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10 Best Computer Speakers Under 100 Reviews in 2024

The scope of what a PC loudspeaker has to do nowadays covers an ever-increasing spectrum. Regardless of whether it’s the melodic sounds of your personal favourite song, the soundtrack of your beloved series, or a Skype conversation with your loved ones: Everything that finds its way into our eavesdroppers in sound form wants to be transported satisfactorily and in the best quality.

Most of the loudspeakers that are built into laptops, monitors, etc., by the manufacturer as standard, unfortunately, reach their limits all too quickly in this task. Fortunately, there is the option of using external speakers, which can heave the sounds that our PC plays into completely new acoustic spheres. We have therefore dug out the 10 Best Computer Speakers Under 100 for you that you can currently exchange for cash in stores.

best computer speakers under 100

The Best Computer Speakers Under 100 Reviews

Bose Companion 2 Series III multimedia speaker system

[amazon box=”B00CD1PTF0″]

Our 1st place is manufactured by Bose and costs between 75 and 100 $in retail. Of course, for this little sum, you not only get the actual speakers but, of course, also all the cables that you need to connect the speakers to your device. We deliberately choose the neutral term “end device” because, thanks to their AUX cable, the speakers can not only be connected to your PC but also to any device that has the appropriate connections.

But now we come to the actual topic, namely the quality of the sound. The loudspeaker system succeeds in generating a sound spectrum that feels natural through and through. Fortunately, you will not hear metallic or artificial sound fragments with this device. Instead, the 7-watt speakers can also enjoy a room-filling sound that shines in all the important categories.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the massive hip-hop tracklist, the contemplative podcast, or the short YouTube video in between. All sound sources are reproduced as we would like from a good PC speaker. Thanks to the in-house TrueSpace Surround Digital Processing Circuitry principle, the sounds sound lively and dynamic, which makes the boxes from Bose interesting for gaming-savvy users as they will give the next multiplayer brawl a hitherto unknown sound intensity.

You can use the volume control to readjust the sound of the speakers in seconds. If you want to completely immerse yourself in the Bose Companion 2 Series III multimedia speaker system, you can connect your eavesdroppers directly to the sound system via the integrated headphone connection.

Logitech Z333 2.1 loudspeaker system with subwoofer

[amazon box=”B0151K2AB0″]

For just under 50 $ you get the concentrated booming bass with the speakers from Logitech. “To blame” for this is the included external subwoofer, which supports the two smaller speakers with a certain amount of depth. With a 40-watt output, the speakers of our runner-up not only manage to generate a powerful sound but also appear well-balanced in the broad sound spectrum and crystal clear at all times. But as already mentioned, the subwoofer is the real showpiece of this model.

However, so that the neighbours don’t make you too hot for your next computer session, you can turn the intensity of the deep bass down to a neighbourhood-friendly level using the controller. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also connect your headphones to the speakers so that your surroundings shouldn’t hear much of the audio source being played.

The Logitech Z333 2.1 speakers come with a high level of end-device compatibility and can not only be connected to your computer via a jack plug but also work with your mobile phone or TV if the right conditions are met.

Logitech Z200 2.1 loudspeaker with subwoofer B00EZ9XKCM

[amazon box=”B0053T4PHC”]

A real snapper awaits you in third place in our article. With a cost factor of just under 25 to 40 $, nobody can argue with the Logitech Z200 2.1 loudspeakers for victory in the “price-performance ratio” category. For this comparatively small amount of money, you get a sound system that has an output power of 10 watts. The highlight of this model is the fact that, thanks to the two audio inputs, two devices can be connected to the speakers at the same time. The speakers can also be connected to all devices that support the Android, Windows, or Mac OS operating systems. So this product is not only suitable for the classic computer.

The actual sound quality of the speakers was able to meet our expectations in all relevant areas. The sounds that are spat out are of good to very good quality. The speakers play every audio source confidently and in a broad, clear spectrum, with the subwoofer reliably taking care of the deep bass segments. With regard to the usability of its product, the manufacturer made it extremely convenient for its buyers. All important components, such as the volume control, are clearly visible on the front of the device, which makes handling the speakers easier.

Bose Companion 20 PC speakers

[amazon box=”B001RNOHDU”]

The next stop on our happy loudspeaker safari takes us back to the manufacturer Bose, whose product was already able to convince us of first place in our selection. For the Companion 20 model, however, you have to dig much deeper into your pocket; here, you can expect a cost factor of 215 $. This is undoubtedly a relatively large amount of money, but is the estimated sum also justified?

We think so because the sound quality this product delivers is simply outstanding. The sounds become dynamic, intense and lively transported into our eavesdroppers, which is all the more astonishing when you realize that the sound system does not have an external subwoofer. As in the first place in our selection, the speakers from Bose can fully draw on the in-house TrueSpace Surround Digital Processing Circuitry principle.

The same creates a sound that takes up the entire room and, despite its perceived force, does not have to suffer any losses in terms of acoustic clarity. The mixing of the sound spectrum was just as convincing as the booming bass, which ultimately creates an immersive, authentic sound image that is perfectly adapted to the various playback sources. A control pod is included for fine adjustment of the individual components,

Of course, this model also offers the option of connecting headphones to the device and thus experiencing an even more in-depth sound experience. The silver boxes also make a high-quality to noble impression, which is likely to enrich any home furnishings. The Bose Companion 20 PC speakers are, therefore, a safe tip for people who have a fairly large budget!

Creative GigaWorks T20 Series II

[amazon box=”B07DDGBL5T”]

The outwardly simple, black Creative GigaWorks T20 Series II loudspeakers sometimes seem quite inconspicuous at first glance. However, as soon as we examine the technical properties of this product, we realize again that what matters most in a good loudspeaker is its inner values. And in the case of this model, they can convince us all around. The 28-watt device was able to inspire in all points with regard to its acoustic bandwidth and presents itself as excellently balanced in all pitches.

