dre is among the strongest models. The headphones produce a very strong bass, which, however, does not stand out too much. The headphones not only offer very good sound quality but are also completely wireless and, therefore, perfect for on-the-go.

Just 5 minutes of charging time are enough for 3 hours of music enjoyment, and with a full battery, the Solo3 promises more than 40 hours of long-term listening pleasure. The Solo3 comes with a very low weight and is, therefore, very comfortable to wear. As is well known, however, you have to dig deep into your pocket for headphones from Beats. It is currently available from Amazon for just under $ 200.

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