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The 5 Best Left-Handed Ukulele Reviews & Buying Guide

Left-handed players definitely should use the best left-handed ukulele. While most ukuleles are reasonably symmetrical, converting a right-handed model to a left-handed one is far more complicated due to string size variations.

When purchasing a left-handed ukulele, there are three essential factors to consider:

  • Sound: Is the sound resonant and clear?
  • Material and construction: Is the material used of excellent quality? Does the instrument come with a good build quality to last a decent amount of time?
  • Size: Does the size fit you comfortably?

We will further discuss these aspects in the buying guide below. Now, let’s look at our top 5 ukuleles for left-handed players.

best left handed ukulele

In-Depth Reviews Of Top 5 Ukuleles For Left-Handed Players

We’ve put together the best left-handed ukuleles that you can totally trust. Find out the one that fits your needs and comfortable playing style!

Oscar Schmidt OU7T

[amazon box=”B078WMTQVV”]

Editor’s Rating

  • Sound: 8/10
  • Material and construction: 10/10
  • Size: 9/10

Best Overall: Design

The spalted mango tree, which grows the berries, is one of the most beautiful woods we’ve ever seen. The manufacturer uses this wood for the unit’s top, back, and sides, giving the instrument a one-of-a-kind look.

The stunning gloss satin finish adds to the appearance, making it appear more premium. Ebony buttons, iridescent abalone binding, and a rosette provide a nice touch to the overall design. The instrument catches our attention at first glance.

Why Should I Buy This Product?

On our list, the Oscar Schmidt OU7T is the strongest left-handed ukulele. It can deliver outstanding sound quality, a pleasing presentation, and exceptional build quality.

This uke provides everything we should expect from Oscar Schmidt in terms of sound. It’s straightforward and resonant, with lots of Island-inspired sweetness that has you wanting to play the instrument more.

The sound reminds us of a spruce roof. When you touch it, it responds with no mute or muffles. Other ukes have a more mellow tone. Notes are loud, simple, and long. Aquila strings are low and sweet, just the way you would want them.

This pick has a sweet C collar, allowing for a comfortable grip even for large hand sizes. It’s a breeze to tune with Grover geared tuners.

The ebony tuning heads were incredibly relaxing and quiet, with a ratio of 16:1. The clip chromatic tuner does an excellent job of transferring the warm sound up the neck.

Regarding the size, being a tenor, this ukulele will be very comfortable and balanced to hold. Additionally, it doesn’t come with a hard head, and the frets are soft and flat on the edges, so you won’t hurt your fingertips.

Problems With This Product

For its attractive appearance and laminated construction, this guitar is slightly more costly than other ukuleles.

Also, when playing it acoustically, you will notice the mellow sound is not resonant, and the strings can feel stiff in your hands, especially in the first few plays.

Advice From Experts and Users

Although this instrument is more expensive than other entry-level instruments, it will last. The unit can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

The Oscar Schmidt OU7T has it all. Despite being more expensive than other ukuleles, it is not a prohibitively costly musical instrument.

Luna Acoustic-Electric Concert Tattoo Lefty

[amazon box=”B072JT9WLF”]

Editor’s Rating

  • Sound: 9/10
  • Material and construction: 8/10
  • Size: 9/10

Best Overall: Concert Tone

As the name suggests, the Luna Acoustic is a concert ukulele. If you search for the tone and scale of a concert ukulele, this one doesn’t disappoint you.

It has a free, airy, and pleasant tone to it while being able to produce a high volume. The low end is pleasant and rich, and the trebles are also impressive.

Due to the laminated wood structure, the treble register is the main weak point of a budget ukulele. On the other hand, this uke doesn’t have that problem, thanks to its slightly oversized concert body.

Why Should I Buy This Product?

The stringed instrument’s top, bottom, and back are mahogany wood. This uke has an authentic satin finish that wonderfully highlights the wood’s grain and a chic tattoo style that gives it its distinct look.

