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Top 17 Best Guitar Pickups For Metal Reviews 2020: Enjoy Playing Your Guitar In Metal Style To The Fullest

A guitar played in metal style is a magical instrument that can create strong and wild melodies. To play a metal guitar to its fullest, you should choose the best guitar pickups for metal guitar so that they can help you play to the very end of its potential.

With an aim to play metal, you must care about the guitar pick more than ever due to its importance. You need a guitar pick that is heavy and thick enough to endure the situation.

Through this article, we will help you find the best metal guitar pickups to assist you in playing metal with your guitar. Therefore, you will be able to create the melodies and sound you want without worrying about missing any string.

Best Guitar Pickups For Metal Comparison 2021

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Best Guitar Pickups For Metal, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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Top Best Guitar Pickups For Metal Reviews 2021

 Timber Tones FK Guitar Pickup

[amazon box=”B00JYFAQK6″ ]

It is not a coincidence that this Timber Tones pickup is listed first. The pick up is sculpted from wood, which can guarantee the pickup’s quality and duration. The whole package only weighs 1.0 pounds, which is relatively light. There are a total of 16 pickups of this small tin. You will not have to worry about both the quantity and the quality.


As made from wood, these pickups will have great endurance, which will be a big bonus point for metal playing style. I can make sure that this guitar pick is one of the best guitar picks for metal that you can find.


  • great material, thickness


  •  simple design

Timber Tones ZDT-MT-24 Guitar Pickup

[amazon box=”B01LXDVTQT” ]

This is one of the most unique and best guitar picks for metal that you can find. The mixed tin consists of 24 guitar picks which represent 12 zodiac signs and two for each symbol. You can use this as a very unique present for those who like playing the guitar.


As made from CNC-milled black buffalo horn, this pickup is firm and has a high sustaining ability. You can use this to play metal guitar without worrying about it being broken while playing.


Pros: This pickup is a kind of laser-engraved zodiac sign pickup, so the symbols on these pickups will not wear out easily.


  • Only theme


  • not found yet

 Gibson Guitar Pickup Tin

[amazon box=”B0064RQTHG” ]

You can have this can as a gift. When having these, you can see that the sound is really great and can be influenced ingeniously because they were beveled too precisely at the tip. They are also totally durable. Its hardness is the right compromise for any playing style.


Also, the price is very advantageous. The picks are easy to use and cheap. Most of the customers are attracted to the design of the can case. It’s enough for you to use it as a pick case.


  •  reasonable price, the can case can be reused again of you want to


  •  a little bit weak, to be honest

D’Addario 1CAPX Guitar Pickup

[amazon box=”B07KWWXJS3″ ]

This product is one of the best sellers on amazon. You can trust other reviewers’ opinions. There are five styles for you to choose from extra bulky, heavy, light, medium, and assorted. Besides, you can choose from four colors which are red, blue, green and black.


This package can include 10 pickups, 25 pickups, or 100 pickups, depending on your needs. This pickup has a standard shape so that you can play it comfortably. One extra trait is that this is designed for minimal waste and environmental impact, so you don’t have to worry much about using plastic.


However, with a reasonable range of price, it might not last as long as you expect. A tip that I want to recommend is that you should choose extra bulky or heavy for a metal guitar to assure of its durability.


  • a variety of choice and style


  •  the material might be weak

Dunlop PVP102 Guitar Pickup

[amazon box=”B0055VBYWC” ]

Dunlop guitar pickups are globally recognized as the industry leader in quality, design, and innovation. Dunlop’s guitar pickups are in a variety of textures, shapes, and materials. With the custom imprint program, you can make them as unique and personal as you want.


Whether you’re a multi-platinum artist or a small local band, whether you play them or just collect them, you know you’re getting the best. Jim Dunlop had a brilliant idea to deliver a mixed range of various picks: Tortex, Flex, Acrylic, Max Grip, and Shell.


Pros: For beginners, this package is beneficial for trying a few different materials and weights. Production is superb, as always, with Dunlop picks.


Cons: If your palms drip as most people do, the ink printing is on your hands. The pick fingers might be blackening after playing a few minutes.

