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What Are The Best Keyboard Piano Brands In 2021?

Do you love playing keyboard piano and want to find the best keyboard piano brands? It is hard to find one from various excellent piano brands. However, we are here to help you choose the best keyboard piano. 

Quality keyboard pianos will have a tremendous effect on the music you make, whether you’re simply beginning your excursion or you’re an accomplished musician. It will make astounding sounds like the yield from the unique conventional excellent piano.

Be that as it may, getting the correct console with all the highlights you require and at the correct value to suit your spending plan is certifiably not a simple errand. Therefore, you should read our detailed reviews and a buying guide in 2021 to get the best one.

Here are our best keyboard piano brands in 2021. Let’s have a deep look at our list and choose the most suitable keyboard piano for your needs.

Best Keyboard Piano Brands Comparison 2021

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Best Keyboard Piano Brands, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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Top Best Keyboard Piano Brands Reviews 2021

Kawai MP 11 SE

[amazon box=”B0787G8MRJ” ]

Kawai is one of the notable brands for assembling rich advanced pianos and consoles. This MP 11 SE is a fine illustration of the brand’s greatness with the capacity to convey piano sounds. This Kawai model comes with a characteristic, smooth, strong, and amazingly responsive touch. The long keys are produced using genuine wood with reviewed activity inclining all over on a middle pin.

Among the best keyboard piano brands, this Kawai piano might not have a tremendous measure of sounds as other comparable models; however, it conveys the best music to suit your requirements. It’s very simple to change the current sounds utilizing the innovation and different highlights to get the sound you need.

There are likewise autonomous segments available by means of the fundamental board of the console. It also comes with a virtual professional component, which permits you to alter and control the installed sound set. You can utilize this component to alter sounds for each individual entertainer while tending to consistently detail.


  • Sounds are inconceivable and fresh
  • Extraordinary inbuilt speakers yield
  • Basic interface
  • MIDI regulator capacities
  • Adaptability at each level 


  • A restricted determination of voices 
  • Heavy

Nord Stage 4

[amazon box=”B07GZ3S83X” ]

Nord is among the best keyboard piano brands for proficient melodic hardware. Nord Stage 4 is an excellent stage piano. It’s separated into three segments, which incorporate an adaptable piano, synth, and organ.

This keyboard piano accompanies expanded memory for the pianos and synth segments to permit you to appreciate a more profound examining and better solid class. It even highlights updated layers and split capacities with extra capacities. It likewise comes with the postponement and blower. In general, this Nord 4 will provide you with excellent sounds. The keys feel better to the touch and very responsive as well.


  • Incredible sounds for stage or studio purposes
  • Accompanies a committed area for various voice gatherings
  • A strong form of quality 


  • Consoles activity isn’t good enough

Roland RD-2000

[amazon box=”B01MZDSWZE” ]

Roland RD-2000 is an ideal decision for the individuals who intend to get an enormous home computerized piano or for a studio. It comes with excellent features, making it one of the best keyboard piano brands.It’s intended for the expert musician who needs a wide scope of sounds and impacts, just as the capacity to change the sounds expertly to suit their requirements.

This piano gives adaptability and accuracy needed by an expert performer. This Roland model highlights a 88 keys PHA-50 console total with ivory layering and smooth keys that give you a brilliant bona fide feel and order. The perfect thing about this Roland is its wide assortment of highlights and changes, which makes it very simple to create or perform various styles on any studio or stage.


  • Remarkable execution
  • Simple adaptability and change
  • Heavenly and V piano solid motors
  • Incredible for studio and stage execution


  • Small screen

Yamaha CP88 

[amazon box=”B07MV2B48Q” ]

Yamaha CP88 is an exceptional stage piano that profits by a perfect, retro-motivated interface that provides balanced admittance to the entirety of the instrument’s principal highlights. The 88 notes hammer-activity make the console astounding, reacting greatly and taking care of quick runs effortlessly. There are some fine, tweakable impacts, especially the simple and advanced deferrals, and you can fabricate some huge, stacked sounds.

However, the organ and synth areas are inadequate in contrast with other best keyboard piano brands. Moreover, an excellent update comes with quite recently some new sounds, yet despite the fact that it isn’t red, this CP88 comes with a bright future in front of it.