The cutaway body on this ukulele allows for better access to the whole rosewood fretboard. The kit includes a pickup and an onboard preamp. While you would expect a kit like this to be on the expensive side, it’s surprisingly affordable.

Problems With This Product

The tuners were not exceptional but adequate. The tuning machines were slightly sluggish, and a few of the tuners had tiny tight spots.

The tuners on several other entry-level ukuleles were much superior to those on this Luna…

The included gig bag is light and doesn’t have much padding. It will shield the uke from minor dings and bruises, but if you want more serious security, we’d recommend investing in a more sturdy bag.

Advice From Experts and Users

The Luna Tattoo is a great ukulele. It’s well-made and performs well, and the bright sound especially amazes us. At this reasonable price point, this uke was a high-quality instrument despite the poor tuners and the included gig pack.

This Luna Tattoo is a good pick for beginners. The laser-engraved tattoo style and the affordable price are also this nominee’s selling points.

AKLOT Mahogany Concert 23 Inch

[amazon box=”B003L7VQMA”]

Editor’s Rating

  • Sound: 8/10
  • Material and construction: 9/10
  • Size: 8/10

Best Overall: Price

The AKLOT Mahogany Concert is one of our favorites. At this price point, the solid Mahogany body, responsible for its lovely tone, is a massive bargain.

Why Should I Buy This Product?

The quality of construction is exceptional, particularly given the low price. The workmanship is crisp and tidy. The quality of the work and the attention to detail is excellent. In terms of construction efficiency, you will have little to worry about.

This ukulele always shines when it comes to sound. It has a deep, dynamic sound with great volume and projection thanks to the strong top structure. This is, without a doubt, one of the best-sounding novice ukuleles we’ve ever seen.

The fretwork is neat and consistent. Sharp fret ends sticking out from the fretboard were not present, which is a typical issue on ukes in this price range.

Problems With This Product

The bridge is the only small criticism of this ukulele. Most players will prefer ukuleles of a more classical style, so the bird-shaped bridge might not appeal to many people.

You should also note that the bridge isn’t the traditional tie-on design used on most ukuleles. Instead, the strings are secured on the inside by loops that move through narrow holes in the bridge. Restringing can be a little more difficult as a result, but ukulele strings do not need frequent modification, so it isn’t a major deal.

The action is a little higher than we would like, but we’ve had this problem with almost every novice ukulele. It’s still a fun uke to play.

Advice From Experts and Users

The Aklot uke is a well-made ukulele that sounds and performs beautifully. It comes with a slew of fun extras and is incredibly cheap as a whole.

You will enjoy this model despite the odd bridge style.

Hola! Music Model HM-124LFT+

[amazon box=”B076KFB49J”]

Editor’s Rating

  • Sound: 9/10
  • Material and construction: 10/10
  • Size: 10/10

Best Overall: High-Quality Accessories

One of the aspects you’ll like about the device is that it comes with a variety of accessories. Unlike most kits, the parts are of a high standard, and you’ll be able to carry them for years before upgrading.

Why Should I Buy This Product?

This uke has a competent and detailed appearance. Furthermore, it accurately captures the tune, and the tone resembles that of a more expensive guitar. Furthermore, it is able to play right away after a little tuning.

The body is made entirely of Mahogany, with a Nato collar and Rosewood fingerboard and rail. There are 18 silver nickel frets, a laser-engraved Rosette, regular white bindings, and a bone Nut on this guitar.

In addition, when you purchase this 24-inch ukulele, you will receive a high-quality Gig Bag, standard-quality Aquila Strings, and picks.

Problems With This Product

A 1:4 ratio is needed for the tuning machines. The ukulele’s original strings can be slippery when tuning.

Also, because the body is made of a slightly thin substance, there is little volume or resonance due to the thinness.

Advice From Experts and Users

This ukulele is a powerful instrument that is well suited to those who have prior experience strumming ukuleles or are experienced guitar players.

