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Best Car Speakers for Bass and Sound Quality Reviews in 2024

Good car speakers ensure a good sound experience in the car and are therefore important components of a car hi-fi system.

What’s the Best Car Speakers for Bass and Sound Quality for you? The most popular car speakers can be found in the comparison table. You can find the current top product here. Any questions? The purchase advice provides you with the most important information.

Car speakers: How to find your personal test winner

In contrast to classic stereo systems for home use, car speakers do not need a housing . In some cases, it can therefore happen that you are confronted with critical information when using the term auto boxes. In particular in relevant forums, some take the view that this name is inappropriate for car speakers due to the lack of a housing.

When it comes to buying car speakers, there is a huge variety to choose from. Especially for laypeople, the offer is hardly manageable, and many people are initially a little overwhelmed with technical terms such as impedance, sound pressure level or car tweeters . This buying guide gives you good insights into the most important selection criteria.

Best Car Speakers for Bass and Sound Quality type

The variety of models is amazing. Different systems are available for high and medium frequency playback :

  • 1-way loudspeaker = conventional loudspeaker (usually installed in the car ex works)
  • 2-way loudspeaker = component system
  • Coaxial loudspeakers = special form of component systems
  • 3-way loudspeaker = system with 3 loudspeakers per unit

Size and installation depth

If you want to replace the speakers installed ex works and avoid major modifications, you should measure the exact size of the old ones before buying . The installation depth is also important; the specification is usually made in millimeters (mm). In certain places you have to consider a rather small installation depth, this is the case for example in the car doors. The installation depth can vary between approx. 45 and 66 mm depending on the model .


This is the electrical resistance in alternating current technology and is specified in ohms. Match the amplifier and speakers. If you combine, for example, a 4-ohm loudspeaker with an amplifier with a higher resistance, this can lead to reduced performance or failure of the loudspeaker in the long term.

Sound pressure level

Here the information is given in decibels per watt at a distance of one meter. The sound pressure level or characteristic sound pressure indicates how strong the sound affects. From this, the efficiency can be derived, which also increases with increasing sound pressure level. At 92 dB the efficiency is, for example, 1%, at a sound pressure level of 102 dB this value increases to 10%.

Performance and resilience

In the product description, the manufacturers indicate the power in watts. However, a high number of watts is not automatically a sign of high performance; this information is usually the peak load capacity. It thus shows the maximum performance the respective model is capable of for a brief moment. The nominal or RMS power , which indicates the average power value, is much more meaningful .

These are the differences in car speakers

The selection of different models ranges from 1-way loudspeakers to 3-way systems . Below you will find the main advantages and disadvantages of the most important speaker models.

Component system

A component system is a set of individually built-in loudspeakers, so there is a second sound source for medium frequencies in addition to the car tweeter. Since it is usually a set of 2 loudspeakers, the term 2-way loudspeakers is often used.

This model has the following advantages :

  • Different components can be combined as desired
  • Quality sound
  • Often cheaper than coaxial speakers with the same sound quality
  • Optimal alignment to the driver possible
  • The disadvantages are the more effort involved in the installation and the fact that you have to install the tweeter separately.

Coaxial speakers

The nested construction of this variant is characteristic. Coaxial speakers are designed as a space-saving unit, the slightly smaller tweeter is located in the middle of the woofer. All tones thus come from a common sound source.

You benefit from these advantages :

  • Broad-spectrum of frequencies
  • Relatively uncomplicated installation
  • little need for space

Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages to consider: It is not possible to focus directly on the driver. Installation in the footwell can also result in sound losses.

This is the best coaxial speaker

Three-Way Sound Speaker System

[amazon box=”B00026BMBI”]

  • Features
  • 360 watts
  • 3-Way Speakers
  • PRICE RANGE: Under $25

3-Way Car Speakers

A 3-way system is also a compact design. Tweeters, woofers and mid-range speakers are built into each unit, so 3 sound sources generate the tones here.