  • Adaptable, great sound
  • A clear interface 


  • Organ and synth segments are missing contrasted for certain adversaries

Korg LP380

[amazon box=”B00CC72LRY” ]

Korg LP-380 is one of our best keyboard piano brands on our list that gives splendid sound and amazing piano activity in a position of safety, thin bureau. Layer Mode permits two sounds to be played together, and Accomplice Mode isolates the console into left and right locales with the goal that two individuals can play a similar scope of octaves simultaneously.

Two earphone jacks likewise make it helpful for two individuals to partake in playing this piano together. The leader RH3 console alongside three pedals and enormous breadth speakers guarantee a brilliant piano-playing experience. Alongside the first dark, white, and red complete, this Korg model is currently offered in two alluring new completes giving a sense of taste of alternatives to supplement your space. It flaunts a Rosewood grain to pass on a warm, conventional stylish with a novel and eye-getting two-conditioned shading plan of striking red and stylish dark.

This Korg model is a computerized piano that is planned with style to coordinate your inside stylistic theme. It is also thin enough to fit anyplace. The wooden key cover is level on top, permitting the instrument to mix exquisitely into your room when you’re not playing it. Moreover, this piano incorporates every one of the three pedals that are typically found on a show great piano, including support for reasonable half-accelerating on both the damper and delicate pedals.


  • Thin and jazzy plan
  • Rich, powerful acoustic sounds
  • The high-yield amp area delivers a lot of volumes


  • Heavy

Casio Privia PX-870

[amazon box=”B074F3DNGN” ]

Casio PX-870 incorporates all you require to have a great time learning how to play the piano, making it one of the best keyboard piano brands on our list. This Casio model is the lead of the widely acclaimed Privia line of computerized pianos, intended to give you a genuine great piano experience.

With certifiable piano solidness, a current lively plan, and a superb speaker structure, this PX-870 is an impressive instrument for moving awesome shows. You can interface two game plans of headphones using the jacks on the front board, making this piano ideal for quiet practice. Two-section amicability Mode parts this console piano into two identical pitch ranges, allows an understudy and educator to sit at a comparative instrument.

The acclaimed Hammer Movement also provides you the explanation your presentation merits. Adaptable touch affectability and sled response grant customization to suit any playing style. The replicated surfaces provide you a valid and pleasing touch, get together with an innovative sled action that is accurately scaled across the entire key reach.


  • Stylish, modern wooden
  • Powerful speaker system
  • Versatile
  • Stunning sounds


  • Weighty

Casio PX-780

[amazon box=”B00BISVN54″ ]

Casio PX-780 comes with a blend of console activity and a ground-breaking new solid motor giving a degree of detail, subtlety, and articulation for a prevalent excellent piano involvement with the lightweight and smart plan. PX-780 utilizes multiple occasions the memory of the past age for a more normal piano tone. The motor gives consistent elements to a surprisingly expressive and amazing presentation.

This Casio model likewise includes an overhauled 88 note Tri-sensor scaled sled activity console. This new activity includes new reenacted finished keys for a fantastic vibe.The three sensors catch the elements of a presentation with unrivaled speed and exactness. The activity and the sound motor mull over the speed at which diverse measured mallets move inside fantastic acoustic comparatives with speed the keys are squeezed.

PX-780 is made for the stage or studio as it comes with sound yields, so you can undoubtedly interface it to recording and sound support hardware. Casio proceeds with the convention or giving USB availability on Privia advanced pianos. This permits Privia to be utilized with your PC without the requirement for downloading drivers. To imitate the sound of the best acoustic fantastic pianos, it includes a processor. This AiR processor utilizes excellent piano examples recorded at four elements testing to convey great piano sounds with long common roots and exceptional articulation.


  • It sounds like a real piano
  • Realistic key weight


  • Some problems with the key noise

Casio Privia PX-770

[amazon box=”B074FTTTMZ” ]

This PX-770 additionally includes half-damper accelerating and accompanies an inherent library of old-style pieces, allowing you the chance to cooperate with accounts of a live ensemble symphony.This piano sounds shockingly great, despite the fact that the quantity of installed sounds is genuinely restricted contrasted with a phase piano, and the unmistakable looks won’t engage everybody.