AmazonBasics Guitar Pickup

[amazon box=”B07V1LW75C” ]

Since this guitar pick for metal guitar has different sizes and thicknesses, it allows the desired tone to be achieved. Besides, it has a typical large body, a rounded tip shape, and a substantial color variety. Crafted with durable power, this guitar pick will create a distinctively smooth feel and a warm, classic sound from its celluloid material.


This guitar pick, especially for metal guitar, is a perfect addition to every personal collection, a thoughtful gift idea for guitar enthusiasts and handy for creating arts and craft items.


These guitar pickups from AmazonBasics are standard, no-frills picks. They are solid colors with an imprinted thickness on one side.


Like every guitar pick, they can wear down with time, but as many reviews as I read, they do not see any wear after a week of light practice with them.



  • Providing multi-purpose versatility


  • here is no flashy pearlescent design, no branding, and they come in a small plastic box which is very simple. If you don’t mind the bland look and unexciting colors, there’s little excuse not to get these.

 Fender 351 Premium Celluloid Guitar Pickup

[amazon box=”B0002E2XOK” ]

This standard 351 design provides a relaxed and recognizable feeling. The typical sense is offered by celluloid picks, with a smooth striking surface and a pleasant round musical note. Heavy gauge picks are rigid and robust, delivering a simple, mellow vibe with a special attack.


These Fender picks provide any performer with ease and highly efficient versatility. This package is sold with a convenient pack of 12 guitar pickups. These Fender guitar pickups are various in colors, as you can see from the picture that there are many unique designs and colors to choose from.


Here is a review from a customer: “In my fingertips, the Fender Heavy picks are excellent and healthy, and I don’t like the lighter kinds (including the Fender, and other labels, lights & mediums) that ended up falling out of my hands when I played.


They sounded tinier, & more like a nasty piece of cardboard, instead of a clear, unnoticeable pic sound, or the professional pic sounds that pop out, now and then, and it’s outstanding to have a nasty piece of cardboard, instead of a clear, unnoticeable pic sound, or the professional pic sounds that pop out, now and then, and it’s lovely to have.


The greatest thing about returning to these pics is that they fit in my hand, and my fingers feel great. I have no trouble keeping it. In my hands, it’s reliable and nothing but stable.


Don’t slide around when I’m practicing, as some other pickups have done. And it does, no cardboard, no plasticky yucky note, just like a simple tune, the strings come through. It’s that. It’s a wonderful experience, and it sounds lovely and fantastic. Basic & trustworthy.”

 ChromaCast CC-SAMPLE Sampler Guitar Picks

[amazon box=”B00BL6JDUA” ]

Chromecast has been one of the most famous brands in manufacturing guitar tools and accessories. Once again, they released the ChromaCast 12 Pick Sampler, including Pearl Celluloid & DuraPicks in Assorted Colors/Gauges.


The ChromaCast Pick Sampler provides a taste of both the Celluloid and DuraPicks in the classic, standard guitar pick shape with a comfortably wide body and a rounded tip that prevents chipping and provides a warm, fat musical tone. This sampler includes a wide variety of gauges that will help each player find the exact pick perfect for their style.


This pack will include 6 DuraPicks- Extra Thin, Thin, Medium, Medium/Heavy, Heavy Gauges and 6 Celluloid Picks: Thin Medium & Heavy Gauges. These classical guitar picks form a vast line body and rounded tip.


I will provide you with some specific numbers. First of all, the Dura Picks: Purple (Heavy 1.14mm) and Blue (Medium/Heavy 1mm), Green (Medium .88mm), Yellow (Thin/Medium .73mm), Orange (Thin .60mm), Red (Extra Thin .50mm). Besides, the Celluloid with colors, namely Green & Purple, Blue, Black, Red, and Abalone, are in assorted gauges.


  •  the variety, many colors and many sizes, length


  • easily wear down quickly

Jim Dunlop Guitar Pickup (PVP113)

[amazon box=”B0752N9XTL” ]

This particular brand of plectrum has always been a high-quality product. A pick ain’t just any old pick. This package of pickups is considered suitable for beginners.


Thick pickups with sharper tips help you monitor and accurate single-note runs. Besides, smoother, more delicate materials help achieve rhythm compression. This bundle has both of them, and each was selected to compliment the electrical instruments’ sound and playability.