You can’t go wrong with this unit if you’re an intermediate player trying to step up the game. Also, you can avoid several issues associated with an entry-level model by picking up this instrument.

Ranch Left-handed Concert Ukulele 23

[amazon box=”B08DV2QV85″]

Editor’s Rating

  • Sound: 8/10
  • Material and construction: 8/10
  • Size: 8/10

Best Overall: Easy to play 

This tenor ukulele has some excellent features for beginners, including a pre-strung system. The fingerboard and bridge have a solid build and a smooth feel, allowing you to freely roll over the frets on the strings while playing.

Why Should I Buy This Product?

This famous ukulele kit is pre-strung and playable right out of the box with Aquila strings. The strings are smooth and lightweight for first-time players to avoid blisters on their fingertips.

The Ranch Ukulele is constructed of strong and long-lasting Sapele wood. The African wood has a similar appearance to Mahogany but is lighter and has a warmer texture.

Resonant tones and clear sound quality are to be expected no matter where you play up and down the fretboard. The echo is amplified by the timber without being hollow, and it never sounds too close or “tinny,” according to users.

Problems With This Product

Since this is a concert ukulele, it would be significantly bigger than a soprano ukulele; certain people complained about the rigid tuning heads.

Advice From Experts and Users

This is a decent pick for left-handed professional players searching for the perfect ukulele. This ukulele is well-made, and given the bundle attached, it is also reasonably priced.

Buying Guide

In this guide, we will give you some ideas on what to look for to find the best ukes for you when you go to a guitar shop or any music shop!

best left handed ukulele


The tone is the most critical feature while shopping for any musical instrument. Enjoying the sound of your guitar would motivate you to take it up and play it as soon as possible.

Many retailers post recordings of their instruments being performed online so you can hear how they perform before making a purchase, and many reviews even have videos. You will normally find some nice sound bytes if you browse YouTube!

Types Of Materials

Mahogany construction is the cheapest and most widely used material for entry-level ukuleles. If you are on a tight budget, you can come across an instrument that is completely constructed of Mahogany, but some may have rosewood components like a rosewood bridge.

If the budget increases, you can purchase solid wood instruments. You can start from models with laminated sides at first, then upgrade to a more expensive all-solid wood ukulele. The best ukuleles are constructed of spruce or Hawaiian wood Koa, which produces the best tone.


best left handed ukulele

Ukuleles are available in four different sizes: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. We’re going to explain the size of each type in detail so you can easily choose the one that is appropriate for you.

With the exception of pocket ukuleles, soprano ukuleles are the smallest and highest-pitched ukuleles available. These have the iconic island classic ukulele sound synonymous with Hawaiian pop, and they’re usually the most affordable.

  • Total length: 21 inches
  • Scale duration: 13-14 inches

A concert ukulele is a large-size uke and has a remarkably darker tone than a soprano.

  • Total length: 23 inches
  • Scale duration: 15-16 inches

Next up on the size scale are tenor ukuleles. Their frets and rosewood fretboard are larger than the two mentioned models. The sound is rich and dynamic, which is the reason behind the rising popularity of this type.

  • Total length: 26 inches
  • Scale duration: 17-18 inches

The largest ukuleles are baritone ukuleles. The sound is incredible, and if you already play guitar, switching to the baritone uke is easy.

  • Total length: 30 inches
  • Scale duration: 19-20 inches


That concludes our list of the best left-handed ukuleles. Is there something that has piqued your interest?

Since each product has its own benefits and drawbacks, you can easily choose the one that fits your needs. If we had to take our pick, we would go with the product that performs well in all three aspects.

We highly recommend Bondi Ripple Koa Concert Left-Handed Ukulele. It comes with a multitude of high-quality bundles of accessories and is made of high-grade Koa wood. The laminated construction is impressive, and the sound is out of this world.

Hopefully, the ukulele you choose will be the most beneficial to you!

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