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[Top 11] Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for Sale in 2024

Whether on the campsite, at the quarry pond, in the outdoor pool, on the beach or at a fun garden party: With the help of a portable Bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy your favourite music wirelessly anywhere.

However, caution is advised if you want to use your loudspeaker in places where it can come into contact with water – because not every model can handle a sudden rain shower or an overturned drink. However, there are also waterproof Bluetooth speakers that cannot be damaged by direct contact with cool water, thanks to special processing.

best waterproof bluetooth speaker

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for Sale

The best model: The JBL Charge 4

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The JBL Charge 4 was specially developed for use in the great outdoors and is not only impressively waterproof but also extremely robust against knocks and bumps – which makes it an excellent companion on the beach, in the outdoor pool or in many other places.

An accidentally overturned drinking bottle poses no problems for this speaker, which is also convincing in terms of optics, as does a 30-minute immersion – the IPX7 certification makes it possible.

The robust speaker was also able to convince us in terms of its sound quality: Although its waterproof casing prevents the flawless reproduction of very high tones a little, all in all, the sound, including the very rich bass, can be heard absolutely – especially since it is clearly different some of the more expensive models.

The integrated 7,500 mAh battery enables over 20 hours of music enjoyment and can alternatively even be used as a power bank to charge an empty smartphone battery. If there is no Bluetooth-compatible device nearby, the JBL Charge 4 can also be connected to any commercially available stereo system via a 3.5 mm jack plug, and impressive stereo sound is also possible by coupling a second speaker via the JBL Connect app.


  • excellent waterproofness
  • Protection against knocks and bumps
  • very good sound quality
  • very good battery life of over 20 hours
  • integrated power bank function
  • integrated 3.5 mm jack socket


  • No!

Almost perfect: The UE BOOM 3

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The UE BOOM 3 lives up to its designation “waterproof”: Not only can it come into contact with splashing water without any problems, but it can even be submerged in water – then it reappears automatically. In addition, it is optimally secured against accidental knocks and bumps as well as against dust and sand, which makes it ideal as a companion on longer trips.

To get started right out of the box, all you have to do is press the large Bluetooth button on the speaker until you hear a short beep. Now switch on Bluetooth on the smartphone or tablet PC, couple the two devices together, and the musical sound can take its course. Speaking of sound: Thanks to its 360-degree sound, the UE BOOM 3 can also fill larger rooms with sound without any problems, but the sound experience itself could be a bit better despite the rich bass.

On the other hand, the very good Bluetooth range of around 45 m, the very long battery life of over 15 hours and the option of wireless charging are positive. Although the manufacturers could have worked a little more on the design, which is strongly reminiscent of a grave candle, in the end, the excellent water resistance clearly outweighs this model.


  • excellent waterproofness
  • Protection from knocks, bumps, sand and dust
  • the very good battery life of over 15 hours
  • very good Bluetooth range of approx. 45 m
  • easy to use
  • wireless charging possible


  • Sound not absolutely convincing
  • micro USB instead of USB C connection

Tribit MaxSound Plus Bluetooth speaker

[amazon box=”B07MQWG3PR”]

With the MaxSound Plus, Tribit has produced its most powerful and high-quality Bluetooth speaker to date. The sound quality and battery life included for its size and price of just under 56 euros, as well as the water-resistant housing, make the speaker a real tip!

Listening to music is possible in two modes via the MaxSound Plus Bluetooth speaker.

The default mode is playback with the XBass technology switched off. In this mode, the sound quality is clean and razor-sharp, with the bass tones appearing evenly and balanced.

Switching on XBass impressed us in the test. The Tribit MaxSound Plus does a great job in music where the bass plays a major role.

Despite the bass, the overall balance is not affected. The XBass definitely brings the sound to the front, but the penetration of the other tones is still very clear. This is not least due to the identical frequencies used by the 24-watt loudspeaker.

The battery life is given off within 24 hours. In our test, the device almost reached the 20-hour mark. However, the battery life is more than sufficient to cope with almost any application. The battery life is still significantly better than many of its competitors.

The Tribit MaxSound Plus Bluetooth speaker is a great product. Despite its low price and small size, the MaxSound Plus delivers powerful, deep bass and loud but high-quality mids. Long-range playback, additional smartphone or loudspeaker functions and a classic look, as well as water resistance, make the loudspeaker an absolute tip.


  • good sound
  • Extra bass is convincing
  • Good battery life (20 hours)
  • Great price
  • Waterproof IPX7


  • 4 hours charging time
  • Micro USB charging
  • No power bank function

Very cheap: The JBL Go 2 Speaker

[amazon box=”B07CZ4XQ5H”]

With the JBL Go 2, JBL impressively proves that a waterproof Bluetooth loudspeaker does not have to be expensive: The handy mini speaker is available for just under 30 euros and thus secures our first place in the “Value for money” category. Winner”.