With Dunlop being pretty much the gold standard for guitar picks, you really should go with this pack. Including medium and heavy pickups, this package will not let you down if you decide to use it to play metal.


Pros: Lots of variety in the material. The combination of this package.


Cons: Not really ideal for acoustic guitar if you want a multi-purpose pickup; not having many choices in thickness.

 Cheliz Guitar Pickup

[amazon box=”B07HC8F3BZ” ]

This luxurious pack comes in 12 picks with a premium gift – a key chain which is also a leather pick keeper. The full collection is like getting in your hand an Art Gallery!


The printing is high-quality, offering a warm tone and a natural feel. Sunflowers, Bedroom in Arles, and Starry Night are many choices to match your unique playing needs with several different types and colors.


These work great with guitars. It’s much easier than using fingers since you can pluck each string individually or strum strings in groups.


With an exceptionally crafted metal box that fits right into your guitar case and pocket – you can pinch the sides in order to close and press down the middle to open.


This can be an incredible gift for guitarists and musicians. You can give this to people as a nice birthday present, stocking stuffer, Father’s Day, Christmas, New Year and many more.


This pickup package comes with a little leather pick pouch that goes on a keyring, so you will have your pickups anywhere, not only as a tool for playing guitar but also as a piece of jewelry.


  • Vivid colors
  • List Element


  • The cover is torn out after a long time of using

K&K Pure Mini Acoustic Guitar Pickup

[amazon box=”B000P5OULA” ]

Made of extremely durable stainless steel. These pickups are 0.3mm in thickness, and sometimes they are super thin. These are usable for any kind of playing style but mostly suitable for acoustic bass electric guitar plays.


However, there is one thing that you need to remember when buying this package. When using a pick that is harder in density than your guitar strings, you would cause damage to the strings and wear them much more quickly than with other traditional materials of the pick.


  • Solid design, very durable material, attractive look, bright and warm tone in sound.


  • too thin, might scratch up a guitar’s finish or pickguard, might get sharper after time.

 Fender 351 Guitar Pickup

[amazon box=”B01AXJGW40″ ]

The traditional 351 shapes would have a relaxed and recognizable feel. Besides, with a smooth striking surface and a warm, round musical note, celluloid picks have the classic feeling.


Medium gauge picks are suitable for the user searching for a warmer sound than a hard pick, but the versatility of a thin pick.


For any artist, Fender picks deliver convenience and high-performance versatility.


These guitar picks will also provide such a visual effect to your eyes, enhancing your interest and mood when playing guitar. These picks can also become unique and great presents for your friends who also play guitar.


This kind of guitar pickup is sold as a convenient 12-pack.


  •  long-lasting, excellent design


  • hardly, the checkerboard design is not as the picture

 Dunlop Tortex Standard Guitar Pickup

[amazon box=”B0002D0CFS” ]

This is a guitar pick that is used by the world’s best artists. Tortex picks were first developed in 1981 as a substitution for tortoiseshell (hence the tortoise design). Their endurance, versatility, and bright attacks have guaranteed that they remain the modern industry standard.


The pick, which is used worldwide by top musicians. Made of the ever-popular Tortex material for bright tone and long life with minimum wear despite maximum memory. You can also choose from a wide range of gauges (mm): .50, .60, .73, .88, 1.0, 1.14.


Dunlop’s color-coding scheme makes it easier to find substitutes that range from .50 mm (red) to 1.14 mm (purple) for your chosen gauge.


One customer reviewed: “Chords are bright, full, crisp – and most importantly – the annoying reverb sound is gone. These picks are durable, light, and smooth. All my guitar needed was a more delicate touch.”


  • Best at picking metal for beginners, never slips or drops.


  •  It might be a little too flimsy and thin.

Alice Guitar Pickup

[amazon box=”B01M1I326P” ]

Alice has always been one of the most famous brands when talking about guitar pickups. The brand provides you with high-quality guitar pickups that can last long with significant duration. These guitar pickups will surprise you with their durability.


It will attack hard on your bass strings, so having a variety of sizes would help. The only disadvantage is that these picks appear to be smaller. Practicing with these longer might help you to get used to that.


Besides, this package includes a box with separate parts to put each guitar pickup in. As made of plastic, be careful when you use it because it might somehow be affected by heat.