Moreover, this piano accompanies an underlying library, often old-style pieces, enabling you to cooperate with chronicles of a live ensemble symphony. From lovely rudimentary pieces to celebrated traditional subjects, be excited by the feeling of the event that being the soloist in an ensemble brings. The rich and conservative bureau configuration glances great in any room. Full-size keys, three pedals, and an extraordinary sound framework guarantee a fantastic encounter for all.


  • It sounds and feels great
  • Great sound
  • Quality form
  • Restricted network 


  • No sound yields
  • No MIDI

Yamaha P125

[amazon box=”B07BSM7PFL” ]

Yamaha P125 is among the best keyboard piano brands, which is a redesigned adaptation of what is considered as the most mainstream compact advanced piano in the P arrangement. This piano comes with a smaller lightweight form that causes it advantageous to heft around and to feel like an exceptional console. Other than simple, convey ability, it features an astounding easy to understand plan.

This Yamaha P125 comes equipped with a great plan to upgrade execution while keeping everything basic. It accompanies 88 keys activity rendition intended to deliver excellent piano tones. You will likewise cherish the computerized pianos that give you expanded reasons and tunes. It features polyphony and sound alternatives. The special pack accompanies the wooden furniture stand and seat, pedals, and the instrument. In case you’re searching for the best home advanced piano to play at home or in your studio, this P125 must be your best choice.


  • Accompanies a two-track MIDI recorder
  • Ideal for home and studio reason 
  • A redesigned speakers framework
  • Three pedals and wooden


  • Restricted audio cue 
  • It doesn’t feature a Bluetooth network

Yamaha P45

[amazon box=”B00UJ9LNDK” ]

The P-45 is 88 notes, weighted-console computerized piano that comes with a fundamental arrangement of highlights, perfect for the necessities of the amateur piano understudy. This Yamaha model features heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch, much the same as the sleds inside an acoustic piano. Incredible for the yearning musician, rehearsing on the GHS activity assembles the legitimate finger method for when the opportunity arrives to perform on an acoustic piano. It utilizes computerized innovation to record the sound of an acoustic piano.

The sound system makes a more profound, more extravagant, and more open sound by utilizing sets of waveforms with two amplifiers. The P45 utilizes evaluated mallet standard and brilliant tones. This P45 comes with a smooth matte completion, which looks extraordinary.

This keyboard piano will provide you 64 notes polyphony, which is superior to most computerized pianos in a similar value range. It is also overly simple to utilize, making it one of the best keyboard piano brands. Not at all like different instruments that expect you to learn calculations, this P45 is significantly less complex. You can undoubtedly change your settings utilizing a solitary catch. It even accompanies a force supply and convenient support pedals.


  • Superb and contact touchy activity keys
  • Accompanies a force supply and convenient support pedals


  • It doesn’t feature playback and record

Alesis Recital

[amazon box=”B01DZXE9NC” ]

Alesis Recital is an extraordinary all-around financial plan computerized piano for novices and progressed players. This piano is well-known for being on our top best keyboard piano brands.In case you’re simply beginning your melodic excursion and are discovering key activity an excessive amount of exertion, this semi-weighted keys piano is an excellent choice for you to consider.

The keys assist you with fortifying your fingers before you move up to key activity as you progress. It accompanies 88 keys, and its semi-weighted reaction is excellent for most students. It additionally accompanies learning help highlights, for example, a metronome and an exercise mode that permits the educator and the understudy to play together from various closures of the console simultaneously.


  • Moderate and conveys esteem
  • Semi-weighted keys
  • Gives learning assets
  • It can even be worked utilizing battery power


  • Some users dislike its keys, which aren’t completely activity weighted

Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 

[amazon box=”B01CFOABFW” ]

On our top best keyboard piano brands is this Yamaha NP-12. It features an exact sound system examined piano stability and minimized impression, settling on it as an excellent decision for youngsters and developing musicians.

Thin, lightweight and carefully straightforward, the NP-12 can be fueled by the included mains connector or by batteries. Flawless tone in a light, reduced instrument, this Yamaha model convenient console is an ideal blend of class and effortlessness. Planned around the fundamental components that let you focus on playing, this NP-12 centers around the motivation and happiness regarding playing the piano.