The model, available in numerous exciting colours, is extremely compact with dimensions of 7.1 x 8.6 x 3.2 cm, but it still delivers a convincing sound. Sure: Compared to more expensive models, the user has to be prepared for minor weaknesses because the sound is, unfortunately, a bit tinny – but if you only want to hear your favourite songs on the outdoor pool meadow or on the beach from time to time and do not want to fill a large room, this is where you come nevertheless fully at his expense.

Thanks to its waterproofness, according to IPX7, the JBL Go 2 neither splashes nor submerges in water, but you should be more careful with knocks and bumps. The very simple handling and the long battery life of up to 8 hours are also convincing – although the manufacturer even reduces this performance and only speaks of 5 hours.


  • excellent waterproofness
  • extremely handy and compact
  • good sound quality
  • very easy to use
  • good battery life
  • very cheap to buy


  • weak bass
  • rather not suitable for larger rooms

Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

[amazon box=”B01MTB55WH”]

The Soundcore 2 Bluetooth speaker is anything but expensive: it can be had for just under 50 euros. For your money, you get a really well-made speaker that comes with IPX5 protection against splash water. In contrast to models with an IPX7 certification, however, it should be noted that a dive underwater is not the best idea – because the water protection on this model only refers to splash water. In more understandable terms, this means: a rain shower or an overturned water bottle is no problem, but a fall into the pool is.

After all: the Soundcore 2 speaker can easily handle accidental hits and falls, as it has a robust rubber coating. It should also be positively emphasized that the sound of the speaker is surprisingly good, and the bass can also be heard – although, of course, the model cannot keep up with competitors from the priced upper class. The battery life of just over 24 hours is also very exemplary, but you won’t find a power bank function for charging an empty smartphone battery (such as our test winner JBL Charge 3) with this model.


  • optimal protection against splash water
  • robust against knocks and bumps
  • good sound quality with rich bass
  • handy and compact
  • long battery life of over 24 hours
  • inexpensive to purchase


  • cannot be immersed in water
  • micro USB instead of USB C connection
  • no power bank function

Sony SRS-XB12 Bluetooth speaker

[amazon box=”B07P85CDHG”]

The Sony SRS-XB12 is undoubtedly one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers that not only impress with their good sound but are also waterproof.

The model, which is available in many exciting colours (including blue, green and purple), comes with IP67 protection, which not only enables short-term immersion in water (up to 30 minutes) but also ensures that the device is resistant to The SRS-XB12 is therefore ideal for use in the open air swimming pool, at the pool, on the beach or at the quarry pond.

In addition to the really very stylish design with the rounded corners and the possibility of attaching tape to hang on trees or other objects, the very good sound quality, which comes along with clear highs and rich bass – but has its weaknesses, especially in larger rooms.

The battery life is also very good at just over 16 hours; although not outstanding, a coupling of smartphones, tablet PCs and other compatible devices is possible both via Bluetooth and NFC.


  • excellent waterproofness according to IP67
  • protected against the ingress of dust
  • very good sound quality with strong bass
  • good battery life
  • very stylish design
  • NFC compatibility


  • micro USB instead of USB C connection
  • no power bank function

The Marshall Kilburn II Speaker

[amazon box=”B07H7CZ6BZ”]

The Kilburn II Speaker is anything but a compact loudspeaker, but it also provides a much better sound experience than some of the more handy competitors. Both the lighter tones and the rich bass can be heard absolutely with this model – even in larger rooms that can be optimally filled with sound with its help. In addition, the Kilburn II speaker is a real eye-catcher at every party, as its solid metal grille on the front is reminiscent of the typical mesh grille of a microphone – a real treat for every music fan, which is also underlined by a robust guitar strap for easy transport.

Thanks to an IPX2 certification, the loudspeaker can easily come into contact with water that splashes around from an overturned bottle, for example. The situation is different if you fall into the pool because the noble speaker will probably not survive this without damage. The long battery life of around 20 hours should also be positively emphasized; the battery lasts an amazing three hours after a quick 20-minute charge.

It is a pity, however, that the maximum distance to the paired Bluetooth device is just 9 m.


  • good protection against splash water
  • very noble design
  • excellent sound with bright tones and rich bass
  • very good battery life
  • Power bank function
  • Fast charging function


  • Quite expensive to buy
  • No submersion in water is possible.
  • Maximum Bluetooth distance only approx. 9 m
  • No coupling of two speakers is possible.

The Bose SoundLink Revolve +

[amazon box=”B06XCW4VFS”]

The Bose SoundLink Revolve + is pleasantly small and compact – at least in terms of its design. In terms of price, this is not really true because the good piece is not the cheapest speaker. For your money, however, you get a really high-quality Bluetooth speaker that also supports NFC and knows how to impress with an excellent sound experience: high tones are output in crystal-clear quality, and bass-containing music sounds pleasantly deep and powerful.