  • durability


  • a variety of sizes

 Pick Geek Guitar Pickup

[amazon box=”B00US77MXI” ]

These pickups are crafted by combining thermoplastics of high-quality Delrin ‘(Tortex) and Celluloid to produce the effect. Simple strumming and articulate runs are made for your guitar.This tiny tin includes 18 different quality guitar picks in 5 different thicknesses and shapes – Shark-fin, Teardrop, Triangle, Pentagon, & Steel, with 8 stunning color designs. Do not skimp on packaging since each Pick Nerd guitar pick package is delivered in a beautifully and naturally crafted gift box, turning it into a  gift that is ready-made for both your family and friends.

Your Geek Pick Set includes: Triangle, Shark-fin, Pentagon, Teardrop, & Brass, plus 8 stunning paint designs; 18 various quality guitar picks in 5 different shapes and thicknesses; a metal ‘click-clack’ tin for a quick and comfortable package so that you can protect those little blighters from getting lost; a gift package from Kraft;


  • an absolutely FREE pro guitar course in HD.


  •  The case is cute, but it is a little tricky to close.

Musiclara Guitar Pickup

[amazon box=”B079MH5J43″ ]

This guitar pick set features 12 premium pickups of a variety of designs,  patterns, and colors (blues, purples, & pinks). All 12 pickups are different, and these are the perfect gifts for any female guitarist or musician.


The brand Musiclara was formed by a woman whose name is Clara. When she was 12 years old, since not able to find her own accessories that matched her style, she made the decision to create her own.


Every single Musiclara product is designed and packaged by herself in South Carolina. These picks are made from the premium material of celluloid.


The sleek style makes these picks great for personalized bracelets, watches, key chains, earrings, necklaces, and everything you can imagine!


I’m sure you’d like these picks, but if you don’t, they’re 100% backed by the guarantee. This is a great product.  I recommend you take a minute to read the creator’s story.


  •  durable, great looking


  • not over the top.

Dunlop 433P2.0 Ultex Sharp Guitar Pickup

[amazon box=”B002M2JAAA” ]

This product might be the most basic pick up that you can choose. The Dunlop Ultex Sharp is one of the best metal guitar pickups that you can find, which is affordable and qualified. This is essential for any guitarist, I suppose.


These are good and snappy, and reliable selections. If you have it, there’s really no “clack” on the flat strings, neither “scratch” on the wound strings. With grace, they float over the strings. The 1.4mm and 2.0mm selection and all of them are perfect.


A customer once said: “In my experience, generally, both picks are better than any of the other picks I own, which is a lot. This contains other picks of the same material but the distinct form and other picks of the same shape but different material. The 1.4mm Ultex Sharp is just right for me, but if I had to, I’d always take the 2.0mm over all of my other options.”


  • Several months of using one range of each thickness, you will not find any wear.


  • About rigidity, there is not a variation between 1.4mm and 2.0mm since the underlying material is pretty stiff.

What You Should Notice When Choosing The Best Guitar Pickups For Metal

In addition to the list above that I had recommended to you, I think some tips for choosing a suitable guitar pick for metal yourself are also essential. How to choose the right guitar pick? Does every guitar pick have the same quality? Here are some characteristics that you should notice:

Guitar pick’s shape and size

Best Guitar Pickups For Metal

Depending upon the style, guitar pickups come in various shapes and sizes. In the shape of a curved triangle, most guitar pickups are. You need to decide which one is right for you, however. Some of the most common shapes nowadays are here:

  • Standard: They are wide enough to have room for a firm grip, enabling you to quickly make strumming comfortable. The pick point of the pick slips when you pluck and makes slight noises.

  • Symmetry: They are easier to navigate and better for beginners since this selection provides three tips to play with.

  • Shark Scales: In two ways, this guitar piece can be used. One can be rotated to use it as a multi-point edge to build as many touchpoints as possible as you strumming, as a standard pluck, and on the other.

  • Jazz or Teardrop: They are a little stiffer, but the same thickness as usual, than regular guitar pickups. They reply rapidly when you pluck, giving you a higher sound.

Picks come in different variants of the standard form, including rounded edges and triangles. Larger sizes are better suited to strumming with smoother points. In contrast, smaller picks with pointier edges perform well for closely managed soloing.