The minimal, rich outline is sure to grab your attention and establish a long term connection, including a straightforward, reasonable plan with a couple of catches.From the main note, this piano will flabbergast you with its smaller size and the top-notch Voices it highlights, from the excellent, rich tones.With this piano, you can practice and play more since it’s light enough to be conveyed in one hand and runs on batteries. It is incredibly common and expressive, and you can take it anywhere to play.


  • Reduced, lightweight, and compact
  • Brilliant sound
  • Splendid for youngsters


  • Awkward extra keys position
  • The speaker isn’t loud enough

Yamaha P71

[amazon box=”B01LY8OUQW” ]

Yamaha P71 is among the best keyboard piano brands for excellent transportability. It is a minimized and lightweight variation in the P-arrangement. You will cherish its rich plan and prevalent execution in accordance with the convention of building compact computerized piano for starter and progressed clients.

This Yamaha model comes with 88 completely weighted activity keys intended to provide you a genuine vibe. It features a moderate plan that makes it amazingly engaging. It likewise accompanies double mode, which permits you to play a wide scope of tunes. It accompanies inspecting innovative sound motors. One of the elements is a double mode, which permits you to consolidate two instruments. It features an inserted sound testing highlight that permits you to have excellent performance.


  • Great network alternatives
  • Minimized, versatile, and lightweight plan
  • Conveys great sound 


  • The support pedals don’t feature the half-squeezing capacity

Casio Privia PX-160

[amazon box=”B0100RBPTC” ]

Casio PX-160 is an ideal illustration of the obligation to assemble reasonable pianos with the majority of the functionalities found in more costly items like triple sensor activity keys. It is relatively reasonable yet still conveys a similar ideal exhibition you get in costly items. It also accompanies 88 weighted keys with amazing key activity.

Casio has likewise joined its exclusive AiR motor and Tri-Sensor Scaled Mallet Activity II to guarantee that you get top-notch sound examples paying little mind to the degree of your playing ability. This Casio piano accompanies an incredible speaker framework just as a valuable line-out opening that permits you to interface outer speakers to the unit. It gives wonderful sound quality as well as accompanies class-agreeable availability. It also features flexible and progressed highlights from a main brand in the business.


  • Compact 
  • Excellent sound motor


  • It very well may be shockingly better in the event that it accompanied a support pedals

Roland FP-30

[amazon box=”B07J5LQDSX” ]

Roland FP-30 accompanies excellent sound and current features in a top-quality 88 notes keyboard that fits any space without any problem. Light and minimal, it’s an exceptional fit for performing players. Counting different sounds past the piano, innate practice and recording limits, and far off, it passes on a first-class melodic experience effectively outlandish in an especially streamlined group.

Optional planning stand and three pedals unit give a commendable piano look and overhauled convenience, including sans hands page turning with some sheet music applications. With this console piano, you can extend your melodic inclusion in twofold modes, and a wide decision of non-piano seems like organ, strings, voices, drums, and that is just a hint of something larger. The exceptional show shrouds various instruments in its gathering.

This piano likewise passes on a genuine piano experience for most prominent verbalization, giving a solid foundation to suitable learning and the articulation and response experienced players demand. The significant level engine is an unimaginable locally accessible sound system, with an as of late advanced reassure that gets the touch, escapement, and keys found in our first in class home pianos.

This FP-30 highlights a smooth, flawless look that is a welcome development to any room. The light, more modest arrangement fits in close living spaces and is definitely not hard to move when required. For a more traditional course of action, the optional stand and three-pedal unit give a fused look and commendable pedal plan while keeping a much more humble impression than an ordinary upstanding piano.

Another mind-boggling advantage is that the foot pedals can be used for sans hands killing on screen music pages while using adaptable applications. It’s even possible to layer two sounds together or play different sounds with each hand. Bluetooth distant is turned out for working with MIDI. The Twin model is ideal for private activities.