The robust housing made of aluminium, which shines in a subtle black or silver, is waterproof, according to IPX4 and will not let you down even in heavy rain. However, direct submersion underwater is not possible with this model, so you should definitely keep an eye on the speaker in the vicinity of deep water.

In addition to the good battery life of around 16 hours, the compatibility with the Amazon Echo Dot as well as Siri and Google should be emphasized, which means that the speaker can also be controlled with your own voice – but whether you really need such a feature is up to you. A practical charging cradle is also available for the Bose SoundLink Revolve + Bluetooth speaker – but this is not included despite the high purchase price.


  • very good protection against splash water and rain
  • very high-quality workmanship
  • excellent sound
  • Multiple speakers can be coupled.
  • NFC compatibility
  • good battery life
  • supports Amazon Echo Dot, Siri and Google


  • The purchase price is far too high.
  • no submersion in water is possible
  • The charging cradle is only available separately.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Portable Bluetooth Speaker

[amazon box=”B06XH3PWSF”]

The UE Wonderboom is not the best, but it is one of the cheapest and, at the same time, most durable Bluetooth speakers in our top 10. Its rounded design, which is somewhat reminiscent of that of the Sony SRS-XB12, catches the eye and is available in many great colours available – even if the placement of the large volume buttons reminds you of an oversized cross and, thus, a grave candle.

However, its areas of application are convincing because there is actually hardly a place where the mini loudspeaker cannot be used: It can be used in the shower or in heavy rain as well as on a muddy festival meadow – the dirt that accumulates here can then be easily washed off again. Accidental fall in the pool? No problem at all: because the UE Wonderboom will play your favourite songs undeterred.

We were also impressed by the strong sound, which can be seen or heard for a Bluetooth speaker in this price range – and if larger areas are to be covered with sound, a second wonder boom can easily be added. The only drawback of this otherwise flawless speaker, which plays music from connected end devices from a distance of up to 30 m: the maximum runtime of the integrated battery is just 10 hours.


  • excellent waterproofness
  • very good and rich sound
  • pleasantly handy and compact
  • easily rinsed off when dirty
  • A second loudspeaker can be coupled.
  • very good range of up to 30 m
  • inexpensive to purchase


  • Maximum battery life of only 10 hours
  • no power bank function

BL Boombox – Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

[amazon box=”B0759GC766″]

If you are looking for an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker, you can safely skip our following introduction because the JBL Boombox is anything but cheap in terms of the purchase price. Since it is anything but compact at the same time, it has an important advantage: It impresses with its impressive sound, which is characterized by both crystal-clear highs and rich bass.

The Boombox is, therefore, the perfect companion for every party in almost every location. Whether outside or inside: This great Bluetooth speaker cuts a fine figure everywhere and, thanks to its excellent waterproofness, according to IPX7, has no problems with sudden heavy rain or a dive underwater.

It is also really impressive that up to 100 (!) Additional speakers can be connected to the Boombox using the free JBL Connect + app – so even huge parties can be optimally filled with sound. You don’t have to worry about an empty battery because the maximum music running time of the Boombox is a very good 24 hours – and if your smartphone battery runs out before that, you can easily charge it using the integrated power bank function.


  • excellent waterproofness
  • excellent sound with crystal clear highs and rich bass
  • Indoor and outdoor sound mode
  • Easy to transport thanks to the integrated handle
  • Up to 100 additional speakers can be coupled.
  • very good battery life of up to 24 hours
  • integrated power bank function


  • very high purchase price

Tribit BTS30 Bluetooth speaker

[amazon box=”B0784ZQFHZ”]

At first glance, the Tribit BTS30 Bluetooth loudspeaker is very reminiscent of the Ultimate Ears BOOM 3. The BTS30 comes with a power of 24 watts and convinces with a surprisingly good 360-degree sound that can be heard in higher pitches as well. As it also knows how to convince with its rich bass. The quality of its workmanship is also impressive, and it also ensures that accidental hits or falls do not cause any damage – while the excellent water resistance also enables longer immersion in water.

What is also innovative is that the Tribit BTS30 is even Alexa-compatible and thus enables music playback to be controlled with your own voice – which is definitely not a matter of course in this price range. Even the battery life of this Bluetooth speaker doesn’t have to hide from the competition: Up to 20 hours of music playback should be more than sufficient for every party.

And if you don’t have a socket ready to hand again, the battery can also be easily charged using a separately available power bank. But watch out: it is unfortunately not possible to charge the smartphone battery in reverse using the loudspeaker – but that is actually the only drawback of the Tribit BTS30.


  • excellent waterproofness
  • Protection against knocks and falls.
  • very good sound with clear highs and rich bass
  • Alexa compatible
  • very good battery life of up to 20 hours
  • inexpensive to purchase


  • no power bank function
  • We hope that we were able to help you with our top 11 of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers and wish you a lot of fun at your next party on the beach, in the outdoor pool, at the lake or anywhere else.

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