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Top 6 Best Earmuff Headphones

Guns are a common sight in the lives of hunters and gun enthusiasts. Now kids understand why it’s so crucial to take care of their ears.

The typical decibel level of a gunshot is roughly 140. (dB). This is within the region where acute hearing loss can occur, considerably beyond the 85 dB safe limit for hearing.

Therefore, it is essential to wear hearing protection whenever you are in the presence of firearms, whether you are really firing them or not.

In lieu of traditional earmuffs, the best earmuff headphones presented here are a viable alternative for anyone concerned about hearing gunshots.


Walker’s Razor Earmuffs

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The Razor by Walker’s is an exceptional pair of thin earmuffs. Designed from the ground up for the slimmest possible fit, these earmuffs will not interfere with your shooting in any way. This business caters to hunters as the manufacturer of Walker’s Game Ear hunting equipment.

They offer an NRR of 23 decibels, one decibel higher than the Impact Sport or Tactical 100s without increasing bulk.

Walker done an excellent job of incorporating aesthetic into the design of these earmuffs, in addition to utility. The Razors have a very aggressive profile that appeals to a large number of shooters, and they are available in a broad range of colors to accommodate individual preferences.

Razor is your only option if you want to look nice while wearing the greatest electronic hearing protection. You may learn more about Walker’s vs Howard Leight on this page.


  • Have a more tight fit and a secure fit across the ears.
  • Have a slim and low profile.
  • The loudness may be adjusted using the volume knob on the muffs.


  • If you have a big head, this item is too snug.
  • The two omnidirectional microphones are Mono rather than Stereo, making it impossible to pinpoint the source of the sound.

Impact of Howard Leight on Sport

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The Impact Sports are the most compact option available from Howard Leight. These are the best-selling earmuffs in the Amazon category for Hunting and Shooting Earmuffs.

With an NRR of 22 decibels, they are ideal for outside shooting activities. In addition, they have recessed and foam-coated directional microphones to shield them from wind noise.

The Impact Sports have a lengthy battery life and should last over 300 hours on a single pair of AAA batteries; they also have an automatic 4-hour shutoff if you keep them on unintentionally for too long.


  • Ultra-slim earcups that do not impede shooting.
  • The most popular shooting earmuffs at a fair price.
  • Very long battery life, about 350 hours, with automatic shutoff after 4 hours.


  • Some consumers have reported that when they put on the earmuffs, the cups do not fit well over their ears.

Effectiveness of the Howard Leight Impact Pro

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Howard Leight is Peltor’s primary competitor in the market for electronic hearing protection and manufactures several high-quality solutions.

The Impact Pros are the company’s premium commercial earmuffs. They provide the greatest NRR of all the hearing protection we’ll examine today, with a remarkable 30db. This means you will be well protected regardless of how noisy the shooting environment is.

Howard Leight employs a clipping technique that disables the amplifier within milliseconds of a gunshot. This is widely regarded as inferior technology compared to Peltor’s compression method, although it still provides excellent overall protection.

The Impact Pro headphones are extremely comfortable due to their big ear cups and ample cushioning. You may use these earmuffs for hours without experiencing any pain.

In our assessment of electronic hearing protection, the Impact Pros are the most cost-effective earmuffs for the features they offer.


  • The 30dB noise reduction rating is significantly greater than the 24 to 26dB rating of more pricier devices.
  • Price is reasonable, given all of its features and outstanding performance.
  • Battery life of around 10 hours.


  • Compared to other ear muffs, the Impact Pro does not have a sleek design and are slightly bulkier.

Bluetooth Hearing Protector from 3M (90543-4dc)

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The 3M Worktunes headphones are designed for activities that require hearing protection, such as lawn mowing, snow blowing, DIY projects, construction labor, and others. With its strong 24dB NRR and simple one-button operation, you can turn them on and off while wearing gloves.

Bluetooth technology, which lets you to link them to your mobile device and stream music and make calls, is one of their greatest features. In addition, the headphones have an embedded microphone, allowing you to accept and make calls without removing them.

These headphones have superior gel ear cushions, making them soft and pleasant for extended use. In addition, the 3M Worktunes offer an auto-off function, a low battery indication, and a battery life of more than 30 hours per charge.


  • Bluetooth wireless technology enables you to listen to music, while the built-in microphone enables you to make and receive phone calls.
  • Soft, comfy ear pads and a bendable headband.
  • The sound quality of high-fidelity speakers is superior.
  • Can be used for lawn care, snow removal, construction, and home improvement jobs.


  • Peltor and Howard Leight may be a better option if you’re searching for ear muffs for shooting or hunting.

100 Peltor Sport Tactical

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The Peltor Tactical 100s are the company’s most premium slimline earmuffs. Slimline earmuffs have a modest physical profile and provide significantly less protection than professional line earmuffs.

They are easy to store in range bags and will not interfere with other equipment used while shooting due to their reduced size.

The noise reduction rating (NRR) of slimline earmuffs is in the low 20s decibels, hence they are meant particularly for hunting and outdoor shooting. If you want to use them for indoor shooting, you should also wear inner ear hearing protection.

The Tactical 100s include a 22db NRR and microphones that are lowered to reduce wind noise. In addition, they have a 3.5mm audio connection and audio mixing, allowing you to listen to music or other audio inputs without sacrificing your ability to hear ambient sounds.

Consider the Peltor Tactical 6S muffs as well.


