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Top 7 Best Earbuds for Running

The best earbuds for running have a decent design that locks them in your ears so they don’t come out while you’re on the move. Runners will love these because there are no wires to get caught in.

You should think about how the earbuds feel in your ears while making your decision. Sound quality, battery life, noise cancellation, and dependability also rank high on the list of must-haves. Furthermore, they must be water and perspiration proof.


Apple Pro AirPods

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Apple wasn’t technically the first firm to create genuine wireless earphones, but they were the first to popularize them. And with the AirPods Pro, one of the most recent incarnations of Apple’s elegant AirPods, the company has produced earphones that meet the requirements for runners.

With the active noise cancellation function, the Apple AirPods let you to entirely immerse yourself in your music while running. However, if you like to listen to your jogging music while still hearing ambient sounds, you may select the transparent option.

The AirPod Pros come with three sizes of silicone tips for a more customized fit that will help them remain in place, and with over 24 hours of listening time, you’ll never have to worry about them not making it to the finish line.


  • Modes for noise cancellation and transparency
  • Simple to configure and pair
  • Silicone tips in 3 sizes
  • 24+ total hours of listening time
  • Swift access to Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant


  • Low IPX score
  • Expensive

Powerbeats Professional

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The Powerbeats Pro are “truly wireless” earphones, which means that there are no cables to impede your run. The adjustable ear hooks give a snug fit, allowing you to exercise without worrying about losing one earbud.

Both earbuds are equipped with volume and track controls. Therefore, there is no need to fiddle with your device to modify the level or the music while jogging. And, with a nine-hour listening time, the Powerbeats Pros will ensure that you never lose your tunes when logging lengthy miles.

In addition, these earbuds come with four different ear tips, allowing you to pick the size that fits your ears best. With their IPX4 certification, these earphones should remain safe even throughout your sweatiest exercises.


  • Adjustable ear hooks provide a snug fit.
  • Four distinct ear tip sizes
  • Direct volume and track management on earbuds
  • Fast Fuel charging provides five minutes of charge time for 90 minutes of playtime.


  • Large battery case
  • Having just an IPX4 rating
  • A few issues regarding obtaining a secure inner ear seal

Bluetooth headphones Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

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The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are likely among the best wireless earphones for jogging. They are compatible with all MP3 players and have a noise-canceling capability.

The noise-cancelling technology of these wireless earbuds eliminates ambient noise so that you can hear your music with perfect clarity and volume. In addition, this technology also works when there is no wind, so you may run for kilometers without worrying about how the environment affects your ears.

In addition, they are quite pleasant to wear, having a soft padding on the inside that eliminates excessive noise. However, they are not very quiet and have a robust, booming sound.


  • 12mm speaker
  • Ergonomic and tipless design
  • Excellent audio quality


  • ANC isn’t particularly robust
  • Calls are not of a decent quality

JLab Go Air Pop

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Cost-effective earphones with a lengthy battery life are available. The JLab Go Air Pop offers over eight hours of fun and over thirty-two hours from the charging case for less than twenty dollars.

You may opt to use both earbuds concurrently or separately, and the touch controls allow you to adjust the volume, track, and sound settings. When you remove the earbuds from your ears and place them in their case, you will notice that the case fits comfortably in your pocket.


  • Moisture-resistant
  • Extended battery life
  • Wireless
  • Snug—fitting
  • Very inexpensive


  • The microphone quality is poor.
  • Certain users report connection stability problems.

Bose Sport Speakers

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Bose Sport Earbuds offer exceptional comfort when jogging, which may make the activity rather pleasurable. These earphones are created using cutting-edge technology that has taken all the necessary safeguards to ensure that they will not fall out before a lengthy run.

It also features a sophisticated noise isolation mechanism that prevents extraneous sounds from causing damage to your hearing. Although it lacks active noise reduction, it provides outstanding protection against wind and road noise.

The option to listen to your favorite music while jogging removes uncertainty from the day and brings it into focus. Additionally, you will no longer experience discomfort when jogging due to the wind blasting into your ears.


  • IPX4 rating
  • Simple touch controls
  • Lightweight and comfy


  • No ANC
  • No volume control

Jabra Elite Active 65t

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The Jabra Elite Active 65t is one of the finest wireless earbuds for exercising and listening to music. It offers a noise isolation feature that helps prevent ambient noise from impairing your hearing.