The following advantages are relevant:

  • Bass tones come into their own
  • Broad-spectrum of frequencies
  • Relatively uncomplicated installation
  • One unit, therefore little space required

Here, too, there are the disadvantages of the lack of direct orientation towards the driver and the possible loss of sound when installing in the footwell.

Best 3-Way Car Speakers

Pioneer TS-A1670F 3-Way 320 Watt A-Series Coaxial Car Speakers

[amazon box=”B07SM63LQM”]

Product features

  • Diameter 165 mm
  • 6.5 in
  • Max. Power 320 watts
  • Nominal load of 70 watts
  • The frequency response of 37 Hz
  • Frequency response up to 24,000 Hz

Car speakers in comparison: this model suits you

Which hi-fi speakers suit you and your vehicle depends largely on your expectations. In particular, your requirements with regard to the sound and alignment of the speakers are relevant aspects for the purchase decision. Let the following application examples inspire you.

1-Way Car Speakers for the frugal

Most vehicles are factory-fitted with classic 1-way speakers, these are also known as axial speakers. These simple models are comparatively cheap compared to the more complex variants and can also be installed relatively easily.

They play medium and high frequencies equally , the sound quality of these speakers is usually rather mediocre due to the simple construction. If you only want to hear the traffic news or if the car radio is usually only running quietly in the background, this variant is absolutely sufficient.

This is the Best 1-Way Car Speakers

Visaton BG20-8 8″ Full-Range Speaker with Whizzer Cone 8 Ohm

[amazon box=”B000K8CE88″]

Product features

  • Diameter 200 mm
  • 8 inches
  • Max. Power 70 watts
  • Nominal load 40 watts
  • Installation depth 81 mm
  • Frequency response of 35 Hz
  • Frequency response up to 18,000 Hz

Coaxial speakers for beginners

Are you looking for a car loudspeaker that covers a wide frequency spectrum and yet is easy to install? Then you should take a closer look at the advantages of coaxial systems. In this variant, the membranes are housed in one unit , so installation is just as uncomplicated as with the simple speakers.

Due to their compact design, these systems take up relatively little space, so they can also be installed in smaller vehicles. Depending on the version, it can be placed in the dashboard, as many models are also suitable for installation locations with limited space.

3-way system for bass enthusiasts

In the 3-way loudspeaker there are tweeters, woofers and midrange speakers in one unit . The latter should offer better reproduction of the bass tones and thus bring out the bass better in pieces of music. At the same time, you benefit from easier installation due to the nested design.

Component system for the discerning

If you are not satisfied with the sound quality of the coaxial variant and prefer placing the loudspeakers specifically for the driver, the component system comes into consideration. The individual loudspeakers can be installed in the vehicle independently of one another . For example, you can place a woofer in the footwell while you attach the car tweeter at head height and align it with the driver. This should promote a more plastic and thus better sound.

That is the best component system

JL Audio C2-650 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component Speaker System

Product features

  • Quality materials used.
  • High output pair.
  • Fully adjustable crossover.

Bluetooth speakers for smartphone users

Basically, Bluetooth speakers are intended for mobile use. Would you like to do without the car radio and prefer your smartphone for music playback? Then bluetooth speakers are a good choice. No cable is used here, as the transmission takes place via radio .

This is the best bluetooth speaker for smartphone users

JBL Charge 4 – Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

[amazon box=”B08THWWDTC”]

Product features

  • Battery life 20 h
  • 2.0 stereo
  • 30 watt nominal load
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Smartphone charging function (power bank)
  • splash-proof
  • Hands-free function
  • Line-In (3.5mm jack)

Car speakers put to the test: that’s what Stiftung Warentest & Co. say

The results of serious product tests by ÖKO-TEST and Stiftung Warentest are a great help for many consumers in their search for a good product. Unfortunately, the renowned experts from both institutes have not yet looked at the comparison of car speakers. In the loudspeaker category, Stiftung Warentest can at least see the latest test results for the comparison of different Bluetooth boxes carried out in 2019 . Stiftung Warentest: 35 Bluetooth speakers under the microscope

This test is definitely interesting for smartphone users. Bluetooth boxes offer the advantage that they can be used mobile and are therefore ideal for traveling. If you don’t want to convert your car and don’t use the car radio anyway, the Bluetooth box can also be used in the car and play music from your smartphone. According to Stiftung Warentest, the best specimens deliver a voluminous and well-balanced sound.