  • They have a well-padded headband and are pleasant to wear for long periods of time.
  • Even if you wear glasses, they provide a decent cup ear seal when worn.
  • They have an audio input jack so they may be connected to an MP3 player and two-way radios.


  • Some users may believe that the Peltor Tactical 100’s sound clipping is overly sensitive, which can make discussion on the shooting range challenging.
  • For certain users, the ear muffs may be too snug.

Electronic Shooting Ear Muffs from Awesafe

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The electronic ear muffs from Awesafe were created for shooting on the range or in the field. They feature a Noise Reduction Rating of 23 dB and are constructed from premium materials. However, they are priced quite affordably.

When you wish to use them, you only need to activate the volume control button. There is also a volume control button that allows you to modify the impact of amplification. Moreover, the integrated directional microphones improve conversation and deliver a more natural listening experience.

They may be folded and transported with the rest of your shooting equipment. They automatically turn off after four hours and are also energy efficient. The Awesafe electronic earplugs are covered by a 2-year warranty.

Peltor Earmuffs are superior to Pro Ears Gold.


  • Shooting ear muffs of superior quality and affordable pricing.
  • Automatically shutting down after four hours to conserve battery life.
  • Include a two-year warranty.


  • A few Awesafe electronic ear muffs users have said that they utilize earplugs below the muffs.


earmuff headphones


Foam and plastic are used to make passive earmuffs. They eliminate all sounds.

When using passive earmuffs, it is impossible to converse with others since their voices are muffled to the same extent as a gunshot.


Electronic earmuffs provide the same noise reduction as passive earmuffs. However, electronic muffs include microscopic speakers and microphones. They are able to differentiate between strong sounds (such as a gunshot) and quiet noise (like a voice).

While insulating you from stronger noises, electronic earmuffs augment quiet sounds to simulate “normal” hearing.

Noise reduction score

Noise Reduction Rating, or NRR, can be used to determine the efficacy of shooting earmuffs. Subtract seven from the NRR, then divide by two to determine the decibels attenuated by the earmuffs. A NRR of 37, for instance, will cancel 15 dB.

Check the product’s specifications carefully to differentiate between Noise Reduction Rating and total decibel reduction. If the packaging indicates that earplugs suppress noise by 30 dB, the NRR is 67.

Typically, conversational voices are 60 dB. A food processor emits around 95 dB. Any sound exceeding 120 dB is considered hazardous to the ear, especially when exposed for an extended period of time or repeatedly. Gunshots vary between 145 and 190 decibels in volume.

Correct fit

To be effective, shooting ear muffs must fit properly. The fit of your earmuffs is dependent on their mass, adjustability, and pliability.

Weight is very crucial. Since hefty earmuffs become uncomfortable after lengthy usage, lighter earmuffs are preferred. When earmuffs are unpleasant, the wearer has a tendency to adjust them, which might compromise the seal around the ears. Walker’s Game Ear and Pro For Sho are two makers of particularly lightweight shooting earmuffs.

Adjustable plastic straps connect the ear cups of shooting earmuffs. A strap with a broader range of motion and flexible material is easier to adjust and is likely to be more pleasant to wear.


How much should you anticipate spending on a respectable set of shooting earmuffs?

There are other excellent models that cost far less than $100. In fact, several options are available for less than $20.

If you’re searching for a line of premium earmuffs, such as Honeywell’s Howard Leight collection, you may expect to discover options that cost more than $50. These earmuffs are intended for both consumer and industrial use.

Walker’s Game Ear, another renowned maker, provides a Razor series with pricing ranging about $70. You may also purchase an outstanding pair of Walker’s earmuffs for around $15.

Simply said, it pays to comparison shop. As stated previously, passive earplugs may be less expensive than their electronic equivalents.

Additional Considerations

Remember the batteries!

The microphone and speakers on electronic shooting earmuffs are powered by a battery.

Some electronic earplugs have a dedicated battery that can be charged with a normal USB cable.

“Due to its basic design, passive earmuffs are less expensive than electronic ones.”


Utilize your shooting muffs in additional circumstances.

At 145 to 190 decibels, shooting is louder than many other potentially dangerous noises. If your shooting earmuffs fit properly, you may get additional use out of them by wearing them when mowing the lawn or working with power equipment.

Some firing ear protection can play music.

Few electronic devices on the market nowadays include a 3.5mm headphone port. While shooting, you may connect your smartphone or mp3 player and listen to music.


earmuff headphones

Do shooting ear muffs exclude all sound?

A. Shooting earmuffs are not intended to entirely muffle sound. Examine the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) to discover the amount of noise reduction offered by each model.

How can electronic shooting earmuffs allow me to hear noises more clearly?

A. To begin with, electronic firing ear muffs suppress all sounds in the same way as passive ear muffs: layers of cushioning physically block hazardous decibel levels.

Nevertheless, electronic shooting earmuffs record all noises using a collection of microphones. A microchip measures the decibel level of incoming noise; if it falls below the “silent” threshold, the noise is amplified by speakers located within the ear cups.

How do I know when the battery has to be replaced?

A. Electronic shooting earmuffs are equipped with an LED indication that illuminates when the battery needs to be changed or recharged.


Many remarkable items have been examined today. You should prioritize safety while making your choice amongst these electronic earmuffs.

After taking into account other variables that may be essential to you, such as style or comfort, purchasing a device that doesn’t give a high enough NRR may lead to annoyance at best and may leave your hearing exposed to harmful noise at worst.

In our opinion, one of the best earmuff headphones we reviewed today will provide the security and convenience features you want, no matter what your requirements may be.

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