The Jabra Elite Active wireless earbuds can play music, and you can play music even if you have different devices. It is capable of playing MP3s through the built-in speaker.

You may use these headphones with their rechargeable battery to listen to music continuously without worrying about running out of juice. No longer will you be concerned about low battery notifications or missed phone calls while jogging.


  • Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant
  • 4-mic innovation
  • Perspiration and dust prevention


  • Only five hours per charge
  • Not equipped with active noise cancelling

Jaybird Vista 2

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Because the Jaybird Vista 2 earbuds were created with runners and other sports in mind, they are both durable and small. They may come in a little box, but they’re packed with useful functions. If you are in a safe place, you may utilize active noise cancellation for a beat-driven run. However, if you are jogging in a crowded area, you can quickly switch to the SurroundSense mode for increased safety.

The athletic fit style of these earphones will ensure that they never get in the way, especially when traversing rough terrain. The earbuds can play music for up to eight hours, and the case’s fast-charging technology will give you an additional hour after charging for only five minutes.


  • Compactness and snugness
  • climatic resistance (handles rain and mud)
  • Excellent sound quality


  • Rather costly
  • Ear tips may not fit every ear canal


earbuds for running

Headphone Form

Wireless headphones often lack cables and ear hooks. Due to their compactness, they are relatively lightweight, but little batteries have a shorter lifespan. Neckband headphones are less costly. However, they are less pleasant to wear since the strap might irritate the neck.

Ear hooks can improve the fit and make jogging more pleasant. Consequently, ear hook headphones are the optimal option for sports. The hook can also contain antennae or a battery, allowing for longer battery life than totally wireless alternatives.


Depending on the design of your headphones, they may allow in a greater or lesser amount of external sound. Some individuals choose the finest wireless earbuds for running, which are designed to go deeply into the ear canal and block out any external noise. Others like ambient sound since running outside is safer with it.

Ambient Sound Mode is included in a few of the more costly versions. Other models do not feature active noise cancellation. Instead, they employ noise isolation, which only muffles ambient sounds.

Ear Muffins

Ear cushions are composed of silicone or polymer foam. Apple AirPods are a type that lacks ear cushions. These models have the least effective sound isolation. They are ideal for individuals who like to be aware of all surrounding activity. In addition, they are ideal for running in a peaceful area or working out at the gym. However, these headphones are worthless on the street due to the noise.

Conversely, headphones with “foam” ear cushions function as earplugs. They effectively eliminate external noise. Sound transmission is moderate in the most common versions of in-ear headphones with silicone ear cushions. The ear cushions for in-ear headphones may be purchased separately and switched between silicone and foam.


IP rating is comprised of two digits. The first denotes dust resistance, while the second suggests water resistance. If “X” appears in place of a number, there are no corresponding data. The ‘IPX’ rating, for instance, indicates that dust resistance has not been tested. The second water resistance value is the most crucial for runners.

A rating of 1-2 indicates that the earphones can survive a single drop of water. The types graded 3 to 6 can withstand prolonged periods of heavy precipitation. A rating of 7-8 indicates that the earphones can be submerged in water without issue. The finest wireless earphones for jogging often have an IPX4 rating or above.


earbuds for running

Do earphones remain in place when running?

The moisture resistance of earphones meant for jogging and other activities makes them less likely to slip out than earbuds intended for recreational listening. That the perspiration created during activity will not loosen or cause them to fall out.

How can headphones be worn while running?

Various varieties of earphones are utilized by runners. Popularity of wireless earbuds has increased, and while this type of earphones frees you from bothersome wires, they can slip out. It is essential that your wireless earbuds fit snugly in your ear canal.

How do I determine the correct earbud size?

Numerous earbuds on the market provide multiple sizes of ear tips. You should test these by playing your audio to see whether or not they have a proper seal. Continue evaluating them until you find the optimal match.


When you need your headphones or earbuds to stay in place while you’re running at full speed, you need the best headphones or earbuds for running. These headphones were designed specifically for runners, making them stand out from the crowd of generic exercise headphones.

In the best earbuds for running, we search for a design feature that provides an extra layer of safety, such as a sport fin, wing, or ear hook. Other important considerations are ease of use, longevity, and audio quality. We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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