The testers divided the tested boxes into large and heavy as well as small and light test models. The best candidate for the large speakers was a copy from B&O. The experts rated the very good sound and ease of use as positive . Only the somewhat long charging time of around 6 hours clouded the overall good result somewhat.

The test winner among the small speakers was a compact model from Bose. It convinced in this category as the best candidate with overall good results. The testers rated the short battery charging time and the very good stability as positive . They found the sound a bit dull, which is why the experts gave the overall rating satisfactory.

Car & Hifi tested 3 coaxial speakers

In the print edition 5/2019, the specialist magazine Car & Hifi published a car speaker practical test. The testers compared 3 different models from the manufacturer AXTON and were absolutely convinced of the performance of all models. The products of this manufacturer are among the most popular branded speakers in Germany in the entry-level segment. According to the magazine’s testers, the speakers tested are solid car speakers with good sound . All products tested were therefore given the Best Product rating.

The loudspeakers performed very well in the practical test and in the measurement laboratory and delivered good results overall. The 13 cm system, for example, showed very little distortion and all products were convincing in terms of sound with an overall good performance.


[amazon box=”B00OO1ENP4″]

Product features

  • Diameter 170 mm
  • Max. Power 300 watts
  • Nominal load 30 watts
  • Installation depth 44 mm
  • Frequency response of 30 Hz
  • Frequency response up to 22,000 Hz

Buy cheap car speakers: that’s how much you have to spend

Cheap or expensive? As a look at the test results of the specialist magazine Car & Hifi shows, there are definitely inexpensive speakers with a good price-performance ratio. How much you have to spend on new car speakers therefore not only depends on your requirements for a good sound experience. It is also crucial which speaker variant you choose and whether you prefer a certain brand.

Loudspeakers for little money: up to around 35 $
Simple axial loudspeakers are available at low prices; you can find copies with a satisfactory sound from around 20 $ . However, you cannot expect any extraordinary sound experiences with these versions. However, be careful with overly tempting offers. In this segment, individual coaxial loudspeakers from suppliers such as JVC and Pioneer are sometimes also available.

JBL Stage 602

[amazon box=”B01C69NIVU”]

Product features

  • Diameter 165 mm
  • 6.5 in
  • Max. Power 240 watts
  • Nominal load 40 watts
  • Frequency response of 55 Hz
  • Frequency response up to 21,000 Hz

Good middle class: best car speakers under 50 $

If you invest a little more, the speakers usually also offer better quality. In the middle price segment, for example, you will find good coaxial models and 3-way speakers at a fair price. The test candidates from Car & Hifi are also located in this category and in the practical test proved to be solid speakers with good sound .


[amazon box=”B00OO1ENP4″]

Product features

  • Diameter 165 mm
  • 6.5 in
  • Max. Power 220 watts
  • Nominal load 40 watts
  • Installation depth 46 mm
  • Frequency response of 60 Hz
  • Frequency response up to 20,000 Hz

Premium class for excellent sound: Best car speakers under 100 $

For more complex systems you have to reckon with prices starting at around 100 $. The range is open at the top, since when choosing a component system you can also combine the individual loudspeakers as you wish. With a little specialist knowledge and the right budget, you can put together an excellent car hi-fi system. In this category you can expect complex speaker systems with high wattage, rich bass and excellent sound.

Conclusion: the best car speakers for you

If you follow the tips and hints in this buying guide, nothing stands in the way of buying the right car speakers. Pay particular attention to the following points:

  • There are inexpensive speakers for less than 35 $ and for good mid-range models you have to expect a purchase price of at least 40 $
  • Complex loudspeakers and high-quality systems are available for around 100 $ and more
  • Coaxial speakers are designed as a unit and are suitable for beginners
  • Component systems can be optimally aligned with the driver
  • 3-way systems are supposed to emphasize the bass better

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