  • Rich, responsive tone
  • Excellent piano touch
  • Ground-breaking speakers
  • Minimal and lightweight for portability
  • Convenient


  • Just for beginners
  • It can’t help you build up your skills

Things To Consider To Get The Best Keyboard Piano Brands


It is basic to consider the keys on a modernized piano’s comfort. The keys impact the overall show of the instrument and definitely what you can play. Overall, a weighted keys electronic console piano is, generally, implied as a modernized piano, while the term support is, for the most part, used to portray keyboards that aren’t weighted keys. Weighted consoles give excellent key action and piano knowledge. 

best digital piano reviews

They give the ideal proportion of resistance similarly as it gives you a trustworthy vibe when playing. Weighted consoles are responsive compared with non-weighted keys, and when gotten together with the right sensor system, they provide you a full scope of sounds to improve your introduction. Weighted support exercises are also unimaginable for creating finger guts, which helps with improving your playing technique.

Non-weighted consoles are ideal for a student since they give careful playing, which is perfect for all playing styles. For the most excellent feel, you should choose a high-level piano with totally weighted keys. With totally weighted keys, the lower octave will have more significant weight, many equivalents to veritable acoustic piano sleds and strings.

Financial plan

Digital Pianos with Realistic Sounds Featured Image

Your financial plan is another significant thought that most computerized pianos and consoles don’t come modest—normal computerized piano expenses around mid three figures. Progressed computerized pianos are very costly. Like in all the other things throughout everyday life, you get things worth your money, so don’t expect similar quality in a figure cost advanced piano in a variation evaluated at beginning reach. For learners, search for a decent advanced piano to boost your presentation; you don’t really need to purchase a variation intended for studio recording or playing on a phase.


Old-style pianos are essentially the customary outdated. It utilizes mallets and strings to deliver sound. It is generally cumbersome in nature and encased by woods outside. Computerized pianos, then again, is an advanced rendition intended to adjust and deliver excellent sound comparative to old-style pianos. Moreover, the tunes are carefully delivered.

Stage Piano

The versatile rendition of the computerized adaptation features a more minimal and lightweight plan. There are numerous advanced pianos that can create excellent sounds compared with an old-style piano. Advanced pianos likewise accompany more helpful functionalities.So, in the event that you need things can duplicate the old-style pianos at a budget-accommodating spending plan; at that point, an advanced piano is a thing that you ought to get.

Convey Ability


It’s additionally critical to consider compactness when looking for advanced pianos or consoles. In the event that you intend to utilize home advanced pianos and have large space accessible, you can purchase a hefty weight variation.However, on the off chance that you intend to head out or drive to and from your studios or homes, at that point, you should choose a lightweight, compact console. 

Convenient computerized pianos and consoles are generally moderate don’t as well, the stress in the event that you don’t have enough space. Most computerized pianos accessible are more minimal than old-style pianos. Some pianos can be separated into isolated parts for capacity or convey ability. The problem of transportability will, to a great extent, rely upon your intention to utilize the advanced console.


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Fortunately, most advanced pianos and consoles today accompany additional alternatives that make it very simple to play. A large portion of them highlight Drove shows, Bluetooth availability, playback, etc. For excellent outcomes, search for advanced pianos or consoles with other additional capacities, for example, MIDI ability that permits you to associate it with your PC, a versatile application, and a port to interface with other sound gadgets. 

Here is a video for you to grab more information:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Keyboard Piano Brands

Among those best keyboard piano brands, this Roland RD-2000 is our best choice because of its excellent features. This Roland keyboard piano brand is intentionally made for the expert musician because it gives adaptability and accuracy. This RD-2000 highlights a 88 keys console total with ivory layering and smooth keys that give you a brilliant bona fide feel and order. These excellent and high-quality features make this Roland RD-2000 become our best keyboard piano brand.

There are various best keyboard piano brands available on the market. Therefore, it is hard for you to choose the most suitable keyboard piano brand for your needs. However, we have listed on our buying guide the things you need to consider to get the best one, including the plan, keyboard, convey ability, financial plan, the type of your keyboard piano, and other features. We are sure you will find the best keyboard piano brand after reading our detailed reviews, a comparison table, and a complete buying guide in 2021.


Best Keyboard Piano For Stage Performance 

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Best Keyboard Piano For Acoustic Sounds 

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Best Keyboard Piano For Stage Or Studio 

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Best Keyboard Piano For Furniture Bench 

[amazon box=”B074F3DNGN” ]


Best Keyboard Piano For Duet Mode 

[amazon box=”B074FTTTMZ” ]

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