The powerful bass segments, in particular, were able to cast a spell over us and impressed us with their pronounced, powerful intensity. The Creative GigaWorks T20 Series II loudspeakers accomplish this feat without an external subwoofer, as they can fully rely on their integrated BasXPort technology. The wide range of different tones is conveyed harmoniously; the mids are played pleasantly warm, while sounds in the high registers are spat out razor-sharp.

The connection of the boxes to the computer should not pose any major problems, even for non-specialists. For around 70 $, you can get a product that leaves nothing to be desired.

AmazonBasics – PC speakers

[amazon box=”B00544XKK4″]

The in-house speakers of the shipping giant Amazon are likely to arouse the interest of minimalists in particular. Because the four boxes included in the purchase are indeed remarkably small in size. A loudspeaker measures just 9.9 x 6.6 x 7.1 centimetres and is particularly light, with a weight of a good 60 grams. What some might call “puny”, for others, it is compact, space-saving and easy to integrate into the rest of the home furnishings.

In terms of sound, however, the small Amazon speakers turn out to be anything but tiny. The audio tracks played can be described as lively and natural, and at no point do they sound artificial. However, we cannot avoid mentioning that the Amazon product lacks the necessary power to turn your booth into a real house disco. However, the product is completely sufficient for normal, everyday use.

The speakers can be easily connected to your PC via USB without having to install annoying drivers or other software beforehand. Not only the physical dimensions of the AmazonBasics PC speakers are pleasantly compact, no, the price is really not an expense giant at less than 40 $.

Logitech Z120 Notebook Speakers 2.0

[amazon box=”B076XC6PCN”]

The attributes just listed can, however, also be transferred to the loudspeaker model from Logitech, which bears the designation “Z120”. Instead of four, you only get two boxes with this product, which are 9 x 8.8 x 11 centimetres. Thus, the speakers are really easy to integrate on your desk and do not take up unnecessary space. With an output power of 0.6 watts, the speakers are really not a high-end product from a technical point of view, but they do everything that one can expect from a solid loudspeaker in the low-price segment can expect.

Because the device can be located there without further ado, as it currently costs around 15 to 20 $, but does “inexpensive” automatically also mean “cheap”? This is by no means the case. The physical workmanship of the loudspeakers makes a stable impression, and the sound component also left little to be desired. The soundtracks are spat out clearly and easily understandable and are in the upper mid-range in terms of quality.

You supply the boxes with the necessary juice via USB; all other cables that you need for this product are supplied by the manufacturer.

Goobay SoundBar 6W stereo speakers for PC

[amazon box=”B0BTH5R4NV”]

The Goobay loudspeaker can not only be connected to a large number of different technical devices but also optically breaks new ground. The curvilinear, elongated design flatters our eyes and becomes an involuntary eye-catcher in every apartment. In addition to its aesthetic appearance, this device is also convincing in terms of price.

The product receives the power it needs from the two 40 mm mid-range speakers, which are built directly into the loudspeaker. The 80 mm subwoofer membrane, which proves to be rock solid in practice, from which one should not expect too big jumps, meanwhile, provides the corresponding bass drone; there are simply much more intensive models from the competition.

In order to enjoy the acoustic enjoyment of the Goodbay model, you also need four AAA batteries, with the first batch of the juice dispenser being an integral part of the scope of delivery. In terms of running time, this means that you can get your speaker on in about six hours before asking for new batteries. We also note this rather short lifespan as a point of criticism to be considered. However, this deficit can be easily avoided by simply connecting the loudspeaker directly to your computer, tablet or notebook using a USB cable. In this way, the box is supplied with the necessary energy directly via the end device. The manufacturer placed the controls for switching on and off and the buttons for adjusting the volume on the top of the loudspeaker so that the stylish front of the product is not visually interrupted.

ELEGIANT computer speakers

[amazon box=”B07D7TL9KM”]

Anyone who already has the catchphrase “ELEGIANT” in their title should be measured in terms of their visual aesthetics in order to be able to relate their names to the word “elegant”. The ELEGIANT computer loudspeaker passes our “superficiality test” and presents itself in a subtle, but not boring, unconventional shape. For around 30 $, however, you not only get a visual eye-catcher but, of course, also a convincing speaker who knows how to please in most of the key points.

This starts with the broad compatibility of the product. The box can not only be connected to your PC via a jack plug and USB cable but also connected to your smartphone, for example. And all of this without installing drivers or the like beforehand.

In terms of sound, the device also meets all the everyday demands of users and is considered rock-solid within its tonal spectrum. Films, pieces of music or even quieter podcasts are played consistently. However, if you are a fan of high tonal intensity, the ELEGIANT speaker could also be a bit too cautious in its bass ranges.

USB S-150 Digital Speakers

[amazon box=”B000XUQ2LI”]

At this point, we have not only reached 10th place in our selection but are also nearing the end of our article. But before we say goodbye to you, we would like to introduce you to the loudspeakers from Auvisio. The model has an output power of 20 watts and is connected to your computer with the help of a USB connector.

What we want to praise is the very low purchase price, which is still below the 20 $ mark. Furthermore, this model also has the appropriate connection to enjoy the audio sources being played via headphones. Although you don’t necessarily expect it from a low-budget product, the audio loudspeaker can convince you in terms of sound. The audio tracks are transmitted powerfully and extremely cleanly and convince overall with a surprisingly high level of clarity. And the bass also proves to be consistent but is not a real monster compared to devices from other manufacturers.

The volume control, the connection for the headphones and the on / off switch is located directly on the front of the loudspeaker, making the individual components very easy to use.

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