And if you might feel lost for options in the world of plectrums after reading this, that’s OK, because now it’s time to do your own study. While guitar picks significantly impact your sound as defined, happily, they will be standard.

Along with the pick gauge and components, the pick’s form affects the pick attack. Some players prefer picks with pointy ends, and they also use picks in the jazz style because they find it makes them play better.

For me, more than the stage, it has always been all about the edge of the pick. I actually used to file my picks away in my younger days to get the sharp edge I needed on them.

Maintaining a strong edge on your guitar pick’s business end is also why longevity is critical. If you play them enough, all the picks inevitably decay, but you don’t want picks that get dinged too quickly. Small divots in your pick can cause your picking to have a strange metallic tone, or worse, get your pick stuck up on a string while you play.

Most of the big pick makers build picks to a reasonably high quality that you don’t have to think about this. But you can find them turning to dust before your eyes if you plan to go for cheap picks!


Best Guitar Pickups For Metal

When they clash with the guitar strings rather than a curve with them, more vigorous, less resilient plastics appear to be more challenging to maintain a grip on. Similarly, thicker picks are still tougher to grip but giving your game more leverage. This is a trade-off that each player will have to discuss to find what fits best for your style and the sound you are aiming for.

The material of the guitar pick

The material of your guitar pick affects how the sound and the feel are created. For example, if you choose celluloid, it will give you a cleaner tone. Plus, this model is also a bit thicker than the nylon stripper, which most pianists prefer with its versatility and grip. There are many different materials available for guitar plectrums, but here is a list of the best ones to choose from:

  • Wood

  • Celluloid

  • Nylon

  • Metal

  • Stone

  • Plastic

The thickness of the pick

Guitar planks vary in thickness from very thin to very thick. Like the shape, the guitar piece’s thickness determines how it sounds while playing. Here are three degrees of thickness for play:

  • Thin (0.38 – 0.66 MM): These picks are often twisted and ideal for stress strings. The melodies produced by it are evident. We suggest this range if you are a novice since they are easier to play than heavier ones.

  • Medium (0.65 – 0.88 MM): They are a little stiffer and make a thicker tone. Suppose you are looking for opportunities to play great single notes or to play solo. In that case, a medium-sized guitar pick should be selected.

  • Thick (0.96 – 3 MM): They’re a little inflexible and perfect for playing rock music, solo style, and bass guitar. For strumming, though, these guitar pickups are not suitable.

What is your guitar style?

Best Guitar Pickups For Metal
Top 17 Best Guitar Pickups For Metal Reviews 2020: Enjoy Playing Your Guitar In Metal Style To The Fullest 2

Your style of guitar playing will significantly impact your choice of a guitar pick. We suggest getting a thicker one if you play as the leading guitarist so that the sound can be even more noticeable. The primary explanation is that more power is required for the main guitar to play. A thicker platter helps anything to be handled quickly.

In contrast, you can choose a softer pick if you play the bass guitar, as it will allow you to easily strum the guitar with the plectrum option. A light selection gives variety in the playing of various rhythm styles.

Since you’ve read this manual, we’re sure your guitar pick is going to be a lot easier than you had planned earlier. The guitar pick is a musical accessory that usually goes overlooked, to be specific, particularly for a metal guitar.

Still, we don’t realize many times that it is a connection between you and the guitar. To play the guitar comfortably, it is important that the guitar pickup you chose must be acceptable. Whether you prefer warmer or more precise tones, your guitar pick will all depend on it.

Consider the instrument on its own

What the instrument is or is not capable of is another crucial thing to note when hunting for the right pickup. Some guitars are meant for unique acoustic or tonal characteristics, influencing how a pickup communicates with the guitar’s generated tone. Typically, electric guitars have sturdy bodies that can create very different sounds than an acoustic guitar.

While electric guitars work mainly by string vibrations. Do not create a powerful acoustic tone. The guitar’s material itself often has subtle effects on these vibrations (the type of wood or synthetic material it is constructed with). In the shape of the body, an acoustic guitar induces audible vibration. It absorbs sound by absorbing and amplifying the real sound waves as the air passes in and around the body.

As just that, if an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar were used, the same pickup would behave very differently. For all guitars that are uniquely built, the same is true.

Find out just what is used by your favorite musicians.

