Top 17 Best Combo Amp For Metal Worth To Buy

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Many performers contend that tube amplifiers are better than solid amps. But let’s face this—they’re not as loud as the pure phase, as a tuba amp can give you the soft, buttery and pleasant feel. The reaction is no. Solid state amps can be strong but can’t give you the same sound as a tube … Read more

Top 29 Best Jazz Guitar Amps: Best For Sound!

best jazz guitar amps

Melody is an important aspect of the voice and musical output of any jazz guitarist. Whether you are jamming or not participating in a performance, your voice is what sets you apart from other players and gives you a distinct voice. To help you find the best jazz guitar amps and individual rhythms, we’ve put … Read more

Top 17 Best Electric Guitar Under 2000: Reviews 2021

best electric guitar under 2000

There is an undeniable truth that those who love music also devote that love to a certain instrument. Guitar melody lovers too, they naturally convey that love through the guitar. For this reason, many people are determined to invest in their guitar learning process so effectively. They struggled to find ways to buy the best … Read more