If you’re still unsure where to really begin thinking about potential pickups for purchasing, find a guitarist or a band where you want to own the guitar’s sound and tonal capability. Doing this would narrow it down tremendously. If you have an example sound in mind, you only need to follow the example.

Start investigating the details online.

Gather details depending on the brand, which also provides a description of the sound, what music styles it was meant for (although this is clearly not restrictive), and even scales on 1 to 10 or similar instruments that indicate the frequency responses of the pickup for bass, mid and treble ranges.

You will be able to locate sound recordings and demos of the pickup being used on certain occasions.

Form and size preferences also rely on what kind of instrument that is being played. E.g., many mandolin players choose tinier picks that are approximately the size of their finger ends, which is also made of Meldin, a very stiff, industrial-grade guitar’s plastic.

Acoustic guitar players who play rhythm primarily choose larger picks made of a smoother, more pliable material such as nylon. Although there are generalizations only.

Picks made from more challenging materials create a punchier, more uncompromising sound in general. In contrast, those made from weaker materials produce a softer tone.

Thickness is the other factor. The thickness of the pick is measured by millimeters. Some thin picks usually vary in thickness from .40 to .60mm. Medium picks vary from .60 to .80mm in thickness, while some heavier picks range from .80 to 1.2mm. And extra hard picks are made at 1.2mm and higher.

Interview a thousand players on select tastes from some method, and you might well get a thousand different answers.

Manufactured from the bone and players who enjoy the sensation of glass picks are there. Queen’s Brian May is also considered to use a sixpence coin, while a peso is also used by Billy Gibbons.

The preferences are almost infinite in materials because the sound generated against these various materials’ strings is dramatically different.

Don’t rush; give it some time.

There is only one quick way to get the feel of a pick: to take some time testing a selection of picks, choosing which material, size, and form is suitable for you.

As you will strum with a pick, strike the way you would when playing lead with a pick. If you play both lead and rhythm, it is crucial to get the feel of a pick in both modes.

Besides, it is necessary to ensure that you try picks on the string gauge you usually use on your guitar. The string gauge can also impact a pick’s response.

For e.g., you wouldn’t want to use a heavy pick on light gauge strings if you get used to heavy gauge strings. The feelings and reaction outcomes wouldn’t be precise since a hard pick would have a somewhat different response to heavy strings than lighter strings would have.

Much than the Eye Meets

While in the world of stringed instruments, they do not achieve any attention, a right pick that sounds good at your fingertips while reaching your instrument’s strings is more critical than many know.

Next time at a festival and the sweaty lead guitarist threw a pick into the air, snatch it if you can if you’re close by.

FYI, historically, nylon was the first plastic ever used to produce picks, and it is still used nowadays, especially for guitarists who aim for the vintage tone.

Finally, to adapt these theories into reality, I will show you a video on Youtube, which will help you distinguish the difference between guitar picks thickness that can affect your metal tone.

Here is a video for you to grab more information:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Guitar Pickups For Metal

After all these reviews, I will recommend the five best guitar pickups for metal, in my opinion. Hope that this will help you somehow.


Best guitar pickup for material 

[amazon box=”B00JYFAQK6″ ]


Best guitar pickup for design 

[amazon box=”B01LXDVTQT” ]


Best guitar pickup for a variety 

[amazon box=”B0055VBYWC” ]


Best guitar pickup for budget 

[amazon box=”B07KWWXJS3″ ]


Best guitar pickup for size 

[amazon box=”B0002E2XOK” ]

So here are my top 5 best guitar picks for metal. Guitar pickups are easy and hard to choose at the same time. Don’t underestimate this because it will partly affect your sounds and tones.

With guitarists who want to play metal professionally, these guitar picks are more important than ever. You really need to choose wisely the best guitar pick and the most suitable for yourself cause it will affect your sound a lot once you select the wrong pickup.

I hope that through this review from BreathCarolina, you can find your best metal guitar pickups and the most suitable for your guitar so that you can play metal.

All you have to do is read through this review and choose the most appropriate and the best guitar pickups for metal that can enhance your playing style. If you want to ask for any further information, you should leave a comment below so that we could discuss more.

Have fun playing metal guitar with the best accessories!

  • Don’t forget to share your thoughts about Best Guitar Pickups For Metal at the comment box below!

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